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Gem Forging in Infinity Blade II

The new ClashMob update for Infinity Blade II included another great new feature: Gem forging!

The all-new Gem Forge allows players to upgrade their weapons by crafting the most powerful gems available.  To create a gem with the Gem Forge, a player must combine three of their existing gems in the forge and wait a set amount of real world time for it to complete.  The more powerful the gem, the longer you have to wait to receive it.

Infinity Blade II ClashMob Gem Forge

What awesome gems have you created so far? 

If you have figured out the pattern to make a great gem, be sure to share it here or on our Facebook Page or Twitter and we may feature it in a future post!



    • PGRBryant

       I’m pretty sure I’ve found one of the best gems in the game.

      Combine 3 alikes of “Combo5 get XXX health” And eventually you’ll end up with some insane ones. Right now I have a gem that SELLS for 500k and gives me 2017 health.

      • Bkuhlman84

        What happens if you combine three of those gems that u created?

        • Creineq

          I’ve tried it. Forgot what it can do. But the sell price still 500k

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/IO54EAQIQUD7ITNIKXYJ25NIPI Silence

      Forged some cool stuffs:

      1. Power gem with +185 attack
      2. One allows me to parry all attacks, including enemy’s kicks
      3. One causes 990 damages to enemy when parry
      4. One causes 6048 damages to enemy with perfect parry

      • Dgeusz

        How did you do that? i always get crap gems like, “on magic get three shield.” i combined three perk drop gems that were 314% 332% and 365% and it gave me a gem with 185% wtf? how do you know what combos are going to good stuff and which do crap?

        • https://profile.yahoo.com/IO54EAQIQUD7ITNIKXYJ25NIPI Silence

          I did that by repeating the forging process.  You get one of the cool stuffs randomly.  But it’s hard to forge so many times now with the forging cost going way up.

        • Ftugfr

          Was the 185 a rare find gem?

    • Fuck

      fucking there are a lot of bugs or some artificial limite for gem forging. For exemple, 3 health gem (+50) make +50 health something like that. lol 

      • Guest

        Once you hit the gem limit cap, you can’t go further….. Health +50 is the cap.

    • Brandonxu

      i have the best gem bro, heals me 2,000 health when i parry

    • Annonymous

      I have the best gem bro, heals 2,000 health when I parry

    • Basery94

      wow i jus combined 3 500,000 gems together and got this result. 1+2+3=1

      • Imian75

        the thing can’t make gems worth more than 500k… it’s the value cap.

    • Flood_road

      Is there any way to cancel a gem forge once it’s begun?

    • https://twitter.com/kenjo30 Ken Jo

      How to forge Parry all Attack Gem?

    • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.delamota Daniel Delamota

      i combined 3 500000 gems and i got 1 500000 gem that was good but not worth loseing 1millon

    • https://www.facebook.com/Face.lVlaster Beer Jessada

      how to forge Parry all Attack gem
      How to Forge Rainbow attack Gem

    • Shikha Sharma

      Somebody tell me the receipie of fourging parry all attack gem in IB3….
      May god bless you…