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Infinity Blade 2 – Developer Q&A with ChAIR’s Donald Mustard

Donald MustardOn the heels of the release of Infinity Blade 2, we sat down with Donald Mustard of ChAIR Entertainment and asked him a series of questions we received from fans via Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much to everyone for all your questions!

And don’t forget: you can download Infinity Blade 2 from the App Store, as well as the soundtrack and Brandon Sanderson’s Infinity Blade: Awakening ebook!

Q: Will Infinity Blade 2 be much bigger than Infinity Blade I?
A: We wanted to pack a ton of new content into Infinity Blade 2 so the game is significantly larger than the first. We’d estimate about 4-5 times larger.

Q: What’s the price?
A: Infinity Blade II is $6.99. And its a universal app so it works across all your devices.

Q: Which devices is Infinity Blade 2 compatible with?
A: Infinity Blade 2 will run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3 (16 GB+), and iPod Touch 4.

Q: Will iPad 2 have same graphics as iPhone 4S?
A: We try and push every device to its graphical limit. The iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S have very similar hardware specs and therefore look identical. It then comes down to whether you prefer the larger size of the iPad 2 screen or the Retina display of the iPhone 4S.

Q: Is the setting of IB2 in one place or over a certain region?
A: Infinity Blade 2 features several new and different locations including the oriental themed Saydhi’s Estate and the more medieval themed Vault of Tears.

Q: In a video for IB2 I noticed English voice acting but will IB2 have the option to switch to the unique language with subtitles from IB1?
A: Because of the expanded story elements in Infinity Blade 2 we chose to have the dialog in English as opposed to our fictional “Pangean” language so it would be easier to follow the story and relate to the characters. From a fictional standpoint, the characters are still speaking Pangean – the first few spoken lines are in Pangean before we “translate” it to English for the rest of the game.

Q: Will the movement options be enhanced? If so, what are the new movement options?
A: At ChAIR we are not fans of touch screen games that try to simulate “control sticks” or other console style control schemes. We only want to make games that are unique to the device it is designed for. The decision to have movement in Infinity Blade 1 and 2 be controlled by our “touch point” system is one of our attempts at finding new and innovative ways to interface with a touch screen. With that said, Infinity Blade 2 features a much bigger world with many branching paths – some that only open up as the world evolves over time. There is a lot to do and see in Infinity Blade 2!

Q: Is the book only e-book form?
A: Infinity Blade: Awakening is a book written by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brandon Sanderson that bridges the story between Infinity Blade 1 and 2. It greatly expands the story and answers many of the mysteries found in Infinity Blade 1. It is currently available digitally on the iBookstore, Kindle, and Nook.

Q: Will IB2 be incorporating the storyline of the novel?
A: Infinity Blade 2 opens during the closing chapters of the novel as Siris makes his way into Saydhi’s Estate. It then continues past the events of the novel as Siris embarks on his journey to find and free the Worker of Secrets – the legendary creator of the Infinity Blade!

Q: Will we be playing as Siris?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we mix and match swords when we use two?
A: Infinity Blade 2 features three new combat weapon classes: Light, Dual, and Heavy. With Light weapons equipped you will play very similar to the first game with a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other – allowing you to attack, block, and dodge as you are used to. With dual weapons equipped you have a weapon in each hand and are able to attack much faster – however you will have no shield and will need to rely on parry and dodge for your defense. With Heavy weapons equipped you hold a large weapon with both hands and while slower are able to deal out massive damage – though because of the extra weight you cannot dodge and will need to rely on parry and directional blocking for your defense. These new styles add a lot of strategic depth to the combat and we think they are super fun!

Q: Will there be any female villain characters?
A: There are several female villains and creatures in Infinity Blade 2 – including the Deathless information dealer, Saydhi!

Q: Are we going to be able to transfer items and currency from 1 to 2?
A: No. But dont worry, we’ve created several hundred new weapons and items for you to find and master. We’ve also included some of your favorites from Infinity Blade 1.

    • Guest

      I have a question. Why can’t you sell items unless you have more than one of them? It makes no sense. The statistics are stacked against you randomly acquiring more than one of an item and no one would buy more than one. I like the game a bunch, but that’s something that bugs a lot of people. Please take this into consideration.

      • geust

        You…can sell an item when you only have one copy. Try equipping something else, and selling another non-equipped item.

        • Samhrh

          no it does not work.. you can not sell items, all i can sell atm is the gems but not the items

          • Wigdaddy


        • IB

          you can only do that in IB1….

      • geust

        You…can sell an item when you only have one copy. Try equipping something else, and selling another non-equipped item.

    • Dr.Mora

      una pregunta como puedo desbloquear las armas ocultas del juego sigo sin poder verlas y ya termine el juego, necesito ayuda alguien me la puede resolver?

    • Krishna

      Why is there no option to sell the weapons in the store? Even if I equip a weapon, it must allow me to sell others right. but it doesn’t

    • Philp Leung

      I can’t run …..Apps will pop on the “Infinity blade 2” screen
      I am using iPad with iOS 5.0.1
      After reset or reinstall Apps,the problem still occur…

      • Chris

        I have the same problem. I’m also using a iPad (version1) and iOS 5.0.1

        • Patrick Tool

          Yep, it doesn’t run on iPad 1.  I discovered this today after paying $6.99 for the game.  I really like the first game, and I was really excited, but now I just feel slighted.  Even worse, this guy claims that the game runs on iPad 1 in the interview above!!!  This is a lie.  I’m pretty upset at having wasted my money, and Chair better fix this B.S. double-quick.

          • Jambon33

            Just reset your iPad. It worked for me.

        • Patrick Tool

          Yep, it doesn’t run on iPad 1.  I discovered this today after paying $6.99 for the game.  I really like the first game, and I was really excited, but now I just feel slighted.  Even worse, this guy claims that the game runs on iPad 1 in the interview above!!!  This is a lie.  I’m pretty upset at having wasted my money, and Chair better fix this B.S. double-quick.

    • Mazin14_9

      Please bring the sell item to the game?

      • Guest

        Agreed, very frustrating not being able to sell the items for cash, as well as having to scroll through all the items in your inventory.  Will not play this game again unless that is chagned.

      • Guest

         . . . And I will NOT by in-app gold, that is ridiculous!

        • Caelin99

          I definitely agree!
          I’d rather play longer to get gold then pay my money for fake money!

      • The Leech

        yeah it’s retarded you can only sell if you have two more more copies of the weapon :-(

      • Kill2play14

        yeah i wonder why we cant sell our items.

    • Patrick J Tool


    • Patrick J Tool


    • Patrick J Tool

      All of these new gaming aspects sound great, but it doesn’t matter because THE GAME WILL NOT RUN ON FIRST-GEN IPAD!!!! FIX THIS ISSUE RIGHT AWAY!!!!

      • Guest

        😛 works on mine, just try tapping the screen a few times, it’lll work, that’s what i did.

    • Patrick J Tool

      All of these new gaming aspects sound great, but it doesn’t matter because THE GAME WILL NOT RUN ON FIRST-GEN IPAD!!!! FIX THIS ISSUE RIGHT AWAY!!!!

    • Patrick J Tool

      Este juego se divide.  I paid you guys for what I though was gonna be a great game, and I bet it is for those that are lucky enough to have an iPad 2.  Me, I’m still living in the stone age of 2010, and my iPad 1 (which is made of sticks and rocks) cannot wrap its prehistoric processors around your space age game.  This is seriously unacceptable.  I essentially paid your company for NOTHING.  You know what’s worse?  If Infinity Blade 2 comes out as a top-selling app, my purchase will add to that statistic, EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T RUN THE FREAKING GAME!!!  I’m so mad, guys.  Seriously, please fix this really soon.  The iPad 1 is NOT old enough to be obsolete yet.

      • Raidriar, the “God King”

        It does work, just restart your iPad, (turn it off, then back on) and it should work, mine now works fine.

        • Obiwankentoni

          No it doesnt work! I’ve closed all the other apps, rebooted the iPad, reinstalled the app, reinstalled iOS5. NO CHANGE. It definitively does NOT run om my iPad1 and obviously not on many others.

          • Mikeeatsprada

            Not sure what to say but I’m on my ipad1. 64gb. Nothing special and it has worked fine

      • iPlayer229

        The iPad 1 isn’t listed under the supported devices, neither are th first 2 generation iPod touches or first 3 iPhones, the hardware is different and they tell you that it won’t work. It’s not their fault that you can’t read!

    • huge fan but

      why can’t I sell my stuff!!! 

    • JakeShukuKimi

      Hi,Donald Mustard ,nice to meet you, I like your idea so much, it is so spendid and there is no word to express my feeling now , I wondered whether could a chinoiserie filled in the next version, by the way, you’re so handsome, I love you so much~

    • SHhsuhhu

      You can run on first gen iPad just open it about thirty times that’s what I did and it worked but you cant sell stuff which sucks!!!

    • Halostealth

      I must ask, are there going to be dragons I the next infinity blade, because I find them recurring throughout the game, as a statue in the courtyard, on the doer to saydhi’s palace, and each time the camera seems to focus on them, or is it a part of Ausars past?

    • Dwlpb

      Can’t sell items because Chair wants you to pay real $$$ to buy a bag of gold, instead of getting gold for free. Sucks. Greedy pigs.

      • Randomguy

        It doesn’t matter, just edit the save game file to get as much gold as you want 😀
        Or search Infinity blade II hack on google

        • Cwfisher012

          how do you edit the save file?

      • Dyemention420

        You peoria are all fucking retarded. I mean REALLY fucking retarded. All you have to do is master the item, then sell it. I mean seriously, you really think they are going to force you to buy gold? It seems to me that they are forcing you to master items so you can level up. God fuckig damn. How do you fucktards even make it through a fucking day?

        • Zcpcmp

          Wow ur mad. Btw that doesn’t work…. Who’s the fucktard now?….

          • Some random guy

            It does work, I even have a screen shot

    • Rigister

      What’s wrong in the new update? I update the game today. But my character’s data is cleared to zero. Please help me to find them back. I had spent lots of time on that!

      • Bob

        Hey I know how to fix that if you have iCloud go to settings then click iCloud and go to manage storage and backup then press on infinity blade 2 and delete the smaller save file hope I helped!

    • Anonymous

      I updated IB2, (on my ipad 1, iOS  5.0.1, 13 gb left of free space out of 32,) and its still crashing. i want to know how to contact chair to let them know. thanks!

    • Sood Dvs

      Hey how can I sell items?

    • Zerebi

      hey when is a new story update coming? I already beated new game +

    • Will

      I have a iPhone 3GS and it’s working for me so why wouldn’t it work on iPad 1, however I restarted the app before it works

    • Eissa

      please tell me how I can get my item and my money after I collect of good item

      This game start to be suck :(

      Help please

    • Yzfr163

      I still cannot get this game to work for me on a regular basis on my IPad 1.  Works fine on my IPhone 4s.  I see so much that espouses to the greatness of this game. Lets truly make it great.  And yes why can’t we sell items we have and won’t ever use again in this game.

    • Bobba_habbo_93@hotmail.com

      I want to sell my Items !!!!! That’s really annoying!!!

    • Rhui55

      Hey guys my Infinity blade 2 has trouble saving; it keeps starting me over with training and level 1. What should I do? And please bring selling items back haha.

      • Guest

        seriously this saving problem is pissing me off. I paid money for this game and spent time on it, but it doesn’t save so I always have to start over… lame.

    • Hh

      Fuck your mom, im fucking lose all of my fucking data so fucking many time.

    • Fuckuchair

      Give my money back asshole.
      I just buy a fucking bag of gold but when
      It start a new bloodline all of my data are fucking return to 0. Fuck your mom cunt asshole

      • Capesmalltank

        haha best comment ever.

    • Matt_incork

      Please inlude the sell option again, I have so many unwanted items and I want to get decent ones please update with the sell icon!!!

    • Guest

      hello, i recently bought your game a few days ago, and i had 397,000 gold, or something like that, and i was in debate on which weapon to buy, Infinity Blade, Tetrach, or Gelder.  When i opened up my game today, i saw that my character, whom i named something other than Sirius, had been deleted.  I was reset to Sirius, level 1, 0 gold, when i was Eric, Level 20 something, with 379,000 gold.  i would really appreciate if you could help me, i even have the the recites of the game and some in game gold i bought…
      i would really appreciate it if you can help me because it is a great game and i would like to continue from where i left off.

      • Wrong game yo

        First off, it’s a bug.
        Secondly, can’t fix it.
        Thirdly, Siris not Sirius its not lego Harry potter.
        Also-the infinity blade. You need it for some storyline stuff and it’s just an all around good blade.

    • Skaterzach5

      Chair fucked up I spent fukin time on this game and all my shit gets deleted and i have to start over. chair better reset the fukin data

    • Skaterzach5

      And it really sucks that we can’t sell items -.-

    • Skaterzach5

      Did anybody get an e-mail on how to get ur data back??


      Looks like most people are having problems, so I recommend that YOU SHOULD CRACK THE APP BEFORE BUYING  and see if it crashes.. If it works, MAKE SURE YOU BUY AFTERWARDS to support the developers. If it doesn’t, no harm done 😀

    • Guest

      pleeease bring back the sell to IB2, i BEG you

    • Dubs925

      I purchased the game! Everything is awesome excepted when I logged out the game and went back in to play at later time everything I had was gone! I even bought equipment with purchasing the money sacks in game $19.99 one! I guess my question is am I able to get any of it back?

    • Halostealth

      Hey chAIR, I beat the game and I started new game+ but I started with 0 money and my friend started with 600,000 can you please fix this for me

      • Gold Reset.

        Your friend bought gold. If you buy gold and reset the game or begin a New Game Plus, you keep it. As you are not a rich motherfucker who buys in app gold, you started at zero. But you didn’t need that gold anyhow.

    • Kou

      Mother fucker

      My save game always back to 0 again and again

      Time to stop playing this shit game.

    • Bgri44

      WTF..Chair!????  I spent top dollar, rather than waiting for it to go on sale, being loyal to you and buying IB2 and you release a shit and apparently untested product. Yet, you still advertise the hell out of it though…don’t you? Looking to sucker more people in. Fix your product and credit those who stayed loyal with something. This is ridiculous!!!!! A 7$ game you can’t play without losing all your data. Real professional taking down your website so you can’t face the backlash!!! Thanks for the life lesson. Keep advertising!!! Gotta make those bonuses for the holiday season! To hell with us complainers…right?

    • rasmed

      There seems to be a common thread here in most of these messages where the game players loose their progress made when they close the game to live other parts of their lives. When re-opened, they are forced to start back as a new commer from ground zero. With such overwhelming complaints, one would think this issue would be addressed quickly, refund the purchase price, or offer a replacement at no charge to regain your customer’s confidence. Businesses don’t survive with negative customers and no reponse to their issues. It may take awhile but your market share will drop as these players find something more dependable and Infintiy Blade II is left in the dust.

    • Pokeman517

      I agree with rasmed let us sel items and stop deleting save files and If you’re working on it how about you work faster!!!!!!!!????!?’

    • Bob

      Hey by the way chair it’s already a paid game so no one is going to buy f***in gold

    • Amich41

      I’ve had to restart from scratch about 5 times already…..not awesome.  And thumbs up for letting us sell items.

    • Chris

      This game is so terrible. Why did you release it when it obviously can’t play remotely well on an iPad 2? Seriously. There’s absolutely no reason for that, or for the lost saved game data. Oh, and stop with the push for in-app crap. Make a good game and charge people once. Oh, wait. You did charge me once. Still waiting on the good game, though.

      And out back the sell feature. Nobody wants to grind like that. This isn’t World of Warcraft.

    • Edwardhyli

      I have an Ipad 1 and the game keeps crashing before the opening sequence ends. 
      What should I do?

    • Better2molo

      Yup it’ll be a very good idea to have a sell button instead of having to collect 2 of the same weapon.

    • encinomann

      yeah not happy. spent money on fucking gold and now my character wont save. this is bullshit. it likw whenever i turn the game off im back at 0 cant save. fuck you guys chair fix this shit. stop being pussies and fix your product assholes.

    • IB

      okay, i just finished beating infinity blade 2, in the end you (spoiler alert) see isa walking up to the castle…. will the new update bring in isa freeing siris a.k.a ausar from the vault of tears? If so will you play as isa or somehow escape the vault of tears and try to defeat the WoS? and will it just be an expansion update or will there be a IB3 all together???  

    • Tranhoangtuan

      i cant sell my item

    • UnBrutal

      How do you get to new game +?

      • Itss

        Go to the App Store and do a search for the game.

    • Kumarvarun172

      people from all over the world have only ONE SINGLE REQUEST to the dev. team, “ALLOW US TO SELL THE ITEMS IN THE GAME”

    • Itss

      Is anyone have trouble getting the game to start up once you lvl or go back a lvl? I’m a 63 and I need to restart the game 10 to 50 times before I get back into the game, Infinity Blade II. Any input would be appreciated.

      • Itss

        Now the game won’t let me in at all. If anyone had or is having an issue like this please let us all know so, the issue might be addressed.

        • Gonfroz

          When I got the game, I had the same problem with starting it on my iPad. After plugging it in to charge, I tried again, and it worked. I don’t know if that was coincidence, or if that actually helps, but I haven’t had the problem since then, so you could try that.

    • Mohd Mawed

      My app store rating is 1, just because I can’t sell the weapons.

    • guest

      honestly this is so stupid everyone agrees that its realy annoying that we cant sell stuff because i only use double swords so when i get a diferent type its pretty much useless to me and its fustrateing to have to buy stuff again without beeing able to sell old things like i want the worst sword in the game in my invintory at lv 27 bring back the ability to sell things ChAIR

    • alex krajewski

      will you be able to sell items?

    • Trevorking5

      The new selling part sucks. Do you know how hard it is to get 2 of the same weapons without buying? Can’t even sell the worst weapon.

    • Jack Smith

      By not letting us sell items you are making it even harder to get new one’s.
      Example: I buy the ancient for around $340,000.
      Then procede to save up too $300,000
      Normally I could sell the ancient and get almost enough money for the infinity blade.
      BUT because you decided not to add selling I have to save up even More while meanwhile getting my butt kicked by strong titans until I finally get the money. Unfortunantly true story.

    • Why should i tell you

      Hey chair hear that?
      I think I do, oh yeah it’s 99% of all the coments saying either “let us sell items” or “it won’t save”.
      Because if you can see that then tell me…

    • Mooke

      Its really Pissing me and the other 2,000 people here off that YOU CANT SELL YOUR ITEMS WHEN NO LONGER NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!! I love the game, great work, but dammit, fix this bug please.  And yes i called it a “bug” because I really don’t think your intent was to fuck the game all up. Please fix this.

    • Anthony

      Will this ever be able to be played on android??????? We android users really want to play this!!!

    • Guest

      Is there any reason that you can’t sell items or are they just trying to force you to buy in app gold? Because if so that is a rip off because I would love to sell some of the weapons I have mastered but haven’t been able to and does anyone know if they are going to fix this?

    • Caspilsbury

      Can u make an update to allow us to sell items

    • Caspilsbury

      To get money just take gems of prev items and sell them

    • Davidconnick1234

      i recently downloaded infinity blade 2, everything works fine but when i try to download extra gold off the store it says there is an unknown error and it wont connect, why is this?

    • Ace

      I think you guys have developed a very nice game regardless of some negative aspects that seem to displease some of the gamers experience. You could release an update to open the weapon sales option and fix any bugs but I’m sure you are probably on top of that already. With regards to some of your foul mouthed clients, I think they need to relax a bit and realize its just a “game” and it only cost USD7! I think it’s a good deal. Get a girlfriend guys and play in your spare time!

      • iPlayer229

        I agree that there is far too much profanity on this thread, but some of these things are major. They really should add selling, and not demand for people to dish out tons of money to get some good weapons ! Also 7 usd is more than most games on the idevices .

    • Caelin99

      What / Who is Siris?

      • Caelin99

        Never mind, I know it already. 

    • Holy Patriot

      so here’s the deal, after the talk with the worker of secret underground, in the cutscene where siris is back in saydhi’s estate, the game crashes after siris enters the giant circle sliding door, i tried to restart the game, but it just keep crashing.it’s just one step before final battle with raidriar
      seriously, what’s wrong? what should i do?

    • Bradleyraper

      You can sell an item after you master it, simply master, equip another item, and sell!

    • Jonspann131

      WHY CAN’T YOU SELL ITEMS!!! I don’t think I’ll buy the game unless that is changed!

    • Matty

      Mine does not let me on the game cam anyone help


      You can sell things even if you only have the one item, just master it and it will be sellable after you equip a different item