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Battle Breakers 1.82 Overview


What’s up, Breakers!

The Dark Generals Battle Pass and PvP have officially arrived in Battle Breakers! Let's dive in for an in-depth look at these new additions. 

Player vs Player Duels (PvP)BB_Duels_PvP_Mode_1920x1080.jpg

Take on the next level of competition with PvP Duels! Duels are unlocked by beating level 2-1 (aka Summershore). PvP occurs asynchronously in two flavors:

  • Duel a random player for Battle Pass XP and other rewards
  • Spar against friends (no Battle Pass XP or rewards)

So, how do these work?

How To Enter A Duel 
  • Before starting,  setup your Offense and Defense teams.
  • When ready, go to the Duel tab and fight your opponent!

Dueling other players gives Battle Pass XP during the Dark Generals Battle Pass. Each day, the first 25 wins will give substantially more Battle Pass XP, but players will receive some XP for subsequent matches. Note: Losing a match does not prevent you from earning your daily wins. 

How Duels works
  • Opponents with a similar amount of duel experience will be matched against each other.
  • All Hero stats are adjusted in Duels.
    • All Heroes are limited to level 1. 
    • Commanders receive additional stat improvements. 
  • Beware: Sudden Death begins much faster in duels!

How To Challenge A Friend
  • Head to your friends list and click the “Spar Friends” button.
  • Select the friend you want to challenge in battle.
  • NOTE: Sparring with a friend does not provide any rewards or Battle Pass XP.

Battle Pass - Dark Generals

The Dark Generals have surrounded HQ! Burny Volcano, Tundra Lake, and Arboreal Fortress have been overtaken by corrupted heroes. Light's First has sent some of their strongest warriors to aid in the defense. Aid them to level up and earn their special currencies!

Purchase the Battle Pass between February 5th and March 2 to play and unlock three new Heroes and a Pet to help defeat the Dark Generals! Check out the Battle Pass Heroes and Pet below:


Wochowsen - The Nature Phoenix 
  • Wochowsen is a loyal and powerful Pet whose nature skills can help you take down Water enemies.

Nightshade Selene- The 5 star Dark Assassin
  • Nightshade Selene is an alternate form of Selene the Reaper, the daughter of death. Her Phantom Dash chains between enemies. With each enemy she kills during the chain, she becomes stronger and deals more damage.  

War Drummer Amare - The 4 star Fire Spirit Warrior
  • War Drummer Amare comes from a long line of Spirit Warriors. Pound the enemies down with his War Drum skill!
Dhokra Soldier - 3-star Dark Warrior
  • Light enemies, beware. Dhokra is a mechanical soldier from a lost empire. His special ability is the Steam Blade attack.

Patch Notes

  • Auto Play AI now handles friendly abilities (such as heals) differently from attacks to make them used more often.
  • Auto Play AI can now be toggled on or off. When off, it will attack in a sequence.
  • Auto Play can now be set to stop in the final room.
  • Lu Bu’s Warlord now applies the correct amount of DEF in the description.
  • Rustlord ‘s Spray and Pray now spreads terrain.
  • Wanderer Yaijan’s Mirrored Blades is now capped at 300% of the buffed target’s ATK.
  • Fixed a variety of UI issues, text issues, and minor bugs.
  • Fixed miscellaneous crash and login issues.
Enemies are all around! Gear up to take down The Dark Generals and enemy Breakers. 

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