Epic Display Name - New Requirements

By The Fortnite Team
To prepare for new communication features, all new Epic account display names need to meet the guidelines below, so that they’re easily readable and typable. This affects players creating new accounts or requesting a change of display name.
  • 3-16 characters long
  • May contain alphanumeric characters:
    • A-Z
    • a-z
    • 0-9
  • May contain any of the following punctuation:
    • “.” dot
    • “-” dash
    • “_” underscore
    • Cannot begin or end with punctuation characters
    • Cannot have a repeated sequence of any punctuation characters
  • Must be globally unique
    • Cannot be a duplicate of an existing display name
    • Display names are not case sensitive, however case changes are preserved for aesthetics 
  • Your display name must comply with our Community Rules and cannot contain any of the following:
    • Vulgarity, hate speech, offensive or derogatory language of any kind
    • Direct references to any Epic Games employee, product, service, or character