Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass is here!

Hey Breakers,

The Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass has officially arrived in Battle Breakers!

A power struggle is brewing in the Eastern Kingdoms and with tensions being dangerously high, the conflict is quickly escalating into an all out war. It’s up to you to help bring order to this endless strife; the clan leaders will only respond to strength, so be prepared!

If you purchase the Battle Pass between now and December 15th, it will be up to you to bring peace to the Eastern Kingdoms. Breaking through gauntlets of enemies won’t be easy, but with the Battle Pass, you will play to unlock three new Heroes and a pet to help with your mission! Check out the Battle Pass heroes and pet below:


Gobby, Menacing Mask - The Light Pet

Gobby is a smallish furry creature found a suit of enchanted demon armor. Gobby loved the mask and now wears it all the time as part of its identity.
  • Gobby has a unique ability that allows him to copy the targeted enemy when he is summoned. 
  • Gobby also has an incredibly long summon duration, making him useful in long dungeons. 

Silent Blade - The Nature Assassin Hero

Silent Blade is a robot with a powerful cloaking system. While stealthed, he gains increased attack power.
  • Silent Blade has a unique ability where he monitors and assists other allies. Whenever they use a special ability, he will perform a backstab against the target. This is very powerful when combined with stealth and a team that uses lots of abilities.

Jayna the Clever - The Fire Bomb Hero

Jayna is the leader of one of the ninja clans you fight during the Battle Pass missions. She attacks an area and creates elemental terrain. Her special skill is called Fire Bomb
  • Jayna throws Fire Bombs that damage an area and leave a patch of fire. Bombs have a low mana cost, so she's a good sustained damage hero, but she has low burst.

Fuma Kotaro - The Fire Ninja Hero

Fuma Kotaro is a ninja with a unique attack style. He is the only hero in the game who has an "overflowing" attack. 
  • Overflowing attacks allow repeated strikes until the target is defeated, then automatically selects a new target with any remaining attacks. This allows him to either focus fire on a high health boss, or clear out a lot of weak enemies.
The Battle Pass also includes a new currency, Ninja Stars and daily challenges from Guan Yu -- giving you the opportunity to earn Whetstones that will allow you to challenge him face to face during the Battle Pass. Guan Yu is known as the unstoppable god of war and for his beard, be careful when you enter the Lord of the Magnificent Beard’s dungeon. Come back every week for a new experience and opportunity to pick up new Heroes with new abilities.

Bringing order to the Eastern Kingdoms is no easy task - are you up to the challenge?

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