Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers 1.83 Patch Notes




Every Hero needs a good sidekick! Pair your favorite Heroes together to create a unique combination of abilities to take on the toughest challenges. 

Once a Hero reaches three Power Core stars, they gain the ability to become a mentor. For more information on Power Cores, check out the Hero Upgrades section. Heroes can unlock an equipment slot to set another Hero as their Sidekick. Mentors gain an additional passive ability that changes depending on the Sidekick they’re assigned.

BB03_Sidekicks_Dark.jpgIs Katsuragi Dragonblade one of your favorite heroes? Give him Abyssal Horror as a sidekick to maximize his ATK bonus from kills! Maybe you prefer Myridia Thundercaller … give her a near infinite supply of Mana if you use Riverwalker Dene. There’s a huge number of combinations - go forth and experiment!

Here’s a further breakdown of how it all works:
  • Equipping Sidekicks that match the Hero’s class or element provides an additional stat bonus. Bonuses are provided by matching the Hero’s in the following way:
    • Matching class
    • Matching element
    • Perfect match (class + element)
  • Sidekicks grant one of two types of abilities:* 
    • A standard passive that boosts stats for different class and element combinations
    • An empty skill that counts for match bonuses but adds no other effects
  • The cost to unlock the Sidekick slot depends on Hero rarity. Unlocking is a one-time cost.
  • Equipping and unequipping can be done freely.
  • Sidekicks cannot be assigned to a team.
  • Evolution is the only upgrade that impacts a Sidekick’s effectiveness.
  • Sidekicks do not affect PvP Duels.

*Note: Some Heroes that currently have an empty sidekick skill may have them replaced with specific skills in the future.

Hero Upgrades

We’ve revamped how Gear upgrades work for your Hero.
  • Weapon and Armor upgrades have been replaced with the Power Core.
    • The Power Core requires fewer button presses for rapid upgrades.
    • The Power Core automatically evolves and gains a star every 25 levels.
    • Costs to level the Power Core change each star instead of each level.
      • The Power Core costs Magicite every 25th level.
      • Non-Magicite levels cost either Weapon Ore or Armor Ore, depending on the Hero.
  • Power Core stars are required to unlock other Gear options for heroes.
  • The Crystal Forge upgrade caps have increased to a max of level 150 and 6 stars.
  • Upgrading the Power Core increases both ATK and HP.
  • Existing Heroes will have their Armor/Weapon values combined to the highest of the two.

Battle Pass - Eastern Kingdoms

The Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass has returned! If you previously purchased this Battle Pass, you will be able to claim it again at no additional cost.

A power struggle is brewing in the Eastern Kingdoms, and with tensions being dangerously high, the conflict is quickly escalating into an all-out war. It’s up to you to help bring order to this endless strife, but be prepared: the clan leaders will only respond to strength!

Gobby, Menacing Mask - The Light Pet

Gobby is a smallish, furry creature that found a suit of enchanted demon armor. Gobby loved the mask and now wears it all the time as part of its identity.
  • Gobby has a unique ability that allows it to copy the targeted enemy when he is summoned. 
  • Gobby also has an incredibly long summon duration, making it useful in long dungeons.

Silent Blade - The Nature Assassin Hero

Silent Blade is a robot with a powerful cloaking system. While stealthed, he gains increased attack power.
  • Silent Blade has a unique ability involving monitoring and assisting allies. Whenever his allies use a special ability, he will perform a backstab against the target. This is very powerful when combined with stealth and a team that uses lots of abilities.

Jayna the Clever - The Fire Bomb Hero

Jayna is the leader of one of the ninja clans you fight during the Battle Pass missions. She attacks an area and creates elemental terrain. Her special skill is called Fire Bomb.
  • Jayna throws Fire Bombs that damage an area and leave a patch of fire. Bombs have a low mana cost, so she's a good sustained damage hero, but she has low burst.

Fuma Kotaro - The Fire Ninja Hero

Fuma Kotaro is a ninja with a unique attack style, and is the only hero in Battle Breakers with the ability to execute an "overflowing" attack. 

  • Overflowing attacks allow repeated strikes until the target is defeated. They then automatically select a new target with any remaining attacks. This allows Fuma Kotaro to either focus fire on a high-health boss or clear out lots of weak enemies.

Progression Updates

  • Swiftslayer Kale, Dhokra Soldier and Wochowsen have been added to the Hero Store rotation.
  • Nightshade Selene added to Battle Crystals.

Hero Updates

  • Gallant Deathmaul - 5-star version now has a similar passive to the 6-star version.
  • Rescue Trooper Ramirez - Frag Grenades cannot be intercepted.
  • Sergeant Albeck - Terra Rifle cannot be intercepted.
  • Swiftslayer Kale - Now applies Poison instead of Bleed.

UI Updates

  • Updated the Hero skill panel. Reflex stats are now clickable.
  • Removed the Replay button from some levels that don’t support replay.
  • Non-hero inventory lists are now in a grid layout instead of a hex layout.
  • Upgrade tabs are now saved when switching between Heroes.

Misc Changes / Fixes

  • Fixed a variety of UI bugs, localization bugs and minor Hero issues.
  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Daily Gifts are now capped per player.