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Team Epic Gamers Follow Friday: @Vexxxta

Every Friday Team Epic Gamers highlights someone in our community via a short Follow Friday post. Today’s Follow Friday is @Vexxxta.

Vexxxta is incredibly helpful both on the forums and Twitter in representing the community and keeping fellow Epic Gamers up to date with the latest news, including great recaps of our regular live streams.  Give @Vexxxta a shout and thank him for being a fantastic contributor!

    • Anonymous

      Eeeeelllllooooo guvna

    • Anonymous

      Eeeeelllllooooo guvna

    • https://twitter.com/__Zap_ *Zap*

      Well done mate.

    • rafiki5xThC

      thanks man appreciate it

    • Chasbro01

      Awesome to say the least. Great Job Brother!!!

    • Ricardo199902

      esta genial

    • skem0s

      this game just booted me from prestige 1 lvl 57 down to level 1…golden hunter and everything gone :(