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Battle Breakers v1.81.1 Patch Notes



Hey Breakers! 

We’re back with our first game update of the year. 1.81.1 focused on quality of life, scaling/balance, and fixing Hero-related issues based on feedback.  Let us know what you think!


Community Suggestion: Replay Button

Try it again: The level rewards screen now features a button to replay the level.

Play Button

The Play Button now brings up a menu with options for different content to pursue. If you have uncomplete daily and special dungeons, it will say how many are left.

Halls of Faded Glory

The Halls have been revamped. All levels no longer apply Hero upgrades, have one daily run, cannot be refilled, and use updated scaling and reward mechanics. This allows them to stay level-restricted but provide better rewards as you progress. Halls can be found in the new Play menu instead of in the Events menu.

Rewards have been boosted for all Halls. We’ll probably be making more changes here and look forward to your  feedback!

Combat Balance

The difficulty curve changes from 1.81 have been significantly altered to be more dynamic and better reflect your current to progression. This will result in reduced difficulty for many players, and it may be a little harder for some players.

Auto Play AI

Previously, Auto Play followed a simple sequence with no logic. There is now a very simple Auto Play AI. It will attempt to use the correct element for attacks, conserve mana more when fighting minions, and use mana more when fighting bosses.

This AI is not intelligent — it won’t try to heal when you are injured, or use area vs single target attacks effectively. However, it should have just enough logic to give you more flexibility in how you compose Auto Play teams, and reduce the amount of mana waste.

Friend Gifts

We’ve made updates to Friend Gifts, including players with large friends list. We’re continuing to work on improvements on this feature so no gifts are missed

As a result of the missed gifts, all players will automatically receive Loyalty Badges, Skill XP, and Cloudpuff Cookies in their treasury when logging into 1.81.1. This reward is silent and will automatically be added to your treasury. This is in addition to the similar compensation in 1.81.
  • Loyalty Badges are a special currency that does not drop from normal gameplay and can be used in a shop to choose from a wide range of items.

Added new Panda Rescue levels

Found in the Play Button. Complete them for a unique pet!

Changes and Fixes

Gameplay and Levels

  • Added new Advanced Combat Trial levels — found in the Play Button. Complete them for a Battle Crystal!
  • Formalized Poison damage and mechanic
    • Poison ignores DEF and Shields
    • Poison can now interact with other skills (see Deathmaul changes below)
    • Assassins are now skilled with poison
    • Design Intent: There are thousands of skills in Battle Breakers, and many of them were made quite a while ago and can follow inconsistent behavior. We are going to take a look at various mechanics and unify their behavior to make them more usable, understandable, and interactable. Poison is a first step in this direction.
  • Sudden Death reduced from 100 to 75 turns (normal bosses) and 250 to 150 turns (super bosses).
    • Design Intent: The previous sudden death values weren’t all that long if you were in a sustain auto team, but they could still feel like an eternity if you were manual and hanging on by a thread. This brings up sudden death to try to improve that situation.
  • Risk Taker now gives Pet focus.
    • Design Intent: Pets can be fun and situationally powerful, and we want to encourage more ways to use them.
  • Reduced the delay between actions for Auto Play and Auto Pop.
  • Sped up trap animations.
  • Ongoing changes to test potential options for reviving when your team is defeated.
    • Design Intent: We’ve received all sorts of feedback on revive, and we’re testing different configurations to help inform a long term decision.


  • Fixed the rarity icons in your hero inventory.
  • Replaced the Pet Summon UI to work better with more pets, and not have wonky controls for scrolling on PC
  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Challenge UI would show all the experience you’ve earned, instead of the experience you’ve earned against the current level. This would cause it to look like you should level but you haven’t earned enough experience.
  • Fixed Weekly Challenge displaying the wrong league name (it was +1 over your current rank). This could cause your rank display to change, but you are still in the same rank as before the update.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inspecting heroes to remove them from the party.
  • Fixed an additional case where most buttons become grey
  • Added UI to indicate if a level is Dynamic Difficulty (scales to your level) with a skull icon.
  • Added UI to indicate if a level is Inhibited (restricts the level / upgrades of your heroes) with a crossed sword icon.
  • Added an extra confirmation to the details popup for offers like Omni Essence.
  • Fixed an issue where offers like Omni Essence wouldn’t display their price on the Samsung Galaxy App Store.
  • Updated Skybreaker Hero Select UI to be more colorblind friendly, to show rarity, and to have less text.
  • Zones can now show multiple elements for the composition of enemies before you enter them (upper left in the team builder).
  • Moved Support a Creator prompt and highlighted it in the Settings menu.
  • Re-enabled Hero Store refresh timer.
  • Improved Smash/Growth calculations in different scaling levels to be more in line with their non-scaling counterparts.
  • Added additional feedback to class skills

Economy / Progression

  • Fixed sell value for Forest not matching her rarity
  • Fixed sell value for 5* Voldren not matching his rarity
  • Updated contents of the 12hr Elemental Heroes chest to be more valuable.
    • If you have purchased any of these in the past, you will automatically receive the updated content differences for each purchase. This grant is silent and will be in your inventory.
  • Updated several event levels that didn’t count towards quest progression
  • Oh, Holy Knight! could be purchased twice due to the New Year’s reset, but it couldn’t grant the event twice. Players who purchased it a second time will receive resources for the level completion rewards.
  • Updated Gold Drops
    • Halls of Gold now scale gold with your account level (to a limit)
    • Most Treasure Maps now drop more gold
    • Most normal levels now drop less gold
    • Design Intent: We shifted some gold to the Halls to make a clear daily activity to complete. Rather than inflate the economy or adjust what players have already earned, we opted to reduce level gold by an amount equivalent to roughly twice the average playtime of grinding and put it in the Halls.  
  • Added a new weekly chest focused on Magic Tickets


  • Assassins 
    • New Basic Skill - Poisoned Blade
    • 100% ATK. Poison target for 60% (base) to 120% (max training) ATK for 4 turns.
    • Poisoned Blade can only poison a target once per attack but can stack with multiple attacks.
    • Design Intent: Opportunity Strike mostly only had an impact in situations that didn’t matter, and other classes could do better (like Martial Artist). Assassins are meant to be effective at dealing with bosses, and Opportunity Strike didn’t contribute there. This change is intended to ensure that Assassins can always do damage to bosses and take advantage of poison mechanics in the future. We’re interested in your feedback on this as we look at other Basic Skills and class roles.
  • Spellswords
    •  Now apply their buff for 1 attack instead of 1 turn, as stated in the description. Stacking increases duration.
  • Ajax Stoneface
    • Fixed an issue preventing him from resurrecting other heroes.
  • Baldric Stonewall
    • Paralyzing Poison updated to new poison mechanic.
  • Diaochan the Artful
    • Now properly benefits from normal Color Match effects.
  • Deathmaul (all versions)
    • Replaced Wound mechanic with Poison
      • Double Stab base duration increased from 3/4 to 5/6 (12 max).
  • Frank 
    • Fixed a few skills that could bypass his untargetable status.
    • Community Suggestion: Fixed his rating, you monsters!
  • Gigatech RxTs
    • Community Suggestion: - Now count as Assault Bots, since you love your Assault Bots.
  • Gobby, Menacing Mask
    • Can now properly steal Hundred Fists.
  • Grimblood Scythe
    • Slice ‘n’ Dice mana cost reduced from 50 to 25.
    • Design Intent: Scythe is an interesting early game hero that can help with some of the main challenges players face, but his mana cost is prohibitive before mana elixirs. Combined with the Assassin changes, this should make Scythe more viable.
  • Kumiho the Fox
    • Hidden Strike 
      • Now clears pet CD.
      • Updated to new poison mechanic with increased duration from 1 to 3/4 (max 6).
  • Lady Sun
    • Added stance VFX.
  • Mobile Battle Suit - Blitzkrieg
    • Now says it ignores Reflex DEF (text change).
    • ATK increased from 125%/200% to 175%/225%.
    • Community Suggestion: Nature lock increased from 1 turn to 1/2 turns.
  • Rain Deer
    • Fixed incorrect names in skill descriptions and added a description.
  • Razor 
    • 3* version can now be sold.
    • Now drops as a 4* in Skybreaker.
  • Riverwalker Dene 
    • Now properly breaks crystals.
  • Rustlord  
    • Updated evolution art and art offsets in Upgrade menu.
    • Fixed a couple issues with Critical Hits.
    • Can now be pitted when 4*.
  • Silent Blade
    • Updated to use new poison mechanic, which works with Backstab.
  • Sir Dozer
    • ​ Added stance VFX.
  • Teralie
    • Bulletstorm updated to new poison mechanic.
  • Viper
    • Updated Poison Dart to work better due to Assassin changes.
      • ATK increased from 60%/70% to 75%/100%.
      • Duration increased from 3/4 to 6/8 (and scaling increased correspondingly).
      • Fixed a bug that caused duration scaling to not work for Poison Dart II.
      • Added ignore shields.
  • Voidwalker Andre
    • Now drops as a 5* in Skybreaker.
  • Voldren
    • Shieldsplitter now properly applies bonus damage based on the DEF of the target it hits, instead of based on the initial target.
    • Players who own Voldren will receive 1,000 compensation Magic Tickets.
    • Now only responds to positive DEF, so that debuffing enemies won’t reduce his damage.
    • Design Intent: Voldren’s attack was clearly not functioning as intended when used against towers, because he could one-shot bosses without any upgrades. While the setup was interesting, it minimized the value of upgrading lots of other heroes.
  • Wild Palgrus
    • Updated Palgrus Venom.
    • Palgrus Venom duration increased from 3 to 10.
    • Palgrus Venom now properly ignores DEF.
    • Added ignore shields.
    • CD reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Design Intent: This pet was outdated and not performing, especially for a 3 charge cost. Wild Palgrus can now stack a lot of poison. We hope this makes Palgrus a bit more viable and will look at some other pets for similar issues.
  • Zed
    • No longer triggers his passive when another hero kills an enemy, since it is not a team ability.
    • Players who own Zed will receive 1,000 compensation Magic Tickets.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Fixed a few crashes
  • Fixed a variety of text bugs