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Gears of War 3 Title Update #3 Coming January 11, 2012!

A new Title Update for Gears of War 3 will be available January 11, 2012 and will be downloaded automatically by starting Gears 3 while connected to Xbox LIVE. The update will include a variety of balance tweaks, bug fixes and more. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see:


  • All unlockable and non-purchasable characters are unlocked for System Link play. Online play still limits players to characters that they have unlocked or have purchased through DLC.


  • “Classic” stalemates are now enabled on the Execution and Warzone playlist. An option exists in private Execution to disable classic stalemates and re-enable the man-up rule.


  • The ghost camera can be raised and lowered using the Xbox controller d-pad.


  • “Must Active Reload” mutator has been made more restrictive. Issues with the Torque Bow and OneShot have been fixed.


  • “Retribution” ribbon is now compatible with dedicated servers.


  • Holding the “Y” button before being in range of a DBNO player and then walking into activation range will start the execution sequence. This is similar to holding “X” to queue up a weapon pickup sequence when walking into range of a dropped weapon.



Exploit Fixes

  • Removed Hammerburst and Longshot exploits with using the iron-sights/scope on Mercy where a player could shoot from a concealed position near the Sanctuary bells. Damage will not register when players are using the scope or iron-sights from that concealed position.


  • Fixed the OneShot exploit on Drydock. Players will be pulled out of the OneShot mounted pose when in certain positions.



General Fixes

  • A second player signing in on the loading screen before entering the pre-game lobby will no longer cause profile issues.


  • The transition from spectator player view to ghost camera view will no longer force the ghost camera view to point upwards.


  • The map cycle in QuickMatch is now randomly ordered.


  • DLC that is not owned by the current player will no longer stop the player from using DLC they do own.


  • Horde will no longer use the Versus weapon swaps. Horde players will have Hammer of Dawn and Mortar spawns on Overpass again.


  • Fixed the lens flare on a scoped Longshot not appearing for a player facing left.


  • Xbox system notifications have been moved out of the way of kill messages in competitive multiplayer. They now show up in the top center of the screen.
    • Iewwoffjfo


    • https://twitter.com/darkap89 Ruben Trasatti

      Really a good job :) Best TU out of the 3.

      Personal favourites:
       – notifications moved

      – Horde with its own swaps

      – Executions range

      – Random cycle maps on Quicks

      – Classics stalemate

      • Anonymous

        I still dont get the horde having its own swaps thing

    • Tricker


    • Ray Charles

      glad the sniper scope and oneshot on drydock are being fixed. map cycle should be selectable, if you can remember gears 1.

      • Kingpedrok69

        2nd that

        map cycle should be selectable, if you can remember gears 1.

        • https://twitter.com/henning75h hendrik h

          Fully agree selectable map cycle is still missing

    • david

      awesome keep it coming. anything that will make gow3 the best game out there!!

    • One_to_die

      sounds like some good fixes just dont lose my rank or ribbons there a 100 so dont fuck it up for me now.

      • Simmons

        hear you to buddy. been dedicating myself to gears after loosing my shit twice,now am settled at 100 with my stuff back up and running


      the mercy on is kinda.. hmm.. :/ 

      ** save a Skorge & Alex Brand campaign DLC for Season Pass 2 😛

    • Krayzie1

      i dont understand that execution sequence

      • https://xboxplayers.co.uk/ Kibgpedrok69

        ? as locust y does the arm rip

        as cog you punch to death

      • ReAPeR_S|-|iT

        basically its the range of the execution its been slightly increased so you dont have to be so damn close to do it.

        “…walking into activation range will start the execution sequence…”

    • https://twitter.com/GearsSabri Sabri Ünlü

      Nice but please remove the frags from Trenches :(

    • Liam R Wolf

      Suggestion – how about counting the kills in horde toward medals such as the pyro, spotter, lancer expert to name just a few.

      • Simmons

        gow3 already has a built in auto counter, it will pop up bottom right corner of your tv screen once you reached whatever number count in pyro etc medal you want, why do you want the hassle for more crap on your game play screen…??? less info on screen = good. more info on screen = fucking crap and probably for noobs who have trouble counting.

        • modusOperandi

          that is not at all what he said. he wants it so that if you get a kill with the flamethrower in horde, it will count TOWARDS your Pyro Versus medal

          • Emmanuelsisimit

            How about not play horde and get better in multiplayer and take control of the “flame grenades” or “flamethrower”…..They have a name you know.

            • Kylemaston

              Pyro is the name of the medal, and why should he stop playing horde?

    • modusOperandi

      Great, now they just need to fix Versus and make it playable!

      • Average dude

        Explain or GTFO. :)

        • modusOperandi

          Oh you know, more dedicated servers, less lag. The usual complaints.

    • Jon

      ”A second player signing in on the loading screen before entering the pre-game lobby will no longer cause profile issues.“

      WAIT… Is this… what I think it is??? Is it finally officially fixed after all these years?? 😀

    • Caboose


      • Correndath

        And the retro lancer

        • https://www.facebook.com/NightKnight12 Aaron Jimenez

          play gears of war 2 then. grow up dude!!

          • cod_fanboy

            Gears of war 2 is bad compared to Gears 3.

      • Anonymous

        There is something called Alpha in versus. Try it. They made it for gamers like you.

      • bb_brigola

        What’s with people and the Sawed off shotgun? It’s perfectly balanced, imo. Maybe you should learn a tactic such as keeping a distance or STOP running in like Rambo. I have seen tons and tons of baby players like you. This is more of a complaint that your dying because of this tactic rather than an actual valid statement that justifies that the game is unbalanced. 

    • An4ngryf4tguy

      i think they should allow people to select the difficulty they want to play for horde instead of it just being normal (for finding matches)

      • Simmons

        hmmm but then again would make private matches useless and if you just want a friendly quick game on horde then leave it be on normal

        • Alison_reamer

          yeah most probably just to leave that shit… maybe epic can add in a few new bosses though, or fortification crap etc. in beast maybe they can also to add in a frikkin mulcher WTF why leave them out ???? you stick in a boomer but where the fuk is the mulcher… prior to the next dlc update only a suggestion.

    • https://twitter.com/JaredBot Jared Sherman

      How about fix the glitch myself and others have had were all our progress with medals, rank, ribbons, and unlocks got reset for no reason. Please help with.

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7FGM7J4RSAZ24HHWLHS3B3Y4G4 Henry

      finally made classic stalemate but they still need to fix the lag online while playing at night

      • ReAPeR_S|-|iT

        DEFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuking lags i hat that shit.

    • Plzburn

      its k

    • Anonymous

      Hey Caboose u mad becuz u suck with it

      • Anonymous

        1 mor thing fix the problem of not getting kills with the lancer,retro,hammerburst,sawed-off,and gnasher in horde and campaign(i think) plz hope u do 

    • Correndath

      Remember – It’s good to torque

      • Unowfpox

        What is that about torqueb issues?

    • Aidan Jurd

      Allow the starting weapon medals and active reload medal to be unlocked in horde!!!

      • Laces

        active reloads are fine in only multiplayer

    • Quikuser1

      make starter weapons count in horde or drop them down to 4000 from 6000 i mean come on 24000  get real i dont have that much time to spare but love the game keep up

      • Anonymous

        i would love not to loose money. Make a mode where evrything is cheaper. I love the tower defense feel of Horde 2.0 so this would help.

    • Emmanuelsisimit

      You guys should make players be able to unlock cole train from the beta. like win 200 matches on thrashball playing as the original cole train. Cause some people might want him like me!

      • https://www.facebook.com/jameseddiebleasdale James Eddie Bleasdale

        get the next dlc he is in that 

        • Emmanuelsisimit

          Well i’m glad i have the Season pass

    • dTRON

      wtf. the update only gives me a Connection Lost Error and then this BS which is really pissing me the Eff off. You Cannot join the match because your game version is different from the hosts game version. WTF is this crap!

      • dTRON

        and I have cleared the cache and all that good stuff and everything. Thank You for breaking my game and causing my 1 ******g hour i get to play games late night wasted away. Thanx. FIX THIS NOW!

        • Simmons

          dude just wait, others still need to update their shit as
          well…. just give it some time, its not a error its just others have
          not downloaded the update  yet DUHHHHHHHHHH………..

    • Xxsantos77xx

      II download the updates and now it keeps telling me my game version is different from the hosts. And doesn’t let me play. Wtf

      • Simmons

        dude just wait, others still need to update their shit as well…. just give it some time, its not a error its just others have not downloaded the update  yet DUHHHHHHHHHH………..

    • dTRON

      Nice title update, the title is all I am allowed to view because my version that I paid for isnt legit now apparently. 

    • Ash


      • Simmons

        damn right :-))))))))))))

    • Rmrossetti

      I agree with quikuser1, also the game type ribbons, if your a gears head you only play one type and occassionly mix it up,

    • https://twitter.com/Akumario_Uchiha Akumario Uchiha


      “make starter weapons count in horde or drop them down to 4000
      from 6000 i mean come on 24000  get real i dont have that much time to
      spare but love the game keep up.”I totally Agree with this Guy, or It will be much Better if you Guys Count the Weapon Kills and Reloads on Horde, I don’t have that Much Time and I’m tired of Boosting matches, Shit I haven’t turn of my Xbox 360 in 3 Months…  I can’t even Enjoy the Fucking Game Like this… Seriously 3.0 is Wasting my Life, I even gain 20Lbs :c I’m a big Fan But I hate the game now and  my friends for using a Software to Get the Achievements and have such a Bad ass nice looking Transparent Camo, Also all the Onyx and Ribbons… While I spend Months on Getting the… Not Fair!!!

      • Aon 914629619 Floudl616

        That’s fucking true!!!!!

    • Laces

      I like the hoarde comments, with being able to choose by difficulty, it’s difficult to get a full team who want to play hoarde, and i need to get those ribbons for normal, hardcore, etc, same with beast mode, also hoarde should be like it was in Social hoarde in gears 2, one more point, if you are playing private hoarde and are trying to get your insane ribbon by yourself, you should have the option to save your game or something with the money you have, jumping into wave 30 with 2 people and $2000 is useless

    • Goplay Gamers

      I cant connect in quick matches !!!! Im from Argentina….again an ID block???

      COME ON EPIC !!!! I buy all of you guys original….. COME ON !!!! I wanna play gears !!! in quick matches !!!

    • Jchard

      I don’t understand the DLC fix…anybody know what they mean by it?

    • Searom_109

      well, I did the update today morning. Now when I tried to play versus mode, I received a message saying that my version of the game is different from the version of the host :/ 

      I’m not beeing able to play since 12:00, I’m in Brazil, now is 17:10, 5 hous without beeing able to play. I would like a solution ASAP

    • Searom_109

      well, I did the update today morning. Now when I tried to play versus mode, I received a message saying that my version of the game is different from the version of the host :/ 

      I’m not beeing able to play since 12:00, I’m in Brazil, now is 17:10, 5 hous without beeing able to play. I would like a solution ASAP

    • Night

      connection lost ftw…

    • Andrew

      No fix for the rampant use of Hammerburst and Turbo Controllers? This is a HUGE problem and is ruining the game. Just about any of the teams that are high on the leaderboards are cheaters.

      Oh and the hush hush of dedicated server stats is bogus also. We should know how many servers there actually are and how many games are ACTUALLY being played on the servers.

      • Arnulfo Gomez

        Agree! something needs to be done about the hammerburst and the turbo players

      • Bullet4thedead

        I completely agree hammerburst with turbo controller is ridiculously unfair

      • Dunkie

        The unfair use of turbo controllers ruins the game for the majority of players.we don’t play just to be top of the leader board, we play to enjoy the game and these people are killing it.

        • Fan_of_war03

          Yeah, people get really pissed with anyone who uses a hammerburst now claiming the turbo controller, it needs to be put down

      • Lamaslouisr

        This is true. Hammerburst is boges. There is so many people out there that have rapid fire remotes. Its redicules how fast and powerefull that hammerburst is. I personally use the retro lancer. In gears 2 i used the hammerburst. N i been a vet at this game for years. N there is no way some of this guys can shoot that fast with perfect aim. Its like shooting a normal lancer. You could easily aim that gun.

        • pRo MLG

          Modded controllers are completely legal in MLG and other extreme gaming events and cost the same as a normal controller. Its not cheating its preparing yourself for extreme gaming. The regular lancer is just as strong if your accurate with every shot. Active reloading is underrated also. RANKED is made for leaderboard domination if you cant compete go play quick match TDM like the other 10000 scrubs oh yeah this wouldnt be a problem if people didnt just run out into the line of fire .   

    • xDenTinhOxD

      I cant play because that error 
      “You can not enter the game because the version of your game version is different from the host”

    • Krayzie1

      you guys should let people get the gold skin for the retro lancer available sumhow

      • https://www.facebook.com/jameseddiebleasdale James Eddie Bleasdale

        get lvl 100 in gears 2  then and you will get it…..

        • xdarkangelx559

          Dude you get the golden omen not the full gold retro. Stop telling people youll get it onces you hit 100. U only get it in the beta. Witch is dumb and the should make it some how abble to get in gears 3

    • Bosinho

      Hey Epic, i think there’s a problem with this update for the brazillian Xbox users. It’s not giving the option here to do the update, and everyone that i know is playing private/horde. I’ve tried to restart the xbox360 couple of times, and it didn’t appeared the update.

    • Guderian73

      after update can not find matches. He says “the version of the game is different to that of the host repeats,”

    • Marcus

      OK, great.  While playing GOW3 after this update, specifically campaign arcade, none of my shots on the locusts registered.  The locusts just kept on walking like nothing was bothering them.  You might want to look into this.

    • Freelight

      I can not play quick match….. any solution?

    • Wescleydias

      I can’t conect after this update!

    • Bcnwknj4life

      What was the 2nd update that was released a couple hours ago? I got the jan. 11th update, but at around 7:00pm there seemed to be another…anyone have clue?

    • Zach

      Will you PLEASE add Join in Progress to Horde?! I’m so tired of people dropping out within the first five waves!

      • Lamaslouisr

        I agreed. It should atleast let you decided. To join one in progress or start a fresh one. Because alot of people do drop out in the first couple waves n then your left with one or two players. I personally never fi ish one public horde because of this issue. I have finish one on private.

    • Gears

      Please remove the ability to talk and hear alive players when dead in Execution. It makes the game unfair because your teammate can just tell you where the enemy is.

      • Anonymous

        easier said than done, esp if they are in a private party. but I do agree

        • Emmanuelsisimit

          ^^^hahahaha well tha’s just a tactic. come on. on GB do you really want to lose? your done 2 matches and they need one more to win.It’s a 1v1 and your guy has to clutch it to save our team. And your telling me that you don’t want your people telling you where that guy is. GTFO of here.

          • Emmanuelsisimit


          • Anonymous

            wheres the fun in that? lol

    • Genkiller123

      stfu all of u and play the game and u assholes are killing the game

    • matt

      my xbox freezes right after finding a match on team death match. i press the power button and my screen goes black, but my xbox doesnt shut off. gears is the only game that does this. this of course happened after todays update.

      • Duncan942

        I had a prob with this after an update. Had to go to system settings. Storage. Then gears of war 3 .i deleted a bit of content I got form a download and it worked fine after that. Not sure wich bit I deleted because I done a few.the only other way I could play was choose a diff storage device ie the built in storage on Xbox but that was a pain .

    • Luisfon93

      yo quiero que pongan la posibilidad de usar la lancer en llamas y reparen lo de que como ya tienes los logros los skins y las medallas no te salen ya cuando se te reinicia el nivel

    • ironmaiden76

      Im Ita and after update, i cant play a single online game like deathmach or other than Horde. Epic can fix this soon?

    • Luisfon93

      no entiendo lo de el exploit y tampoco lo de los personajes en interconexcion

    • Anonymous

      My Xbox downloads the update just fine but at the moment of matchmaking it tell me that i can’t connect to the host because it has a different version. I have already tried downloading the update several times. Does anyone know what this could be?

    • regal

      da quando ho fatto l’aggiornamento non riesco piu a giocare in live.come mai?e come poso risolvere il problema?

    • tootieger

      i cnt play becuse it sy that my version is different from host

    • german

      i cant play because it says that my bersion is different from host

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002252461268 Miguel Chavez

      How do you prestige when you are a level 100?

    • ChrisSfeir

      My Versus its not working any more … why ?? they tell that my version of the game its not the same as the host .


      Fix your server!!!!!!! I live in Idaho and I should not have to play on a mexican connection!!! This has been whats happening for the last month. make it so Americans play on American servers, not a server in wall mart in mexico. your better than that! Do what you have to do, just get fixed! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.

    • josue

      Gnasher should fix that sometimes does not work, in the case of many taking active reload directly to the enemy shoot 3 or 4 times and not die however against a single shot to kill a long distance that is not possible. please take action on the matter

    • Kikin

      Would you every put Guardian as a playlist.

    • Anthony

      Yesterday and today my shots dont do anything….GOW2 all over again.  Is the servers down? 

    • Rodra

      Guys, regarding the games installed on the HDD, we are still having trouble playing in multiplayer mode. After finding the matches when entering the room the screen is locked. thank you

    • Dying_master

      what does classic stalemate even do?

    • Tugeneralfinix

      el 4° dlc sera la venganza de myrrah???? mire un video donde decia que el 4° DLC traera algunas formas lambet al theron de elite mauler de elithe para el modo bestia pero raam no por que seria ilogico ver a 5 raam’s corriendo en linea.
      deberian incluir a raam en bestia y al igual que los kantus tienen un limite de disponibilidad de 3 jugadores raam solo deberia tener uno y al escojer un jugador a raam los demas no podran escojerlo si no en la siguiente partida si es que lo ganan primero

    • raam revenge

      the 4th DLC will myrrah revenge?? watch a video where he said he will bring the 4th DLC some forms of elite theron lambet the mauler of Elith for how raam beast but it would be illogical not see a 5 raam’s running online.
      raam should include a beast and like the Kantus are limited to availability of 3 players should only have one raam and choose a player to raam others can not choose if the next game if they win first

    • slicks

      the gnasher is so powerfull!! remove power they can down you so far away

      • cod_fanboy

        hit them with a bit of chainsaw, everyones happy 😉

    • Whiteironmonkey

      dreaming GOLDEN BOLTOK

    • Luisidr

      could you please bringback the photos or even better could you make a cinema option in wich you could film some clips

    • voldemort

      classic characters cannot open the mouth, please repair that

    • AA

      Gears 2 all over again. No dedicated servers is ruining the game and my stats too! When are they being turned back on as I refuse to buy the new maps until such time!

    • NeatOtorpedo

      What did you do to the gnasher in the last update?  point-blank shots are not registering.  you should look into that as well.

    • Tom Springall

      can classical stalemates not be disabled for warzone anymore?????

    • Colin O’ Neill

      GEARS OF WAR IS THE MOST AWESOME GAME EVER, also i was wondering y not make a pengilum wars version because that would be EPIC.


      I think they should give me my rank back since their game crashed and reset every stat I had

    • Theofer

      i have a gears of war 3 on demand and i cant get the update 3. help please!!!!!!!!!

    • xdarkangelx559

      This new update on jan 17 or so sucks. Now you gota purchase stuff to get the dedicated servers. Its dumb. I played. Gear one and two, before playing gears 3. It was always the same issue. That the connection sucks, because your playing on someone eles connection. Finnaly they put the dedicated servers and make this game as the best game out there. But now they gota gind a way to make money and what they do they start charging people for dedicated servers. Onestly this is pathetic. My gamer tag name is xDARKANGELx559. Not afraid of saying it. Think about the people that can verly afford. To pay for gold. Now they gota pay for a server as well. Make this game great again. I dont mind buying weapons map packs characters and more. But please dont mess this game up by charging people for a good clean server were we can all play equally.

    • xdarkangelx559

      P.S. this is all i play. Have been playing this game for year. Sence gears one came out. Iam not been a hater. Its just sad to me that its got this far to the point were we gota pay for good servers. I pay 50 dollars a montg for my home intertent plus my gold account every month. N now this. It hurts me to see were this guys are trying to do to get more money out of us.

    • xdarkangelx559

      Atleast all the rank matchs with servers. Who cares for quick match. There is only around 2,000 people that play rank comparing to the 14,000 on quick match.

    • xdarkangelx559

      I dont agreed in making the onyx skins go down from 6000 to 4000 or people been able to work on it in horded. The resson why this weapons are so unique n special to get. Is the fact that they are so hard to get. Think about it this way. You would be one of the few that will only have this. I got the golden hunter for example. Work so hard to get it. I invested so much of my time on this character because of that same resson. All this time i been playing gears of war3 i only met up with 2 other people that have him. Now imagine. Having a onyx nasher and retro lancer for example n only been one of the few. Thats cool. But i do iagreed. In what some people say about been able to get the gold retro lancer. Ither than the beta. That is my favor gun 90 % of my kills come from it. N it sucks to know that i will never be able to own a gold version of it. Please fix this. I would pay up to 1200 mc points for it.

    • Manwich10

      It would be cool to have bots in horde and beast mode, it might help those with achievements, or if someone drops out

    • Mrsteveshelene

      How about adding an update that un-corrupts all of our saved game data in offline campaign mode. I lost all of my progress because of your stupid update and I paid for the game at the midnight release in GameStop fair and square!

    • xdarkangelx559

      What about a golden pistol. Man that would be cool. It would match my other two golden guns. Please make it abke to get a golden pistol

    • Ridiculous

      Still no fix for locked unlockables like for the horde medal after being reset therefore still in violation of Microsoft policy for the base achievements, meaning one cannot gain seriously 3.0. Absurd.


      Why is it when we do jot have real region control …I want and for that matter most people I know want a sense of control ….I don’t want to play people from other countries (no offense)..sick of the language barrier and the lag they bring to the servers…..even DICE gives ya server choice ….me and friends play and we always end up on with Mexico or some other country…and hit detection is worse ….can we play in normal speed instead of slow mo

    • pRo MLG

      gnasher only playlist with 1 pistol shot. slowly remake all maps ever made for gears of war. FIX the teleport effect when you swiftly slide to a wall and flip side ward. on my screen im behind the enemy but as soon as my feet land from the flip im back on the wall i started on. dont you hate when you shoot and kill a guy with the gnasher and about 0.5 seconds later you die too? FIX plz . Make TDM with execution rules and add another map to vote for in matchmaking there are so many maps now but i always end up playing the same ones over and over.. thanks for listening epic i love you for making gears <3

    • Divadea314

      i like this games

    • Divadea314

      i like this games SOO MUCH!!! this man named mike has this game on his XBOX360 and i pllayed it and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    • Lucschaap

      I like to say that i heard rumors that myrrahs revenge is maybe coming!?  It includes skorge and other characters and brumaks and reavers in Beast mode and other things maps and stuff. i just want to say: EPIC GAMES GIVE US ANSWERS!