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Epic Games Team Reads to Students for Read Across America Day

Every year on March 2nd, schools, libraries and community centers throughout the country rally to celebrate “Read Across America Day”.  The nationwide observance coincides with the birthday of Dr. Seuss and encourages the importance of reading.

Students were eager with questions for the Epic readers

This year, Kingswood Elementary School in Cary, NC invited guests from the community to come and read to their students and three of our Epic Games employees volunteered to be a part of this exciting day.  Epic Games Gameplay Programmer Billy Bramer, QA Test Lead Samuel Gonzales and Engine Promotion Coordinator Rex Stover visited the school and read to three Kindergarten classrooms. The group also answered their questions about the importance of reading and how it shaped their futures.

“Trying to explain the process of game development to a kindergarten class was a fun challenge.  Especially conveying how many different roles there are and how many people go into making one game” Billy stated, “After reading we had a brief Q&A session where the kids asked me about my job, how games were made, the names of all of my coworkers, if I invented Mario Galaxy, the importance of reading, etc.”  Billy and Rex read the ever popular, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.  The kindergarten students laughed along with every page and thoroughly enjoyed having a guest reader.

The Epic team really enjoyed the experience as well.  All three of them expressed an interest to return next year to share the love of reading and talk to students, and plan to encourage more Epic employees to join them.  Rex shared this enthusiasm: “Hopefully it will encourage kids to read and I’d love to go back next year”

Photos by Nicholas Fair

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