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Infinity Blade 2 Now Available!

Infinity Blade 2 Siris vs WretchEpic Games, Inc. and its award-winning Salt Lake City-based development studio, ChAIR Entertainment, today announced “Infinity Blade II” has officially launched on the App Store. The highly anticipated follow up to the groundbreaking iOS sword-fighting adventure, “Infinity Blade,” “Infinity Blade II” combines addictive gameplay, breathtaking visuals and an engrossing story to deliver the definitive blockbuster experience on Apple’s world-class gaming platforms.

Infinity Blade 2 Saydhi's EstatePowered by Unreal Engine 3, “Infinity Blade II” features new locations set across expansive and graphically rich 3D environments. Further piercing the story of this mysterious, timeless adventure, players explore an evolving game world filled with new types of rewards and treasures as they battle scores of new powerful enemies and bosses. New fighting styles and weapon classes coupled with deep role-playing elements provide even greater game play variation. “Infinity Blade II” also supports new iOS 5 features such as iCloud, which enables profiles and save games to transfer seamlessly between devices.

Donald Mustard“With ‘Infinity Blade II’ we wanted to not only deliver a thrilling sequel to offer something new for fans but to also push handheld gaming even further with a unique new experience specifically tailored to iOS gamers,” said Donald Mustard, creative director, ChAIR Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to see the early critical acclaim that has greeted the release of ‘Infinity Blade II’ and hope gamers have a blast playing, too.”

“Infinity Blade II” is available for download from the App Store for $6.99 and is a universal app. The game is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 3 (16GB+) and iPod touch 4.

Infinity Blade 2 Wallpaper ThaneFans looking to delve more deeply into the fantastical fiction of the “Infinity Blade” universe can also download “Infinity Blade: Awakening,” a digital novella written by #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson (“The Way of Kings,” “Mistborn,” “The Wheel of Time”). “Infinity Blade: Awakening” is available for $2.99 via the iBookstore®.

“Infinity Blade: Official Soundtrack” features the original music from “Infinity Blade” and “Infinity Blade II,” and is available now via iTunes, Amazon.com, Zune and Amazon on Demand.

To learn more about the “Infinity Blade” games and novella, follow @InfinityBlade on Twitter, ‘Like’ “Infinity Blade” on Facebook at www.facebook.com/InfinityBladeGame or visit the official website at www.InfinityBladeGame.com.

    • Bernardo

      Can’t wait to see a sale! I bought the first in the day one and didn’t like it – too repetitive. Should be a great game.. But does it still worth in the iPad 1? I don’t think so -yet.

    • Roberto Ticchioni

      how can I sell my items

      • Toasty

        Same problem here dude.

      • Toasty

        Same problem here dude.

      • Animeus

        I am very
        disappointed, it’s
        frustrating not being
        able to sell
        items unless you
        have 2 equal, the option of limiting the sale of items is shit I want my money back

        • cleardream

          You have no right to demand your money back, that isn’t even a bug. You must always have at least one item of each type, else you could wander around naked and then you would whine because you die too much with no armor.

          And swearing makes you look immature and reduces any chance that the game company tells you, so you should be happy I’m such a kind person I still told you.

          Hope you’re old enough to play this game, because you honestly don’t sound like it.

    • Renanssmesquita

      i have already beaten the game it’s so amazing!!!!!

      • cleardream

        Always a pleasure to see a non-troll comment.

    • IPrestigeGamer

      When I downloaded it iPod 4g iOS 5.1 it got to he loading screen the closed now it doesn’t load at all just closes

    • jackgoldwing

      I have installed on Ipad (1) and during the introduction the game stops and doesn’t load ?

    • Anonymous

      Game crashes me 3gs right after the 1st cut scene. ;(

    • AlexM

      this really ticks me off…. i have been waiting for this app for so long and was extreemly excited to buy it. after buying on my ipad 1 ios 5.0.1 it crashes after the title screen. i am now out of 7$ and have wasted hours trying to fix this. can you do anything to help me please? i just want everyone to know that unless you have an ipod 4 ipone 4 or 4s, or an ipad 2 you will most likely not be able to use this app so don’t waste your money.

      • Hiltonke

        ha actually I have an iPod second generation 32g and it runs great i don’t even have iOS 5. so your problem could be low memory thats overloading and crashing the game. However its not a waste so yeah good luck.

      • cleardream

        Stop jailbreaking or wait for a fix, there was a hack being used to gain unlimited gold and stats.

    • Mikehalc

      Everytime the game is restart, my character progress reverts back to the very beginning. Please fix.

      • cmutrav

        mine too…Not happy about paying 6.99 to replay everything over and over…hope they fix it
        -iPhone 4

        • Steakfresh

          I see that i’m not the only one with this truoble

          -iPhone 3GS

          • cleardream

            Never had any problem with it. Are you using jailbroken devices? There was problem with money hacking in last game.

    • Chamuytakutta

      please make the app free for some days……………please,please,please……

      • Toasty

        Sometimes they lower the price…

    • Justinc6699justin

      My game loads and then after the title screen it crashes and goes back to the home screen on my iPad 1

    • Miguelluigi11

      Why cant mine load and play!?!? PLS. FIX THIS. this supposed to be worth 7 DOLLARS I NEED TO PLAY IT AND FIX IT IMMEDIETLY PLEASE!!!

    • Toasty

      Love the game, but I have no idea as to why I find myself incapable of selling unused equipement and weapons. Could somebody help me or could Epic make an update solving this problem?

    • Don

      Outstanding game……frusterated …..spent the last five days working on progress only to wake up and my toon is gone…..achivements are there….toon is gone.  iphone 4S….is this a phone issue or a game issue…….any way to get your toon back?

    • Nomadic99

      ok this is the 14th time i had to remake a character THE GAME ISN’T SAVING ANYTHING. WTF. only thing it keeps is the gold i bought but everytime i charge iphone or move to a new spot in the house it starts me back to scratch NEED TO FIX THIS NOW PLEASE >.<

    • Andlog2005

      Was released too early, don’t just fix the bugs get our characters back.

    • Andrew voza

      Never got it to run. All it does is crash. Never got a chance to play it and you stole my money. Will never buy another game from you.

    • DMC

      I was in level 48 and suddenly the game crashed, I restarted and all the equipment and items I had is gone, my level is gone, even the name of my character and I have only $150,072. I’m really disappointed with this game, they should fix the bugs and give us some free  in game money to make up for all progress and time lost. 

    • Adeva

      This game is a shit!! i was lvl 18 then lvl 1 then restart then lvl 5 and FUCK THAT I REMOVED IT FROM MY IPOD TOUCH! 6,99$ for that shit WOWWOWOWOW!!! i want my money back gang of PUTA!

    • Jeff Sloan 51

      Crashes on iPad 1 after title screen…

    • Jeff Sloan 51

      Crashes on iPad 1 after title screen…

    • https://twitter.com/Del_Yodes Brad Yoder

      The game is still unplayable, a week later.  Please update.

    • https://twitter.com/Phatcat_73 Tiny

      The most frustrating game!! Frequent crashes and it reset me from level 35!!!

    • Kunde

      Why can’t I sell inventory back to the store?

    • Animeus

      I am very
      disappointed, it’s
      frustrating not being
      able to sell
      items unless you
      have 2 equal, the option of limiting the sale of items is shit I want my money back

      • Smiter of Trolls

        And I want my money back because I don’t hit max level in 2 hours. Sorry, but what you’re trying to do is pure scamming the company off money, and they will notice that. And swearing does not help your cause, it merely makes you look immature =)

    • John

      The latest version released still doesn’t seem to be working on Ipad 1. I lost the saved data as well and I have to start afresh from the very beginning. Besides, getting money in IB 2 is kinda more frustrating compared to IB 1, we earn only a little gold, and cannot sell the items in the inventory. 

    • masterkiller160

      hey why you dont make infinity blade 1 and 2 to xbox 360 with more story and more space and you will win much money in the sells becouse is the best game ever of app store

    • LegendSWR

      … Saved $200k for a +110 elemental fire gem, when I finally got it, it’s glitches and doesn’t do any bonus damage at all!! It doesn’t even say that I got a fire hit, it’s just a flaming sword as a stupid graphic, fix this pls along with the countless other bugs u have!!!!!

    • C604life

      Working fine just need to know how I can sell items cuz I have a lot of unused useless shit

    • Train4good

      I cannot sell weapons or items, can someone help?
      Thank you

      • Masoncolpitts

        i think u have to master the item

    • Hauyin

      Infinity blade 2 iPad version heal magic cannot use, but iphone works pls fix it

    • Michael Amos11

      Epic, we have got to get this issue solved. I am sure infinity blade passed a series of tests. However with the new OS obviously there is a compatibility issue. Thousands of dollars have been spent on an app that clearly is not working. I am just shocked that a company such as Epic games launched this app w o thorough testing of the new OS.

    • Yura50597

      wow 7 freaking dollars.the guys who download this game and it doesn’t are really weird.of course it is shame just wasting money but 7 dollars ain’t gonna break the budget.just my opinion

    • Yura50597

      wow 7 freaking dollars.the guys who download this game and it doesn’t work
      are really weird.of course it is shame just wasting money but 7 dollars
      ain’t gonna break the budget.just my opinion