Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers v1.87 Patch Notes and Update


New Battle Pass: Stranger Beasts

As the winds blow harder and the nights become longer, the night creatures begin to stir. To take on the toughest challenges,  recruit new Heroes ready to take on evil that lurk in darkness and shadow. The Stranger Beast Battle Pass introduces three new Victorian Heroes, a night-loving pet, and new Pocketwatch currency. 

New Heroes

Celeste Blood Moon  - Noble Vampire
Celeste is a graceful and elegant noble. Her weapons of choice are hidden daggers. 

Clockwork - Metalwork Mechanic
A mechanic and robot sidekick that travels the universe to fight the forces of evil, use her pistols to destroy crystals and enemies. 

Fang - The Night Wolf
Haunted by past wolf spirits, this Beast is unrelentless in his pursuit to perfect his skills and talents.

Crassus the Wise - The Raven
A cunning bird, Raven confuses enemies into attacking their allies and with no remorse, devours their souls, then devours souls without remorse.



Take on even tougher challenges with the addition of Special Stats! These stats expand upon stats and capabilities added in the v1.85 update. Special Stats provide a variety of effects such as stunning all enemies for 1 turn when an allied teammate is slain. 

Special Stats can be neutral or associated with the following element types:
  • Fire
  • Water 
  • Nature
  • Light
  • Dark
Similar to Base Stats, the strength of a Special Stat is dependent on:
  • Stat type
  • Gear rarity 
  • Special Stats attributed to Gear
Players can now also purchase Gear with Gear Shards from the Ancient Factory! 

Gear purchases* are limited in terms of rarity:
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very Rare
NOTE:* Common or Super Rare Gear are not available for purchase.


The following LTM Modes and Rules are now available:
  • Max Heroes – All heroes at max level
  • 3-Hero Team – Team size limited to 3 Heroes


  • Players can now bulk sell weapons and armor of the same rarity
  • Added a filter for Insight Heroes in the Team Builder UI when the ‘Insight Hero Bonus’ LTM rule is active
  • Fixed an issue with items not being able to be sold from the Treasury in Headquarters
  • Fixed the “How to Get” information for several Heroes
  • Fixed the (art) inspect positions for several Heroes
  • Fixed miscellaneous skill issues for several Heroes