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Giveaway: Epic Gamer T Shirt

We’re giving away one of our new Epic Gamer t shirts.  There are several ways to qualify and each one counts for an entry – so the more you complete the more chances to win.  The giveaway is open now and will run through Sunday, April 22nd.  Click read more to use the widget and enter!

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    • Fairylover133

      Love epic games!

    • Franco Campana19

      Gears of war has to be the game that drastically changed my perspective on videogames and showed me the essence of a good game. It inspired me to create a game which I am working on under their methods of story telling. Epic has really done a great job thought the years.

    • Frqarshed

      I am an EPIC gamer because I want to win this T-shirt 😀

    • https://twitter.com/UndeadZombiie Anastacia France ⚓

      I want to enter your company once i finish all my studies hopefully i will be good enough, i love all your games too much. 

    • Topi_s7c

      i’m a epic gamer! and i need that shirt!, problem? 

    • https://twitter.com/Senix200 YoursmileMysmile

      Good luck alll!! 😀

    • Chris Velez

      I’m just one of those people that’s loved gaming since those simple 9999-in-1 handheld games. I can’t get enough of shooters and fighting games especially. I’ve dedicated so many hours perfecting my shot and mastering levels and beating bosses I swore I’d never beat. There’s nothing like that feeling when you finally achieve your goal and beat a game or get that awesome killcam. I’m an epic gamer because decades from now, I’ll still be around playing on whatever console comes out and enjoying games as much as I do now.

    • James E Avery

      gimme gimme gimmeeeeeeeeeee

    • Dragon94


    • https://twitter.com/balonyshow Aldo Rodriguez

      pfff !! that would look nice on me 😉

    • Cornwellbrendan

      I’m a college student and I spend most of my money on video games. So now I don’t have money to buy shirts. I also got my girlfriend to play more XBOX instead of her Wii, so that pretty much qualifies me as an epic gamer.

    • Colton rickard

      I am one of the biggest gears of war fans.I am looking for everything for gears,i got Gears of war 3 epic edition,gears of war 2,gears of war 1,season pass,all map packs,& ect.Please if i get this i will be very happy.

    • I Sandman I

      Going for Seriously 3.0! want to be one of the people that already have / will get the magical 2k gamerscore on 1 game!

    • Ritwo_s

      Why I Epic Gamer? Sorry but i’m gonna write in French !
      J’espère que vous prendrez la peine de traduire un fan français !
      Mon histoire avec Epic Games a commencé en 2002 avec un certain Unreal Tournament 2003 ! J’ai ensuite enchainé, années après années, les suites et autres jeux EG. Et puis finalement 10 ans après le premier jeux acheté, vous me comblez toujours autant, surtout avec votre dernier “bébé” qui est Gears of War 3 !
      Thanks !

      ps : if you do not translate this message then you do not like your French fans ^^ !

    • Blackmetalzombiea

      I love EPIC cos it’s the best games producer company!

    • JordanRagus

      I’ve been looking for a new shirt! This would be awesome!

    • Alfa_90

      My gears girl wants that T-shiert on her boobies!

    • https://twitter.com/PreludeVTEC01 Dean Rowland

      UGGHHHHH, Nah Nahhhhhhh 

    • Neospell

      Yay a shirt ive been needing one of those :)

    • Iid970

      Why am I an Epic Gamer? Simple, the games made from the company are a bloody good time.

    • Kasandra9130

      Looks great 😀 

    • https://twitter.com/ArienG Arien G

      I’m an epic gamer because I was born this way.

    • https://twitter.com/Rockhellio Rogelio Moreno

      Why not folllow one of the biggest game creator?

    • MagicToaster_xD

      I want to win!

    • KillerGeneral

      I’m an epic game I have always played since I was 5 I got gears of war when it came out I’ve beat it insane with no help and found all cog tags with no help my brother bought the limited edition and I pretty much stole his xbox and his game every weekend I would go over and spend the whole day there them one day he wouldnt let me play anymore so then i found out my neigjbor also had the game and he let me play it for as long as I want but for sure if I get that shirt it will be my favorite ill wear it everywhere and it will be the first short I wear out of the laundry my friends can say all they want that im a no life well i leave the house and I have a girlfriend, gears of war is one of my top 5 favorite games and it well always be on my phone I have the Cole train rap, mazzy star into dust, Gary rules mad world, and the theme that plays while your in a battle I’m a hardcore gears of war gamer and I will always be I am actually planning on getting a gears of war tattoo. I hope I get this shirt and ifbibdo I thank you epic games. Thank you for making the best war game ever gears of war is better the call of duty and battlefield.

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/SOUDDSJT22Z4S6VNRLHNGE3LTI Karis

      how would we be notified if we win?

    • poop

      I WILL WIN

    • Alexander-lotr


    • https://twitter.com/KeithRajwa Keith Rajwa

      I’m an epic gamer because I’ve been playing video games as long as I can remember also Jazz Jackrabbit was one of the first games I ever played when I got a PC.

    • https://twitter.com/mvoss83 Marcella Voss

      I just want it!  That is all.

    • Squeekdogg_011


    • AgileLawDawg1

      Epic is the closest game to reality

    • David Y

      Everyday Gears is getting more crappy. I’m tired of this and little by little I’m getting bored! The servers even aren’t dedicated and are laggy. 

    • Madzen47

      I’m an Epic gamer because I have Gears of War 1,2 & 3 and I love’em.
      Also I’ve always followed Unreal Tournament series. I remember that
      when I was 14 years old (11 years ago), I used to play Unreal Tournament
      1 every single day after school (and more during weekends xD) on my PC.
      Unfortunately, we moved to another house and the game was lost :(.
      Since that I looked every store to buy the original UT1 but I coulnd’t
      find it (and still I haven’t, it’s not easy here in Mexico xD). Of
      course, nowadays I play Gears of War and the last Unreal Tournament
      games but I still want to back to those old days of UT1 :).

      As an extra comment: If I see on the back of a game “Powered by Unreal Technology” I know it won’t dissapoint me 😀

    • DrunCoPsyKen

      I’m an epic gamer because of how realistic unreal has become. I was playing the original Quake back in the day and stumbled upon Steve Polge’s Reaper bot. The AI players amazed me back then. When he got on board with you, you made a game of my dreams with pretty much the same aspect as that. I’m talking about Unreal Tournament ofcourse. I was hooked on it for years, didn’t matter to me if it was online or offline. As long as I could play it. A difference in system power was really noticable back then too, the more preformance resources it had, the better it looked. And ever since then, the Unreal Engine has grown so powerful that it has high end graphics that can run very smooth on a lot of systems. And Bulletstorm has been one of my favorite shooters lately. Taking the killing skills to the next level. 

    • Heather meunier

      I <3 gears of war!!! I want a tshirt 😀

    • https://twitter.com/schroederrock Chris Schroeder

      Gears of War has always been a welcomed and necessary change of pace in shooters.  3rd person isn’t easy to do right, but GoW always seems to hit a bullseye with how it’s setup.  Looking forward to other possible entries into the genre from Epic!

    • MTHALO

      Because Epic has the best games!

    • https://twitter.com/DropD Jamie Gilson

      Great game

    • https://twitter.com/nosila00 Alison Fernandes

      Because in 2 years i will be a college graduated Game Developer and it will be epic to arrive in a Epic Games job interview with that shirt ! 

    • https://twitter.com/MASTERSHEICK LuisRey

      give it to me

    • Hadoukenxbox

      If i win that t-shirt i will wear it for the rest of my life…

    • https://twitter.com/Woceyth Víctor Jesús Arroyo

      Epic Shirt!

    • Kuronishen

      Because .I love the Gears community.

    • https://twitter.com/Ikorai James

      Never could get a Cougar’s Beta Tester Shirt so wouldn’t mind an Epic Gamer Shirt 😛

    • Malinpingy

      I’m an EPIC GAMER since I’m a die hard gears fan.

    • kyonaaax

      I’m an epic game because i own all the man playing bulletstorm. I usally have dubbel the skillscores of the other teammates and own all my friends. I have finished the single player atleast 24 times and i reached level 50 within 5 days. And what is more epic than a female owning all the fulltime nerd gamers?

    • https://twitter.com/SDMF04 John R. Howard

      I am an EPIC gamer!!! i just need the t shirt to let people know….

    • Esteban N.

      Great! Wanna this tshirt! Epic always has nice giveaways.

    • Agwestmoland

      awesome shirt!!!!!!

    • Daimyo_jefu

      Unreal engine is one of the best out there ever

    • Corey Arnsdorff

      That is one Epic Shirt

    • Mojodude38

      I have owned or played almost every game made by Epic, or that runs on Unreal Engine- Dedication

    • Garner Cottle

      I am an EPIC GAMER!!!

    • GnasherExpert

      I wonna win! Im a total gears nerd

    • Herbie17135

      this is pretty cool



    • https://twitter.com/rachelmj10 Rachel Marie

      pretty sweet shirt!!!

    • https://www.semblanceofsanity.com Bryan

      Epic is the best!

    • https://twitter.com/drkmage101 drkmage

      because I > You

    • Anonymous

      I’m an epic gamer … cuz of you guys!

    • Acehye

      Epic is awesome

    • Ethaniel

      Always playing Gears of War 2 or 3.

    • Chris Carmine

      Boobies + Gears = Epic

    • Mr_superior

      Gears of War is the reason I’m an Epic gamer!

    • https://twitter.com/Darklurkr23 Jared Z

      Woooo now that’s a great combo shirt with my Gears 3 Pajamas! 😀

      Well I couldn’t decide what DLC pre-order I wanted, so I bought Gears 3 4 times! XD

    • https://twitter.com/JASGTi Adam Saunders


    • Havik33

      shirts to wear…

    • Dat13boi

      Been playing Gears since I was in the 5th grade, now I’m actually old enough to play LoL. Great game! I don’t think it should end just yet, but this epic gamer would like to win a shirt.

    • Alvarovsqz

      wooo wooo

    • Alvarovsqz

      wooo wooo

    • https://twitter.com/TheJorgasm Jordan Riesterer

      I believe I will take mine as a XLT thank you!!!

    • solidpower

      I’ve had epic wins, epic fails, and epic times all thanks to Epic.

    • Jontatumtech

      Im the gamer of all gamers..with that said…winning

    • Back2theMatt

      I will pass this most epic of shirts on to my epic 8 year old daughter who has leveled up to a 23 today, only playing offline during minimal spurts in the weekends. She, like myself and so many others, is very disapointed to hear we have seen the end of the Gears series. We hope you reconsider!

    • Jaiwant Toppo

      I’m a big fan of Epic Games.  Epic games make “Epic games” and thats what i like about them. They push the Unreal Engine to its Limits, they work hard so that every one us had a blasting experience. EPIC FTW.

    • https://twitter.com/dr_jfnavarro J. F. Navarro

      I’m an Epic Gamer because Epic staff are dream makers thanks 4 all ! 

    • Lifeis_poetry

      I love Gears of War ! My gf and I  play it whenever we have a little free time ! I’d love to win this Shirt for her !!!

    • https://twitter.com/ericasarah Sarah Martinez

      Im an Epic gamer cause I love Gears of War!

    • markmontano

      make it 5 winners! or 10

    • Rakllen

      who won?;p

    • Anonymous

      So who won?

    • https://twitter.com/Dayell_Nicole Danielle Spurlock

      I want a shirt :( tooo late…

    • Zuzixs

      yeah who won? 

    • Smogden

      I like how girls think they are epic just because they play video games… I know a lot of girls that play video games… Doesn’t make you epic.