Where to Find Unreal Tournament!

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utcomAre you looking for the new Unreal Tournament? Head on over to the New Unreal Tournament blog at UnrealTournament.com.

There you can hear all abut the development of the new Unreal Tournament, check out the latest fan submitted concept art, watch gameplay videos and even play the game with an Unreal Engine 4 subscription!

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Live Stream Recap – New Stream Info

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Skaarj_Final2We had our first weekly Unreal Tournament live stream on Twitch.tv last week and we want to thank everyone for posting your questions and stopping by the stream. After a few audio hitches and sharing of hashtags to go along with the hitches things went very smoothly ! Thank you to everyone for your patience.

In the stream we made mention of Our first Unreal Tournament Contributor on the forums. We thanked user “TimEh” for his hard work on the Unreal Tournament jump pads which we have integrated into the main build. TimEh is already at work on another mod, “UT Bots“. The purpose of the bots are to “give Level Designers a very rough idea on how their map will play out until we have a stable build where we can play together.” TimEh gets a new image under his name recognizing his contributions and he’ll see his name in the credits of the game.

If you have questions for the Art team for the next stream, be sure to post them HERE on the Unreal Tournament forums! We’ll get to as many of them as we can. We hope you can join us at 3:00 PM EST this Wednesday, June 18th at https://twitch.tv/unrealtournament

We will be uploading all of the live streams to YouTube after they air. It could take up to a day for them to go live and you can watch the latest here:


Unreal Tournament Stream June 11, 3:00 PM EST

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We’re going to start weekly Unreal Tournament live streams this week and we’ll be talking about the first Unreal Tournament Community Challenge: “Make Something Go Boom!”

Senior Gameplay Programmer Joe Wilcox will be on-hand to give you all of the details and answer questions about the challenge. Who else will be on the stream? Well that depends on you! We’d like to do a Q and A session about anything we’ve checked in over the last month, so who joins us on the stream depends on the questions you ask. Also, don’t forget to jump over to THIS Facebook post and tell us your favorite weapon from Unreal Tournament!

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Be sure to join us for the stream tomorrow afternoon on Twitch TV!

The Future of Unreal Tournament

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In case you missed the news, work on the future of Unreal Tournament has begun and we’re happy to announce that we’re going to do this together, with you. We know that fans of the game are as passionate about Unreal Tournament as we are. We know that you have great ideas and strong opinions about where the game should go and what it should be. So let’s do something radical and make this game together, in the open, and for all of us.


Here’s the plan:

  • We’ve created a small team of UT veterans that are beginning work on the project starting today.
  • From the very first line of code, the very first art created and design decision made, development will happen in the open, as a collaboration between Epic, UT fans and UE4 developers. We’ll be using forums for discussion, and Twitch streams for regular updates.
  • If you are a fan and you want to participate, create a free account and join the forum discussion.
  • All code and content will be available live to UE4 developers on GitHub.
  • The game will be true to its roots as a competitive FPS.
  • Development will be focused on Windows, Mac and Linux.

So what’s the catch?

  • It will take many months until the game is playable by gamers. This is real development from scratch.
  • When the game is playable, it will be free. Not free to play, just free.
  • We’ll eventually create a marketplace where developers, modders, artists and gamers can give away, buy and sell mods and content. Earnings from the marketplace will be split between the mod/content developer, and Epic.  That’s how we plan to pay for the game.

A lot of this is brand new for Epic, and we don’t yet have everything figured out.  Things will probably definitely go wrong from time to time, and when they do, we’ll have to work through them together. There will be a lot of tough decisions to make, and not every feature will make it into the game. But if you’re a fan of Unreal Tournament, a UE4 developer, or a future modder – or if you just want to learn how we make games – we hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be fun.

Want to get involved?

  • Want more detail on the project? Read our wiki.
  • Want to participate & give feedback? Check out the forums, and sign up for a free account here to join Unreal Engine 4 community.

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UT3 Patch Allows You to Play After Gamespy Shutdown

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ut3_akashaAs you may have heard, Gamespy is shutting down this weekend. We want to be sure you’re still able to play Unreal Tournament 3 Multiplayer. Thanks to community member Shambler, we have a patch that will allow you to continue playing. We also want to thank all of the server admins and other community members who have helped test the patch to be sure it’s ready to go. (We’re looking at you Bubbaxm2, the nOx guys and Hedsteem!)

If you have any questions, please join in the conversation over at the Epic Forums: https://forums.epicgames.com/threads/986045-Gamespy-Patch-Info

IMPORTANT TECHNICAL STUFFS: This “patch” is actually a replacement executable that will direct you to the new Unreal Tournament 3 master server which we have moved to the Epic Games server bank along with the Unreal Tournament 99 and Unreal Tournament 2004 servers.

In Windows, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries and simply drag and drop the new UT3.exe into this folder. When the screen pops up asking what to do, select move and replace. This will replace the old .exe file with the new one. You will now be directed to the new master server when you start your game.

This patch will also work with the Steam version of the game.  You will need to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries, or just search for your Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries folder and replace the UT3.exe file with the new one.

In Unreal Tournament 3, you will need to recreate your user name on the new master server. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, but all currently registered names will go away along with Gamespy. You can use the same names as before and even the same passwords, you just need to have them registered on the new server now instead of Gamespy.

This will also apply to servers! This will apply to servers as well, they will need to have the new .exe and all Gamespy usernames will need to be recreated or replaced in the command line as well. The larger server providers should be able to handle this for you but please contact your provider if you are unsure. In the event that you run your own server on your own box, you will need to patch this as well. There is a separate patch for servers.

Client Patches:

FPS Hosting have offered to host it for us, you can get it here:

It is also on Gamefront:

Windows Server Patches


Zeytun has offered to host this one as well:

Linux Bin File


The Week in Unreal Tournament Development

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Last Thursday, the UT team here at Epic had their first play-through of Unreal Tournament Deathmatch! Gameplay programmer Matt Oelfke won the match, which is usually what happens when Matt plays. The team also played a few matches of the original Unreal Tournament to get a feel for the movement and gameplay. The UT team is discussing Unreal Tournament movement with the community in the UT Movement Discussion forum and in the Early Movement Prototype thread. Senior Designer, Nick Donaldson posted a prototype for users to try and forum members have been discussing it and posting their own prototypes. Subscribers to Unreal Engine 4 are able to download and play the prototypes as well as create their own. Be sure to check out the prototypes and jump in to the conversation!


Nick and Matt were also hard at work last week on the UT weapons. Matt created a prototype of the shock rifle and worked on shock combos. Nick created the blueprint prototype of the Minigun and Flak Cannon. Joe Wilcox quickly found the Minigun was a bit overpowered in the Deathmatch playtest and was nearly unstoppable. You can join in the weapon discussion in the UT Weapon Design forum.


Next week, our live stream will be returning and Art Director Chris Perna will be talking about his vision for the art style in the new Unreal Tournament. He will also be discussing the concept art the community has created and he and Senior Artist Rick Kohler will give pointer so to artists who would like to submit their concept art for review. You can join in the conversation in the Skaarj Concept thread.  Keep watching for a date and time for the episode!

We’ve also started work on a new logo for the game and we are setting up our social media channels. So far, you can find us on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. The links are below. Be sure to give us a follow and join in on the discussion!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnrealTournament
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UTEpic
Twitch.tv: https://www.twitch.tv/unrealtournament
YouTube: https://youtube.com/UnrealTournament
Instagram: https://instagram.com/unrealtournament

Unreal Tournament Forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/forumdisplay.php?34-Unreal-Tournament
Unreal Tournament Wiki: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Unreal_Tournament_Development









An Amazing Gift From Alvaro Bravo

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Alvaro Stuardo Bravo has been impressing us for almost two years with his amazing sculptures. Since those first sculptures, his talent has continued to grow and he is quickly becoming a world class artist. Alvaro recently surprised us with a beautiful sculpture based on the Gears of War: Judgment Reaper. I carried it around the studio and people were so amazed at the detail. It will soon find it’s home hanging on the Epic walls.

Epic Gamer and artist Tim Fangon chats with Alvaro about sculpting and other mediums he enjoys.

966372_331802133613500_473553535_oTim F: How did you get started sculpting?

Alvaro B: I started sculpting 2 years ago with a lot of questions about materials and techniques, learning from YouTube and after all the research now I feel more confident about my sculptures.

I started after I saw “Inside the Wicked Workshop” on YouTube from Chris Perna, to me was very inspiring.

TF: Who is your favorite Gears of War Character to sculpt?

AB: Definitely Marcus Fenix, I believe Marcus is the most awesome Character in the game. 

TF: Could you describe the process for the sculpture?999059_10151843181449230_2052617188_n

AB: I start with an armature made of metal, then I cover the armature with aluminum foil. Then I start modeling the clay over the aluminum foil with rough shapes until I feel comfortable with the results. I bake the clay and the statue is ready for the paint job!

TF: What kind of clay do you use?

AB: I use Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm which is a type of polymer clay that can be molded and put into a conventional oven to harden.

TF: How did you make it look like bronze?

AB: That was the paint job made it by my Girlfriend Carla, she painted several layers of different colors to get that finish and then she added some clear coats to bring some shine. 

964503_342751579185222_34180249_oTF: Did you know the sculpture will be on display at Epic Headquarters?

AB: That’s gonna be Fantastic! And makes me feel very happy because you guys likes what I do, to me is an honor.

TF: When did you start sketching?

AB: I been sketching all my life, I love to make drawings and When I saw Gears of War I knew that I wanted to keep improving my sketches. I loved to make drawings using just a regular ball pen and maybe some polychromes!

TF: How long have you been drawing?

AB: All my life! Since I was 4 years old.

TF: Do you create any art on PC?

AB: Yes. I make drawings using Photoshop and recently I started using Z-Brush which is pretty awesome. 

TF: Which do you like to do more, sketch or sculpt?

AB: I don’t know which is better but I try to do both things because one helps to improve the other and because both makes me happy.

Alvaro on deviantART
Epic Gamers on deviantART

Essential Gaming: Top 15 Original Soundtracks of the Generation

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OSTCover_FINAL4The website videogamewriters.com recently posted the top 15 video game soundtracks. Two titles from Epic Games made it to the list. They decided to list only original soundtracks, not ones created as compilations. Gears of War by Kevin Riepl comes in as number twelve on the list.

Jen Bosier says, ” It’s easy to forget how revolutionary Gears was when it first released, with every aspect of the game feeling like a grand experiment. This extends to Riepl’s soundtrack which effortlessly blends strong, militaristic themes with foreboding sounds typically reserved for horror offerings.”

At number seven is The Bulletstorm Soundtrack by Michael Cielecki and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz. “Cielecki’s mix of chorals and brass plays as a homage to epic action set pieces and thrilling, tense adventures. There isn’t a weak track on the album and chances are you’ll find yourself remembering your favorite skill shots.”

You can get a track from each of the soundtracks for free from the Epic 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack. You can also download the complete Bulletstorm soundtrack for free, from FilePlanet.



New Reapers!

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6sept_reaperbodyv5final_lo_by_arukun14-d6l8mjzWe’ve added three new Reapers this week for the Reaper Festival! If you’re looking to earn your Reaper Medal and Weapon Skin this is the event for you!

The Reaper Festival is every Saturday at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT and usually last a few hours. The group usually plays Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. If you want to join in on the action just visit the forum thread and send a message to the lobby hosts.

The Xbox live links to hosts are available on the thread. All of the reaper action will be streamed live on EV0L0NE’sTwitch.tv channel and you can watch the matches while you wait for an invite.

Reaper Festival Thread

EV0L0NE’S Live Stream

You will still also be able to find some of the developers from Epic Games playing as the Reaper as well as Raczilla, Cher, Zap, DarkAp89 and Fl4k, and the Reaper Festival Reapers, I EV0L 0NE I, Alex Brand LE and LeMansFahrer.

Gears of War: Judgment Reapers and Reaper Anniversary Party!

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September 19th 2013 – September 30th 2013
5sep_cartoonreaper_by_arukun14-d6l8ojeReapers Worldwide are celebrating 6 Months Gears of War: Judgment’s release and the community Reaper program with a Reaper Anniversary Party. The Reaper Festival is a community event where you can play against the Community Epic Reapers that Epic Games selects every week.

If you’re looking to earn your Reaper Medal and Weapon Skin this is the event for you!

The Reaper Festival is every Saturday at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT and usually last a few hours. The group usually plays Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All. If you want to join in on the action just visit the forum thread and send a message to the lobby hosts.

The Xbox live links to hosts are available on the thread.

All of the reaper action will be streamed live on EV0L0NE’sTwitch.tv channel and you can watch the matches while you wait for an invite.

Reaper Festival Thread

EV0L0NE’S Live Stream

You will still also be able to find some of the developers from Epic Games playing as the Reaper as well as Raczilla, Cher, Zap, DarkAp89 and Fl4k, and the Reaper Festival Reapers, I EV0L 0NE I, Alex Brand LE and LeMansFahrer.

We’re bringing back some of our former Reapers to join in the fun and our new Reapers have been chosen! !

Brad – UK – Gamertag: SHiIfT N DRiiFT
Kyle – US – Gamertag: FellBluedodger
Neil – US – Gamertag: MVViking71
Cody – Canada – Gamertag: CptSharppz
Lance – USA – Gamertag: DreadfulRaven
Scott – USA – Gamertag: xXx TacComm xXx
Nick – US – Gamertag:  NickKrause
Frank  – Australia – Gamertag: lordwestie
Chris – US – Gamertag: Gorgon Freeman
Mel – Australia – Gamertag: M3LBBY
Marcus – UK – Gamertag: BRODIEMAN
Simon – UK – Gamertag: Slays
Engin – Turkey – Gamertag: Ashes2Gnashers
Linda – US – Gamertag: saaaaaaaammm
Julio – Brazil – Gamertag: JPK l P4L4D1N0
Max – Brazil – Gamertag: Morocoto
Idris – UK – Gamertag: ImDzombieLegend
Wendy – UK – Gamertag: Mad Bad Vixen 
Alex – US – Gamertag: ElJibaro25
Stefano – Italy – Gamertag: STEPLATONE

Follow the Reaper_Tracker for hints where they will be. Thanks to Gnashes and Bizkitdoh for the feed and good luck slaying the Reaper!