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GameInformer July Cover – The Next Gears of War

Game Informer July Cover Revealed: The Next Gears Of WarBe sure to watch the Microsoft E3 press conference Monday for more information about the next Gears of War. Today, GameInformer released a “teaser” image of their July cover. You can read the full story HERE.

You can watch the briefing live on Xbox LIVE, www.Xbox.com/E3 12:30pm ET / 9:30a.m. PT on Monday, June 4.

    • Dude

      I’am so exited!!

    • S2501Y


      I’m deffo gonna check this out on Monday, can’t wait ^_^

    • xXI DrP IXx

      What!!! This just made my day. I really thought gears 3 was the last game in the series

    • oscar garcia


    • Anonymous

      I hope there’s Locust on this new game. NO LOCUST NO GAME !

      • lza

         there’s reavers flying in the background, so yes there will be locust

    • https://twitter.com/GearsSabri Sabri Ünlü

      jeah boy! 😀

    • https://twitter.com/harospartanxxx Jose Haro

      yea new gears………

    • https://twitter.com/BachoBanchou Ivan Armendariz

      I’m gonna call it right now, story line in between Gears 1 & 2.

      • Armand

        no way! its a prequel thats marcus in handcuffs before his prison sentence its most likely gonna be his story and youll play as a different cog gear during the pend wars maybe carlos santiago who knows?

        • lza

           no locust in pend wars, look at the reavers flying in the background

        • Grimmtheking94

          Cole and baird never knew marcus before gears 1 either 

    • https://twitter.com/Brendanhayellis Brendan ▫▫▫


      No way I thought it was the end… Cant wait 

    • jonnnym

      I think is something like Raam shadow but maybe a little longer maybe something about skorge since we never got him in GOW3 DLC

    • Dax

      Pre-quell calling it. How Marcus ended up in jail in the first game.

      • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP


    • https://twitter.com/ElCoyotazo Señor Coyote

      #NewGearsofWar ;Release date? IMO its too soon, Gears 3 its not even 10 months old!! I would not like it to become like COD making a “new” game every year.

    • Pancakedude44

      F*** yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MASSIVE GEARS RIGHT HERE 

    • Blighted

      What about more DLCs? Am I the only one that just feels like I was left hanging? 

    • Zex

      OMG i hope it’s E day with marcus when it all started! cant wait!

      • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

        get over marcus he is not in it…

    • Raul_biker_31

      wow awesome!!! my favorite game fuck yeahh

    • Anarkireigns

      i dont understand why everyone is sooooooo happy. does anyone realize that u pay $65 for the game and with dlc another $30-$40, and the game is still broken, so instead of raping the consumer pockets AGAIN, fix the game that you made. its only the 3rd game that STILL doesnt work properly. i understand being excited about the upcoming if the previous was satisfactory. FIX THE SHOT REGISTRY, FIX MATCHMAKING, FIX THE MANTLE KICK OR TAKE IT OFF. where are the patches. y is it so difficult, the company makes games, so we shouldnt have a prob but we do and the same thing is gonna happen with the fourth jus like the other 3.

      • David Scrivener

        fuck you

      • MarkP

        Hey I kinda agree with you there, the point of 3 not being fixed sucks, let alone the amount of fucking £££ i spent on the DLC, only to get old revamped maps WTF, at least give us some new fucking maps not the old shit over and over. So I know how you feel. Its a guaranteed gesture that Epic have done here, simply because it sells, gears simply sells no matter what, hence GOW4 may have a coming date soon enough. I aint buying 4 regardless, especially if they make fucked up weapons like SOSG and the Retro… pointless even for a 4th version, this reminds me of the Halo games, the series ends on 3 then all of a sudden new versions of halo arrive and hey hey Bungie getting in more of the £££ fucking lame selling old shit made into new… move on EPIC, make something new, your only gonna copy and past shit over onto 4…

        • iVeyronn HD

          bungie does not own the rights to Halo any more. they have no say what happens to the franchise at this point in time

        • mattp9850

          your an idiot. Bungie isn’t getting more money by making more games they left it and another company was interested so bought the rights. same with gears, epic isn’t making gears of wars: exile. The next game is being made by the ‘bulletstorm’ makers. If these games are so terrible, why are you on here? Do you genuinely believe that epic games will read your post and instantly make changes to their ‘awful’ games, they have a multi-million fan base, so i don’t believe they gift a rats a** what a worthless little scrot like yourself thinks or wants. Go play cod. rant over. :)

          • mattp9850

            Gears of war: judgement, not exile sorry :L

            • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

              epic bought people will fly and so will be over seeing GOW:J and why would someone like rod ferguson from epic announce it if they weren’t involved ?

            • mattp9850

              both epic and people will fly worked on bulletstorm, epic is a huge company, the people who were allocated to work on bulletstorm from epic are working on the next gears, not the old team who made the trilogy if that makes sence, more of a change within epic then a new developer altogether :)

      • Dylweedpb

        u problebly just suck  is why ur so mad

    • Anarkireigns

      ill shit in a box and mark it guaranteed, come on everyone lets go buy a guaranteed piece of shit. YUP THATS HOW I FEEL  

    • Pricec08

      Theyre gonna start it off in pendulum wars then halfway through the campaign e.g act 3 there will be e-day

    • The Man

      It’s Adam fenix on the cover. He is taken prisoner by Prescott. Thats why there are onyx guards in the pic. It’s going to be about the pendulum wars.

      • mattp9850

        Nope, apparently its cole and baird that are in chains, they were arested for treasen or something like that. apparently the next gears follows there story a few years after e-day, so the fenix’s are no longer the main roles.

      • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

        i thought so but i did think what could we do with adam  answer fuck all  thats not is the novels  and to be honest he still don’t do much taht would make a game worth playing  with the only exception being the pendulum wars at anvil gate and other key battles..

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/NRHQLOCIFSWACFCEDFPSW75BXY Jaxon

      I am so Hyped for the next gears of war

    • xDARKANGELx559

      Hell yea. This is awesome. I hope were able to make our own charscter that would look like u. That would top any gears game for me. Being able to make our selfs as a gear.

    • Dylweedpb

      You guys should make an R.T.S version og Gears of War if you’re going to make another one

      • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

        fuck no…

    • kerm

      Yeah…I’m a hardcore Gears fan and Judgement doesn’t seem very interesting at all. Maybe for an expansion, but not as a full game. I mean, a Gears prequel that’s not even in the Pendulum Wars? No Marcus either? Unless there’s something really interesting about it like it being an RTS or a 1st person shooter, then no thanks.

      • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

        rts can go fuck a duck as far as gears in concerned imo

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

      people need to click on the ‘full story link’ NOW  unfortunatly baird n cole look wierd  to ‘bulletstormy’ for my tastes…but i’ll wait till i see gameplay /trailer before my wallet is being thrown at the screen.

      and if your looking for my posts armand

      fuck you….

    • Seansvalenzuela

      they should make a game like halo wars, no one liked that game but i think GOW can do it

    • https://twitter.com/luisdavidspider Luis David Saenz

      omg! gt: LsnSpidet YT Channel: LsnRecords

    • Hudson

      They should of have continued with Gears of War 3 with the patches and DLC. Kinda disapointed that the game is pretty much done with.

    • https://twitter.com/DIE_831 Diana Mejia

      I was very happy that I got both covers! One from my boyfriend and one at E3. I am excited for the game and curious about the new button lay out and how that will change playing Gears.