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PAX-Easter Egg Hunt!

Jazz JackrabbitBecause PAX East falls on Easter weekend, Jazz Jackrabbit (our Epic Easter bunny) is bringing his basketEpic Easter Eggs PAX East of special Easter eggs to the event!  If you’re heading to PAX East this year look for the Epic Easter eggs hidden around the convention center to find Gears of War 3 DLC codes, HeroClix and other prizes!

Jazz will be tweeting hints and pictures through the Epic Games Twitter (@epicgames) so be sure to follow us to find out where they will be!  Happy egg hunting!

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_DERIXXN3QBZIHNL2P3HJLT6QX4 michael

      Can this be done around Raleigh too?  It would be nice to have something to do when I get a break from classes.

    • Anonymous

      That is AWESOME guys! I love Easter Egg hunting, and luckily this won’t go the Bioware route of eggs being caught on the top of trees, lol

    • https://angryfacing.com/ Nick

      Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’ll be at PAX this year and will definitely keep an eye out for them. 

    • https://www.jazz2online.com/ Slaz

      Awesome, I love Jazz Jackrabbit, easter eggs, and new games WITH easter eggs. 😀

    • Sausage8046

      Awesome, I was hoping someone would do something like this. Thanks for making all my dreams come true. <3

    • https://violetclm.livejournal.com/ Violet CLM

      Now if we could just get Jazz Jackrabbit _in_ some easter eggs, that would be ideal! Like in-game easter eggs, y’know?

    • Hizael_valencia


    • Hizael_valencia


    • Kilda6666

      What about Austria? No DLC Codes or something like this??? :(

    • kameron

      hey epic when i was playing gears  got i’ve got this achievent but did not get skin    my acount is Cragon2000

    • https://twitter.com/coolgray01 Duane

      Any way to get digital eggs for dedicated Gear Heads who can’t get to PAX East?

    • Campos_homie

      hi this game is kind of cool if you know to epic events chingones play much gears so hopefully epic take another set of gears but with new character of human campaign

    • mason ahmed

      i love the dancing wretch glitch on chekout

    • mason ahmed

      i love the dancing wretch glitch on chekout

    • nnAPOPHISnn

      Salut epic 
      Quoi une chasse à l’oeufs dans dans gears  trop fort 

    • Dragan Okan

      Ah, Jazz Jackrabbit. All my childhood… :’)

    • Alexander Hristov

      Why do not sell JazzJackrabbit2 The Secret Files around the world? Will great in the install prepacked the plus version :)

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORQQBHLWKYXLM6X6S3JRYONRTM Sam

      Nice to see Jazz still being mentioned/used. :) Good luck to all at PAX East!