Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers v1.88 Patch Notes and Update


Battle Pass: Eastern Kingdoms

The Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass has returned! If you previously purchased this Battle Pass, you will be able to claim it again at no additional cost.

A power struggle is brewing in the Eastern Kingdoms, and with tensions being dangerously high, the conflict is quickly escalating into an all-out war. Breakers, it’s up to you to help bring order to this endless strife, but be prepared: the clan leaders will only respond to strength!

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Silent Blade  - The Nature Assassin Hero

Silent Blade is a robot with a powerful cloaking system. While stealthed, he gains increased attack power.

Jayna the CLever - The Fire Bomb Hero

Jayna is the leader of one of the ninja clans you fight during the Battle Pass missions. She attacks an area and creates elemental terrain. Her special skill is called Fire Bomb.

Fuma Kotaro - The Fire Ninja Hero

Fuma Kotaro is a ninja with a unique attack style and is the only hero in Battle Breakers with the ability to execute an overflowing attack. 

Gobby, Menacing Mask - The Light Pet

Gobby is a smallish, furry creature that found a suit of enchanted demon armor. Gobby loved the mask and now wears it all the time as part of its identity.



LTM rules now apply to the World Map! Players can toggle LTMs On/Off for the World Map and experience the game in a whole new way. Each World Map zone will have 2-5 random LTM rules applied, and the rewards earned are determined by the difficulty level selected. 

With LTMs, are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Even with active LTMs, players cannot access locked levels
  • Players cannot progress through the Campaign when LTMs are activated
    • While LTMs are activated, players cannot unlock new levels or earn stars for each mission
  • The following rewards will NOT drop when LTM is toggled on:
    • Gear
    • Gear Shards
    • Battle Pass currency
    • Ceremonial swords, shields, or armor
    • Mysterious Goo

The following LTM Modes and Rules are now available:

  • Duel Mode – PvP dueling with LTM rules applied
  • Endurance heroes get +40% HP and +10% Block
  • Strength heroes get +30% Basic ATK and +8% Double Strike
  • Agility Heroes get +30% Basic ATK and +10% Counter
  • Completing Time Attack mode manually grants the player with an increase in rewards and gold


  • Fixed several issues related to base and special affixes
  • Added Monster Pit entries to several Heroes that were missing it