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Epic Games and Insomniac Games at Muck Ruckus!

Teams from Insomniac Games and Epic Games are gearing up for some friendly competition at this year’s Muck Ruckus charity event, raising money and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

MuckRuckus MS Carolinas is a 5-mile, military-style run with obstacles that have been surrounded by or consist entirely of mucky fun. People cheer as teams of contestants slip, slide and slosh their way to the finish line.

The pictures from last year show just how messy the event can get!

The team from Epic Games is currently in training for the event. They are working on their core strength and cardio. Team Captains Mike Capps and Prince Arrington are at the helm to be sure the participants are ready for the event. Both teams are veterans of the event, having also participated last year. The teams each have a goal set for $5,000.00. Lets help them achieve it!

Along with Mike and Prince, the team from Epic also includes Julianne Capps, Rod Fergusson, Peter Hayes, Wes Hunt, Tanya Jessen, Tim Johnson, Aaron Jones, Kevin Lanning, Eric Newman, Ben Shafer and Shelley Franklin.

The team from Insomniac so far is, Team Captain Jason Anderson, Aaron Butler, Duncan More and William Parmenter.

If you would like to donate to Team Insomniac, visit their Muck Ruckus page.

If you would like to donate to Team Epic, you can visit their Muck Ruckus page. You can to either of the teams or individual team members.

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