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Legend of Zelda Nursery

Yoshi NurseryLast year, Epic Games Engine Tester Wes Swain created an amazing Yoshi’s Island Nursery for his baby daughter.

It took a little over four months to complete and includes a custom made mobile with a Lakitu created with Sculpey, LCD screen and re-purposed SNES controller. A small motor drives the baby Yoshis.




Wes’ friend Cole Bradburn and his wife are expecting a son and Wes and Cole set out to create a Legend of Zelda nursery for the baby.

Zelda Nursery

Wes drew the amazing artwork freehand and together they worked over 150 hours to complete the project.

Cole said on his blog, “My awesome friend Wes – who did the Yoshi’s Island nursery for his daughter – made all this possible. I was able to tell him my vision for the room, and he took it out of my brain and put it on the wall… exactly as I imagined it.

The amazing art that you see is his, he sketched all of it on the wall freehand! He also did the painting save for base coats, some under layers, and the clouds.

I’ll never be able to properly thank him. In total, we spent over 150 hours on the room over the course of 3 months. It feels good to be finished.” The nursery was even a featured story today on Kotaku.

Be sure to check out the video, and scroll down for more pictures.

    • Leviiathan

      I envy both children.

    • Michael Clifton

      I wish they allowed us to paint our rooms at NC State

    • https://colebradburn.com/ Cole Bradburn

      It is awesome to have this featured on Epic Community, thank you!  You have an incredibly talented employee in Wes, it is great to see his work shared.

      • Anonymous

         Great to see you here Cole! Congrats on the baby. What a lucky little boy! 😀

        • https://colebradburn.com/ Cole Bradburn

          Thanks, we are the ones who feel lucky 😉