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Giveaway: NECA Gears Of War 3 “Thrashball Cole” Statue

We’re giving away a NECA Gears Of War 3 “Thrashball Cole” Hand Painted Resin Statue.  There are several ways to qualify and each one counts for an entry – so the more you complete the more chances to win. The giveaway is open now and will run through next Thursday, May 24th. Click read more to use the widget and enter!

Update:  Congrats to our winner Jason P!

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    • Itsnotcarter

      Gotta get me day sweet sweet thrash ball cole!!

    • https://twitter.com/Martyn470 Martyn Burnikell

      Just cause he’s badass, that thrashball mini mission in gears 3 is amazing.

    • Kyle Johnson

      COLE TRAIN WOOOO! That touchdown scene in Gears 3 is amazing!

    • Michael O’Hare

      Cole Train would look incredible with my collection of gears of war figures/collectables.
      He would sit on the throne next to the Insane Marcus Fenix Statue and the original Delta Squad figures and my Batsu Dom, Marcus, and Locust. XD

    • https://twitter.com/DarthBetty Betty Windsor

      I love Cole Train because he’s adorable and I want to run away with him. There, I’ve said it.

    • Stobbe Tim

      Maybe I’ll build the Locust Thrashballer myself, so the Cole Train can run it down.

    • Paul

      Because the trains the game baby WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • https://twitter.com/Gaagie Axel Pettersson

      Because there’s no stopping THE COLE TRAIN!

    • https://twitter.com/AmieofAvalon AmieofAvalon

      Cole Train is just awesome!!!

    • Marc Berrones

      Because he is a badass who lets people know what he think about them!

    • @madjaydoyle1998

      the Cole train has been number 1 ever since I heard that song on the credits of gears 1.

    • stephon stansell

      Cole has been my Favorite character in gears ever scene his cool guy appeal in gears 1! i mean in muti-player, all i play is superstar, thrash, or classic Cole no exceptions! the reason for that is 1. he is my Favorite. that’s a given and 2. in the word of Cole “Everyone wants to see The Cole Train play!”. its funny that i catch myself in every day conversations  saying WHOOOOO! or some of Cole’s lines. 😀 all and all it would be amazing to get the statute and it would go right next to my Marcus statue and limited edition gears of war xbox! love you EPIC!!!
      -Stephon Stansell

    • https://twitter.com/servbot001 Cheshire

      My fav aspect of Cole is that he writes his mother every day

    • https://twitter.com/Dark_Infinity_1 Jack

      Why I Love the Cole Train?
      This quote right here:
      “Delta Squad is in your house, B—-! You hear that s—? All you
      grubby-ass b—— are going down! Like, way down! Dead down! So down
      you ain’t gonna know which way is up! Your asses are gonna be crying to
      your skank-ass Queen, ‘Oh Mommy, don’t let the bad man hurt us!’ F—
      you! We gonna whoop yo momma’s ass! WHOO!” 

    • andrespiranha

      You can’t kill locusts without the Train WHOO!!

    • Zero_0

      The Cole Train is Fuc*ing Awesome !

    • Paulnaeim


    • Eliza

      Because the Cole Train runs on whole grain!

    • https://twitter.com/iciuz Maurizio

      Because Cole Train is Cole Train Baby…..

    • Jonathan

      Kind of bummed because twitter is down for me atm, I’ll try again later to get those last 5… 😛

    • Jwizee

      Cole Train is the best!

    • xsouthomahax

      Because he reminds me of my sister ” big Larry” from north Omaha Ne!

    • Alex.

      GOW rules!!!

    • at00

      He’s humble like the Bieber.

    • Www Smokeyweezer89

       cause my marcus needs back up

    • Fredya82@gmail.com

      “I’m in the zone baby” cole

    • Hilltophero

      Cole train is just the coolest character with his powerhouse attitude and his never dying “WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

    • josue

      this is very great if i have it

    • Docdick2005

      Can’t nobody stop the Cole train baby!

    • Mariolb97

      Hello in from México, cole is my favorite character of all gears of war games, this is the best option to win the best character of gears of war baby!!!!. He had a Good actitude and I hope can i win that amazing prize

    • https://twitter.com/Zoidby Nate Martin


    • Avila_cristian

      Because he’s the Cole Train man!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/drkmage101 drkmage

      i can just see it now. my son saying WHOOO every time he passes by the statue instead of just when im playing #GEARS3

    • Bkop

      Because he’s the COLE TRAIN BABY!!!! WOOOOO!

    • foweR

      Cuz he’s a team player!

    • Maxwell Ahmadi

      Cole’s the only one with an earing. That’s enough to be my favorite.

    • Kevin ramirez

      i love cole train because he is the best .! 

    • Taylor Van Winkle



      Cole Train, is one of my favorite characters in videogames, he is very funny and he always is watching the positive, when the situacion is hard, he always look for something that can help him and his team, i like his humor, is so funny, and he is a great gear, and a great friend, i want a friend like him, i want this statue because it would look great next to my statue of marcus fenix, and i know that im not the only one who wants these, maybe it will be so excited win this statue, because, its cole train!!!!!!!!!
      So i really want to win the statue

    • https://twitter.com/Stephen_Martel Stephen Martel

      I love Cole Train because hes the toughest SOB!!!!!

    • Djnigga2008

      I love the Cole Train because he never surrenders and he always  help his team like in trash ball,yeah bring it on sucka,this my kind of shit!

    • Djnigga2008

      I love the Cole Train because he never surrenders and he always  help his team like in trash ball,yeah bring it on sucka,this my kind of shit!

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/HLN3UHUAOYXCILZV6NK6YJZV44 Joel

      the best Cole train !

    • https://twitter.com/Evilsilvergod D’mente Varkatzas

      cole train loves the whole grain baby !

    • https://twitter.com/Evilsilvergod D’mente Varkatzas

      cole train loves the whole grain baby !

    • Deejmarmar

      cole train is the coolest and the one that all ways gets the party started hess beter then all the other characers in gears 1 2 and 3 and I all ways win with him hess my good luck charm and I all ways been unlucky intill he came in to my game life he is the boom!

    • Kebz03

      Je la voudrais tellement cette statue qui représente LE personnage de G.O.W
      “The Cole Train Rules even in France WOOOOOHOOO”
      J’ai acheté la XBOX360 juste pour Gears of war 3 mais je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher d’acheter la trilogie
      Vous faites un travail formidable continuez de nous faire rêver 😉