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Get Ready for ClashMob!

Infinity Blade II ClashMob  The next update for Infinity Blade II is coming soon and it’s a great time to start recruiting your friends to join your “Mob!”  The update includes the all-new, globally social battle mode: ClashMob, featuring dynamic challenges that will allow you to team up and earn special perks as well as new achievements and rewards.

Infinity Blade II Clash Mob Menu

Recruiting friends into the new “MyMob” interface is easy, as it pulls directly from your Facebook and GameCenter friends lists, so you can start adding your friends that play Infinity Blade II now.  Players will have the opportunity to play with potentially thousands of players to complete the asynchronous quests.

ClashMob will be available at any time from Infinity Blade 2‘s main menu and give gamers the opportunity to work with hundreds, even thousands of other player to take down enemies with vast amounts of health. If the mob is successful, everyone will be rewarded with in game cash, gems or other exclusive game items.

The more friends you have participating in ClashMob, the better the items you’ll be eligible for.

In addition to ClashMob, the update also includes new equipment, a redesigned gem interface and a new gem forge feature. You’ll be able to forge three gems in to one single, more powerful jewel.

Check out the Mashable and IGN features on ClashMob for more details. If you haven’t picked up Infinity Blade II yet and want to start practicing before the first ClashMob begins, pick it up here on the AppStore!

Check out the Infinity Blade universe for only $2.99!Want to try the original Infinity Blade?  Good news:  For the first time ever, Infinity Blade is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time!

There’s no better time to explore the Infinity Blade universe!

    • Wipf

      Guys stop teasing always with the same information. It would we great if we would know when the update is going to be released. If you can’t give us an exact date than maybe an average. Something like begin of April or mid April or end of April.
      Despite that, I actually add a lot of persons who play IB2 in Gamecenter.

    • Christ Bros

      I am with you Wipf! I want a release date soon too!

    • chamuscao

      Yes, please! Give us the release date… and the Infinity Blade XD

    • Caviles_1994

      It releases on April 12th

    • Dylan1696

      I wish you would make infinity blade for Xbox Kinect. It would be the perfect platform for how the game is played and you would be able to make the very first 9.0 or above rated Kinect game to date.

    • Yorky

      Add me to your mobs my fellow IB2 brothers and sisters!  Let us tear these waves of monsters to shreds!

      • Yorky

        My gamertag is Yorkifyme

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      Add me aateeqi ! Mobs R us

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    • Anonymous

      Not on sale anymore, went to check it out this weekend and it was no longer on sale. Bummer!

    • Chrisz

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      Add me in game center please: nowd

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    • Juliem1122

      I recently downloaded infinity blade two and I need clashmob to play… How can I get clashmob so I can play my game?

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