Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers v1.85 Patch Notes and Update


Apple Terminating iOS Support for Battle Breakers

Similar to Fortnite and other Epic Games titles, Apple has removed Battle Breakers from the App Store and blocked players from downloading, updating, or re-installing the game on iOS devices. When the v1.85 patch is released on September 9 2020, iOS players will be unable to continue playing Battle Breakers on Apple devices. Battle Breakers remains available to play on PC and Android via Epic Games App, which can be downloaded on the Epic Games website or in the Samsung Galaxy Store.  For more information:

New Battle Breakers Battle Pass

The Breaker Royale Battle Pass is here! Introducing three new Heroes from another world, a party animal pet, and new Battle Bucks currency!

BB03 BreakersRoyale BPL Social


Party Pinata - Ready to Party
Is it a llama? Is it an alpaca? Either way, it’s ready to Party.

Rustlord - Spray and Pray
Fires randomly to ensure he hits his target a few times. He has a pretty cool logo on his jacket.

Cuddle Team Leader - Hugs and Rockets
Attacks a small area and stuns enemies. Creepy and cuddly, this team leader is loveable and dangerous! 

Raven - Brooding Master of Dark Skies
Don't fear the reaper... Fear the Raven.



Once a hero reaches one Power Core Star, they will gain the opportunity to unlock a Weapon slot; at two Power Core Stars, the Armor slot becomes available for unlocking.

Here’s a breakdown of how Gear is classified:

  • Elemental types: 
    • Fire
    • Water 
    • Nature
    • Light
    • Dark
    • Neutral
  • Stat Bonuses:
    • Gear will allow a 1-3 base stat bonus that applies a simple boost to a hero. 
    • Example: +HP, +ATK, heal when attacking enemies, etc.)
  • Rarity: 
    • Common
    • Uncommon
    • Rare
    • Very Rare
    • Super Rare
  • How to get Gear:
    • Gear is Obtainable from LTMs and Battle Pass Rewards.
    • Gear Shards* can drop as loot in Limited Time Modes and can also be obtained from selling unwanted Gear items.
      • *NOTE: At this time, players will be unable to spend Gear Shards.
  • Where to find your Gear:
    • Gear can be viewed in the Treasury.
  • Gear cap and reusability: 
    • Players have a cap of owning 500 weapons and 500 armor items.
    • Gear is reusable and can be unequipped and reused on other heroes.


Deep Dungeon, Time Attack, and Turn Attack game modes will be receiving new difficulty rules each week! More than one rule can be applied to any given game mode, so make sure to check out what surprises these modes have in store for you.

The following Limited Time Mode Rules will rotate through various available:
  • Double Commander – 2 Commanders allowed.
  • Block Summon Pet – No pets allowed.
  • Special Attack Boost – Hero Special Attacks gain 50% ATK.
  • Strong Enemy Attacks – Enemy Basic Attacks gain 30% ATK.
  • Enemy Mana Bonus – Enemies have +50% Mana.
  • Chiller – Heroes Cool Down 1 turn quicker.
  • Insight Hero Bonus – Insight Heroes get +10% Mana.
  • Mighty Minions – Revealed enemies spawn a minion with a +100% Basic ATK.


  • Support-A-Creator screen removed now that the launch promotion has ended.
  • The Play menu now includes the Events that were previously found in the Events tab.
  • The Events tab has been replaced with the Duel tab, which contains the Team and Duel screens from Social.
  • The Social tab contains only the Friends and Gifts screens.
  • Optimized the Buildings menu UI by increasing its size.
  • Added a Confirmation window to the Unlock Sidekick button.
  • Added an autoplay toggle button on the Duel UI.


  • Fixed an issue that caused “New Player Challenges” to become unavailable after completing the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze after inspecting a Hero’s stats and closing the Stats panel at the same time on the Hero Inspect menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze during a stalemate match between Arielle and a Cloning opponent.
  • Fixed an issue where the Build Team menu displayed a blank Hero slot, preventing players from adding a Hero.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Battle Pass Store banner to show the incorrect number of remaining days.
  • Fixed an Android issue that caused the game to crash when auto-battle was running with the highest (rocket) speed activated.
  • Fixed a PC issue where UI elements would lose functionality after clicking on the Arcade Cabinet during hero inspection.
  • Fixed an issue causing a player’s Team’s tiles to disappear after inspecting a Friend’s Hero on the team.
  • Fixed an issue where the Time Attack (LTM) countdown could be bypassed.
  • Fixed an issue where using the arrows on the Team Builder screen caused UI elements to disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of material obtained when ‘quick selling’ in Skybreakers was not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not inspect enemy levels in the Deep Dungeon levels.
  • Removed unreleased Heroes from appearing in the Monster Pit.
  • Fixed an issue where UI elements would disappear after upgrading or otherwise interacting with a hero.
  • Fixed an issue where the uncompleted rooms counted towards the “Rooms Completed” line of the Gifts tab.
  • Fixed the (art) inspect positions for numerous Heroes.
  • Fixed the “How to Get” information for numerous Heroes.
  • Updated so that the Bearded Dragon Pet can no longer use its Special Skill while in flight.
  • Fixed an issue where Fierce Cloudpuff could be summoned indefinitely with the LTM rule “Infinite Pet”.
  • Fixed an issue where heroes could override Paleheart Freya’s dialogue.