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The Twelve Days of Gearsmas

The Twelve Days of Gearsmas - LocustThe Twelve Days of Gearsmas are almost upon us, and this year they will be better than ever! Not only will we be having the events in-game, we will also be giving away a snow mountain of prizes!

For the game, here is a little sneak peek at what we’ll be doing. Please remember that these events are subject to change without notice.

  • Day 1- Fortifications for Free
  • Day 2- No Team Love
  • Day 3- Much Bigger Heads
  • Day 4- 4 Squawking Birds
  • Day 5- Beasts on the cheap
  • Day 6- 6 Boomers Flaming
  • Day 7- Gibbing Comets Ringing 
  • Day8- Experience for Milking
  • Day 9- Locust Ladies Dancing
  • Day 10- 10 Lambent Leaping
  • Day 11- Snowman Heads a Popping
  • Day 12- Mortars Incoming


The Twelve Days of Gearsmas - DeltaGearsmas Versus Schedule

  • Day 1- Brothers to the End on all maps playlist
  • Day 2- Torque Bow Tag
  • Day 3- Can You Dig it?
  • Day 4-6- Hardcore Weekend – No rifles, gnasher/pistol only, map pickups limited to boomshot, digger, torque bow, sniper rifle. There will be NO infinite ammo mutator this time.
  • Day 7 and 8- Boom Snipes
  • Day 9 and 10- This Is My Rifle
  • Day 11- Thanksgibbing
  • Day 12 One Shot One Kill

Three ribbons will be spaced out on the 12 days and there may be some more surprises. The events will start tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM Eastern.

For the mountain of prizes, we’ll let most of those be a surprise, but we will tell you there may be a Gears of War 3 Vault by Calibur11! Stay tuned for more information.



    • DM13x

      does gearsmas count as an Event (War Supporter medal)?

      • https://twitter.com/TomRKO Tom B

        Wow read it… It says there will be three ribbons spaced out over the 12 days for it…

        • toshman

          ribbon is not the same as medal

          • Craig

            You get an “invisible ribbon” every time you complete a match in a gears event. There will be 3

          • Fatal Addiction

            ribbons=medals a certain ammount of ribbons brings a medal for all of the medals

        • https://saveandquitgaming.com Justin McFarland

          Reading is over-rated. There are dozens of words on this page. The time it takes reading said words can be better spend sniffing glue. 

        • https://twitter.com/B05T3R BOSTER MONU

          Just say Yes or No gonna count….I’ll like count 4 War Supporter LoL

    • eX gHOaL aRmy00

      Why are there weapon pickups on hardcore weekend?! Stupid.

      Boom Snipes was horrid nobody moved everyone camped.!

      • Mav

        That was the point of it, everyone taking cover, slow paced taking there time, sniping, a whole different feel to the usual deathmatch…no point having a play list exactly the same as the standards is there?

      • jason

        yeah i hated i-Jskilz

      • https://twitter.com/dopefromie Jason Huffman

        what do you expect people to do? run around out in the open with two long range weapons?

    • https://twitter.com/RanyosLovesYou Ranyos


      • https://twitter.com/CrimsonRick117 Rick

        What does it mean by fortifications are free horde is gonna have free upgrades or something  i didn’t mean 2 reply to u lol

        • 73shane73

          yeah id like to know that too  “free fortifications?”   means what exactly???  you play horde  upgrade fortifications that cost no cash and it will count on your fortification upgrade list??  cuz that would be sweet..since it is really tough to upgrade the silverback when you play with other random people who suck up all the kills like human hoovers….and i cant even get that much money to purchase the damm silverback in the 1st place…..”frustrating”  lol

          • guest

            A lot of it depends if your’e on a map that is heavy twoards camping, like overpass, blood drive, and thrashball, I got to lvl 4 silverback off of using weapons only from waves 1-10 and after that getting the lvl 1 silverback, it does get much quicker to lvl after you unlock the tier 2 silverback, as repairs are about 2x more with having a lvl 2 silverback, repaired from complete death, costing 8333$, and a lvl 3 silverback, which also completely destoryed, costs generally 15k

          • anotherguestguessing

            it won’t count because the upgrades are based on how much money you spend… so if they are free, you are not spending any money to upgrade :)

    • jtoakley98

      this rocks

    • https://twitter.com/Thrashballer Jay C.

      Days 2 and 8 are going to be CRAZY!!!

    • https://twitter.com/Nbianco193 Nick Bianco

      Wish I could join in on this, but Microsoft is a horrendous company and allowed my account to be hack TWICE in the same month. I now have to wait 25 days and won’t even be able to play games on Christmas day. Someone, please make me happy…..

      • 11jvann

        make a nother account bro!

      • Topushyanharut

        Just make a new account….

      • skeptic

        Nick – you let your account get hacked.  Microsoft has nothing to do with it. 

    • Porti1024

      Fuck!  Im silver member just now, I hate my life. LOL

      • Guest

        Don’t worry. I do too.

    • https://twitter.com/AlanVzzz Alan Vázquez

      Awesome, exactied about all of them, I’ll have a nice GEARS addiction.

      By the way for those who didn’t watch the Q&A the name isn’t enough to know what means each day haha, some details would be great.

    • Stephen Valadez


      • TJRLinked

        Cluckshots… Cluckshots everywhere…

    • Buitrako

      OMG! Thank you, Epic ^^

    • https://www.iriestarzgaming.com RastaPusha

      GearsMas—-  Such a Festive time of the year– :)

    • https://twitter.com/CHAINS4W Connor Harrington


    • Daldenwilliams
    • Victor Alberto


    • demonboy1095

      they need to give out gifts like infinite ammo

      • Mav

        That is a terrible idea…

    • guest

      i cannot be bothered with gears 3 anymore,i got totally bored with it after hitting lvl 100,and getting many onyxs…online multiplayer is full of people who like to hurl abuse,with no option to mute those who do so…gears 3 has been released at the wrong time of the year,as it’s been released to go up against cod:mw3,battlefield 3,skyrim,fifa 12,assassins creed new game,halo anniversary. FAIL!
      i only came on here to check about the new ramm download,to see if it’s worth getting…the event weekends are just not fun,more like a task these days.
      12 days of xmas…i’d rather play battlefield 3 instead.
      not everyone is happy with the game,as in some cases it’s takes ages to get a online match,as people have sold the game and left to play other games.

      • Mav

        I always get a game…no problems here…

      • Guest WITH a life =)

        So, don’t play – no one is forcing you. Too bad you got bored after level 100 – but who told you to play night and day?? If you actually had a life, you would still be actively achieving that goal right now. If your point was to show off that you reached lvl 100 – um, no one really cares. Yes, GOW3 is not perfect, but if you’re seeking perfection perhaps you should study, get a degree and write your own games…apparently you have a LOT of time on your hands – might as well make it meaningful. Let us know when your first game comes out – we’ll all be waiting……

        Epic – we LOVE the 12 Days of Gearsmas so, keep it coming!!

        • Guest WITH a life =)

          Oh, Happy Holidays, everyone!!

        • 73shane73

          hell yeah i hear ya….im at lvl 70 currently,and only got that high playin for 1-2 hrs a day or every other….just doing the events,and trying to get the achievements and medals….not putting in 10-12 hrs a day in a race to lvl 100,cuz i gotta race to the next game on the list…that or people who keep changing channels,cuz of thier a.d.d.  or adult a.d.d.   whichever….im a loyal gears head 4 life!!!   and it absolutely sucked on the spike v.g.a’s that GEARS 3 got shut out and got no awards……F-that sh@t…..peace out!!!

        • Bacon strips

          YEAH! What he/she said^

      • Uncmoney32

        get a life….but you need to wait till your testicles drop first

      • No1DropBear

        True gamers endure, wannabe’s complain 😛

      • J_estacado

        Fifa?!? You effectively negated the rest of your post by saying GoW3 was going up against that. 


        Quit your whining…and READ A BOOK. If you’re tired of playing video games. KID.


        Quit your whining…and READ A BOOK. If you’re tired of playing video games. KID.

      • Kidmd

        You can easily mute by hitting Start > X > Back buttom = mute all

    • toshman

      Wish there was something for Gears 2 as well

      • https://www.facebook.com/people/Rickard-Olsson/685258932 Rickard Olsson

        There will be something, even if just xp-events.

    • tweetythebird1

      OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME, tk bad my xbix is broken =(


      I still believe in Heavy Duty weekend… Mortar and Mulcher!

    • Andrewgay

      Of course they don’t include this is my rifle. The only playlist that actually requires a tidbit of skill.

      • Mav

        Days 9 and 10 :/

      • Redemption

        This Is My Rifle takes skill? Hmm, I didn’t know camping and holding down the trigger for 10 minutes took skill. And they did include it, try reading the list.

        • Leftarmbattle

          I didnt realise running at an enemy and shooting them point blank with a shotgun takes skill?

          No video game is that hard or takes “skill”.

      • PocketNinja

        HAHAHA. first of all, that game list takes no skill at all!!! second, THEY DID INCLUDE IT DIP SHIT!!!!!! haha wow some kids are so stupid

    • Anonymous

      why don make for sale CUSTOM WEAPONs KIT SKIN??. I mean that who buy it write the GamerTag or ClanTeam Name on the weapon. I guess can be funny!!! Thanks!!

    • https://twitter.com/futurojelou Futuro Jelou


    • https://twitter.com/Oni_mike85 Mikey Carmine

      They ignored my questions again YAY!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/Gears_Fan113 xKiLL ZoNEx

      Looks like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to play on those days. :)

    • https://twitter.com/dopefromie Jason Huffman

      Awesome, a little something for everyone, wonder what people will complain about

    • https://twitter.com/RTI_22 Jose Gaitan Jr.

      I can’t wait. Big Thank you to epic, you guys treat your fans better than anyone else.

      • DarthFuckedYourMom

        Even tho half your “fans” are talking shit about you at every turn… fucking ungreatful little fucks

    • https://toddusmaximus.blogspot.com Todd

      I know it’s technically not a fortification but will the Silverback be free too?! 8D

    • Switch

      This is cool and all but how about actually reading some of our comments and fix some of the problems that are still occurring since day one. I am tired of joining a game in progress and we are all Marcus and the default Locust. Come on now, why haven’t you guys fixed this? Just shows you don’t read or comments or care about them. Geez, thanks

      • Guest

        If you watch the latest feed from Rod on Twitch TV he explains why this happens when you join matches that are in progress.

      • Really?

        Every time I see someone complain about this “problem” I scratch my head.  Who the hell cares?  So you’re stuck with a different character for a WHOLE match.  *gasp*

      • Neorafter85

        Oi douche, watch some of the videos Epic post where this is clearly explained as not being an issue or problem. The memory in game only stores a certain number of bot skins after it starts. You want them to store every single character possible so you can start with your character mid-match? Think before you post noob

    • Twe12veGauge

      First of I would like to say I love Gears(Kings) of War 3. Modern warfare 3 is to easy of a game(yes i have it) my 4 year old son can go 8 and 1 on that game proving it takes no skill to play, Halo sucked after Halo 3, and they keep trying to bring it back by having 3 more remakes, die ALREADY!! Assassins creed and Skyrim are on a whole different level of games, they are RPG’s after all, they got nothing on Gears. Im level 100 on gears, call of shity sucks, gaylo does also, skyrim i haven’t played but i love RPG and elder scrolls, and i Heard saints row the third isn’t that good. I love the Gears of war weekend events, and Im hoping they re-place the alpha play list with brothers to the end!! I love it!!

      • Dakotab515

        your a faggot no one cares and dont take away alpha

        • Unknown

          Says the moron who can’t spell.

      • Tor

        You seem really immature for being a parent, just saying…

    • Guest

      Skyrim just came in the mail today. But 12 days of gearsmas is about to begin. I’m so conflicted.

      • Mirajin

        I used to be conflicted like you, then I took a boomshot to the knee.

        • guest

          i would like to point out that that Torque Bow would’ve fit much better here

    • Everlasting_patterning

      how about a no zoom pistol primary and a no zoom snipe second ? :)

      • Everlasting_patterning

        and make the truck by boom shot on clocktower fall !!!!!!! teach kids some strat!!!! force!!!!

      • No1DropBear

        How about no headshots… Damn veterans give me the grubs

    • Anonymous

      You guys take Care of us Gear heads. Thanks for changing things up and hooking us up.

    • Durden_Jerry

      Shit yeah… the only thing is that the tourque bow, sniper, boomshot, ad digger needs to have max ammo. I need to get my blindfire first bloods.

      -o LiKe BuTteR o

    • https://twitter.com/MADFERNY Javier Solis

      YEAH, Well I have been playing for weeks non stop, will continue to do. ALL NIGHT DONKEY KONG BEEOTCH

    • https://twitter.com/yamayamayaamaa «-•·÷·- ¥ámá -·÷·•-»

      We need a 25x (to coincide with xmas) XP boost for Gears 2 please!

    • https://twitter.com/ferdinand987 Ferdinand Bachasing

      shit I have no gold anymore to play this game online with all the events

    • Lorinemory

      It would be nice if you gave us a better ghost protocol skin, or a better one to chase down on raams shadow. That would be nice for gearsmas.

    • Lorinemory

      It would be nice if you gave us a better ghost protocol skin, or a better one to chase down on raams shadow. That would be nice for gearsmas.

    • Luisfon93

      espero que estos eventos te cuenten pro me gustaria que contaran para los que no tiene gold y tiene que jugar en privadas por que no me cuentan llevo 3 y han pasado muchos

    • Ismael salihi

      This Is Gonna Be Awesome Looking Forward To This EPIC 😀

    • Grandmastaj91

      Im mad .. im not Goin to sleep till this comes out then I am going to no life the achivments n then do gearsmas events till I pass out… this is Goin to be a kick ass vacation week:) (I’m
      still mad shoulda came out at two a.m eastern time).. 😉 n oh wanna play message unguarded proe and help us get the achievements starting at6:00am eastern playyyaaaaaaassssss

    • Lorinemory

      it would also be nice if you gave the season pass holders(you know, those of us that gave you money in advance) access to the dlc at the same time if not before the rest of the people just now giving you the money……yeah, that would be appreciated.

      • SG Shadow


      • mrtoetag187


      • Elvinatala


      • Kalicit22

        i agree 100% paying 30 dollars in advance should give us the dlc a week before it comes out. thats a lot of dedication to a game if u spend half the price of a new game and it only being dlc’s

      • Silence.

        Cry moar… You all are worse than a woman giving birth with this crying. So what we paid $30 for DLC the first of which became free eventually anyway… but we still save a good $10 if we bought them individually… Unless they come out with a package that costs 1200 MP in that case we save a lot more money. So once again cry moar with your crocodile face and your toes that look like little piggies. 

        • Muppet

          More M…. O ….. R …. E….

        • Your Mother

          You clearly have never seen an actual birth. 

          Also, you I think you how to spell “more”.


      • Whiners

        They don’t know who has them and who doesn’t. It’s just a code, suck it up man.

        • Jed

          Actually they do, when you get that 25 character code and register it within xbox live, it is then decode by the sequence  (not going into to much detail) but it pulls out the info it needs and then finds the database entry on which it compares the actual code to the database entry. if all returns true; then the entrys other records are change to say it is used and who has used it.

          So to some all that up in a simple sentence, yes epic && microsoft knows exactly who has registered what code.

      • edgar fonseca

        igual … tuve que esperar hasta la tarde parapoder descargarlo…. no se vale los que tienen season pass deberian ser prioritarios en las deacargas

      • https://twitter.com/davidhudak David Hudak

        you mad?

    • Omnike

      Anyone else not getting the option to download Raam’s Shadow as part of the season pass? Is it not included?

    • My_email23

      all 1st i’m sorry 4 my bad english :u/ … i dont understand when the gearsmas start at?? when is the 1st day and when is the last day? is it over christmas or start it today??

      and when comes the raam-dlc out.
      Thanks 4 beeing fair with me and my bad english

    • https://twitter.com/kingbizkt bizki

      cant get my dlc :(

    • SPartan 074 NL

      The season pass holders can’t download the DLC ,thnx Epic damm you guys just keep messing things up don’t ya.

      Please come on Epic!! Your 2 out 2 bad DLC releases already.. Get your S***t together and show more support toward the people that buy your game and Season pass.. Hope you can manage the third and fourth DLC releases.

    • dave

      has anyone downloads ram yet as i am being charged 1200ms for it and i have the season pass

    • bahumbug

      what gives…. why am I not able to download the dlc as a season pass holder? As far as I’m concerned, If I’ve paid for it in advance it should be downloaded to my console for me. Resulting in a forum post in a minor attempt to retrieve something that I have already paid for is a big slap in the face.

    • Dave

      Why Can’t I Download Raam Shadow!? … I have the season pass. :/ Got Up Super Early.. lol Fck. Jus to check it out.. now Work will Rape me later. Fix it Epic. Thanks.

    • MOBxAvenger426


    • MOBxAvenger426

      i got an announcement i got the season pass for gears of war 3 and i tried downloading the RAAMs Shadow DLC but XBOX wont let me download it if anybody has the same problem like this comment please i need help!

      • Hugemetsfan420

        i have the same problem, it tells me theres a season pass download available but it keeps trying to get me to pay for it, about to give up and buy it anyway because raam’s shadow looks that good


        I’m having that same problem. and I strongly agree with Lorinemory!

      • Elvinatala

        microsoft people is trying to fix the problem… we need to have patience… 

        • Guest

          So far Season Pass is awful. I purposefully didn’t get season pass for Saints Row, because I wanted to see how it worked on Gears first. In the future I’m just going to buy it separately. 

    • CeeJayBezel

      – Soo The DLC Cant Be Played By People With The Season Pass But By The People Who Didnt Buy The Season Pass And Jus Bout The RAAM’s Shadow ? Thats Real Cool Do We Get Something Out Off Waiting To Play Something We Payed For Inhead Of Time ? That Would Be Great/ Like A Pre=Ordered Character That We Dont Have 

      • SG Shadow

        I bet we will not get a damn thing for this screw up. Someone sat down at the board room table and came up with a great scam to get gamers to pay more money. I bet of the people that purchase the season pass, about 10-15% will just break down and purchase the content. Then the remaining sheep will do the same. I’m not doing anything like that. If this SHIT isnt fixed before GameStop opens, I’m trading this shit (the gow3 system, gow3 game, all the rest of my xbox games) in and purchasing a PS3. I don’t have time for bullshit. I would rather deal with global hackers than the bullshit Microsoft shits out!


      agree with lorinemory 100%

    • Anonymous

      i figured there would be a delay with this theres always something wrong with epics downloads

    • https://twitter.com/Evo_Fire Mark Frank

      season pass is not working…

    • Allun420jones

      Crap that I can’t play dlc! Season pass was a waste of time!

    • 0OBlackLimboO0

      yeah this shit is gay….i didnt pay inadvance to get let down every dam time a dlc comes out cuz of sum sort of delay :/

    • Allun420jones

      Quick to take our cash! You need to be quick about sorting the problem out!!!!!!!

      • Cliffybsuckscock

        They’re too busy spending our money on drugs and highlights for cliffy b.

    • Canojoe1994

      hey epicgames I payed for the season pass and when I’m trying to get raam’s shadow it’s charging me the double amount of microsoft points that it’s not even suposed to do that cause I buyed my season pass and it’s suposed to give me my free content which it is raam’s shadow I hope you fix that soon that it’s all

    • SG Shadow

      I don’t give a flying locus nut sack about these game incentives. What I do care about is getting what I paid for. I paid for a season pass (also gow3 system bundle) and have yet to gain access to the RAAM DLC. This is absolutely amazing. What bonus do I get for wasting money on the season pass? What special DLC do I get for investing in more Microsoft products and being let down? Why have I not purchase a PS3?

      • Boost

        Because you know PS3 sucks donkey nuts and Gears 3 rocks.  I know your pissed and so am I, but EPIC will work it out.  Just remember this next time a season pass rolls around and vote with your $$$ not your opinions.  Seems to work better I think.

        • SG Shadow

          You are right on all counts. Money is the only thing these large companies (Microsoft) understands. With that said, no money will be spent on another season pass, period. I’m honestly thinking about never buying another DLC. I just don’t have time for BS.



    • I00angryMonkies

      i too have a problem with the season pass and no DLC



    • VugruL

      Can’t even download the map pack when I bought the season pass.. Nice job Epic. Nice job….

    • Boost

      Does each days event count as an event, ie in the Medals Page? The one where I need 30 events?

      Also yes, sort this DLC issue out, its unacceptable.


      i say if epic games don’t fix this problem that we all run inside their studio and do the bunny hop until they fix it. annoy the hell out of them!

      • Tiya Lynd

        I say we all show up and crap on their floor, since that’s what they’re doing to all of their pass holder’s.

      • BanannaKush420

        I agree.. occupy EPIC lol

    • Alostsoul76

      ok so guess my blog that im not only passholder that can get dlc that sucks

    • Alostsoul76

      can’t’ get the dcl

    • Anonymous

      ok so whats up with dlc   anybody now

    • Oneherbalist80

      Epic DLC= Epic FAIL

    • mrtoetag187

      so i have the season pass and i can’t download the new dlc.  my brother doesn’t have the season pass and just purchased it this morning for 1200 points.  i guess i won’t be pre paying for anything any more. 

    • AIVA 95

      Season pass does not work, i have it and you want me to buy Raam’s sadhow

    • guest

      so everyone else is having trouble downloading the DLC from season Pass?

    • The Chin Wizard

      it would be nice once they fix this frankly ridiculous problem that epic rewarded those who purchased the season pass the liquid green skins and/ or all 4 of the pro – order characters as a gesture of good will….tis the season after all

    • Pissed-Off

      so many people are pissed off the dlc-seasons pass and nothing happens.
      epic members reading this site here??? why there comes no statement??

    • Tiya Lynd

      this is crap, there is no good reason why this screw up hasn’t been dealt with already.
      You guys call yourselves EPIC? more like EPIC-FAIL and as for your Gears of Lagggg, I will also no longer be buying any your products. Good Day

    • Raff2319

      For a bunch of GoW3 players, there are a ton of whiny punks complaining on here. Relax, the world isn’t going to end because you can’t download the DLC. Epic will fix it and you will be playing soon enough. Get some sun, talk to your family and friends, play another video game….Stop whining!

      • https://twitter.com/FaythJD Sarah Procter

        So you’re ok with paying money and then not recieving what you paid for? Women look for people like you, but I am not a sucker and paying for something you dont get is nothing more or less than theft

        • https://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

          Quite the contrary. He paid for it, and he will get his product, or a refund. Its not like Epic isnt delivering… Cant sit there and bitch when its out of your control like everyone on this board… Who says you HAVE to get the download soon as its released? Is it life or death?

          Also, how the hell is this theft? The server was down, but it didnt mean epic wasnt going to deliver on their product when people have already put money down…

        • Joshua

           Really Sarah? EPIC wasn’t going to do that, there was a glitch in the system and they fixed it within a few hours.  I’m sorry that you’re very impatient and just whine and complain when something small goes wrong.  They even went as far as to refund anyone who had the season pass and accidentally bought the DLC for the full price.  So please go back to whining and complaining because at the end of the day they fixed it, you didn’t die from not having the DLC.  Jeez I swear gamers must be the most impatient group out there…

    • Anonymous

      Love it. Can’t wait to RAMM ppl

    • https://twitter.com/joecelly Joe

      I bought the Season pass as well as Gears 3 at Midnight on launch day. I have purchased Gears of War ( I bought an Xbox a couple years back because of this game) as well as gears of war 2, on launch day, at midnight. I’m very discouraged by the path Epic has taken I have no problem paying for the DLC and so far the quality and content has satisfied me. The problem I have is with the issues that come up on launch day(s). I play Gears everyday so I expect to get content when it comes out. I bought the season pass as insurance that I would get my content first and on the announced release day. I feel as though Epic has dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully all is sorted out in a few hours but I believe Epic at the very least owes Pass Holders an official apology. At the most give us some free swag we are after all your most die hard fans. LOCUST FOREVER

      • Tiya Lynd

        Couldn’t agree more

      • https://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

        oh good grief man, is it really the end of the world? I can understand your frustration, but shit like this happens all the fuckin time with releases, of any product. In fact, most distributors would be lucky if everything went smoothly. Something fucked up, they fixed it and its still the early half of the launch day. No one is going to be playing this until the evening anyway

      • Jason

        Official apology. Christ you people enjoy complaining.

    • Bluntedjay

      i am a season pass sucker ahem, sorry holder & im having the same problem. i cant get the new dlc without spending another 1200 ms points. i know friends that are also season pass holders who have all ready cracked & spent the points to play it. they should be refunded, just as we should at least be acknowledged for paying up front for it, then being made to wait, when its clearly available to play for more points. never again will i bother with a season pass for any game as all i seem to have gained from this so far, is some free maps & a few extra characters & weapon skins. does anybody else feel cheated here?

      • Tiya Lynd

        very much so :-(

    • Aol154

      You know, you ungrateful fucks blame Epic for something YOU dumb asses purchased. They didnt force you to buy the season pass, you clowns chose to. It’s simple, really. They suggest you buy it for X reasons, and if you’re interested enough to get it, you buy it. With that said, they cant promise you will be satisfied 100%. Technology has its flaws, and they are trying to fix the problem why you cant download. It would help if you impatient little fucks learned to be patient once in a little while, shit. 

      Now then, time for me to buy RAAM’s Shadow without any problems<3. Keep it up Epic ! Worry about your hardcore fans and leave the cry babies whining !

      • Tiya Lynd

        Enjoy yourself then you Faggoty-assesd Troll. but don’t bad-mouth people for calling it as they see it when the ball has clearly been dropped on this one.

        • Ownagelmao

          “faggoty-assesd”? Are you fucking serious, kid? LOL. The ball may have dropped on this one, but sadly yours havent. 

      • Qwfiddler94

        Lol your an idiot. Obviously the people who bought the season pass are more hardcore than you. And btw dumbfuck your paying more now since your buying each dlc as they come out. Good job trollbitch 😉 <3

        • Aol154

          As i told your boyfriend, i have money. Go back to being poor, little bitch. 

          • anotherguestguessing

            what the hell does having money have to do with buying the season pass?  I am not poor, I bought the season pass just because I already knew I was going to buy the dlc anyway AND you get another weapon skin for doing it…  your argument saying “i have money” is just stupid… just like not buying it is just stupid

          • Noobannihilator

            Dont be immature lil yougling just go trol some lil kids dont spam your pointless rage on an adult forum for REAL discussions…


          What the hell does buying the season pass have to do with being hardcore? Just cause you are not loaded with cash, economy is a bitch nowadays, doesn’t mean you can’t be hardcore. Season Pass saves what, 10 bucks? And if you don’t have the money to buy it right now, but it is easier to make the payments as each individual dlc comes out, at least you are getting it, amirite?

      • Joe

        >Says he’s a hardcore fan.
        >Doesn’t have Season Pass.

        Lol gtfo faggot.

        • Aol154

          Why should I? I have money to afford things i want. If you want free, go to ps3 you poor, whining bitch. 

          Gtfo, kid ! LOL

          • Mattty

            Its not free, tard, you pay for the season pass.

            • TheNinjaTaco

              He meant that a Ps3’s internet is free…

          • Richard

            “I have money to afford things i want. If you want free, go to ps3 you poor, whining bitch.”
            I’ve never heard anyone say anything as spoilt as that. You should feel utterly ashamed, some people don’t have that money and it might not be their fault. Your ‘riches’ are probably inherited from your parents and if not I really do pity you. If you have all this money, please redeem yourself by immediately giving some to charity to make up for your bigoted and disrespectful opinions.

        • Gear

          Lol true that

        • Jbarnett2k8

          go back to 4chan faggot

      • JonMarsh

        I hope you get cancer and go to a doctor who says he can treat it, but then can’t and you start to whine about it and I’ll just say “they can’t promise you will be satisified 100%. Humans have their flaws.”

        • Aol154

          Was this supposed to be funny? Cause it wasnt. It was pretty pathetic for a comeback -__-

        • Unclecray

          dude…. cancer is not funny. karma is a bitch, good job “hoping” someone else gets cancer! as for epic, who cares! it was a couple hours late! have you played the game? one of the best games out there. stop crying about it being late and go play!

        • UrbanRecon

          My dad had cancer…real funny?

      • Black Shadow210

        The people who bought the pass expected Epic to be on top of things. They haven’t been. People are angry about it and they have a good reason to be. If you put a down payment on, lets say, a car and then you find out that the car has a shit-ton of problems with it, you would be just as pissed off. So you go on calling these people cry babies because someone screwed them out of their money; you’d do the same thing if this happened to you.

        • https://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

          Shit happens with tech all the effing time, look at what happened when the iphone came out a while back… Servers crashed. Patience you morons.

        • Jason

          I didn’t expect Epic to be on top of things. They’ll get it out when it’s ready. A car and a game are totally different as well. I don’t feel screwed out of my money. I’ll get it eventually, got other things to do as well. Like cook dinner. Work. Earn money. You know, live. Guess I have patience.

        • Truejake2

          I own the pass, but i have no problem waiting for things to be ready before they are released. And as far as your argument about them not being on the ball….they never promised what hour of the day the DLC would be released, they just said the date. As far as I know, nothing has been delayed by even one full day therefore everything has been on time, i.e. they are and have been “on top of things”. Think before you talk out of your ass.

          • https://twitter.com/#!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

            Couldn’t agree more. The problem was already fixed and available by the time I got home from work on the same day it was promised. I’ve got no complaints so far. The DLC packs are loaded with content and I’ve been loving every second of it.

          • https://twitter.com/#!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

            Couldn’t agree more. The problem was already fixed and available by the time I got home from work on the same day it was promised. I’ve got no complaints so far. The DLC packs are loaded with content and I’ve been loving every second of it.


        THOSE ARE THE HARDCORE FANS.  Bought it Last September for all you know.  **CRACKS SKULL OPEN WITH A TIRE IRON and Laughs at You while you lay there dying..**.   Ass kissing Faggot.  lol gota laugh at the uh ” <3 " symbols.  You really are a KISS ASS IN REAL LIFE.

        • Captain Ben D Ovar

          I salute you sir.  I too would love to crack this fucking moron’s skull open. But before that I’d better RAPE that sweet pink ass first. Just for the sake of Humiliating him and stripping what little dignity he has left.

      • Joss

        suck a dick clown

      • https://twitter.com/504pro Dan the Man

        Your choice of words just shows your true intelligence or age. Grow up.

    • One_to_die

      epic ass wipe well done your up now in the usa now fix the season pass now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/FaythJD Sarah Procter

      Isn’t it considered theft if you buy something then dont recieve it? Or is it fraud? Or scam?
      Either way thanks for screwing every season pass holder over yet again epic. As if I’m buying your crappy games after this massive failure. At the least make sure you give something back to the people you screwed over after stealing their money and not handing the stuff they OWN out to them.

    • https://twitter.com/FaythJD Sarah Procter

      Hrm so hardcore you didnt get the season pass? Little dumbasse’s like you should stay home with mommy and not play these games as they might upset the delicate balance of your brain and make you even more stupid than you already appear to be

      • Tiya Lynd

        Yeah fucker!lol

      • Dr. Yeram Oron

        Nothing like the Unwritten Law in the Interweb.  Tits = Hits. I just tugged to those tittees.

    • MOBxAvenger426

      EPIC FANS i know this is stupid but youtube is out on XBOX LIVE for official download,like the other apps its free so YOUTUBE will keep you busy until u wait for the season pass error to fix,i promise this will help you wait some more so ENJOY! :)

    • Johnlewis2883

      I cant download Raams shadow without paying extra for it.  Why isnt this fixed its like gears 2 all over again Im going back to halo

    • Shane

      what is going on dont they test the download first? you dont build a car and say;o that looks ok that do:

    • MOBxAvenger426

      UPDATE: problem is fixed poeple ENJOY RAAMs Shadow everyone and happy holidays to you all!!!

    • https://twitter.com/myPARspective P.RicoeurPhilosopher

      I want One Shot One Kill on all 12 days ^_^

    • Black Shadow210

      It is approaching 1:00 EST, and I have not downloaded the new DLC yet. Why? Because Epic decided spit in the faces of the fans who got the season pass. $30 wasted on something I thought would give me the damn content for free and on the scheduled dates, but Epic is 0-2 for pleasing its fans. I can’t believe I thought they would be able to follow through with RAAM’s Shadow and release it FOR FREE like they advertised, but no, all of us season pass holders have to WAIT EVEN LONGER FOR EPIC TO LEARN HOW TO KEEP A F***ING PROMISE!

    • Sp49er

      are the mint and candy cane skins permanent or are they just for today?

    • James

      Is the mint and candy cane camos forever and the dlc is 2 gb which is huge. Black ops map pack are only like 800 mp. So is it worth it.

    • zakarya channark

      you can play roms for free maybe they are old games but some of it are a masterpieces you can found the best roms and flash games here https://www.best-roms.com

      • https://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

        knock the spam

    • Emre

      update horde with RAAM and palace guards.

    • https://twitter.com/spanchal257 Shashi Panchal

      I dont get what everyone is complaining about. If you paid for it, youll get it… Downloading now without a hitch… So what if i wasnt part of the first 100…

    • Briancpolk

      Fortifications are not free

      • https://twitter.com/Scoobythebeast Matthew Clark

        you had to buy the original fortification and then you got to upgrade it once for free

    • Clay

      I take it you can’t get the ribbons from the events you missed? I missed Brothers to the End =(

    • https://twitter.com/psx06 Guillermo Santiago

      first day of gearsmas almost no fortifications were free

    • CryonicRipper

      hey epic why leting others play the maps from dlc for free? we paid money for the season pass or dlc and you let them play for free? cmon then give us more characters and skins only for season pass owners

      • https://twitter.com/Scoobythebeast Matthew Clark

        they did give you more characters and skins if you had the season pass or bought the horde commande pack, plus the upgraded horde stuff is only for season pass holders and horde command pack buyers. They released the maps for free so that they could be implemented in matchmaking without requiring people to buy the season pass or horde command pack, or creating a separate playlist for the map packs which would limit players to not being able to play with the entire multiplayer base and not having the old maps mixed in with the new.

    • https://twitter.com/dtraylo Duane Traylor

      Love all the events!

    • https://twitter.com/Crash4Fistfight Stephen Barnett

      I got my DLC the first try. At noon. What’s everyone crying about?

    • Josedata2

      Game of the year and dlc of the year lancers down!

    • Fernandochoyhdz

      whats “no team love”?

    • Jrondon1

      wish they would make a grayson hunt charecter skin from bulletstorm liked the fact he looked like walverine and voiced by the guy that does wolverine,
      and a santa gears charecter skin even if they take a chaerter skin like marcus and make his armor red and white, white hair a beard and a santa hat i would think that would be cheap to do

    • Yuka

      Some Fortifications were free, some gave me back money, most wasnt free…

    • Adam

      what is the “no team love”?

    • Odiddy01

      i really want the season pass now :(
      nice little set up for xmas if only we get to keep the 2 christmas skins

    • https://twitter.com/TylerLeavy Tyler Leavy


    • rowdy360

      12 events should equal 12 events not 3 events.

    • https://profiles.google.com/unclekulikov Byron Swain

      There are some bugs with the “No Team Love” setting. If anyone gets killed by a lambent berserker, the whole team is killed. There are also times where I took damage from no source at all, while standing in cover and while on a turret.

    • Mnicoll86

      I think they should bring an dlc that involves skorge somehow and to the ones complaining about the 30 dollar spent season pass. I have one an its worth it because the free map packs are only allowed for people in private matches not public.

    • Rechargeable413

      …….I have no complaints about this game other than the lag from shitty connection from a slow host……so much for dedicated servers getting rid of host advantages …….otherwise this is the best game ever

    • Jeolmelendez

      Why are you guys bitching about the season pass for? If you bought it and your bitching your a dum fuck lol, and that being said its a hell of a deal they got and at least for certain you know your going to get those dlc even if you have no money. thats the point of the season pass. Suppose to be a discount and make sure you got it even when you got no money. Not a special inventation to more rights then those that dont have it like getting it a month earlier. itll be cool but no

    • https://twitter.com/504pro Dan the Man

      why no ribbon for each day I play in a new different event?


      I wish more 12 days Gears Of War fun for the whole year. :)

    • Chad

      I played Gears 3 Beta but my xbox crashed afterwards and I lost everything. I would like Epic Games to create some kind of an event so people can earn the Beta acheivements, metals and other related content somehow. It really bugs me that no matter how much or hard I play on the Gears 3 itself. I’ll never be able to get these items never again.

      Please help me and other Epic Games!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/Karlitoz_Tevez Karlitoz_Tevez

      what number of event was the last??? i played yesterday the torque bow tag and i can’t see my ribbon for this event?? but i remember i play 15 or 16 events…Could someone tell me the exactly number of the event?? XD!!

    • Adam

      Chill out.

    • Ray Charles

       Its day 3, wheres the big heads, or the day 3 raffle for that matter.

      • Ray Charles

         lol. never mind its on the right. but not on the main blog

    • Mr Zimny

      I love the holiday themed stuff here. Great job, Epic! 😀

    • Arwynne

      I admit I was really pissed with Epic for a while. At level 57 my GoW 3 stats, ribbons, medals, levels and all my experience was set back to level 1. It was like I’d never played the game, and yes, I was livid. They knew of the issue and offered no compensation to the thousands of gamers with the same issue, and I felt like returning their product and demanding a refund. I’m still not thrilled about the situation, but it is what it is and I like the game too much to not play.

      For those season pass holders having an issue downloading the Raam’s Shadow DLC, please delete season pass from your harddrive, re-download it, then try downloading the new content. It’s inconvenient, but it only takes a few minutes and is well worth the time.

      Also, I don’t know if this is true or not, but I received information from a friend that developers don’t make money off the back end of the DLC- they get a flat rate up front and then Microsoft can charge whatever they want in the form of Microsoft Points. Does anyone know is there is any truth to this? I’m just curious.

    • Adrian Garibay760

      Why dont you guys bring back guardian instead of these other game modes that nobody likes 

    • Vansid

      The events are cool but there are not counting tours my war supporter medal can any body tell me why?

      • Correndath

        if you rerad properly it says there will be 3 ribbons spaced out over the 12 days

    • ScottyD

      Gawd … don’t you bugger whine on about NOTHING…

      Whole idea of the Season Pass to save 25% of buying them seperately, now ya want it early AS WELL * rolls eyes *

    • Sconiersl

      Just an add on to the game and DLC, Customize the armor like our weapon skins…

    • Cdmartin82

      If you already have it you could always sell the code to a friend to make a couple bucks… 😛

    • Papa_shombo_2@yahoo.com

      Why don’t you people show a little more class.

    • Applefanboy10

      does the 12 days of gearsmas work with gears of war 2??

    • bullkiller

      epic please gevme back my level
      not my fault that the games fail and it’s why I ask it back including my medals and insignia
      believe me I’m a big fan and as with this I was disappointed by you that is why my gamertag is I ask them please consider it BULLKILLER132 I´m from mexico thanks and hope you soon

    • Jskilz

      does anyone else feel that they made the gnashers weaker…reply

    • nines

      yo lo balgo

    • nines

      despues de gastar tantos dineros  seria unaq recompensa

    • Antoniopessina

      jea you damm right Lorinemory!! i pay 1200 mic point extra to play before!its a shame!!

    • Noobannihilator

      I have all DLC for this game except the american preorders. I love this game, it doesnt matter weather you purchase season pass or not, hell some of us just got it for the skin, the point is none of us value YOUR whinning.

    • Gears17

      so if you don’t spend money on the season pass that means you aren’t a hardcore fan???? That’s bullshit. Just because I don’t want to spend the money on DLC that will eventually be reduced doesn’t mean I am not a hardcore fan.

    • Catlewa

      i am not getting credit for games played on the special events towards war supporter????

    • Eric

      This comment board pretty much sums up the Gears community online.  

    • Greyflame104

      Can you guys have done xp events for gears of war 2? That would be nice so I can get my wings and my old guard medal please me back at greyflame104@live.com

    • Kevin Van Natter

      Pretty neat forum. I saw someone spell more as m-o-a-r. That was pretty cool. Oh, and what’s with the rampant homo-phobia?

    • Kevin Van Natter

      I didn’t think Rifles would be fun, but its a good change of pace after two days of booms and snipes (which was awesome).

    • Mike

      Loving Gearsmas!!! Comet run is a BLAST on KOTH.  Hope it becomes a regular thing.

    • Mike

      Loving Gearsmas!!! Comet run is a BLAST on KOTH.  Hope it becomes a regular thing.

    • R3dbull4dd1kt

      ok…argue all you want over who is ‘hardcore’ and who isnt…I KNOW I AM–and i have a 14 inch Crimson Omen tattooed on my back to prove it…I pre-ordered the Gears 3 EPIC Edition in 2009…I bought the Gears Edition Console when it was announced…

      That being said, I also bought the Season Pass as soon as it was announced–its a good deal for those who can afford it, but i agree that the follow-through ( justified or not) is a minor letdown after spending a SHITLOAD of cash since September…BUT the content has been worth the setbacks…

      anybody who wants to argue that and whine for something free should go sign back into their COD ELITE Bullshit and see what disappointment REALLY is…

    • Rice

      If you guys really wanna bitch about the season pass just take a look at what happened at CoD Elite

    • Morbo

      Merry Gearsmas and a Bloody New Year!

    • YTMSMR

      I don’t have a problem with just RAM’s shadow, I didn’t get anything. I’m considering just trading in Gears because I’ve wasted $30 on a season pass that I got nothing in return for. Also I keep on redownloading it AND the free map pack but it won’t let me play online multiplayer. Thanks Epic for robbing me of my money, I’m gonna go play Halo