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Epic Games at the Krispy Kreme Challenge

Krispy Kreme Challenge Shirt

The 2012 Krispy Kreme challenge is tommorow at 8:30 AM. Epic Games will we have a team on-hand to attempt to make it through the five mile run without losing their.. well, doughnuts. We’ve had an awesome custom shirt designed for the challenge by Epic Games Senior Graphic Artist, Chris Bartlett. If you’re at the event, be sure to cheer on anyone you see wearing it!

The Epic Games Krispy Kreme Team includes:

Rod Fergusson – Director of Production
Joe Graf – Senior Online Architect
Prince Arrington – Senior Game Test Manager
Jeff Farris – Senior Gameplay Programmer
Wes Phillips – PR Manager
David Nell – Finance Manager
Jonathan “Jotay” Taylor – Assistant Engine Producer
Pete Hayes – Senior Artist

All proceeds from the Krispy Kreme Challenge are donated to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. Good Luck Team!

    • Jacob Young117

      No Cliff?

      • https://twitter.com/TheSociety1 Dr.Carrot

        Cliff is too busy on Twitter.

    • https://twitter.com/Akumario_Uchiha Akumario Uchiha

      Shit , Guys No offense But record this Please!!!  and Also Make weapon Kills and active reloads count in Horde, Everyone else is doing it on Private  matches  I understand why the  5 weapons could not be, But Pistol, Flame and Explosive kills Come ON!!! Trust me Horde will be so much Better :)  I love the Game tho. I just wish I could send More time Playing with friends , Not just Boosting Kills to get my Onyx Medals for Seriously 3.0….

    • Anonymous

      Can any one make a life feed? )

    • https://twitter.com/SDizzel S.Dizzel

      you guys can you PLEASE , FIX THE NEW MAP ROTATION , I HAVE PLAYED 1 NEW MAP IN 4 DAYS ! After I stopped playing last week because I only got to play 3 maps the whole week , this is ridiculous . We love gears and epic, so come  on guys , seriously , its like I bought the season pass for nothing , Even the 1st night I downloaded it three hours I stayed up and played, didnt play 1 . Its like april fools . I would really like to play new maps, I paid for them . No its not my servers or nat type either…. almost everyone has the same problem.

    • Sabretooth_1st

      hello i have played horde meny times 1 to 50 and when the host has to got or quit why do i lock up freeze and i got to swich my xbox on and off ,  today i spent 5 hours on horde we were at wave 48 then the host quit next news im frozzen so after all these hour i had NO XP and i could of had a lot. this is happening too often now that it frezzes on me im just about to give up on this game .  thank you   please do something about it

    • fuc1111

      fuck off epicgames…. and gears 3