Battle Breakers at GDC

Battle Breakers v1.80.4 Patch Notes

  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed an issue that caused a download loop on game start
    • Note: This will also fix some login failures due to timeout that some users were experiencing.
  • Fixed Dragon Hunter Yu’s special skill
  • Fixed Laric’s ultimate evolution commander skill applying addional HP
  • Fixed Too Many Levels prompt triggering incorrectly
  • Daily bundles now include Magic Tickets.
    • This change is retroactive. Item grants will automatically be in your inventory when you login.
  • Improved Bonus Commander selection in level entry to automatically select the bonus commander button
  • Added artwork for T.E.D.D.Y.
  • Fixed Legion Soldiers and Imps selling for the wrong element resource
  • Fixed Crusader Leandra to properly show as a Super Rare
    • Can naturally evolve to 6 as opposed to a Very Rare requires supercharge to 6