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Epic Games Panel at PAX East: Past, Present, & Future

Epic Games will be at PAX East and we hope to see you there!  Join Epic Games Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski and President, Mike Capps for a fantastic panel presented by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.
Epic Games: Past, Present and Future: Saturday April 7th, 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Fans of the Gears of Wars franchise will have a chance to get personal with Epic Games Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski and President, Mike Capps.  Listen as they answer 10 questions from their biggest fans on topics relating to design, inspirations and the secrets to staying around for 20 years! Following the 10 questions, Martin Rae, President, AIAS, will get even more in-depth with these two on the past, present and future of this EPIC studio.


Stay tuned for more updates about Epic at PAX and be sure to keep an eye on the AIAS Facebook and Twitter as well.  Will you be at PAX East?  Let us know in the comments section below!
    • Erickd

      CONGRATS !!!

    • trapgunner023


    • https://forums.epicgames.com/threads/881451-Lambent-at-the-peak-of-their-Lifecycle! Blaze Campbell

      My name is Blaze Campbell I will be in the epic family within the next 7 years. And I promise the community even if I am not on Epic’s crew. I will create the next generation of gaming. The Website is not mine, its a link to my idea for the start of a wonderful future for Epic games and I need the support of the community if you would want to see the next generation of gaming in the making.

    • ivan

       gracias x sacar este juego se los agradesco mucho epic games y a  microsoftx el mejer juego de todo el mundo 😉 graxias

    • https://twitter.com/Edgaar12XD Edgaar Sb’


    • Eyezwizeguy

       is this where i post my question? but none the less is there any way to become a beta tester to unlock the currently locked
      characters and guns not to mention that first little onyx badge i’m a
      die hard gears player have been since the first edition even found a
      glitch or two if that might interest the team over at epi

    • Jimwood617

      Love Epic games, Unreal and Gears are some of the best franchises. Are Epic planning on showing the PS3 any love with an exclusive in the near future??? Heard a rumor way back that It was gonna be a horror game. I def hope so day 1 buy if true.

    • Pedro Alberto Solana Zaleta

      bueno yo lo uniko que puedo decir es que epic a revolucionado los videojuegos con la llegada de gears of wars y pues yo creci con el gears of wars 1 despues el 2 y actualmente juego el 3 y m divierte mucho, sin duda alguna epic a ido creciendo y mejorando bastante aunke desde sus inicios era muy bueno ahora es mejor y le doy las gracias por brindarnos todo esto alo largo de estos años

    • Alexancler

      My name is  Diego Alexander and my question is this: Epic Games went from being a simple game developer to be the most acclaimed and recognized the world thanks to the saga of Gears of War How to be the desicion to close this story in a manner so dramaticif it may go on and on making shots and making the game sequels how great your system maximum multiplayer and endless possibility of more games on the strugglebetween humans and locust lambet?

    • Drawoh

      Gears of War is one of my favorite third person shooters no doubt about it. I also played the first Infinity blade some time ago on my friend’s Iphone. I was wondering if Epic Games is or will be planning to find some way to make the Infinity Blade series available on other platforms as well, for example the PC or Xbox360 Kinect or Playstation 3 Move, etc? I think it will be a ton of fun and good exercise on the kinect and/or move. 

    • Shawn_858

      Hey Epic, big fan of the Unreal and Gears series. Easily one of the best shooters and best co-op games out there. In a sea of First-Person shooters you give you game a distinct feel that keeps me coming back again and again. The one question that has been bothering me for months, since I finished GOW 3, is in GOW2 Carmine says there are four brothers. We have already met A, B, and C (Anthony, Benjamin, Clayton) Does ‘D’ mean there is a 4th game to be released?

    • Nitesynth

      Hello my name is Sara and I’ve only been a fan for a short while, however, I am in love with this game. My question to you is are you going to be doing any form of “prequel” that leads up to the 14 years later when Gears of War 1 starts? Maybe something based in the time of the Pendulum Wars? Just a thought. (Hope this question makes sense)

    • Javon Robinson

      My name is Javon Robinson and i’m a great big fan of the gears of war series. I one thing that i was wondering is if you where to make another gears of war would you make it when marcus fenix and dominic santiago was younger or with adam fenix creating the locust with the queen?

    • Jose Cruz

      Hi my name is Jose , trying to find tickets to the PAX is like looking for ghost , there are there but you can’t find them ! Well since I might not make it my one question is – How the hell did rod ferguson lose all that weight ? Do you feed your employees at epic ? Great job with the game can’t wait for all the new DLC comming! Bye !!! Beastroe@yahoo.com

    • https://twitter.com/Dresdenfolife Arthur Kirkland

      Hey Epic,
      My name is Arthur. I was wondering now that the Gears of War series has come to a close, will the next new title you make have any features that are similar to the Gears series?

    • https://twitter.com/Dresdenfolife Arthur Kirkland

      Dear Epic,
      My name is Arthur and I’m a huge fan of the Gears of War series. My question for you is now that the series has come to a close, will you next major title game have any similarities in design to the Gears series?

    • https://twitter.com/unhappywarriors Wayne Still

       With popularity of Gears of War 1, 2, and 3.  Will there be another Gears game in the future?    Or will there be another direction that you will head in?

    • Austinm108

      Hello my name is Austin Mills I have played all the gears and love all of them. I just have one question will epic make a DLC for gears of war 3 including maps for gears of war 1 like mansion or Roof tops. I personally like Roof Tops the most out of all the gears maps. Winning epic esition would be a honor. Thank you EPIC for your great series.

    • Bluewizard_1

      Hi my name
      is Bill; I love all the gears of war games. I own them all.  My favorite new add-on to gears of war 3 is horde
      add-on. I love it. My question is if there will be more add-ons in the future
      for gears 3 or even gears 4 and will you be adding more items e.g. cameras, vehicles
      or aircraft?

      (My Microsoft
      Xbox games tag. bluewizard_xb)

    • Kerrodmarta

      Is epic games going to expand there popularity with more competitive tournaments throughou australia, online and live.
      gt=Mista Marta

    • nnAPOPHISnn

      Salut Epic
      mon est david , après l’exellente trilogie des gears of war , car déja annoncée qu’il n’y aurai pas de suite . quel sera l’avenir de ce gameplay unique ?un grand Merci à l’équipe et bonne aventure  

    • crisvm

      Hola soy gran fan de Gears, y lo que mas me a gustado de 1,2 y 3 es la popularidad en linea con el multiplayer pero le voy a ser sincero con el 1 y 2 hice bastantes amigos y jugamos juntos por largo tiempo para sacar los logros.. ahora en el 3 ya no los encuentro en linea, en mi humilde opinion para sacar las onice de los modos de juego son exageradamente interminables y esto a provocado que muchos de mis amigos traten de sacarlas en privada espero que puedan hacer algo para motivar a los fans del Gears 3

    • Dragonknight_28

      Hey Epic!
      My question is this, now that the Gears of War trilogy is finished, will there be considerations on a prologue? such as how Fenix and Santiago became so close prior to GOW1? or maybe how they were introduced through the COG? it would make for an interesting storyline i’m sure.

    • Benzino


      The Unreal series is one of my favourite series, particularly Unreal Tournament (what a great game!). Do you think games Deathmatch only games, such as Unreal Tournament, are a thing of the past? Gamers seem to expect a great single player and multi-player modes in modern games. Or do you still think there is a market for deathmatch only type of game (such as the new Counter Strike)?

    • Iteman

      Will there bei anything on the next Xbox Console about a New Chapter of Gears of War?
      For me it is the best game that ever was developed.

    • RAMx

      My question is what happen to barrick? In the dlc RAAM shadow. Will they ever show the fourth brother of the carmines? You guys should create a savage sniper since I think Snipers are awesome!!! Those are my questions :) past, present, and current. 😉

    • Geronimo L. Gomez. P.

      which has been the biggest disappointment obtained in the creation of video game, which has been an inspiration to the company to be the symbol of admiration and greater industry leadership and which will be refined in the future?

    • Open_stiches

      The Gears series has been amazing, Unreal has taking gaming to another lever. I have high expectations from Epic games. Why settle for something good, when you can have something Epic.

    • Andrew Woods

      While Epic Games (and the Fans of Epic Games) may agree or disagree with the 3 historic landmarks of the company’s approximate 20 year history I have listed below, I would like to hear what the panel believes to be their favourite, or most meaningful moment of the three highlights:
      1) circa 1991: when Potomac Computer Systems (PCS) changes its name to Epic Games, creating an eventual gaming “brand” known and revered the world over. Long live Epic Games!
      2) circa 1998: “Unreal” is launched with the revolutionary graphics engine coded by founder Tim Sweeney, powering several future Epic Games releases, while also being licensed to other game developers. 
      3) 2006: Gears of War is released. History was made with the release of this mega blockbuster Epic Games franchise release. Multiple Game-of-the-Year Awards. Two sequels with several DLC additions. Millions of units sold, not to mention dozens of merchandise offshoots. What does the future hold for this unbelievably successful franchise? (hint, hint: a fourth installment? “Emergence Day: Thru the Eyes of the Locust” ??? – think: Beast with a campaign! A fan can dream, can’t I?).
      thanks for your time and consideration of my question, and hope these points gave you a chance to take a walk back down memory lane!

      “Michael Orchard” (gamer tag)