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Sky Pirates Battle Pass


Battle Pass

Take to the skies with the Sky Pirates Battle Pass! Introducing three Heroes, a Pet, and Gold Doubloons!


BB03 SkyPiratesBP FireParrot 1920x1080Parrot - The Pirate Pet

All Pirates need a trusty friend. Parrots loyalty is undaunted and loves to play Hide and Speak! BB03 SkyPiratesBP TreasureHunter 1920x1080Mischief Maker - Nature Pirate

Always the trouble maker, Mischief can be found below deck prepping his next trick on the crew.BB03 SkyPiratesBP Warmage 1920x1080Beast Cannon - Fire Pirate 

This powerful Fire Hero comes fully loaded with cannons for hands!BB03 SkyPiratesBP Swashbuckle 1920x1080Swashbuckle - Nature Pirate

Swashbuckle leads the crew on bold and daring adventures. He enjoys playing Hide and Speak with Parrot!