December Overview

Hey Breakers,

The Darkfrost Castle Battle Pass has officially arrived in Battle Breakers!

Rising once more from the freezing depths -- and 32 years ahead of schedule -- our Heroes must come together to confront the volatile evil magic introduced by Darkfrost Castle.


Battle Pass

The Darkfrost Castle Battle Pass delivers the newest weekly challenges. As you progress, you will unlock a new currency, Icy Talons, that can be used in the Battle Pass Event Store. The Icy Talons allow you to purchase items such as Hero XP and Elixirs to help your Heroes tackle the Darkfrost Castle.

Purchase the Battle Pass between now and February 3 to play and unlock three new Heroes and a Pet to help conquer the Darkfrost Castle! Check out the Battle Pass Heroes and Pet below:


Panlong - The Golden Dragon
  • Cool off fire-type enemies with Panlong’s attacks.

Icewoven Warhost
  • This Warhost specializes in removing shields and empowering magically adept allies.

Armored Gargoyle - The Dragon Knight
  • Evasive and unrelenting, the Armored Gargoyle is a rare dragon knight that’ll keep your enemies guessing!

Skadi - The Frost Goddess
  • Skadi is ready to put the competition on ice with her blizzard and water magic.

Release The Sharken!

Beginning December 16th, we’ll introduce our first mega boss event: The Sharken. Part shark, part kraken, successful Breakers will be rewarded handsomely in victory.

Also this month: you won’t want to miss taking on the Legion Glacier Base in the Snowscape event. Take on the Legion during this event and earn the new powerful Rain Deer Pet!

Dress warm, because sending the Darkfrost Castle back into the depths will be a chilling time.