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Introducing the All New Battle Pass


Introducing the All New Battle Pass

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    Introducing the All New Battle Pass

    Earn 20 levels of high-value rewards and unlock early access heroes with the new Battle Pass!

    Each Battle Pass lasts one month and features challenging event content and 20 levels of rewards! You level up using Battle Pass XP which is earned by playing events and earning event currency. Rewards include early access heroes, Magic Tickets, XP, and more. Each Battle Pass features a paid monthly pass that unlocks bonus reward levels and gives you 100 gems every day for 30 days! Right now, you can enjoy a FREE preview of the Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass!

    In this Battle Pass, tensions rise in the Eastern Kingdoms. A major power struggle is intensifying and the conflict risks erupting into an all out war. Can your heroes diffuse this explosive situation?

    Each week new dungeons will open up presenting new challenges and opportunities to earn Battle Pass XP. The Eastern Kingdoms Battle Pass includes:
    • Epic bosses
    • Battles with Ninjas, Assassins, and Blademasters
    • A new hard mode every week
    • Awesome loot
    You’ll instantly unlock the assassin hero Silent Blade, then play event content to earn XP and level up your Battle Pass. Gain valuable rewards like hero tokens, molten foil and mysterious goo with each level. Be the first to add early access pet Gobby, Menacing Mask, and make it to level 20 and earn legendary ninja clan leader Fuma Kotaru!

    Gather your heroes, summon your courage, and dive into the Battle Pass today!

    Note: All Battle Pass heroes will become available in the future via other methods. The Battle Pass can be leveled up beyond level 20 for additional minor rewards.