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Forces of Nature Early Access Code Giveaway!


We hope you’re excited about the March 27th release of “Forces of Nature”  for Gears of War 3.  In order to celebrate we’re giving early access to a few lucky members of our community.

Giveaways begins on Twitter at 3:00 p.m. Eastern!

Start using the hashtag #ForcesOfNature on Twitter at 3:00 p.m. Eastern today for a chance to win a code. We’ll award a select number of codes to lucky fans.

If you’re not around for the giveaways, we’ve got you covered.  You can also win right here on the Epic Games Community Site.  There are several ways to qualify and each one counts for an entry – so the more you complete the more chances to win.  Read on to learn more!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

    • Eddie

      Hey people of epic.. I realize that you just made a map pack and this might be greedy for asking but PLEASE bring back river! It is in my opinion, the greatest of all horde maps! The community will love it and it will be perfect for your new addition for guardian.

    • Vegito14

      Epic games Needs to step it up a notch a little bit, because it’s not fair to people who played the beta back when the flaming skins where in gears of war 3 then Cole train, but why bring back Cole triain and not the flaming weapons, they should of been unlockable too, but you didn’t at all, so that was unfair, and second the forces of nature dlc isn’t that good at all, you kind of ruined the weapon skins, thirdly you should really make a new gears of war or at least another beta in gears of war 3 because this can’t be the last game, because your missing some pieces of the campaign trilogy and you should really need to bring new stuff back, otherwise I’m going to have to quit gears of war, and you’ll be losing a lot of fans, seriously epic, I just don’t know about you anymore, I really dont not saying I hate you guys, it’s just you need to come up with something new instead of having a really bad DLC as your last trilogy game, I seriously think you guys should be creative, just please be creative with your games, your weapon skins, of course the characters in gears of war, otherwise I will quit gears of war, not saying you have to, but it would be appreciated if you did.

    • 开献 施


    • Matosamgel22

      good game 

    • Angel

      Stell the best game

    • Angel

      Love gears of war 3