Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers 1.84 Patch Notes


New Battle Pass

Take to the skies with an all new Battle Pass! Introducing three new Heroes, a Pet, and Gold Doubloons!


BB03 SkyPiratesBP FireParrot 1920x1080Parrot - The Pirate Pet

All Pirates need a trusty friend. Parrots loyalty is undaunted and loves to play Hide and Speak! BB03 SkyPiratesBP TreasureHunter 1920x1080Mischief Maker - Nature Pirate

Always the trouble maker, Mischief can be found below deck prepping his next trick on the crew.BB03 SkyPiratesBP Warmage 1920x1080Beast Cannon - Fire Pirate 

This powerful Fire Hero comes fully loaded with cannons for hands!BB03 SkyPiratesBP Swashbuckle 1920x1080Swashbuckle - Nature Pirate

Swashbuckle leads the crew on bold and daring adventures. He enjoys playing Hide and Speak with Parrot! 

Battle Pass Changes

We’ve revamped the Battle Pass experience with a focus on gameplay. You can now access the Battle Pass via the Play button, and find new game modes where we’ve introduced different rules and ways to play! Challenge dungeons filled entirely with bosses, or build the ultimate team in a level where all of your Heroes count as Commanders!

New Modes

Deep Dungeon

In this new game mode players choose their team of Heroes to clear out a seemingly endless amount of levels with a variety of enemies. Clear as many levels as you can. The deeper you go, the better the rewards!

Time Attack

Time Attack pits our Heroes against the clock. Can you clear out the enemies before time runs out? Only the fastest players will be rewarded! 

Turn Attack

Auto battlers beware! Turn Attack mode requires players to finish the enemies within a specific amount of turns. Players who complete the challenge will be rewarded! 

Changes and Fixes


  • Added a close button to the game over popup when the game is minimized.
  • Improved update checking to reduce cases where the client gets outdated.
    • It is recommended that players restart the game when an update is released.
  • Reduced GPU usage when the game is minimized.
  • Enabled VSync.
  • Made various improvements to widescreen view.
  • Fixed several issues caused by changing language without restarting the game.
  • Fixed Korean font in Gear screen.
  • Fixed several German localization issues.


  • A new option in Skybreaker Quests lets you rapidly make choices to make it easier to loop back through Hero choices.
  • Improved UI reliability, visuals, and functionality. 
    • The UI now handles higher resolution devices better.
  • Improved the player experience when using the world map and user interface (such as visibility of bangs).
  • Improved Team Builder remembering bonus commander selected in last level.
  • Added an option to hide Reflex popups (automatically succeeded, similar to auto battle).
  • Added a confirmation popup to unlocking sidekick slots.
  • Added time remaining to some sale prices.
  • Improved various pop ups to work better on very narrow devices.
  • Improved Hero portraits.
  • Auto Battle will no longer be disabed after losing in PvP.
  • Weekly Challenge now remembers the last party used.
  • Pet charge now shows from all attacks.
  • Removed sidekicks from rep Hero UI.
  • Fixed inspect issues in team builder.
  • Fixed some common Heroes that could access elixirs or power core upgrades when they shouldn’t be able to.
  • Fixed stat display for sidekick bonuses on the Hero details panel, and stats not updating after leveling in some cases.
  • Fixed duel win count resetting on nightly flip.
  • Fixed Hero details skill level showing wrong when cycling between Heroes in some cases.
  • Fixed several elements that overlapped on different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed the inspect positions for numerous Heroes.
  • Fixed some crashes on iOS.
  • Fixed some cases where loading / installing screens get stuck.
  • Fixed a rare freeze in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a download error caused by audio in some cases.