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16 Developer Tips for Mastering Infinity Blade II!

While there are some very impressive Infinity Blade 2 players out there, no one knows the game better than the minds behind it. As a treat for this holiday season, we thought we’d share some tips straight from the developers, which should help you in your quest!

  • Parry an enemy weapon by either swiping in the same direction as the enemy weapon strike or by swiping in the opposite direction.
  • Pay attention to gem modifiers and equip them to get more gems or more gold.
  • Save super moves and magic for the battles when you are really going to need them.
  • Equip a Gold+ gem to earn more money quickly.
  • Use a Health Regen potion before a difficult Titan to constantly heal throughout the battle.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden keys. They are small and difficult to see, but they can open great treasures.
  • When playing the Heavy class, doing a successful parry will also give you a block charge back.
  • A successful parry will open up a Titan to more combo hits than a dodge or block.
  • Perfect blocks prevent elemental damage from a Titan attack even if you don’t have the right elemental defense; it also reduces the block damage.
  • Perfect parries increase the hit window on a Titan.
  • To maximize damage with Heavy weapons make sure you plan to do the combo hit at the natural end of the hit window, as the slash attack always ends the hit window.
  • To pull off an ultra combo with dual weapons you need to do left/right/up (or some rotated version) attacks when you are in the combo hit mode.
  • Titans will tend to have the same elemental attack as each other during a Rebirth, equipping the right gems/equipment to defend against them is worth it.
  • Titans are weak to the opposite elemental of their attack. If a Titan has a fire attack he will take double damage from ice elemental and ice magic.
  • Using dual weapons allows you to do multiple combos, one after the other.
  • Learn which moves cannot be blocked or parried, then dodge these moves.


Do you have any tips you’ve discovered? Share them with the community in the comments!

    • Anonymous

      Equip your heal specalized rings (Heal 4+) in order to fight longer.
      Buy and use prize wheels. These wheels will often give you some expensive weapons.

      • Jordancondi

        Another useful tip: all enemy attacks are block able/avoidable. It’s just some are harder to avoid than others 😛

      • Jordancondi

        Another useful tip: all enemy attacks are block able/avoidable. It’s just some are harder to avoid than others 😛

    • Shay2911

      The Game is short and there’s noting beyond the The Worker . What about the rest of the game that is told in the Book?? 

      • Kimo

        I think there will be a 3rd part of the game :)

      • Dorje Sylas

        That was a pre-qual to the Infinity Blade 2. The end of the book is the start of game. Basically what happened between IF1 and IF2.

      • mrgiooo1995

        the game was pretty long compared to infinity blade 1 and there’s only so much one can put on an app, i’m sure future updates will be packed with more stuff

    • Rene Espinoza

      I lost my bag of gold of 750,000 how can I get it back. It desapeer.

      • Martinhub92

        did you buy it with real money?

    • Shay2911

      use hacked save with 99999999999 gold. that what I did when I lost my money as revenge

      • Scott

        Where online can I learn that very useful hack?

    • Scott

      How do you sell old mastered items?

      • Knight_saber

        You cant as far as I know. You can sell gems you’ve collected though.

        • Scotts

          You can sell any mastered item so long as no gems are attatched. You can remove the gems by dragging them to the gem screen, however it will cost money to do so.

      • T23

        I wondered that too for awhile. I figured you couldn’t, then ended up doubling up on an item, and the sell button appeared. So I guess you can sell items you have more than one of. And jewels of course.

    • Shinobi Wolf

      If you’re good at parrying, heavy weapons are the best. They do huge damage and can end a fight in a hurry if you’re good.
      Also, yeah. Rings with +magic and the Heal spell can substantially increase your odds of survival. I use the Atomic Loop right now and it’s let me beat very tough enemies who would’ve otherwise outlasted me.

      • Kimo

        Dual wield is better if u parry cuz it has a little faster response than the heavy weapons and the sum of combo hits u get with dual is far more damaging than the heavy

        • Slambrex

          I had some of the strongest dual blades including gelded and the iron crosses i also had the infinity blade but I got the scythe and I disagree with you because it finishes the enemy off in one combo for the past 10 or so bloodlines and I’ve entered new game plus Twice. It takes down bosses in two or three combos. Healing is important to have when fighting the monsters that are larger and on all fours because for those you need dodge which you won’t have.

    • Kimo

      Is it normal that the titans use their foot and shield/hands to hit me way more than IB1 ?

      It really bothers me cuz I parry mainly and dodge some attacks and dodging all of them is boring

    • Tinha28

      How u kill the robot beast? I have 5300 health and it has 8000 even with the 10 regen potion I’m dead when hitting it at 7000.

      • IB2 Champ

        you have to learn how to dodge alot otherwise you will die within secs. Make sure you also have a ring that has Heal 4 so you can regenerate some of your health! I beat the game yesterday and i think that robot was the hardest thing to kill! I used the dual blade ironrod to take him out!

        • Ben Forsberg

          I used all of the weapons and stuff from that dungeon room and a large health regen and it was easy.

      • Gimilzor

        I recommend using dual blades, and equipping the “Thark” armor, or the “Aegis armor”. You need at least 6 dodge ability to dodge all of the “MX Goliath’s” attacks. Ps. you can parry his bite attacks with your sword[s]. Make sure you have a healing ring on, and defensive elemental magic to match the behemoth’s attack power.

    • Shay2911

      if you do want the hack contact me in my email:

    • Aly_Mourad98

      where is the third thing that kills u i have founded the one on top of the tower, the one with the big guy that gets into a robot… where is the third for gods Sack !!!!!?

      • Noodelz

        Instead of entering the main door to the inner part of the building, you need to go left. (at the place with the dragonslayer sttatue)

    • Noodelz

      What’s the maximum lvl? I’m at 42 and it’s actually getting a bit hard already…

      • the god king!!!!!

        none  but u should do rebirth 1 again i did on infinity blade 1         but  crap xp

        • IB2 master

          Now i am 72 and left about 10 items to master.
          I didn’t enter new game+

      • Bob

        maximum lv is 10000 because your xp depends on your items. the items allow you to only go upo to lv 10000

      • Martinhub92

        well it isnt that hard because im lvl 69 and i kept buying new items because its items not mastered that make you level up so keep on buying new items. I always buy new items and then when theyre mastered I sell them( in new update). The other problem you may have is the titans get too strong and you lose thehalf of your life in one fight, so you go in settings and you restart bloodline 1 (restarting bloodline will not erase or change you character) so that ennemies are lvl 1 to 5 (bosses lvl 75 but easy) and you take weapons with a little attack to master them and have +1 skill point. And by the way sorry for not answering your question but I dont know either whats the maximum level(without cheating).
        Hope it will help you.

    • Idunton17

      Is Infinity Blade II gonna have the same thing as last time, with the “Start Blood line -1” or “Start Blood line squared” stuff again? Cause that stuff was interesting.

    • Idunton17

      When are they going to put in the new multiplayer?! I cant wait for that part.

    • Spencerholbrook

      I don’t have tips so much as a concern because for the past few days I have been unable to play infinity blade2 I am not sure to why this has happened

    • T23

      Question about the Thorne ring?
      Why doesn’t heal work? It didn’t really work in the previous version either.
      And now it doesn’t work at all with this one? Is this some bit of cleverness? Or is it just a bug in the matrix?

      • IB2 master

        Dude u gotta make a wide ‘u’ shape.
        If the vertical lines are tilt toward the inner, poison would be cast.

        My recommendation: _/ for heal

        /_ for poison

    • IB master 456

      Okay everytime I reached level 400 in IB 1 or bloodline 40 square root 10 I lose my data I will forgive chair if thet give me IB 2 for free

      • Reeseyg123

        wtf i wrong with you stop trying to get free games its probs cause your lying and you cant get to the high of a level iv been playing the gave since it came out stop with the bullshit and get a job buy the game and shut the fuck up

    • Dbdogboy

      At the end of IB 2, it looks like there a possibility to play another character. Is that character playable?
      Be very careful, when selling your doubled items. Once you acquire the actual infinity blade, and if restart, back to rebirth one, it shows you 2 infinity blades. Don’t sell the second one, because if you do you will lose your blade when you start the main game.

      • Ben Forsberg

        i just did that yesterday and now I am mad because I have to buy it again.

    • IB2 Champ

      when fighting enimies that have dual weapons wielded always dodge to the left because the never go to the left, only about 2 or 3 times!

    • Walkermai Walker1

      My Game won’t load, …….????? IPad 16g with nothing else on it but IB 2. Any suggestions…

      • Au Sribner

        It takes 5 mins to load the first time, but 15-30 seconds after that

      • Martinhub92

        ta mine did that but when you start the game you have “epic games” and all the stuff. When it arrives at “Infinity blade 2” you just double clic home button like if you wanted to see the recently opened apps. You wait until the screen turns black(with still the apps
        bar) and you wait 5 seconds and reclick on the screen.
        Ask me if you want a video of on my email: martinhub92@gmail.com

    • phil

      I found sword and shield combination is the best for the four legged beasts and the four legged robot. As the block will block all leg swipes and stamps leaving you only to dodge  his head attacks. If your health is high enough and you can tap quick enough, let the beast bite you as he will be stunned when push him off. Make sure you go into the battle with a fully charged power attack and use it straight away. 

    • mrgiooo1995

      does anyone know the difference between restart rebirth 1 and reset character (both in the options menu)?

      • KingRaticus

        restart rebirth 1 is wit ur items in tact [i think] while reset character is wit nothing [like a new game]

      • Martinhub92

        ya restart bloodline is that its saves your character and all its equipment and restarts bloodline so the titans are level 1-5 and the bosses are level 75. Its like if you restart the game but with your current character. The only thing is that restarting bloodline because ennemies are getting to strong, means that even if youre lvl 50 you still fight will titans lvl 3 so you dont have much experience.
        I hope this helped

      • Martinhub92

        oh ans sorry i forgot restarting a charachter is deleting all if its equipment, levels, skill points, gems…

    • Leighton89

      Have you herd of the keeper (Titan) he looks like the warden with chains on his face yeah I have looked very where for him but no one knows about him. How do I find him???

      • mrgiooo1995

        you mean the warden (naked-ish big guy) with like dark tattoos on his body? i think he appears in the circular with the items (the one with the sarcophagus in the center).. but what’s so special about him? any reason you’re trying to look for him?

      • Gimilzor

        He is sometimes found in the deepest part of the castle near the Stone Demon, and in the hall where the tomb is (where all the weapon-locked doors are).

      • Mike

        IS he the guy guarding the whit guy who looks like he is sleeping in the room with the vile helmet and armor?

    • Kenny

      Still having problems getting the game to start after the title screen. I’m using iPad, 32gb, 5.0.1 os, and nothing running but IB2 after a restart. Any solutions?

      • Bob

        try restarting the device by holding the small button (not the home button) that can turn your device into sleep mode. i have a ipad (1st one) and my game wasnt working a a while. i turn my device off and back on, and the game loaded properly

    • Vegginwiththecats

      how do you get to game plus on Infinity Blade 2? I’ve been through the credits about 7 times and just keep starting over again – Nothing gives me a game plus choice –

      • Bob

        you just go to the character slots and press new game+

      • Nickjokey

        You hit the menu (the cog in the corner) then hit character slots then select new games plus (beware you lose everything and I mean everything!! Gold items weapons gems everything !!

    • mikeweibkreuz

      @c30d27dedfcbdbb11988f54abd640d23:disqus try to connect your device online.. then see if the sell button is appeared.

    • Gabepesco

      Why are there no good dual weapons with square gem slots? The iron rod is the only one, and I think there should be a higher value dual with a square gem.

      • Meme Meme

        You have to upgrade the weapons and on some of them square slots will be added to them at levels three or four

    • Josephlundberg

      ya no what i think that your just jelse that you dont own one

    • Martinhub92

      you know the secret room with all the doors to open? Well buy equipments you need to open those doors and take the equipment in it. Then go in settings and “restart Bloodine 1”. Get to the secret room again and reopen the doors. Having all the equipment to open them grants 300000money.

    • Jjryan1

      I am in a crypt how do I get the times behind the gate when they are flashing with blue triangles?

    • Ring900

      Why do I restart every time I beat the god king

    • Mystiiqel

      I noticed that the triangle gems have a Titan number. How do I know which gem pertains to which Titan?

    • Kinged59

      I think this game should have new genre of wepons like the monster hunter series with lances, long sword , gunner , basically more type of wepons

    • https://www.facebook.com/Lunataian Jesus Omar Espinoza Sanchez

      as does the requirement to strike six slashes battle

    • aswome angroe

      if you master the infinity bade you can not sell the first one you get

    • Tyson

      Can you make Siris notice the girl following in the first hallway??

      • Guest

        That’s not isa that’s following you it’s TEL a robot that Sirius configured to take his body to the rebirth chamber whenever he dies