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Gears of War: The Board Game

Stand together against the Locust Horde

Gears of War The Board GameTeamwork is essential in Gears of War: The Board Game, as you and your fellow COGs will secure areas in an ever-expanding and randomized map, lay down suppressing fire to support each other’s movements, and rush to the aid of fallen allies – all in an effort to complete your mission objective.

The seven included missions deliver a range of objectives, from placing a sonic resonator deep in the Locust-infested earth to escaping the attack of a raging Berserker. Each mission is randomly constructed every time you play, using an ingenious map creation system to ensure that no two games are ever exactly alike.

For more information, check out the The Official “Gears of War: The Board Game” website at Fantasy Flight Games.

Humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation, and only you and your fellow COGs can drive the Locust horde back!

    • https://twitter.com/SwedishDante Daniel Bengtsson

       I want it!!! =D

    • Underp4ntz

      Like Warhammer? Iam not that into the warhammer stuff dont know how it works but i like painting these figures 😀 So whats with the stuff? do we get more shit? apc’s ravens? kryll ? every single object of the game ? 😀

    • Nick Post


      The dots represent me trying to collect the lower part of my jaw from the floor…

    • Cauz


    • https://twitter.com/nacholopezp Nacho Lopez

       Noooooo… really!!! holy shit!!! I need one of those, right away… at least for the collection!!! Terrific!!!

    • Gohtingqi

       im not saying its bad, i mean im a die-hard fan of gow, but i wont think i would buy it

    • Reemer72

      this might be pushing it but hell ima get it anyway XD

    • https://twitter.com/servbot001 Cheshire

      Retail looks like 80 bucks.  Over 30 minis and the replayability looks to be there.  No doubt there is room for expansions down the road with extra objective/map/mini packs and such.  Lambent missions, Gears 3 minis, etc.  I’m extremely stoked.

    • OVR9k

       price is steeeeep tho

    • https://twitter.com/EMKFonzyX EMK Fonzy X

       i WANT A TSHIRT! jajajaja n_n please! 😛 i coment all days to win my cougars hang-over tshirt!

    • Arthur

      If this comes with the t-shirt ill buy it

    • kevin

      cool  if it really 80 bucks  though  im going to pass. 

    • Deafening Whisper

      Gears of Warhammer FTW!!!
      Warhammer 40k took the nickname since their new game has a Gears of war feel to it (if you love gears check it out, it’s gonna be awesome plus it has chainswords!) and now Gears of war has gone table top. Finally my world (imma gears fangirl, preordered the epic edition months before the content was announced lol) and my husbands world (he’s a warhammer fanboy) finally collide.

    • Madigar_zhull

      i want one

    • Steve

      Can you say GEN CON?

    • Darcel Tinner (Batchick24)

      This is the coolest thing ever… next to the game. Where can I get it. WHERE…WHERE…WHERE! 

    • TsC MjoLniR 117

       Magnificent Yeah!!!
      the best, i need more, you need more?

    • Paz Edgar1997

      !!!! EPIC!!!!