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Gears of War 3 Title Update 2 Release Notes

Hey Gears fans!  At 2 a.m. Pacific tonight we’ll begin rolling out Title Update 2 for Gears of War 3.  While this is in progress dedicated servers will not be available.  Once the update is live you will automatically be prompted to download it if you are connected to Xbox LIVE.

Read our full list of release notes and be sure to join us tomorrow night (11/16) for a live stream with Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson.  The stream will start at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on the Epic Games Twitch.TV page.  If you have questions for Rod about the update, please post them in the comments section below!



  • A spectator mode option has been added to private versus matches for broadcasting by gaming leagues.
    • One player on each team will be able to choose spectator mode during match set up.
    • The matches will be 4v4 with two spectators
  • The Leader and Vengeful medals are now easier to acquire.
  • The mutators Roadie Comet and Regen Enemies are now easier to acquire.
  • Added an option to disable the HUD during multiplayer games for machinima and video creators
  • Added a visual indicator of the next ring’s location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH.


Exploit Fixes

  • The Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged.
  • In Capture the Leader, the overhead Beams on DryDock are no longer accessible.
  • While affected by the Smoke Grenade stun, players will no longer be able to take hostages, pick up weapons or revive teammates.


General Fixes

  • If there is a host migration during Horde, the match will resume at the same wave.
  • Also during Horde, the Combat Engineer ribbon can now be achieved once per wave instead of once per game.
  • The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.
  • The cringe from the Mortar will no longer cause players to drop their primary weapon.
  • The Hail Mary ribbon is now correctly awarded for long distance Boomshot headshots.
  • Maps will no longer be immediately repeated when choosing random map selection.
  • If the host pauses during a private versus match the game will continue for other players.
    • The game will still pause in the Campaign, Beast and Horde.
  • Potential fix for the rare lost progress issue.
  • Potential fix for the rare profile freezing issue.
  • Beast leaderboard screen no longer refreshes while sending challenges
    • ThiagolecoX

      hey why do not you guys put the guardian again because it’s just so cool! all want!


      yo do me a favor and bring back the skorge character soon cuz he was y favorite locust of all time ! oh and put the characters u put out for reservations only on the marketplace i wouldnt mind buying a couple !

    • Anonymous

      hey why do not you guys put the guardian again because it’s just so cool! all want!

    • Anonymous

      I love gears of war 3 then I’ll never stop playing

    • artguevera


    • Anonymous

      Hey, if you’re not necessarily fun fun and more like gears of war 3 add me on the xbox 360My name is ThiagolecoX.

    • Judg

      Bring Back Cyclops back to multiplayer!!! i miss my cyclops.

    • packfan

      I would like to see epic change it where if you are in a party and the party decides they want to leave then it should be where the leader of the party leaves and when everyone else leaves they are put back into the party again instead of having to send invites to everyone to get them back in the party. That would be great if you guys can fix that.


      yo do me a favor and bring back the skorge character cuz he was my all time favorite locust !!! and if this is the last gears game ever go all out bring back every gears map ever made !!!

      • Timbit9

        their going to add him in december

        • schmed

          and raam

    • Nick

      Get rid of capture the leader and put guardian in

    • Gabrielfmlive

      not working for Brazil this update


      message to all gears 3 freaks like myself im looking for good players probably level 100’s im a level hundred ! i really want a good team for some alpha and if i can get 4 ppl probably something else ! but add me if ur interested ! METALSH0CKWAVE ! its a zero instead of an *o* im on right now so go ahead !

    • dannnnnyy

      please bring back GUARDIAN ! you say youll do stuff for your fans… well if you want to make your fans happy and get them to stop playing mw3 and start playing gow3 again… BRING BACK GUARDIAN from gow2. DO IT FOR THE FANS!

    • EpicSam

      The worst thing about this game is the sawed off if not to be removed completly it should be a map based weapon. Can’t fault horde at all its an amazing game mode but beast mode should have its waves extended and a few more characters introduced and maybe even the choice for a lambent beast mode. Other than that perfect game

    • Robbie Gravez

      The update fixed some unlockable skins that were mucking up from me, the chrome retro came to me even tho i had the ‘domination’ achievement since way before I got gears 3 =) and i already have comet now? this is a huge breeze of gow work to do off my mind =P

    • Mharam2

      so this pretty much did nothing to fix the real issues, gears is dead

    • Justin Lopez

      Great job Epic!

    • https://twitter.com/randybrito Randy Brito

      I don’t like the next ring indicator!!

    • Edgar.

      One question, when i started the game it automaticly download the 2nd update, until there everything is fine, but when i tried to play one ranked match something happened, a anounce appeared saying that the match can´t be played because the host don´t have the current version or something like that, is because the update or what it is? Regards.

      PD: Sorry for my bad english, i need to improve it more LOL.

    • Jorgead13


    • Leg3ndz

      Like so many people have said before..bring Guardian back. It was ur ONLY pride and joy and Gears 2. Also, if this is the last gears game being made, come out with playlists that involve every single versus map from gears 1 and gears 2..that will keep players interested. I suggest doing something like rainbow six Vegas 2 did with their golden elite system cause for players who hit 100 and get an extremely shitty looking skin it really isn’t worth it. Cmon Epic, I know u guys have a friken brain.

      • Leg3ndz

        Oh and I forgot..we need more playlists. A great playlist idea would be oldschool. Everything from gears 1 and only gears 1. No sawed off shotgun, no retro lancer, no mortar, no mulcher, no poison grenade. The TRUE gears fans lived for the gnashed battles in gears 1. That’s where the all the action was at. All reduce the power of the lancer in the oldschool playlist and take off stopping power..just because that was probably the dumbest idea..ever

        • Leg3ndz

          And more too add!!! We need more locust characters to play as..there’s simply not enough. And more playlists! Don’t forget!

    • BloodyHelmet 94

      armored kantus, palace guard, and MORE VARIETY for locust characters for multiplayer. i know female characters might be kinda hard to make, seeing as the only female characters are berserkers and myrrah, but i’m bored of using her to get the medal for using females. at least make another skin for myrrah, and using a mini berserker as a character might seem kinda cool. anyone agree?

    • Sconiersl

      Map packs of Old Gears…Subway…Jacinto. Since this is the last Gears, bring back some old Maps…G3 iz HOT!!!

    • Schenck

      THEATER MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maximiliano

      good (:

    • Judomaster1

      great update

      please put the hardcore mode on permanently thanks



    • Cry_midnight

      i can’t play
      (from chile)

    • Cody110

      WE WANT GUARDIAN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica-020


    • Saundersjohnson355

      TDM is shit, not hard to lancer for kills. Now a TDM with execution rules would be awesome

    • Lilsoraownzz

      heres an idea, to all you old guards out there if u use a retro or a saw-off, ill be sure to put ur sorry ass down by my 8 shot Gnasher or my sexy black Hammerburst. and yes bring back the GUARDIAN

      • https://www.facebook.com/yungw2m AlphaRevitalize <–My Gamertag

        okayyyy lol

      • Gqds

        Hammerburst is a noob weapon, use the lancer!

    • https://www.facebook.com/yungw2m William Thomas

      Does this new title update 2 give me back my level 76 because if not gears of 3 has screwed me and anyone else who has got their level reset to 1. Could of been 100 byn ow, figure the other stufff u added on where’s my level tt vanisd for no apparent reason?

    • John

      Could you maybe make the palace guard a MP character and give us some more skins for myrrah?

    • Axlneverdie

      fixed servers for gears3 in brazil pleaseee,is giving error finding matches quick and ranked match 

    • Ggears Fan

      I love the new updates, the only thing that they really need to implement is…..Please for the love of God, take out the man up rule. It ruins gameplay.

    • The FoTown Hero

      Dear EPIC,
      I think it would be very popular for Gears 1 fans if a public match system were incorporated into the game. In this way, it would be possible for players to host a match the way they like it even if nothing is permanently changed in the game itself. The problem with private is that you have no choice but to play with friends which decreases the competitiveness of the match (you could join quick matches and invt players but that is very tedious and when they leave you have to do it over again) and matchmaking is a little too “try-hard” based for everyday play. You could include more hosting customization options such as turning stopping power on and off, some type of system in which it is a smoother transition between matches where players can choose teams/maps, opposing team chat between rounds, etc.

      I don’t know anything about programming so I don’t know if this is even in the realm of possibility but I feel that this would create more interest in the game for your non-CoD matchmaking style fans and it is worth a try.

      The FoTown Hero

    • Anonymous

      in latin countries (at least Brazil and Chile) after the update we can’t find online versus matches, it really dissapoint me, is an unnecessarily change like in gow 2, Why you commit the fucking same error again?

    • Buddy

      keep the alpha mode but you should be able to pick the gametype

    • GearsViking

      when is coming gears 3 in spanih in united states ????

    • Cheeseomatic25




    • Rio7mile26

      Gears of war will always b the best gm to me but the only problem in gow3 it seemed like they made it for the noobs….. Its easy to snipe now… lancers hurt more thats for the lancering and hammerburst bums.. then the saw off cause the real gears fans no how to kill with a gnasher… gow 2 was just great but make execution like tdm so i wont be getting lancered by a noob thats scared to come get me so they warzone me

    • Rosa

      come on  please put it back the full screen for HD

    • Irvin

       Yeah put it back the full screen for HD

    • No Virtue

      You should not be able to attack opposing team during the respawn protection.

    • Fabiotomasiak

      After Title Update 2 for Gears of War 3, we are not able to play online in Brazil. Please fix this!

    • Funyhoney916

      Ok a few things….
      1. The new update visual indicator of the next ring’s location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH is a MISS! Why tell us where the next ring is going to be, so we can camp the spot? The update should of been to make the ring sequence different every round.
      2. Please change when you jump into any quick match you are automatically marcus, not your preferred character. Including joining a frieds horde game..sucks!
      3. Also I agree with the others on bringing back Guardian! FUN!
      4. Bring back picture taking when you are in dead mode.
      5. Bring back when you LB you can see what guns ppl are using like gears 2.
      6. Maybe customize armor?? Like pink for girls! Wink Wink**

      • Funyhoney916

        Ya, also can we have TDM with exicution rules?? Im tired of getting lancered or retro lancered down from hella far…coming out of the spawn!! lol
        And can we please make it so that when we spawn, the other team dosnt spawn right behind us like 5 seconds later? It should automatically know to put them at the whole other side of the map. Dosnt that seem fair??


    • Rmbroncos87

      gowfan u read my mind. Gaurdian was pretty much my favorite multiplayer

    • CodyisMcLovin

      I think its shitty you had to make the game easier for people that think its too hard. 

    • AlexGalindoo18

      Una idea, saquen el juego guardia! 

      el de Gears of war 2 ! 

    • Alex

      si no tuviste la beta qe se puedan desbloqear los objetos

    • Jeremy

      Why not add a vote for difficuly level?

    • Impeccable_QQ

      Can we please have theater back and the ability to check our stats online like gears 2 because I do some really good stuff that I’d like to watch again later please like so epic can read and maybe consider

    • The Truth

      Im guessing no one read that they said “dedicated servers will not be available.” Which explains for the lag and shots not registering well.

    • AlbyKun

      guardian please!! T-T

    • Hammerof Sosa

      More locust characters and  waves for Beast. And bring back Guardian!!!!

    • THE_Q_


    • Kdrex19

      why cant i wall bounce any more?

    • Jgbigg

      y cant i wall bounce? its seems i have to hit the wall now and cant cancell it and the movement seems slower

    • Kdrex19

      Epic why take wall bouncing out of gears of war 3 that just turned it into a call of duty 3rd person game. What you should be doing is patching the retro lancer and sawed off.

      like this so they see it.

    • moralz

      seria bueno un tutorial

    • moralz

      seria bueno un tutorial

    • Bbavuso

      leave a gnashers only playlist please

    • Joelmarquez13

      Ain’t guardian like capture the leader

    • swello36

      Yeah i’ve got a couple of buds that want Guardian brought back too..i didn’t play it too much. always on execution…GIVE TDM EXECUTION RULES….leave the regular tdm like it is, but give an option to play tdm w/execution rules…..i love everything about this game….but does the ink really have to freeze up up so bad?   lol

    • Jennypie26

      Did they change the reange on the sawed-off ? Seems like it or I’m having a bad day :)

      • Rocknrollskater66

        I think they did cos I shot a guy from the back n it didn’t kill him it was very strange today

      • Steman1981

        Think they toned it down abit due to gnasher lovers moaning about it!!

    • Swello36

      u up

    • mikael

      Thanks Epic!

    • https://www.CrazedSanity.com Slaughter

      What about everybody starting as Marcus?  When we start after one person switches characters at the beginning, everybody in the match is Marcus.  Or when someone joins, they’re Marcus.

    • MaNiC

      Fix the Match Making System by making it more fair. If a team is in a full party match them against another team in a full party. Full teams crush individual players. People want to play with their friends, just as i do. But when i’m playing with my friends its no fun to run threw team after team with kids quiting every game. Just as it is no fun to go into a game by yourself and get destroyed by a full team. This problem REALLY needs to be fixed. If you don’t know how to fix it ask Bungie because HALO has been getting it right since since the 2nd game.

    • concerned

      fix the spawning charater? so you have your perfered skin you choose? maybe next patch that can be done.

    • King

      “The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.” – Any plans on fixing the records of players who received disconnects prior to the patch? I have two disconnects because of standard horde and it would be great to have them removed.

    • Diersivart

      Please fix the verses spawning

    • Dollars_74

      You did nothing to fix anything of importance! And you had us pay for maps that are useless unless you play freaking horde! WTH…..

    • Diersivart

      People please with the sawed off get over it they made it so it only has one shot and really bad range its only OP if u get within melee range

    • Masc_614

      all my progress was restarted

    • Trap3914

      Dont start bitching about the weapons thats what got gears 2 fucked over weapons updates are to help everyone not to help the little noobs that dont know how to get out of the way of a retro or get to close to a sawed off if you die by the weapon its your own damn fault i love gears 3 yeah i get pissed sometimes but its my own damn fault for makeing the mistake i dont want another updated gears 2 !!!! so shut the fuck up

    • AnnoyedGear

      As a gamer who had multiple issues some of which stopped me from playing, I feel Epic owes us something. I mean I couldn’t play campaign at all and got the damn authorize error so many times.

    • Rocknrollskater66

      Did you guys patch the sawed off with this patch? Seems weak now please epic watch the updates epic that is what messed up gears of war 2 don’t patch the sawed off and enough with the hating cos I use both loco surge all day

    • Dxn227


    • disappoint

      No nerfing of sawed off?

    • Chrizzv

      OKAY EPIC this is what this game really need. You should be able to search private matches like gears 1. I had so much fun creating my own games doing sniper only matches and i bet theirs plenty more people who loved doing that too. Better options for private matches primary weapons could be allowed to be changed example the weekend game modes weapons was not basic assault rifle/shotgun deal also mutaters  can be selected too like Unreal Tournament 3. alpha mode needs an upgrade and stop taking out all the good things in your games. the object is to take the previous things and make’em better not the other way around. GUYS LIKE THIS SO THEY CAN MAKE GEARS 3 THE GREATEST GAME EVER

    • Alex_Avater4elements

      Dear Rod
      hi i have been a gears fan since the first game came out and i live in Australia and i cant get a weapon skin from jack in a box because they dont have it here and i was just wondering if you could email me one because i would really appreciate it if you can email my email is   Alex_Avater4elements@hotmail.com please i would really appreciat it or send me a private message on facebook my name is Alex Scarpino.

    • Gallegosricardo93

      I love the new Horde Fix

    • Gallegosricardo93

      second that guardian was the funnest !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Goplay Gamers

      Im from Argentina and with this update i cant connect to play quick matches…. update 3 now !!!

    • Jukid88

      Lets not Get rid of TDM but improve it with Excecution Rules, which still allow 15 Total Respawns, but cuts down on people hiding and lancering down.

    • GoW2 still w8ing

      EPIC FAIL!!!!!
      13000 ppl in TDM and not as many in all other game types combined lmao
      They need dedicated SERVER…not plural
      on disc DLC lol
      Terrible Epic

    • Brandonwao

      Please fix the fact that a smoke grenade could down you if you’re tagged by it. That is just stupid. Another thing that needs to be fixed is the blow up radius for the grenades. A frag grenade would be 200 feet away from me and ill still blow up from it.

    • Saint_Minnesota

      I like how my comment was removed because i exposed the truth about the new tital update, GOW online gameplay used to be a 9 out of 10  but due to the user hosting in quickmatches it is easily a 4 out of ten. The lagg is unbearable, not to mention the stalemates. THis needs to be fixed asap

    • Carlos Hamilton Dias Bittencou

      After the update I’m not getting connected at all to come to Brazil are struggling to connect in public matches, you know tell me what’s going on?

    • Damionhageman35

      Reduce the power of the retro. And reduce the accuracy ( increase kick ) of the lancer and hammerburst ( similar to gears 2 ) i believe ,and sure others do as well, that the increase power and reliability of these weapons have reduce the effiectiveness of the gnasher and made these guns easier to use. i know this levels the playing field for new comers. But it takes away from the satisfaction of playing a hard to learn game against smashmouth veteran players. I wanna go ninja on some peoole with my gnasher thats all im saying. I cant do to much of that anymore. Someone tell me im not alone haha.

    • Leicam99

      @EpicGames after Title Update 2 for Gears of War 3, we are not able to play online in Brazil. Please fix this!

    • Damionhageman35

      And maybe narrow the blast on the sawed off just a tiny bit forcing the player to line up a more accurate shot…. That should bring back a more gears shotty battle feel…..( seriously where are the team shotty battle skirmishes at ?)

    • Squillim2011

      I keep getting this error after I downloaded the title update: “You cannot join the match because your game versions different from the host game version.”

      • Thatchic

        I’m getting cant read disk once the online game gets ready to start

    • Kfabiank_100

      quisiera saber por que no puedo actualizar el gears of wars 3 al entrar al juego

    • Kfabiank_100

      perdon : quisiera saber por que  no me aparece la pantalla  de actualizacion  al entrar a juego  GOW3

    • Megandrehx

      Hey… I downloaded the actualization and I can’t play online !!!
      the game give me a message “you’re version is different to the owner version”
      :/… please… 
      And someone explain me what is guardian and TDM :S… sorry the ignorance

    • Luciano

      depois de fazer uma atualizaçao no meu gow3 para xbox 360 nao consigo jogar mais no modo mata mata , aparece a seguinte mensagem ” voce nao pode entrar na partida porque a versao do seu jogo é diferente da versao do anfitriao ” , preciso de ajuda , meu email é luciano_sueli_motos@hotmail.com

    • Kleber

      after I did the update can not I play more online, why?

    • Csiharrison83

      This is for the gears universe help me tell EPIC toget rid of CAPTURE THE LEADER and bring back  GUARDIAN  from gears 2 lets show that we want that !!!! EPIC see this message please do something with capture the leader we want guardian back please

    • JAB Juice

      I do miss guardian as well… but i like CTL over Submission anyday. 

    • Jason Elinoff

      this update reset my rank to 1 and zeroed out all of my progress.  very upsetting.

    • Carlos Hamilton Dias Bittencou

      displays this message: You can not enter the game because the version of your game version is different from the host

    • Carlos Hamilton Dias Bittencou

      After upgrade can not play online.

    • Kawkk

      If the “man-up” rule is when you have an extra player, then I usually consider it a good thing because that extra player is usually a bot.. which means another easy kill 😛

    • Alan Diego Maier

      The update of this game are having a problem connecting to all Brazilians, we ask that you please resolve soon

    • KDPBC1

      Keep TDM add Guardian and also bring Day One and a few maps from GOW 1 out as playable maps.

    • Reapers Crue

      Do an update to let us use our weapon skins in standered and arcade mode.

    • Jason Elinoff

      this update reset my rank to 1 and zeroed out my progress.  very upsetting to have 2 months of progress disappear.  this is an epic fail Epic!   

    • Jason Elinoff

      this update reset my rank to 1 and zeroed out my progress.  very upsetting to have 2 months of progress disappear.  this is an epic fail Epic!

    • Goplay Gamers

      No thats no true…i have the usa version and an assian version…I cant understand why before the update I ALLWAYS was playing free… without this error…. pleaseeeee a SOLUTION !!!!

    • fearless

      iv got ribbons iv earned that  are not showin up in my stats & awards anone else have this problem?

    • fearless

      iv got ribbons iv earned that  are not showin up in my stats & awards anone else have this problem?

    • Gerzainn

      and the problem that the host computer has more power your shot when you go acorregir is a problem that arises from the gear 1

    • Stephensjames4

      Rod Ferguson announced in his latest Live Feed on November 16th 2011:
      If supported by the community, we will update the Horde Mode to START INCLUDING your kill progression towards the following: Lancer kills/all other weapon kills, meatshield kills, and the other things the DO NOT COUNT as of now.
      – i.e. If you play an offline/online match of Horde your kills won’t be tracked or counted in any way towards your Medal progression of your Lancer/Gnasher/Retro/Sawed-Off/Hammerburst or any other gun type.
      I hope that this makes sense.
      Support this change by liking this comment and making your kills count!

    • YouknowwatsGood

      need new game modes

    • Chadlawson51

      fuck off with the sawed off shotgun noobs an please epic add more spred to the gnasher up close if u guys not want to remove the sawed off shotgun

      • Steman1981

        piss off the gnasher is way too powerful… head shot at 3 meters… and its just like the sawed off up close. Dont lose the sawed off Epic!!

    • YouknowwatsGood

      Also make a system to kick afk players after 2 mins

    • Gearsfan

      Please add some sort of Horde social mode. Trying to complete 50 waves of horde in public matches starting from wave 1 every time only to have everyone leave 30+ waves into the game stinks. Please let people get added to horde games with fewer than 5 people. Maybe list joinable horde matches in progress for people to choose to join. Thanks!

    • Joegarcia_14

      please EPIC make a DLC for spanish speaking!! PLEASE

    • Jessica-020

      i sold my gears of war 3 nice epic for having guardian removed and getting an stupid fuckedup game mode as alpha in the multiplayer you faggs nice job again , atleast im rid of that game and i can chill out with mw3

    • Duggy

      hands down guardian needs to come back it was the best on Gears of war 2

    • WorksFire

      take off man up rule plz kids abuse it to much

    • Standupguy43

      This game is shity….after u shot somebody it lags before u can shot again. It’s not my fault ppl can’t play.I would have thought by now that you all would have fixed the problem,but i guess not F**k Gears a waste of money.

    • LGS

      Doesn’t seem to be on the fixes list, but there was an aspect ratio issue when using a DVI cable that now seems to be resolved.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS EPIC.  I am seriously considering the season pass now.


      all i got to say is i love the new gears dont complain about shit TDM kicks ass the sawed off is tight the new horde is awsome i wish beast was longer and but thats it i love learning to play gears all over again

    • iDezekteRz x

      Podremos comprar con microsoft points los personajes para el multijugador como por ejemplo Kantus salvaje , Commando Dom y baird o de ese tipo ?

    • iDezekteRz x

      Podremos comprar con microsoft points los personajes para el multijugador como por ejemplo Kantus salvaje , Commando Dom y baird o de ese tipo ?

    • iDezekteRz x

      We buy microsoft points for multiplayer characters such as wild Kantus, Dom and Baird Commando or the like?

    • iDezekteRz x

      We buy microsoft points for multiplayer characters such as wild Kantus, Dom and Baird Commando or the like?

    • manupsucks

      wtfffff take man up out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrewv_19

      DOnt touch koth! Fix your shitty discounted servers I payed 180 bucks for and the real problems with your game. Erased account prOgress and so on. Listen to your costomers, how can epic games be so dumb.

    • jorge ivan torres garcia

      mil gracias solo me gustaria que nos mandaran todas las explicaciones para realizar los logros ya que en algunos casos no son muy entendibles que debemos hacer para lograrlos.

    • Mdcartwright

      you should be able to start all matches and campaign  with frags and increase amount you can carry.make the torque bow a weapon choice in multiplayer love that weapon torque bow over shotguns anyday .and maybe have character select for campaign solo and multiplayer.leave TDM get rid of warzone bring back guardian. and why can’t i use anything i unlocked from the beta? one more thing unlock my gold weapons i was still paying of my gears system the first wek gears 3 came out thank you for your surpport

    • Brandon

      I wish Epic would make it easier to get our medals up for our individual weapons. Instead of just letting kills from Versus help get our medals up, I wish they would let kills from Campaign and Beast/Horde mode count towards our weapon Medals as well. I NEVER use the Retro Lancer and Sawed Off Shotgun in Versus because I barely get kills with those weapons.

    • jose_maria2008@hotmail.com

      i would like you to create a new character, the classic cog soldier

    • Asbel

      sweet XD

    • https://twitter.com/AA85 Aaron Andersen

      When I got on right after the update, it said I instantly got a new achievement, but I don’t see a new one on my list. It was covered up by loading text, so I couldn’t really read it when it popped up. What’s up with that?

    • https://twitter.com/AA85 Aaron Andersen

      When I got on right after the update, it said I instantly got the Domination achievement from Gears 1. What’s up
      with that?

    • Phu9276

      For the vengeful and leader medals, it’s easier to acquire now, but it doesn’t progress; it just stays at 10. Fix this very soon.

    • Mist

      Overpowered and totally unbalanced.
      We like the game but we permanently stopped playing cause of the shotguns…
      If you dont fix this then go play it by yourselves and your noob shotgun campers!
      It ruins the game.   

    • maxan

      Guardain! And maps from gears 2 like Jacinto, Blood drive(hcp so nevermind), River, and more ! Please 😉

    • WeAreTheGOW

      EPIC you need to listen to us we know what this game needs theirs some great ideas here some can be retarded like taking off TDM and removing the sawed-off but all the rest are good but wut people missing is the idea of being able to search private matches i mean i know im not the only 1 miss doin sniper battles and shotty battles huh. oh and fix alpha mode and horde so we can pick witch type of match and diffeculties we wont to play

    • Grindpants

      tdm is the best

    • Boxman1972

      hell yea  guardian would be great if they bring it back.


      GUARDIAN!!! GUARDIAN!!! GUARDIAN!!! is better than capture the leader

    • brutalkidalex

      I would love to see a match replay mode similar to halos so I can see all the gory head shots in detail ….so many times I’ve gotten killer head shots and couldn’t show it to anyone

    • Sparkkyyy

      Well for one your update made my horde command pack not work and two is my untouchable medal is glitched and wont unlock

      • https://twitter.com/james_bleasdale James Bleasdale

        delete the maps then delete yr system cashe from yr hard drive then boot up gears reintall tu2 then yr maps should work i had the same problem and that sorted it

    • have you ever thought about addin new creatures to beast?

    • StephenZ

      What about when you zoom in with the sniper and you look somewhere that you weren’t looking????? For instance I’ll zoom in while leaning out of cover and it will make me look at the wall that I’m leaning out of when I’m clearly looking somewhere else. If in a sniper battle I’ll line my shot up, go to zoom in and all the sudden I’m lost. In result i die. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! The only bad part about the sniper! 

    • homie

      Can a nigga get Canals or Fuel Depot???????????

    • Goobygoogoo

      For all you Sawed off haters, either get skill or except the fact that it has its advantages just like that stupid gnasher does. Sawed off takes skill to run up on one or more ppl to take them out. The crappy gnasher takes no skill and you can drop someone from a distance away. Just like the rest of the guns, the all have pros and cons. So get over it and Epic DOES NOT need to take out the sawed off just because you no skill havin ppl dont like it. EXCEPT IT!!!!

    • Chadlawson51

      Epic look 356 players said they want guardain back bring it back ctl is not fun i hate it an also heip ous with gnasher give it more spread

    • antdinten0825

      i think we should get rid of execution and replace it with guardian because execution sucks trust me. In gow3 i want prescott and the game mode left is execution and in gow2  i always played guardian

    • numbMrmrktplace

      my cmpaign is still freezing

    • Brokenhalokid

      One of my few complaints is the sawed-off. Why add another shotgun instead of something else more unique? Sure it’s kind of fun, I feel they could have a smarter decision with that. In fact why isn’t the cleaver included in the multiplayer? Like a whole new playlist with only cleavers?

    • Minh Dude

      They also removed the ability to play Gears Events via private matches, It cost me 80$ to buy your overpriced content Epic, now you want me to spend more on xbl?

      Being poor sucks is the moral of this post.

    • https://twitter.com/jch1993 craig hill

      no changes to gnasher or SOS nice.. FUCK EPIC my gears is getting Traded for MW3

    • Pfa1120

      Can’t wait!

    • Kimbg2930

      Man for this to be such a alpha male game all I hear is little girls whining The most ridiculous comment was when someone said that most people sit back and lance u to death and or saw off ur head or sit behind a corner with a shotgun. So stupid. What is left. I guess we should fight with our fists. Lol. Guys get over it suck it up play the game or stay the he’ll off of it. Simple as that.

    • Thamukk

      i would like 2 be able 2 pick from any of the five starting weapon from the select  screen be it horde mode or verses. i like carrying 2 rifles and do care for being forced 2 carry and weapon that i’ just not going to use. if ur going 2 follow call of duty and add leveling this, and unlocking that u might as well allow a digital soldier the comfort 2 play the game his or her own way. AND NOT CONFORM TO UR GAME PLAY STYLE FROM THE START. p.s. have all the books. love’em

    • https://twitter.com/animefan009 Naruto Uzumaki

      This update has fuck up the game Epic because every match i go to it is lagging so bad its like im playing Gears 2 all over again lol so please fix this shit

    • Uber Mesch

      I really like TDM as well, but I would sure like the option to play it with execution rules. That’d be awesome and greatly appreciated!!!

    • Tomisonlive90

      bots need fixing, no hoffman or benjamin carmine in versus.

    • Tomisonlive90

      bots need fixing theres no Hoffman or Benjamin Carmine bots on versus.

    • Tomisonlive90

      bots need fixing theres no Hoffman or Benjamin Carmine bots on versus.

    • ARamPaGing HoBo

      Bring guardian back and replace execution.  Also make ANY medals gettable in Horde,
      I mostly play horde and that makes it hard for me to get any medals.

    • Bigfredg09

      We want Guardian back !!
      like this so they can see this.

    • Sparkkyyy

       I posted this before yesterday, but since i dont see it ill post again. this update or maybe its the blades and nades update stopped my horde command pack from working, stopped my camos from working, and my commando dom from working

    • Xalter

      Guardian would be an amazing addition to Gears of war 3, but it should have lancer and gnasher set like alpha with other weapons on the ground to pick up.

    • The-flash-14

      we want canals and fuel depot back 

    • kyle

      bring back the other characters from gears of war 1 & 2, Tai, Kim, RAAM, & Skorge

    • Anonymous

      Havin too many damn lagging issues and game goin stupid. I go to kill or pick something up and i cant pick anything up and the other players just keep running in whatever direction they was going. I get unlimited ammo with no reload and cant kill anyone then wind up dead or clear across the other side of the map. WTF is with this shit??!!!!
      But lovin it when its not doin that dumb shit.

    • Benjamin Brown

      awsome love the update i really like the next being shown in king of the hill

    • Kool4life77

      Blades and Nades….. by far the most stupidest fucking playlist created.  I swear this game is slowly becoming noob friendly. First, the sawed off and the retro lancer, now this? ffs you’re losing your best players, but I guess its all about pleasing the bitches right?

    • Luisfon93

      deberian de hacer antes una actualizacion para el arma de skin de ruego retro lancer y 
      otra para que en solitario salgan las cintas de ingeniero de campo y otra para que en bestia puedas tener bots o minimo ganar insignias en solitario

    • Xvp

      honestly. i just want to see more gears 1 maps redone. Like raven down and a bunch of others I can’t name. Gears 1 maps were crazy, bring those back please. 

    • Manslayertorres

      Put all those points towards getting a life.

    • Beearewhyain17

      i got enemy regeneration but not comet i was upset plus i got tons of messages from my friends saying they got comet for free after i didnt get so you see my point why i was so upset

    • Damonator 72

      Damonator 72     Its all bout guardian baby  BRING IT BK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chris parkme

      You reduced the amount of untouchables for the “Leader” medal to 10 but my medal is unavailable, even though i have 10. How can i fix that?

    • gearsfan

      I WANT RAAM BACK!!!!!!!

    • xLOKIAssassin

      look for all the noobs that want to cry about everything gears three is up to date and accurate to peoples needs if you would quit crying about everything you would just realize that if u cant play gears three cause it is too hard then go back to 2 and all u stupid babies can get what u want all games have ups and down but the new gears three is alright a substantially better than 2 and all the guns need to stay all the game types need to stay and all you need to just quit crying

    • xLOKIAssassin

      look for all the noobs that want to cry about everything gears three is up to date and accurate to peoples needs if you would quit crying about everything you would just realize that if u cant play gears three cause it is too hard then go back to 2 and all u stupid babies can get what u want all games have ups and down but the new gears three is alright a substantially better than 2 and all the guns need to stay all the game types need to stay and all you need to just quit crying

    • GnasherNinja

      i think you should add gaurdian without sawedoffs and exicution rules for leader only, dont take anything away from the game its fine the way it is sure people get pissed about the sawed off, but its called adepting and overcoming, i havent been killed by a sawed off in a week because i learned to look at the weapon in their hand, its easy to avoid

      • https://twitter.com/james_bleasdale James Bleasdale

        you mean (correct spelling) execution for killing the leaders in guardian which it already is in gears 2 and i agree with what you say about the sawed off shotty but ps you spelled adapt wrong  

    • Daniel

      cmon epic remove capture the leader and put guardian we all miss guardian

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_G5UQLNGI2WAAMLODDWHECAMBFM brandon

      dear epic please make an all snipers playlist. that is all i want!

    • Jspinks8

      what the hell?!! what does your currant gamer profile settings do not allow playing online games meam?

    • Devastation20X

      TDM is awesome. Thanks for the improvements… I was wondering about the Beast mode thing relaoding everytime I tried to look at my stats. Oh, by the way… Here is an idea. A second silverback for Horde mode. I see it in Beast all the time, so, when my buddies and I went to Horde, we both saved up 12,500 and I bought one, thinking we could have two. Whats up with that?

    • Imcasttostone

      I think that TDM should have a common goal to reach. For example, each team should have to reach 20 kills or so, not start with 20 lives and which ever team reaches zero first loses. This causes good players to become upset because they are pretty much being punished for not dying. I had many games where I would only die once or twice in a round and either re-spawn being on one of my teams final lives or not being able to re-spawn at all because of my poor teammates who run face first into the other team.

    • Alex

      i participated in the beta but i used a different account -.- now i wont get flames

    • Fabian

      i want scorge back!

    • Timmy

      From A concerned gamer:
      The kill-stealing in gears of war 3 is outrageous. At times it seems easier for other players to take my down for their own kill. I honestly think this needs to be changed, when players steal my kills I don’t even want to continue playing the game. My suggestion is to make it that whoever gets the down, receives the kill no matter who shoots it. This will still give the ‘downer’ the kill and possibly an assist for the actual killer. Changing this kill-stealing problem would greatly enhance game-play and not allow reasons to stop playing

      Sincerely: A concerned gamer

    • Jonah Halter

      Question, when you say easier to acquire (vengeful medal), what is the exact count for obtaining the onyx? 

      On a side tangent… Is there anyone not whining in these comments? Lol. Nothing I have read constitutes as even a minor concern to the game, and much less a substantial one. Anyways, isn’t this comment section for questions about the update?

    • zRealcat

      Guardian was my favorite, and only, gamemode I played in Gears 2, why did it disappear?!

    • Batista_23

      get rid of the sawed off lol to many noobs hiding around corners not fair for other players and bring guardian back awsome game type

    • Dalton120795

      you should make a flaming and gold weapons pack for the people who couldnt get the beta

    • Blu3_Rabbit

      Epic, you guys suck, i loved gears, played since the first one, and you guys ruined the third one for me, it’s not even fun to play anymore, it just outright sucks, you lost a fan in me

    • FINAL D00M6

      Have 6 players on Horde.Make it so two players with Lancers can cut down a Boomer.And maybe hold two hand guns.

      • FINAL D00M6

        And one more thing on horde.Let us buy Jack the robot.Jack could also help the Silver backs.
        Or better yet let us have more then one silver back on Horde.

    • https://twitter.com/1337Kranium Kranium Higurashi

      I’m sad that I never got my progress back. I lost all collectibles also. So sad. :(

    • Anonymous

      Firstly i have spotted friends back on gow2 on guardian so i think we need it back. as for the shotguns i cant understand peoples problems with them. I use both all the time depending on what the other team are like you can change them mid game. Waiting round a corner is part off the game just check your corners. 

    • Nyscopion25

      come on bring gardian take out warzone it suks az hell

    • Nyscopion25

      come on bring gardian take out warzone it suks az hell

    • W Jw008@yahoo.com

      Are we able to use mutators like unlimted ammo in horde mode online.If so how do we turn them on?

    • festivegears

      for the people who didn’t participate in the beta should get another chance of unlocking cole train, and the flame weapon skin

      • https://www.facebook.com/jameseddiebleasdale James Eddie Bleasdale

        Nahh they shouldn’t, the unlockable stuff from the beta should stay excluse to the beta only 

    • Oxy

      Dunno why everyone complains about the sawed-off shotgun, you have to be extremely close for it to even hit let alone kill. The Retro Lancer was the worst addition to the game, hands down.

      • Brokenhalokid

        Actually, strongly disagree against the retro being the worst edition to the game. The sawed-off was probably the worst. Why add another shotgun to the game, not to mention its slow reload time. I think they just should have put their time into a whole different weapon entirely.

    • Goplay Gamers

      EPIC great game EVER !!!!….. excellente weapons…. IM in love with the RETRO LANCER…I wish epic cames to ARGENTINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/RevIdolize Patric Moles

      Some of you guys are pure idiots.

      Guardian > CTL
      TDM must stay
      Sawed-Off & Retro = HAVE TO GO!

      Those guns are the WORST guns ever in this game.

    • B102989

      I think that the retro lancer is over powered along with the snub pistol especially with the people that cant play fare and not have MODED controllers U GUYS THAT CANT USE A REGULAR CONTROLLER NEED TO GET A LIFE.  And I keep reading about THE SAWED OFF I  enjoy using both shotguns its all about what map your on as to what weapon needs to b used. An TDM is really funny except for the fact of COD CAMPERS (YOU GUYS NEED TO GET A LIFE AS WELL) The other problem I was having online is somehow people keep shooting me threw walls like they have special bullets. FOR ALL YOU HACKERS OUT THERE GIVE US REGULAR PEOPLE A CHANCE!!!!! YOU SCARED TO LOSE WITHOUT HAVING TO HAVE MODS AND HACKING GAMES????? YOU GUYS THAT DO THAT ARE LAME LOSERS!!! THX. EPIC I ENJOY THE GAME THE BEST SO FAR BUT THERE ARE THINGS THAT NEED TO B FIXED AND DOUBLE MAYBE TRIPLE CHECKED..

    • Franunotres

      señores queremos que en ALPHA vuelva el modo GUARDIA de la edicion gears of war anteriores, a sido un gran fallo del juego, ya que era uno de los modos con mas seguidores de todo gears. un saludo y gracias


    • Efeeh


    • Ethanlee99

      yh went on gears yesterday and i was lvl 74 went on it today and im lvl one its says ranked dis connected y is that send me a message on ethanlee99@hotmail.com.uk 

    • wtf

      where the f is all my progress gone!

    • wtf

      where the f is all my progress gone!

    • Mejinomaru

      seriously make KOTH like it was in gears 2 where you have to stay in the circle everyone camps too much now when they capture the circle I loved the challenge back in gears 2

    • Aidanvega

      It won’t update

    • Aidanvega

      It won’t update

    • Blakeachapa

      Please get rid of the profile reset… it has ruined the game

    • Jr Fiend

      i cant join games keep telling me no siutable   matches found

    • Jr Fiend

      i cant find matches it keep saying no siutable matches found

    • bleh

      potential fix for lost progress fucking failed …now considering selling this game

      • https://www.facebook.com/jameseddiebleasdale James Eddie Bleasdale

        why dont you when you rank up be fore you go off go onto your system settings on yr console and then click memory then find gears of war 3 on yr games then look for your player data and either put it on a pen drive or cloud then when you next go on gears even though you player data isn’t on that and it should access the servers for your online rank then when you play a game and lvl up or get another medal you will find on yr hard drive another player data and also on a pen drive or cloud but you have to keep updating them or you will have one player data on a different level but doing this backs up your player data thus if it corrupts delete it off yr hard drive and load it off a pen drive or cloud and simply do the back up process again and your rank and medals are safe

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully next the can patch the level reset problem. The stress has cut my life by 10 years at least.

    • https://twitter.com/DenTinhOxD DeNTinhOxD

      after this update I have received that error “You can not enter the game because the version of your game version is different from the host”

    • Jared

      Ok…so what no fix for the load screen freeze???? I bought this game new and I am still having the same damn problems.  Dont smoke crack when writing the game. 

    • Jared

      Oh I c a potential fix.  Well guess what……It didn’t get fixed.  A waste of 60 dollars.

    • Wrestles4food

      They should enable on-screen loadout switches in split-screen mode, versus having to pause the entire game, go into multiplayer settings, and change it.

      Also. Like this comment if you’re told you can’t access servers without downloading the new title update, but pressing X to download does nothing… No idea what to do.

    • Wrestles4food

      If I jam my gun, I should be able to switch weapons. I’m okay with having to unjam it later, but sitting there and jacking off my gun while i’m being shot at makes me and my character look like retards. If my shotgun is being a turd, I’ll deal with it once i’m behind cover.



    • Monkey Dancer92

      I could care less about anything. All I want is for dedicated servers to come back. That host shit is still there and it is stupid as hell. It lags no matter what.

    • Sammatt29

      Fix the real problems like people eating shots at point blank range 90% of the time and the retro lancers power also the way to long clip of the lancer and getting updated every other kill! play your game and help your fans nobody gives a shit about this update!

    • gow1daonlygears

      Hey Epic how about a matchmaking system of equal skill level how about you fix the shit you Fu#K$$ up with your title update Gears one will forever be your best seems you can’t make another decent game.

    • gow1daonlygears

      Hey Epic fix your fuckin update so much sponging its not funny!!!

      • Guest

        dude there has been another title update since this one 

    • Patrickmonahan23

      New update sucks so bad I could cry. Running in sand and it almost seems even tho my sensitivity is at the highest I can’t move the same. I’m a prestige 65 and I swear I’ll never play the game again. The children running epic games are rip offs for the money they charge. Let gamers that had the beta play a game at a fast pace for 10 months and then put out an update that slows charachter movement and ruins the whole game. Beast campaign and online. You all got yer money tho rite…

    • S15ink

      Uuhh personally I could care less if they bring back modes or change weapons I just wish they could even the teams out better my k/d surfers all the time because I get tuck with team mates that suck and opponents that are all either in a clan or are in a party I mean most of the time I have about 10 deaths and like 18 kills while my team mates don’t even have as many kills put together am no pro but come on epic I have seriously gone through 3 remotes kuz it’s so frustrating


      Why is it when we do not have real region control …I want and for that matter most people I know want a sense of control ….I don’t want to play people from other countries (no offense)..sick of the language barrier and the lag they bring to the servers…..even DICE gives ya server choice ….me and friends play and we always end up on with Mexico or some other country


      Fix for everyone ..put in a classic mode in which doesn’t allow sawed off and retro lancers ..
      Hit detection is worse now with title update 3/4….fix that geez

    • GearsFan

      When will they be back on??

    • FfFix

      Capture the leader sucks. All of my friends hate it. We all want guardian back!! It was the best game type and epic takes it away???? So disappointing

    • SCRaPPz vD aka SoG SCRaPPy

      Where in RF did king of the gnasher go? It got rid of all those pus’ @$$ players that behind their rifles all game… Finally a test of try shot and strafe/bounce skill and epic takes it away! Way to ruin the best mode ever created! Replacing it with crap modes like torque bow tag?! Who even plays that bullshit?!?

    • Luis Manuel

      question, there will be more good for my characters would be nice to put all the others total mind jugment or new, good but I leave it to your discretion symptomatic that there are more people playing gears 3 that the jugment

      waiting to be heard
      atte Luis Manuel Nino to serve