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Battle Breakers v1.81 Patch Notes



Weekly Challenges

Our first additional game mode is here! The Weekly Challenge is, well, a weekly challenge. Every week you are given a set of missions from one of the factions in the game. These missions reward Challenge Coins and have different hero restrictions depending on the faction. Weekly Challenges scale enemies based on your account level.

If you beat all five of the main missions, you can play a bonus dungeon that gives a large amount of Challenge Coins. Weekly Challenges are the main way to earn Battle Crystals and Jieun, a martial artist hero with multiple variants. The Weekly Challenge store stock refreshes each week, so be sure to buy Battle Crystal shards and other items regularly! Earning Challenge Coins also gives Weekly Challenge XP. Leveling up your Weekly Challenge slightly increases the rewards and may eventually have other mechanics.

Design intent: Weekly Challenges reward you for having a deeper roster and encourage problem solving with different sets of heroes. This also gives a specific problem you can focus on solving over the course of a week, with strong rewards that don’t create additional grind.

Battle Crystals

A new item, the Battle Crystal, has a special set of heroes and can be earned through completing Weekly Challenges. The Battle Crystal contains five new heroes and past Battle Pass - featured heroes (Fuma Kotaro). Battle Crystals can only be earned through gameplay. When you open a Battle Crystal, you will always receive a non-duplicate hero unless you have every possible hero in the list.

Design intent: Battle Crystals are a way to get the signature heroes from missed Battle Passes, and they also include a set of special heroes to make them more valuable to everyone. Over time, we may add more ways to get Battle Crystals.

Sudden Death

After a set number of turns, most bosses will trigger a new Sudden Death mode. This significantly boosts the attack of all heroes and enemies, and ramps up every few turns after it begins. Sudden Death also reduces basic skill cooldowns. Normal bosses trigger Sudden Death after 100 turns, and super bosses trigger after 250 turns.

Note: Some special bosses, such as Zerath and Gabriel, do not have a Sudden Death mode.

Design intent: “Boss fight goes on forever” is one of the more prevalent pieces of feedback. The Sudden Death mechanic means that fights will eventually end. Bringing anti-element heroes and DEF -ignoring abilities is still recommended, because the enemies will get very strong during sudden death.

Combat and Balance Changes

Boss spawns are now more varied and challenging, starting around level 11 and increasing to 80+. Enemy spawn levels have increased in general and the game will be harder overall. We plan to continue increasing enemy variety and tweaking mechanics for combat balance / feel.

Design intent: “Game is too easy and I just auto” is one of the most common feedback items since launch, even though the auto mode is meant to not be very intelligent. We’re trying out making the game more challenging and look forward to your feedback. This will be harder for some people than others, and we’ll dial in over time.

Darkfrost Castle (Battle Pass)

A new Battle Pass is here!  Rising once more from the freezing depths -- and 32 years ahead of schedule -- our heroes must come together to confront the volatile evil magic introduced by Darkfrost Castle. The Darkfrost Castle Battle Pass delivers the new levels, heroes, and challenges! During Darkfrost Castle, each main mission you complete in the Weekly Challenge will give one BP level.

Note: Smoke Bombs are part of Eastern Kingdoms and will no longer drop. Battle Pass rewards may change with each Battle Pass. Darkfrost Castle focuses more on evolution materials.

Winter Snowscape Event

It’s time for our first holiday event! 

Snowscape will occur in the middle of Darkfrost Castle, and new Darkfrost levels will continue to appear after Snowscape. Play through the event to fight our first Mega Boss!

Mega Bosses

A new challenger approaches! Mega Bosses are large enemies that are composed of multiple parts that can be targeted separately. This works similar to a room with multiple bosses, except Mega Bosses have unique skills and interactions.

Note: The first mega boss caps heroes to level 50, max skill 5, and ignores all other upgrades. 

Snowy Gifts

Happy holidays! As part of the Snowscape event, you can claim your Snowy Gifts package in the Chests menu every 12 hours from December 23 through January 1.

Holiday Fire Sale

A set of new fire heroes will begin raiding the Hero Store on the holidays! These heroes will have a 1,000 ticket discount and will appear rapidly.
  • Hero 1: December 23-24
  • Hero 2: December 25-26
  • Hero 3: December 27-28
  • Hero 4: December 29-30
  • Hero 5: December 31 - January 1
  • Hero 6: January 2 - January 4

Additionally, a special pet will appear for free on December 25-26.

Login Rewards

Launch Celebration bonus login rewards for the first two weeks have returned to normal. Haven’t claimed all the rewards yet? If you’ve started claiming the bonus rewards but have not finished, you will receive a box that gives you additional login rewards once a day until completed. Wish you had the normal rewards? For each bonus reward you’ve claimed, you’ll receive a box that has the corresponding normal reward.  This means any player who reached Day 3 by the end of the bonus window will be eligible for both the normal and bonus login rewards.

Friend Gifts

Players with large friends lists often didn’t receive their full daily gifts. We’ve improved this and are continuing to work on a more comprehensive fix for future updates. As a result of the missed gifts, players will receive Loyalty Badges, Skill XP, and Cloudpuff Cookies when logging into 1.81. This reward will automatically be added to your treasury.

Loyalty Badges are a special currency that does not drop from normal gameplay, and can be used in a shop to choose from a wide range of items.

Changes and Fixes

Gameplay and Levels

  • Community Suggestion: Reduced the default cooldown for the basic skill of all heroes by 1. A few characters with cooldown overrides are unchanged.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Autoplay from pausing during a super boss reveal

Art & Audio

  • Improved character art in all comics.
  • Made several animation tweaks.
  • Added SFX to a few buttons.
  • Updated HSL SFX.
  • Fixed/updated effort lines for several heroes.
  • Small adjustments to art for a few heroes.
  • Adjusted volume for region unlocked and buff SFX.
  • Added SFX to several buffs that didn’t have enough audio feedback.
  • Fixed outdated element icons in the instructions.


  • Settings: Moved the cinematic intro from the Download tab to a new Story tab.
  • Removed invalid text at the end of the pet perk description about not affecting summons.
  • Improved friends list handling of large friends lists and prioritize BB friends.
  • Updated Level Up Package description (contents have not changed).
  • Play Button now has a popup when no recommended levels are available.
  • You can now inspect heroes in offer details, such as the Battle Breakers collection.
  • Purchasing heroes now defaults the quantity slider to 1 instead of max.
  • Updated friends list to prioritize 100 friends based on BB activity.
  • Battle Pass UI can now preview a full reward loop (+200 levels).
  • Temporarily removed Hero Store refresh timer until it can be more dynamic.
  • Fixed press and hold on pet button in level.
  • Fixed Buy Back button not showing sold count.
  • Fixed an issue that caused buttons to sometimes become grey.
  • Fixed a case where conversations could lock rarely in the tutorial.
  • Fixed Daily Reward timer to work properly in different time zones.
  • Fixed a few cases where an owned hero showed hidden in the Monster Pit descriptions.
  • Fixed several cases where pluralization was not handled correctly in non-English languages.
  • Fixed several places where localized text took up too much space and interfered with the UI.
  • Fixed a few places that referenced outdated item names.
  • Community Suggestion: Added owned count to heroes in Skybreaker.
  • Community Suggestion: Completed quests now sort to the top of the quests UI.
  • Community Suggestion: Blitz Again button now includes entry costs.

Economy / Progression

  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive gifts from some friends, especially with large friends lists. See Friend Gifts major item for details.
  • Changed a few heroes to the “Epic Collab” affinity.
  • Fixed a few pets that had inconsistent sell vs foil values for their rarity.
  • Removed the ability to revive with gems.
    • Design intent: Gem revive was intended to help you get through a fight you just can’t quite beat that’s blocking your progression. Some players ended up in bad loops where they revived and then quickly died and ended up in a worse state. We decided to turn this off and see how it plays.
  • Added a new item type that grants an event when it is acquired. This will start showing up gradually in future content.
  • Updated Gem bundle contents.
    • Developer note: Gem bundles are likely to change periodically.
  • Community Suggestion: Starter Heroes now start at 4* from Skybreaker so that they can be sold/pitted without evolving.
  • Community Suggestion: Most heroes in the store now have a purchase limit of 2 instead of 1.
  • Community Suggestion: Play Button now includes boss levels, danger levels, and other levels that were excluded unless they have an entry cost.
  • Community Suggestion: Increased Gift Points for different activities to help higher level players generate more gifts.
    • Level Up: 2 > 3
    • Evolve: 10 > 30
    • Promote: 5 > 10
    • Foil: 20 > 25
    • Monster Pit Level: 5 > 15
    • Room Completed: 1 > 3


  • Battle Pass heroes have moved.
    • Jayna, Gobby, and Silent Blade will periodically appear in the Hero Store.
    • Fuma Kotaro is now in the Battle Crystal.
  • Archers
    • Armor Break now does flat DEF reduction instead of using Damage Dealt.
    • Changed scaling from 20/40/60% to 20/27.5/35%.
    • Design intent: Archers became too important and scaled rapidly with their stacking application of Armor Break. On the lower end, they also weren’t effective enough because they’d hit for 1 damage and not help against DEF. This change is intended to make archers more consistent and not spiral as much with higher damage.
  • Mages
    • Increased basic skill mana from 4/8/12 to 5/10/15.
  • Spellswords
    • Now properly buff the next ATK, not the next turn. Multiple uses increase duration.
  • Abyssal Horror
    • Updated skill tags to interact with other buffs consistently.
    • Will no longer steal DEF from towers.
    • Fixed Horror using an outdated method of +ATK that causes inconsistent behavior.
  • Crusader Leandra
    • Commander skill now improves on evolution.
  • Cuddle Team Leader
    • Boogie Combo now reliably disables Reflex DEF.
  • Gobby, Menacing Mask
    • Is now Super Rare instead of Very Rare.
  • Earthwalker Treeking
    • Updated Shatter description to be more clear.
  • Falcon
    • ​​​Passive Adaptation should now work properly.
  • Gang Bao
    • Updated Draw Life to be more reliable.
  • Jarvic
    • Fixed Blade Synergy applying buff in reverse order.
  • Mobile Battle Suit
    • Blitzkrieg now properly requires another target to bounce.
  • Morgan the Red -
    • Smoldering Presence now properly handles dying and resurrecting.
  • Noble Slayer and Noble Guardian
    • Consecutive triggers of Predictive and Perfected Predictions in one turn will reduce mana gain.
    • Community Suggestion: Added Assault Bot affinity.
  • Pixie (Fire)
    • Updated sell value to be the correct element.
  • Razor 
    • Updated description for Crystal Daggers to try to improve clarity.
    • Crystal Daggers now properly only targets enemies once per row, instead of once per slot. It will still hit multiple-row enemies more than once if it targets both rows.
    • Added nameplate feedback to Ultra Daggers.
  • Silent Blade - Fixed an issue that made Backstab unreliable on non-Nature allies.
  • Warlord Lü Bu - Updated skill tags to interact with other buffs consistently.
  • Xiaohua (both versions) - Now properly extends buff duration when using Ironfist.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Fixed several crashes.
    • If you try to load a save that has been crashing, you can choose to abandon the level and return to the world map to prevent crash loops.
  • Fixed a variety of login issues.
  • Fixed a variety of text issues and improved the clarity of a few offer descriptions.
  • Fixed display state of hero icon on inspect.
  • Fixed issue when selling large quantities of items.
  • Fixed "How to Get" on recent heroes to no longer hide by default.
  • Fixed Hero Class icons in the instructions.
  • Added more feedback to loading / installing process.
  • Improved loading / installing time.