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Gears of War 3 Fourth of July Event

Iceman GnasherIn honor of the 4th of July, we’ll be holding a special Gears of War 3 event starting today! There will be 2x XP in Versus, Beast and Horde, and there will be a special “Top Wingman” playlist with alpha rules.

Also, you’ll be able to select a custom event skin for each weapon!

Maverick – Lancer
Viper – Retro Lancer
Goose – Hammerburst
Iceman – Gnasher
Jester – Sawed off

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy that 2x XP!

This is a repeat of the ribbon from 11/21/2011 to 12/1/2011 and it is live now!

    • Nick

      When does this start? Is it just on the 4th?

      • Mr. Mat

        Good question…I’m gonna check now!  Wish we could keep/buy all the special weapon skins.  Maybe they could release them as a pack?

      • Mr. Mat

        it’s going on now!

    • CircadianHorse

      That’s awesome… Nuff said

    • Yesg25

      Hey flak have u talked to Crotale recently I haven’t seen him ATT GameStop in a while, also how do I get the Fl4k skin on gears?

      • Mr. Mat

        win a match of guardian on all the weather-themed maps!

        • iFlak

           This is correct :)

          • your name here

            i am having problems with this i got reset when forces of nature came out but when i went to my friends house we played gears and my old playerdata was there so i backed it up and took it ome but since doing that i cant unlock the flak skin

            • your name here

              ps i got the achievement when i was reset

    • brb pooptime

      sooo does it start on july 4th or what?

      • Mr. Mat

        it’s going on now!

    • bighead

      is it only on the forth or for a couple of days

    • v4gabUnd0

      this skin is the best:D

    • Denisfusion

      Pena que eu moro na droga Brasil!!!

    • iFlak

      Glad you guys like the skins! Have fun earning your XP! :) 

      • Dolphinadultswim

        2 questions plzzz help, 1. do u have to have forces of nature to get double xp nd how long does it last? 2. How do you unlock the custome skins?

        • https://twitter.com/GearsSabri itz BG

           to 2.: usually you dont have to unlock the skins.

      • guest

        Why can’t you dudes fix Gears 3? (Multiplayer) I’ve been into Gears, since the start. But Gears 3, I deaded it about 5 months ago. I will not Buy the new one. Did ya’ll not notice the thousand(s) player drop… C’mon, bro.. all you ppl have to do is fix the game and it will really be great. I really think Rockstargames, should buy Epic then I will know everything will be alright and much better.

        • Zaxou

           Rockstargames couldn’t handle what epic does. Also, you can’t fix what isn’t broken.

          • https://twitter.com/Legacy_Tom Tom

            Except Rockstar never release bad games and EPIC haven’t done a good one since Gears 1.. Hmm.

            • Sledawg

              gears 2 was way better than gears 1 u fool

            • Jmo0044

              gears 1 was ok but 2 was better and 3 better than that if you dont like gears go play galo

            • J-COG

              GEARS 1 ….BEST STORY /GAME PLAY
              GEARS 2 …BEST MULTI-PLAYER
              GEARS 3 …BEST GRAPHICS


          • James_hollandreaper

            your a fucking dick eater bro shut your fucking mouth yea there is problems with gears dumbass, why don’t you kiss some more ass, what.. do you think they’ll love you for saying that or give you a prize fuck no, so stop trying to kiss ass

            • Perrierfrancis

              You should first learn to respect others, then learn how to write on forum / chat. Then you should explain and prove what’s broken in the game before insulting others. (because i honestly think the game is not perfect, but dont need big patch and is not broken)

        • Juls

          Nothing is wrong with the game. Players just have no skill plain and simple. This is not COD/Halo. If you want that easy kill feel then go play those.

          • matt

            What is wrong with Halo? I could understand COD but why Halo?

        • Deepxnxyou

          I know I’m sick of point blaming people and not getting kill people say get skill but clearly they haven’t seen thousands of YouTube vids on BS I was reset then banned 4 some gay reason please Epic instead of copying halo reach(medals ribbons) fix servers and lose retro

        • oI3KoGHOSTz

           yeah multiplayer not as good as before but what game are you going to get with this much gore and blood to be honest black ops and mw3 have worst online

        • your name here

          Fuck off rockstargames are shit gta chhh it should jus end its jus boring as hell and red dead was ok but now its jus boring so if you want to fucking hate on a site where its supposed to be friendly chat not bitching and saying shit so shut the fuck up kid get good……

      • Waiting to be amazed

        Well atleast the 2x xp will come in handy for earning back my rank that was reset due to your game glitch !

        • SrXtapolapocetl

           same here…

          • your name here

            here is some advise so you dont get reset back up your player data  on a pen drive and dont switch off in the middle of a game(rage)

      • James_hollandreaper

        is gears judgment a whole new game or a arcade type

        • Cookiemonster

          whole new game

      • Drako

        Why do we keep getting repeat ribbons from the first events ? People already have the onyx medal with the glitch that happened on one of the first events. The 2xp is great :)

        • Correndath

          Because there are people that didn’t get the game until recently .. they need the ribbons from the first events .. A monkey could have worked that one out

          • Drako

            Monkey boy it’s 4th of July weekend it should be a new ribbon event as they are recycling the old events every week, with all do respect think before you post something. This weekend had to be a new event ribbon week since they have had nothing new since may don’t you think?


            • Omen

              They have already answered this Drako.  Epic cannot do any more new event ribbons.  They can only re-use the older ones so that people can get the ones that they missed.

    • Peadmv_1503

      Pero a mi no me kuentan los eventos alguien sabe porke???

    • AyeeItzAphex

      YAY! A Gears event. I don’t know if my account was bugged for a while or if Epic hasn’t been making Gears events on weekends, but for some reason i havn’t been able to get the ribbons for the Onyx medal. Oh well.

      • FSK

        me neither im stuck on 29/30. any idea if this one counts?

        • Zarmus_aran

          I have the exact same problem and it is frustrating. this one hasn’t helped either.

          • Sledawg

            Mine was at 29/30 for a while but then I randomly got it one day. Hopefully that will happen for you guys.

            • JD Fenix 57

              It’s because u have to play 30 different of the 34 events playable… For instance if u played week 2 and got a ribbon an then played week 2 of the second cycle (week 36) then you wouldn’t get a ribbon because you got it for your event 2 the first time around…

    • Ivan Alonso Sanchez Andrade

      finaly a great event……….

    • Sicknote01

      Do I need all the dlc to play the events ?

    • Yesg25

      @ Fl4k can u tell me how I can get the fl4k skin? I contacted u awhile ago on the forums I’m one of crotales friends EVIL LIL K1TTEN

      • DevilsShallCry

         You can clearly see how to get each skin by going in Stats and Awards section and going on the 3rd tab and into Weapon Skins…

    • Jossmonge

      How long it lasts event?

    • https://www.randallwong.com/ Randall Wong

      Love the Top Gun themed weapon skin names. 😉

    • https://twitter.com/LeeRobertsVA Lee Roberts

      Aww, I was hoping on Tick Tick Boom again… Oh well, I’m glad that there’s a 2x XP Event. Thanks, Flak!

    • https://twitter.com/JoshurawrH Joshurawr Hoyt

      is it 2x xp on every playlist?

      • Guest


    • grimmzi

      not getting any events my gamertag is grimmzi i find it really annoying cause i need 9 more events & i think my account has glitched so if any one knows why can you tell me how to fix it

    • Bubbazmydog21

      please gears make a couple more events for gears 3 so i can get party animal =D

    • DAAM

      huuu, maybe misplaced mi comment but…. 2xp on gears 2? c´amon is 4th of july¡¡

    • Patricia

      I played the campaign, 4 player co-op, but can’t get the achievement!! D: WHYYYYY!?

      • Rrzok

         Did you join in on someone elses game? It’s possible someone dropped out while you were in the middle of a chapter so you’re missing the four-player coop for that chapter.

    • Systricles

      I’m having issues getting the ribbon for the event. Is anyone else having issues too?

      • grimmzi

        yeah i am

        • Drako

          Its a repeat thats why.

    • Blondeboy22

      Do I need to be in the dlc playlist to get double xp?!?! Help please!

    • lH A lD lE S

       Está feo el skin de la Gnasher, deberían mejor liberar los skins que venden, están muy caros, parece como si no les hubiera ido bien en la venta del videojuego que necesitan vender los skins tan caros.

    • GearsBronyINSANITY

      Poop.  Slow down the game, Gears 2 is better, Gears of War Judgement…. since I like to fight from cover but I never do because of honor, I want this game. 

      • Rclark1114

        Do you realize Judgement will be even faster?

      • your name here

        fuck off its to fast gears 2 was too slow

    • Panther675

      gow3 awesome keep up da good work

    • Krismacaskill

      How long is it on for?

    • https://twitter.com/ComicBastardKB Kevin Beckham

      I guess I’ll give Skyrim a break… 

    • https://twitter.com/KINGMONGOLOID King Mongoloid

      Any word on when Epic is going to fix the gosh darned freezing at the start of each match?

    • tamaoci

      I KIKE …………xp up xD -.-

    • yo daddy kidd

      If your expecting a perfect game then i would advise you get rid of any console because your not gonna find the perfect game gow has came along way since the first and yes they got progressively better as does the technology, better software equals better games all you kids hating on gow and epic should think more realistically before you go ranting 

      • James_hollandreaper

        all multiplayer games suck now, the company’s are not even trying, at the begining they do but as months go on they let it go to shit and people get frustrated except the ass kissers who refuse to believe they’re favorite game is going to shit, that happend to me after gears released 3 for several months it went to shit same with battlefield, rent a server seriously? thats just a way to fuck gamers over and make money at the same time, premium members obviously get the drop on kids who have had the game but don’t want to pay 50 bucks

    • Golden Kantus

      Mmmh, this is looking good. Glad the holiday events are getting better.

    • Pancakedude44

      Crap I’m at my cousins house and they don’t have a xbox360

    • https://twitter.com/DarkCatharsis Gears

      look its the the Skins my Team made , now it seems epic is copying Us haha https://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j190/varukerspunx/1921681118-image2-2.jpg

      • Cookiemonster

        how do u make them?

    • Mckracken41

      do we get to keep the skins?

    • Mckracken41

       do we get to keep the skins from this event?

    • Dylanthejuggalo
    • Scottofdarwen

      so … do you get to keep the skins ? its been asked several times and not answered

    • Robindhooge

      my event counter isnt working for like the last 3months,

      plzz what can i do i’m at 24/30, and i would really  like to have the achievement…?

      • Watej

        the event calendar never really worked and wait till 12 days of gearsmas that is 12 events so u will defo get it

    • Watej

      i love gears but i have two issues with it and two only 1. the event calendar is bad lets face it the calendar never updates and you have to go onto websites like this to find out 2. ive played and completed GoW2 and 1 but i cant play them anymore im annoyed that i have to have played them to get the weapon skins and medals, on the while good game just fix calendar and fix the medals also do events fortnightly

    • Dalococo

      they need to boost up the points for kills and maybe 2x points days or weekends would be worth my time

    • Senseinch

      Me encanta el juego . Fluido , táctico y muy divertido . Pero se hace tedioso jugar las mismas pantallas en multijugador una y otra vez . Lo que hicieron con Jacinto fue genial . Con que lo hagan con más mapas de otras entregas , y no estoy diciendo que sea facil , sería genial . Hay muchos mapas de las anteriores entregas que serían interesantes de jugar con la mecánica del tres .

    • oI3KoGHOSTz

      even though online has some bugs it still fun to play you cant cainsaw in call of duty or gta 4 or halo people drop gears because either the get  reset or they cant stand the fact people are better then them or the cant have a good k/d

    • Starwolf1001

      and still didn’t get a ribbon

    • Sirstan

      does gears of war 3 have dedicated servers for the multi player as we were promised.
      and i response there are shadey little know tricks in gears of war 3 multi player that give the few the advantage over the many  if the developers took these out iam sure a lot more people would play & enjoy gears of war a lot more. ive only jst descovered these to day after having the game fo ages and i think they should be taken out for the good of GOW 3

    • Gears111


      • Demontools12455

         think its on for the week, just put it up early due to the 4th of July occasion. so no double whammy for anyone; sad as i was hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone and get my onyx done lol. now im gonna have to wait for next week to get mine. :-(

    • mysteryofevil

      pfff enjoy the x2 update? i got fucking reset thanks epic.. 40k gnasher kills dead….. yet lvl 5 with onyx skin makes me look like a hacker… and reup 2 lancer…… yea that means reset…. bitches

    • MrP1NK

      Hey, for some reason I cannot play any ranked matches. Quick Match works, but I keep losing host connection for any ranked type. What gives?

    • Noble6_1991

      damn ppl here are mean…also gow3 is the shit :>D

    • Bri

      Actually I really like the satisfaction of reaching lvl 100 so the level resetting to 0 only gives me more chances.. And now that they only update the event calendar twice a month saves me money i wont have to buy gears judgement they just added years of replayability to gears 3.. By unfortunately by then the xbox 360 will be obsolete so I guess no point in buying gears judgement at all sorry EPIC.. :(