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Forces of Nature Weapon Skins Sneak Peek!

Many of you have been asking about the new weapon skins in DLC 4 and we have a sneak peak!  Five of the skins will be available as soon as you download the Forces of Nature DLC next week on March 27th. Two of the skins, Ivory and Fl4k, will need to be unlocked.

Ivory Weapon Skins: I’ve Got This! – Kill 10 opponents as the leader in a round of Guardian on a Forces of Nature map.

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins
FL4K Weapon Skin: Force Multiplayer – Win a match of Guardian on all Forces of Nature maps.

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

Here are the rest of the skins, let us know which one is your favorite!

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

    • https://twitter.com/AsylumvV Kevin

      – Hype, Midnight and Ultra Violet are probably the best ones.
      – Why doesn’t the Major League (MLG looking one) have White?
      – Vixen is the ugliest color combo on the face of the planet, don’t know why someone would ever mix those two colors together.
      – Ivory and FL4K look pretty cool too.

      Other than Vixen, good job on the new weapon skins.

      IDEA – If there is another Season Pass after this one expires, make another exclusive weapon skin or maybe Character.



    • https://twitter.com/4evrAussie James Mason

      My fav is Hype. That with liquid red metal and you got VT colors

    • https://twitter.com/4evrAussie James Mason

      My fav is Hype. That with liquid red metal and you got VT colors

    • Ivysthebest

      midnight is sick as hell

    • Joerh982

      I like both the Midnight & Hype a lot! 

    • Smok-1417

      all are cool!!

    • Latinmale562

      i like ultra violet and hype they look bad ass.

    • ferdous

      none these are impressive
      i think coz u dont buy them seperately they didnt work so hard on them

    • Toymachine

      I think they should make a blue omen

    • Toymachine

      I think they should make a blue omen

    • Minipabliski66

      estan padres los squin de las armas

    • Minipabliski66

      estan padres los squin de las armas

    • Ljohnson

      these skins are fucking sick

    • queenofthedomos

      ultra violet, midnight and hype. <3

    • ozzydelta

      I going to get as soon as it comes out.  Weirdly I already have many of the weapon skins already:)))))

    • Anonymous

      Clearly, Ivory and Hype are the best!

    • Ayush Gupta

      I like midnight and Ivory

    • carlos

      all except fl4 and vixen, i hate violet

    • https://twitter.com/CaptnBarbosa J.Barbosa

      I personally like the Hype one #kappa

    • SirJohnGT

      ultra violent look beast as hell

    • Ricky-prieto

      Ivory & Midnight are awesome 

    • Barney

      They are all crap…especially the yellow and purple….

    • Rod

      Fl4k weapon skin the worst!

    • https://twitter.com/Fonck03 Edgar Fonseca

      midnight and ultra violet….. also how can i get the flamming skins if i didnt have the chance to play the beta….. it would be nice  an event that allow us to unlock one skin at the time… you know.. for example swaged off flaming skin … kill 100 in one weeken to unlonck … that would be awesome…

    • https://twitter.com/MaryKateClark Marykate Clark

      I guess I like Midnight and Ultra Violet. My FAVORITE skins are the ANIMATED skins and those that REALLY STAND OUT from the pack.  It will be fun to unlock the unlockable skins.  

    • RamboLovesBacon

      Hype all the way!

    • Alonso

      the whole arms suck!! tell me epic… where da hell are fuel depot, mansion, canals, old bones or whatever da name was.., imulsion… stop selling us garbage ann PUT DA BEST FUCKIN’ MAPS!! shit…

    • Lenhartzack

      midnight allday

    • catdog G MOB

      I like the Ultra Violet and the Hype.

    • zane

      u should have it when u get a level up

    • Roni976

      Midnight hands down!

    • Www Bill

      It is not 100% sure that this will be the final dlc, Rod Fergusson was asked in a interview by Digital Spy whether if has got any more downloadable content planned and Rod stated that “It’s kind of a ‘never say never’ perspective. We’ve completed the obligation for those with the season pass, so it’s really now all about community demand and those sorts of things and what people want. But I mean, it takes a lot of effort to create DLC, and in terms of internal resources and what we’re focused on, that kind of stuff. It’s really driven by player demand. If players are dying for it and they want it, then it’s something that we can definitely look at.”

    • Charlene

      the ultra violet damn i just love it! 😀

    • Green splatter skin?

      What about the green skin they showed in the forces of nature gameplay? If you watch it, it’s at 00:53 on the sawed off it’s on the back of the person retro charging. I don’t see it on here.

      • Kiing Kawng

        I noticed that skin in the gameplay video too. I am not sure why it’s not being released. So the real question is what happend to that skin? What was it called and will it be released later on???


       Like Midnight and Major League.

    • White Glint

      Hype id take that one

    • https://twitter.com/Chomyczek Chomyczek

      ultra violet is funny ;d

    • Dadon_2004

      i go with midnight or ivory

    • Anonymous

      IVORY & VIXEN, Sweet!!!

    • Tsprite

      Ultraviolet and midnight are awesome!!!

    • 101

      i want WLM

    • Mrzod01

      Midnight and Ivory FTW!!!

    • Pancakedude44

      can these be done on private forces of nature maches becouse my xbox live expired 2 days ago and I got the season pass 

    • xPocket Sandx

      Ivory and Midnight look badass.

    • MEPevy

      Midnight looks the sickest!!! Do really really like ivory though.

    • Sweepea420

      They r cool and can’t wait to unlock them

    • Dax

      Midnight or MLG

    • :( green emblem

      Green emblem was my favorite :(

    • Anonymous

      definatley the ultra violet nothing satisfys more then killing hardcore gamers with a pruple shotgun 😛

    • https://twitter.com/HectorGU Hector Gutierrez

      all of these are sick! 

    • David Y

      Liking Midnight and Ivory :D!





    • Kelsee00712

      Love them can’t WAIT!!

    • Kelsee00712


    • Ljaskulski

      hype then fl4k

    • https://twitter.com/BLACKOUT_in_HDV kelsey

      ivory and midnight are good the rest are ugly

    • xxLAWNMAN420xx

      i like ultra violet and vixen,and hype

    • xxLAWNMAN420xx

      i like ultra violet and vixen,and hype

    • Weylan

      What’s my favorite you ask? All of them but if I really had to choose it would be the Ivory and Midnight skins. Man I’ve been posting countless times requesting  the Ivory skins to be an unlockable or a given. THANK YOU EPIC! FINALLY! Now I can’t wait to play Gears.

    • https://twitter.com/rosman651 Matthew Bush

      I’d say midnight or FL4K

    • dudey dude dude

      hype deffinate

    • Kristinabx

      My favorite is the purple skin

    • Dillonkpersaud

      The best one is Midnight

    • Alex K

      for the other weapon skins do we need to unlock them 

    • Daltonator95


    • Alvarez_ted

      Midnight and hype are the two best

    • Dhatan_aviron_core


    • EWERAdawdawda

      hype looks like the liquid green skin but its orange

    • Andy

      PURPLE 😀

    • Midnightmadness

      midnight all tha way

    • Midnightmadness

      midnight all tha way

    • PurpleKush

      For all you that love the purple skin. I was the innovator of it and I’m so happy EPIC released it..


    • Robert Guarante

      i like them all!!! hope another season pass is in the works???? i loved all the dlc!!

    • Cristianm


    • Stancil4

      ivory, major league, hype, and midnight

    • gears god

      hell yhe bad thang my live is going out on the 27th

      • Cruzer16

        Mine on the 28th…

    • Green emblem is better

      All of them are good but ultra violet and vixen are just ugly

    • KamaikzeKid J28

      Vixen looks like some dumped a purple snowcone on the lancer and pissed all over it. ROFL.

    • Garyroles

      midnight ,ivory,and hype

    • Joshargent

      love the ivory retro lancer (pitty i dont play Guardian, but i guess i will now) – the middnight lancer and gnasher look cool too!

    • Jeffreywessel420

      Id say ultra violet,ivory,hype

    • Leandroxt

      Midnight is the greatest!!!!!!!!!! Very Cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      So as-om epic u are the   best     gaming company in the world keep doing what u guys are doing and I will all ways be Fan

    • Jeff

      So as-om epic u are the   best     gaming company in the world keep doing what u guys are doing and I will all ways be Fan

    • BB

      Beautiful all of them

    • whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      why does it take so long to come out jesus stop making us wait

    • Mike

      hype,ultra violet 

    • Long45cal

      ya in with hype or midnight 2 thanks 4 the sneak peek 

    • Narutojavier

      again with the fucking green with other color??? theres already like 5 of those!

    • https://twitter.com/BachoBanchou Ivan Armendariz

      Hype and Ivory most definitely! They go perfectly with Valera.

    • Braxton


    • Whatup

      now if only epic would fix the OP rifles so the game is playable again

    • Green

      Whats the green and black skin in the trailer? that their showing on the backs of the players showcasing the Forces of Narture DLC Skins.

    • Diu

      Ironic how these skins look better than the re-up skins.

    • arcangel

      there all cool

    • https://twitter.com/GamCappa Gam Cappacino

      ivory and midnight are pretty sweet.

    • r33fer666

      there all realy cool

    • https://twitter.com/majhany edgar rodriguez


    • Moldova15

      midnight or ivory

    • IamDisapoint

      -_- The ivory looks fucking terrible, I’ve seen videos showing the old ivory that covers the entire gun just like team distressed but without the little lines and it was epic, but now its just like the crappy metal skins and only covers parts of the gun… it Seems like EPIC once again has to fuck everything up…

      • A Gears Fan

        You know what? I’m saying exactly the same thing, Ivory skins look like shit! Fuck! When are people going to wake up and see that Epic has scammed us out of the real Ivory skins. There probaly countless others that they haven’t released and don’t forget Thrashball Drone.

    • https://twitter.com/cmiggitymack13 Corey Mack

      midnight and ivory look badass!!!

    • Jommachado

      Midnight gnasher

    • Shark33

      Midnight and Hype ^^

    • Dietmar Soorholtz

      ULTRA VIOLET wird mein neuer “Weapon Skin”

    • https://twitter.com/rico_bang #RicoStillBangs

      the hypefestation skin will never get replaced, go gears!

    • Swannie

      Ultra Violet & Ivory is real nice!!!

    • Joshelcabron9

      what happened to the skin that was like the rainbow skin but just lime green in the gttv preview

    • Jgelectro87

      please give us SCORGE!!!!!!

      • jpaz160

        Scorge was a great char Yes Plzz put him back in it!!!!

    • Jpaz160

      Midnight look sick =]

    • Anonymous

      All the skins are fantastic, it’s going to be hard to choose a loadout. Personally I really like Fl4k and Vixen, I’ll probably use Vixen on my Retro and Ultra Viloet on my Gnasher xD

      Plus what happened to that green splat skin in the gttv video??

    • Tom Martin


    • S Spike87

      can we have sum animated skins ?????????????????????????????????????????????



    • https://twitter.com/KazLopez Kazzime Lopez Brito

      Thnx 4 Ivory………..now we want Child´s play skin.

    • Emperorgala

      Nice! All of them are cool, although, I am having a moment with that HYPE skin. Hey, are these meant to pacify me from earning my onyx weapons? Because surely, Epic is doing a great job. Anyway, 6000 kills for each shotgun? Way to many with my schedule. I guess I’ll be earning my Onxy skins by late 2015; if my calculations are right.  

    • mBlack

      Ivory, midnight, and hype.  In that order.

    • gears god

       hype and ultra violet all the way

    • Coldshadow911


    • Biron W

      Midnight for Lancer and Hype for the Gnasher. Oh yeah!

    • An Epic Fan

      Epic is badass and i bought all youre map packs so far and im ready to buy this one but I expected at least Adam Fenix, Thrashball Drone,Epic Weapon Skin(look it up if you dont know),and at least another remake(“River” in my opinion) but still like it! Hope you release what I commented but don’t expect it :/

    • Steven

      I found this on the net are these new skins?

    • Steven

      Update i messed up the picture, like i said i found this on the net


      • They look awsome

        They look sick wish I had red velvet and black ivy

        • They look awsome

          Stupid name didnt change

    • Jester9alpha

      Ultraviolet hells yeah

    • Vegito14

      I wish they re-make the flame weapons skin just like the green liquid metal skin that epic released in the beta, because it is unfair for people who played the beta got the flame, but for people who didn’t those skins should get a chance to get the flame skins too, would be great, but nice weapon skins for the new DLC coming out next week can’t wait to use commando Dom and those weapon skins.

    • https://twitter.com/iJLee209 Joey Lee

      MLG AND Hype skins?! Oh hell yes!

    • Anonymous

      I really want to have the Ivory skins! Close second is Midnight, or Ultra Violet. I’m little disappointed that the FL4K skin looks just like the Ghost Protocol skin that I have already unlocked. I think FL4K would be a lot more desirable if the colorway was changed to an orange/black digital camouflage, or perhaps add a brand new pattern like plaid or checkers.   

    • Justin Parker

      These are some pretty hot skins

    • https://twitter.com/Ace305_ Ace

       i like midnight

    • https://www.unscripted360.com/ Deacon

      i’ll rock Midnight

    • https://twitter.com/harospartanxxx Jose Haro

      hipe look good ivory…………

    • Dragon Noir 1967

      Midnight baby midnight!!!

    • The New Guy

      Midnight is my favorite. I always liked these Crimson Omens

    • Pancakedude44

      heard that ivorery was a mircrosoft employe exclusive till now

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/DBMYPAAXCFGF7T2LXEZQXX333M Tristan

      weapon skins FTW i’m goin’ with major league and FL4K

    • https://twitter.com/KILLABLACKWELL Brandon Blackwell

       I think midnight n ivory are the best two than hype n ultra violet. I also agree with bringing skorge back I mean ya’ll brought the theron general back why not bring the kantus general back he’s such a badass. Way off the mark but what about the story how Cole n Baird get reinforcements And rebulit Jack….I’m just saying.

    • vegnawar

      the skins are free with the last DLC or in store ? 😮

    • https://twitter.com/Gonzo_119 Michael Gonzlaez

      Are these going to need to be purchased as while or do they come with the DLC

    • Mysterionrg

      Midnigth or hype

    • Ionut

      como los consigo ? 

    • Mofleman

      SCORGE!!! Please

    • Atmospherev3

      Midnight on Onyx Guard <333333333333333333333

    • mvodx

      Wheres Forces of nature

    • Bloodycobler

      Ivory Is the best, then Midnight, And Hype, Need to make Digital thats gold and platinum. Thats the one i want besides solid white.

    • OG Night Wing

      ya i got the ive got this achievement and i didnt get my ivory skins whats up with that?

    • Chingon_yo123

      maldito epic deja gugar gow3 

    • Ilovepizza11

      the skin are cool but you all ruined jacinto and guardian

      • Llnsanity


    • Ilovepizza11

      the skin are cool but you all ruined jacinto and guardian

    • https://twitter.com/Tickerfun nathaniel

      ivory is the hardest to get

    • CoolestxD

      Alguien que hable español por favor ya tengo el logro de Force Multiplayer y nada no me dieron mi skin de fl4k o el ivory no me acuerdo pero ya tengo el logro y mi skin nada no aparece por favor si alguin save una solucion o algo diganme porfa mi gamertag es HenderTarget876…..I have a problem i got the achievement of force multiplayer and nothin i dont have mi ivory or fl4k skin if you know how fix this problem please chat with me my gamartag is HenderTarget876

    • CoolestxD

      algui me dice como tengo el skin fl4k porque ya tengo el logro force multiplayer y fui a ver mi skin y no esta si es un problema y alguin sabe como solucionarlo digame porfavor mi gamertag es HenderTarget846

    • Bloodycobler

      Ivory is so hard to unlock and its the only one i want, Im pissed 3days ive been trying and i cant get ten kills because some asshole kills the enemy leader right off the bat!!


      Does anyone not realize that the Ivory skins in Forces
      of Nature dlc are not what they should be? This skin set is Fake! The real ones
      are all white with no grey details or black shading. The originals were also
      given out to Joe Grafs closest friends. This is the lowest Epic has sunk
      especially with the recycled characters that were long pre-order bonuses for
      those who pre-ordered a copy of gears 3. If you really want to see the real
      ones check them out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kAMO5ptJn4&context=C4d13856ADvjVQa1PpcFPmKZUsXcbiXADkY0810f9jvOTPJM_Bt6Y=

    • Seumas5150

      IIvory & Midnight look good.

      . . . . Combine a black C.O.G or Locust insignia (just a thought)