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Gears of War 3 Updated Playlists

Hypefestation - Petenub - Pete KnepleyEpic Games Senior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley and Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo want to be sure that players are getting the best online experience possible with short wait times and more players. They asked you to tell us your thoughts about the Gears of War 3 playlists you want removed or consolidated in THIS thread on the Epic Forums.

The results are in, and below are the new consolidated playlists. Under Forces of Nature, you will find the “Old School” Playlist, which is Alpha and Zeta combined; Alpha rules with no stopping power and no active reload bonus. You’ll start with the Lancer and Gnasher and there is no Hammerburst, Retro Lancer or Sawed Off. Under Old School you will find Execution and King of the Hill. Because of the nature of the playlist, custom weapon skins will not be available.

In the Standard playlist, you’ll find the “Mercenary” playlist. This was formerly “We’re All Stranded Now.” Under Mercenary you’ll see TDM and KOTH with no parties. For those of you without the Forces of Nature DLC, please choose the TDM No DLC playlist and Player’s Choice playlist, with all game modes cycled.

One important thing to note, we’ll be monitoring the activity of the playlists as well as your comments so be sure to let us know what you think with comments here or the Epic Forums. We hope to have the new playlists will be live later today.


Forces of Nature

  • Old School
    • Execution (4 man)
    • King of the Hill (4 man)
  • Capture the Leader
  • Wingman


  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mercenary
    • Team Deathmatch (No parties)
    • King of the Hill (No parties)
  • Warzone
  • Execution
  • Guardian
  • KOTH
  • Team Deathmatch No DLC
  • Player’s Choice


    • Mauriceneal1988

      get rid of players choice and put Gnasher only without pistol please

    • Jay5740

      permanent gnasher only playlist pleae!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kenshin Mazahua

         Why? cuz you don’t know how to win vs. the chainsaw, bayonet or the sawed-off?

    • kanino

      Triple Threat should’ve been on the updated playlists…!

    • jeff.kremer227

      How about learning to use other weapons this isn’t GOW 2 anymore.

      • Jeff 014

        Well Gears 2 was complete Garbage. Gears 1 is where it was at. MP was so successful in Gears 1 now they just fucked up Gears.

      • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

        If you knew how to use a Gnasher you wouldn’t be bitching faggot. Get the hell off this game.

    • woody harrillson

      Gnashers only playlist is a must!!!

    • brucedgaf

      Bring ranked wingman back please! So any people miss it. There’s just never enough people to play a match

    • Jay

      Lets have a gnasher lancer only so I guess that would be Alpha Guardian. So old school i guess it would be guardian.

    • Bynum

      KOTH gnashers and lightning rounds were great. 

    • king_doni

      orignial playlists!!! gnasher and lancer/hammerburst only! no retro!!!

    • Roberttfrederickftb

      Please get rid of the Gnasher for a few days. I’m sick of everyone sucking Gnasher nuts

      • Shadow

        lol no, gnasher > sawed-off

    • Gloop01

      Thank you guys very much because I had stopped playing Alpha (my favorite playlists) since I could never get a full lobby, but hopefully this will solve the problem. Only thing I ask is, consider adding the active reload bonus to Old School, that’s it. Party on Wayne!

    • devastator88

      how about the problems or “lagging” during beast modes? i am tired of the glitches with the humans during certain maps of beast where the should’ve either died or went down. the “lagging” issues have made diffulties of progression unsettling

    • C_SAMANO

      Gnasher playlist only!!!

    • https://reflectzyn.com K.L. Smith

      This is exactly what I wanted to see! Thanks guys!

    • Bosskrematu201

      Lancers have always been the star of the game. Get rid of shitty hammerburst and take it back to 3 round burst

    • DSandman23

      Thanxs Epic, one more thing: New DLC with more maps and Skorge¡¡¡¡

    • Creepin

      Place do something about moddet hamerberst and pistol it’s really not fear to all the people on gears that likes to play fear and yes please bring back gnasher only with no pistol and no frags just gnasher Thank you.

    • derp

      hip fire lancer only playlist plox and brothers to the end.

    • Roberttfrederickftb

      Honestly, why do you support a game where people BEND THE GAME TO THEIR WILL? You make Gnasher Lancer playlists so that the faggots that USE the Gnasher only will play. What about the HARDCORE Gears players who have been playing since Gears 1, who, REALLY HATE SHOTGUNS. Seriously, you give a Gnasher only playlist, but no Rifle only playlist? Probably because all of these Shotgun fucks just bitch and bitch when I kill them with my Retro. Here’s an idea Epic… How about you don’t BITCH OUT when someone bitches about guns in the game. THIS IS NOT SHOTGUNS OF WAR, THIS IS GEARS OF WAR. LEARN TO USE THE REAL GUNS PUSSIES. If I was Cliffy B, I’d shoot myself for having so many faggots abusing my game…

      • Mr. Mercer

         I played gears 1 and no one used lancers because they were horribly underpowered in that game EVERYONE used gnashers. Most hardcore fans hate the retro because it takes relatively little skill to use and his horrendously over powered in comparison to the lancer or hammerburst. The hammerburst only has in edge in long range combat vs a retro. Also a gnasher will lose to a retro unless point blank. Pretty stupid for an assault rifle to rip up a shotgun at 4 feet.

      • king_doni

        if i remember correctly, people used to get booted from a game if they abused the lancer in gears 1. The retro is to fucking powerful and all they do is spray. The sawed off takes no skill what so ever. I dont care about the lancer or hammerburst, but retro and sawed off piss me off. Gnasher used to be the only gun i saw people getting kills with in gears of war 1.

        • GEARS101

          Go back and play Gears 1 or 2 then… GoW 3 OBVIOUSLY isn’t for you b/c it DOES have both RETRO and S/O Shottys… and they are here to STAY. #RealTalk

          • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

            #RealTalk, this isn’t twitter you ghetto piece of trash.

            • GEARS101

              It’s the internet, I’m not writing a fucking dissertation jackass. 

          • Moshed

            S/O was a mistake, will not be in Judgement. So saying it’s here to stay? Good joke.

          • king_doni

            I never said anything about then taking them out im saying create a new playlist for people who know how to play, meaning hammerburst gnasher and lancer. It seems like your implying that the sawed off and retro are not abused, have u never been sprayed by a retro from two inches away when u couldve easily been killed with a gnasher or blown to pieces by someone sticking the sawed off up ur ass and pulling the trigger even though you got the first shot off.

      • Jonathan Pedroza

         You, sir, deserve a medal. I can’t play this game anymore, because the shotgun is annoying as fuck!

        • GEARS101

          Then Don’t play… We don’t miss you.

      • Zentrique

        dude ur stupid as fuck and ur obviously shit at the game if u have to run around with a pussy ass retro lancer, bitches like u make the game shit sometimes. The only guns that actually take skill to use are the gnasher, hammer, and lancer.

        • kyle

           ur ill informed it takes no skill to use a hammerburst. theres no recoil and it has ironsights so fags can hide across the map and nail u with every fuckin shot. the retro having an extremely high recoil makes it far harder to use. and if u cant single shot it u shouldnt use it at all. and it takes more skill to use a sawed off than a gnasher, u have to be a ninja cuz u only get one shot, if ur game plan for the gnasher or the sawed off is to run straight at the enemy and pray ur close enough to be effective then ur trash. playin gears is about being versitile and not gettin tunnel vision with one weapon. why would u pull ur shotgun out if all enemys are far away, and why use a rifle when ur gettin up close and personal. tactics and common sense people. lets use it

          • Zentrique

            U need to sell ur game right fucking now u dumbass bitch, even the developers said tht putting Sawed off in the game was a mistake, every gears player fucking hates people like u

            • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

              oh lets talk about the developers shall we lets see sliding kantus in horde turbopad’s on hand guns and hammerburst and on reload on yeah cliff wanted carman dead so thats a guy unwilling to give something a try dude shut the fuck up you complete cunt. go back to your bit and wank off.

            • KillaManilla

              I think the sawdy takes more skill than you think.  Its hit and run = lots of FUN!  You just get mad when you get owned by it.  Maybe you need to work on your skills.  Not wine about a challenge. xD

          • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

            Kid, go fucking play Call of Duty. Nobody agrees with you except brain dead 12 year olds. If you suck at this game that USED TO require skill, go play bitch ass Call of Duty or Viva Pinata faggot.

          • king_doni

            But are you forgetting the hammerburst is a single shot and is insanely easy to outrun? the retro may have lots of recoil but the damage is insane…5 bullets and your down. Hmm ninja with a sawed off…are you fucking stupid u run up to them stick the barrel down there throat, pull the trigger and they die. Sawed off takes no skill what so ever

          • FLAILING

             To start, kyle, it’s inherently obvious that sawed off and retro lancer are easier weapons to use. This being the prime reason developers put them in the game. They’re a handicap for new players. Simply stating their known long-range weaknesses isn’t enough to justify their close quarters devastation. Any player, new or seasoned to the game, is almost insured at least one kill per death. These guns are a way for EPIC to give new players a reason to continue playing after being essentially hazed by veteran gears. This is all business and nothing personal. But for the dedicated gears fan, the popular exploitation of these new guns is a cancerous frustration.
              Change is good, but not always better. When a longtime gearhead, used to gnasher/lancer/hammer battles, is 1v1ing, 2v1ing, etc., and one faggot comes up behind him/her and misses his/her sawed off, then takes out his/her retro and downs the poor kid before he/she even gets a chance to turn around, that’s a big deal. Does that person deserve that kill, that satisfaction? I think not. And the players that use these guns aren’t necessarily first timers. More often they’re those kids that just want kills. They’re not team players. They’re not those kids you see on LIVE religiously practicing and polishing their skills. They’re not real gears fans.
              Remember when you were a kid learning how to ride a bike? You probably used training wheels at first, right? Then, when you finely got the hang of it, you couldn’t wait to take those training wheels off. Cuz only babies use training wheels. The kind of babies that get butt hurt because they got downed by a hammerburst while rushing someone with a sawed off, then leave the match, “cuz they don’t wanna play this game anymore”, and call the kid with the hammer a “cheater”. That’s what these guns are : training wheels. And kids don’t take them off. They stab you in the neck with them, because they think they’re good. Then they go on this website and bitch about people pressing the a button too much, or say someone they don’t know is using mods on a gun they don’t even use.
              So for all those people saying, “Retro and Sawed-Off are respectable additions to the game.”, GET REAL! Continually using sawed off and/or retro lancer is pettiness, not preference. For all who think, “it takes no skill to use a hammerburst”, or “it takes more skill to use a sawed off than a gnasher”, THINK AGAIN! These kids who run around with these guns seek to destroy a community formed around the creation of XBOX LIVE! The abuse of these “newb crutches” is not something we need to just “adapt to”, or “deal with”. There not like the lag. There not like the title 6 update. There like someone taking a big shit on your chest and saying, “Just deal with it. It happens.” I’ll say what I want about these guns, and the people who use them, because they’re fucking with my livelihood, and it ain’t right. My gt is FLA1L1NG. I always use gnasher. I use good honest hammerburst, and sometimes lancer. I’m in no means a pro, but you won’t catch me with a plancer in my hand. I just wrote an essay about a fucking video game, but haters are truly going to hate.             

        • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

           dude stop you there 1 retro needs skill the gun is unstable and talking of skill hammerurst = turbopad what skill again. 2nd you sound like a turbopad person lol. oh and skill mmm never get true skill in gears game sorry they can not programme it into game because people wouldnt play it.

        • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

          Lol not even bro, maybe in G1 & G2. Noobs who play a lot think they’re “good” when using the Retro, and they burst fire or tap fire it and think it’s skill. Complete noobs use the Lancer which is also ridiculously good, and just shoot all day with their steroid actived bullets. Maybe you and I are better players who can wall bounce or get close in with a Gnasher, your average gamer will run at them in a bee line and get downed in a millisecond.

        • ICEMAN

          Easy psyco

        • takezo

          Send every a message when you play to make us know what weapon we should use . We can even run to you while you point us with the gnasher to our heads , so we don´t “fuck” your fun .

      • https://twitter.com/Mr_GAGA47 Chris GAGA Anderson

        your the cancer that is killing this game.

        • Nclined

          You’re the cancer that’s killing proper grammar.

          • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

            It’s the internet, he’s not writing a fucking dissertation jackass. 

        • Dave Strawn

          Omfg, you’ve got to be kidding me right? The hardcore gears players that have been playing gears 1 who hate shotguns? You’re an absolute idiot. Anyone that has been playing gears of war since gears 1 knows that the game is almost entirely based around the shotgun, not some overpowered tool weapon designed so that kids to new to the series wouldn’t get absolutely rolled over in multiplayer.

          • LOLGNASHER

            got to say mind , a fight with rifles and shotguns together in a tactical game with flanking and movement is alot more fun then LOL RUN AT EACH OTHER WITH GNASHERS, which is eseentially what most gears players do, then die when killed with rifles, then claim its cos the other players are “noobs” when they themselves are actually idiots

            • https://twitter.com/Dav4life111 David Diaz

              I agree, GNASHERS for life. 

            • camsta1235

              Your a idiot you can have these guns in the game but come on you have no chance against them your only saying that because you are one of those kids who sit at a corner and down you with two shots with assault rifles …I want these guns in the game but it is ridiculous how strong they are ithey are changing the game to the whole new aspect. I played gears since day one and have always have a great score and fun . now when I play I sucked its not me its the game how can I play when I’m trying to have fun with the shotgun the only gun that’s fun because it requires skill and movement when you get downed with two shots from any distance with assaults its retarded and reminds me of call of duty which is the direction this game is heading I for one will simply not play it because it is not the game I fell in love with and enjoyed. I don’t enjoy this game because of everytime I play it I get mad and mostly disappointed… I’m sad this game ended up like this I hope one day it will be come back but probably not sadly (this is to the real people in this forum) we might just have to give up gears … lol time to get a life guys haha sad but true I hate not being able to enjoy thus game like I used to buts that’s life things change sometimes for the better this ones for the worst. I meen come one only like 8,000 is the max people I have seen playing lately. world wide?!?! You got to be kidding me the daily average is 2k right now only 800 seriously epic games…. get a clue

      • VL

        Real guns? The retro lancer doesn’t even take any skill to use. Only people who are shit at the game use it. Gnasher takes more skill than the retro. Stop crying because you get raped every game you play by people who actually is good at the game. Not some shitty retro lancer sprayer like yourself.

        • Andygarcia62

          dude hell no anyone with a gnasher can beast it takes skill to use ANY other gun than a stupid noobish shotgun

          • VL

             So you consider it to be skill spraying with a retro lancer without even aiming and downing people with less than 10 bullets? Makes alot of sense.

            • SamTheMan

              Gnashers shoot me and kill me with out aiming all the fuckin time.  After 2 blind fire blasts I’m downed or dead.  Lately its been 1.  I assume updates where installed because of crybabies.  I like the retro lancer it takes just as much skill as the Gnasher.  Its the Anti-Gnasher weapon.. I love it!

            • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

              Get the fuck out faggot. Sorry you get raped by players with skill. Go eat a fucking dick.

            • SamTheMan

              You just don’t like getting owned by the Retro.  I love downin peeps who play as biatch characters with my Retro Lancer then executing them with my sawed off.  It cracks me up when they rage quit too. You aint special!  You need to learn rifle skills.  I know how to use a Gnasher I think its a very undependable weapon.  Eat a bowl of dick!

            • xMissJennacidex

              That’s where wall bouncing comes in, and a sawed off, just to piss off the dumb fucks like you who think the retro requires skill. It’s too horrifyingly simple, press the trigger and move the joystick down when the gun goes up… WOW!!!! Such FUCKING Skill!!! I Bow down to your retro and skill of godlikeableness… NOT. 

            • Furbatz

               Actually, kids who come at a Retro with a sawed off get rolled over.

            • SamTheMan

              You have to wall bounce with every weapon in the game if you want to survive Live.  Just because you suck with a weapon does not mean the weapon sucks or does not require skill.

            • king_doni

              its called wall bounce, i dont know if uve ever heard of it because your a scrub who uses a retro, but If you havent realized, Gnasher does take skill try gnasher vs sawed off from 2 inches away, who wins. sawed off. try retro vs gnasher who wins,  retro because scrubs like you spin in circles spraying till they get down.

            • KillaManilla

              If you played better with your Gnasher you could win against a Retro.  It sounds like you piss and moan when you loose to much to get any better at the game.  Its 3 not 2 or 1! Get with it slick.  The upgraded weapons are cool as hell.  Learn when to and when not to use them.   You would rather shoot some one that’s 100 yards and expect them to die.  You have to wall bounce with every weapon in the game to stand a chance, duh…

          • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

            “Skill,” get the fuck out of here kid you’re GARBAGE and the entire community except like-minded imbeciles such as yourself agree with you.

      • Dragovichjoe86

        Ur a ducking loser dude. Go play call of duty if u want to act like gears is a first person shooter. Gears was built on gnasher shotgun battles. Not lancer battles bono.

        • Andygarcia62

          No it wasn’t. Learn to still fucktard. If you believe that you shouldn’t be playing this game yo child.

      • Bushmysta

        Faggots? Sounds like ur mad and don’t know how to use it u sorry a saw off piece of shit come see me wit that retards only gun and I’ll take ur head every time wit my faggot gnasher bitch

      • https://twitter.com/iJLee209 Joey Lee

         Dude WTF? You really haven’t been doing your homework kid. Hardcore Gears always uses the Gnasher. Ever since Gears 1, alot of the hardcore/old school Gears player uses almost exclusively the Gnasher since the Lancer was pretty underpowered in Gears 1 and 2. People sitting back with rifles isn’t the way to play the game. It would be like a campfest if they ever added a rifle only playlist. Probably the only reason why people hate the Gnasher is because it takes skill to really use it. I can imagine them losing alot of 1 VS. 1 shotgun battle that explains why they hate it as well. Gnasher battles is the “hardcore” way to play. Like I said, it’s always been like that from the very beginning. I for one, am delighted they made these changes. In my opinion, they should’ve made these kind of changes sooner, but I’m glad they did this. This is a great way to keep the game going strong.

        • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

          Please bro, this game’s dead. There’s more people playing GOW2, Rob & Cliff are straight ________ any fould word you can think.

      • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

        Go eat a dick you faggot. If you played since Gears you’d know the shotgun IS Gears of War. The rifles have always been underpowered, a real fan will admit that but right now they’re fucking ridiculous. The Lancer actived can kill 2 – 4 people. The Retro can down you with no active with 6 bullets, it’s a long range shotgun faggot noobs like you use that can’t play the game. Go noob toob in Call of Duty scrub.

      • https://twitter.com/ShaddoBlade Andrew Kintz

        How have you played since Gears 1 without liking the Gnasher. Rifles were atrocious in both. And, btw, just play a normal playlist if you want “Gears of War” instead of “Shotguns of War” as the stopping power of rifles can beat a Gnasher in most situations… There’s multiple playlists for a reason. Don’t hate because they added two (OMFG! TWO! THE GAME IS RUINED!) playlists for people that want classic gameplay.

      • Classicalbump

        You really are the cancer that is murdering this game. Ive been playing since gears 1, I’m also a huge fan of the shotgun. I think that the sod off shotgun was the worst idea ever, and the retro only inches behind that. You should understand that the fan base controls most games, and epic is keeping its multiplayer alive by listening to what the fans want. And guess what buddy, not many people like to rifle people down and out.

      • Real Fan

        Go play COD or Halo, stupid dumbass! REAL Players use Gnasher all the Time! Only Rifle Playlist??? Go private, moron! Gears all the Way!!!!

      • Jaymoe_2006

        sound like u need 2 play call of duty if u want 2 lancer all day fag

      • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

        Retro takes no skills, son. Gnasher doesn’t necessarily take a whole lot of skill for all of the pre-activers, but for most people, the gnasher and lancer are the only guns in the game that don’t take a huge advantage. Lancer has stopping power, that’s the only thing. I don’t get mad about kids using the sawed-off ever since they cut its range, but every time I fight people, it’s just another person who whips out their retro to get a quick down. 

      • ACXmajingunzXCA

        shut up. You’re no die hard gears 1 player if you use a retro lancer like a pussy. Wall bouncing and using the gnasher is the best and most legit way of playing the game. Maybe you should shoot yourself because not only is what you said utterly retarded, but it also shows the entire community just how much of a scrub you are. I’ll murder you using a retro AND a shotgun.  

      • Bradyar228

        hmmmmmmmmmmm……Hardcore? Seriously? Hardcore people enjoy the normal loadout as of gears 1 if that’s what you mean. Of you think hardcore fans only like the lancer you are pretty wrong to be honest. Also the reason there are not shotgun only playlist is cause the gnasher is more effective than the lancer in more situations. If you just give 10 guys with shottys only you bound to have some kinda of fun. Also people like you that call yourself “The Hardcore Community” are just some weird people. If this game was only Lancer….Wow….This game wouldn’t be anything close to as of it is now. They have been learning. Not saying they have fixed all the problems. They have tried though I do think they needed to do a little more work but really the only thing that makes me mad in Gears is Retro Lancer even when bots use them and Lag. That is basically it. All the other things Me or others rage about is just us making excuses. We know to ourselves that we made that mistake to do what we did so we blame the game for it. Also remember…..You are not a hardcore kid okay.

      • xMissJennacidex

        You obviously haven’t played Gears of War 1 or 2.

        If you don’t like gnashers, don’t play it. If you keep getting killed because YOU Don’t fucking know how to active, wall bounce, or shoot without hard aiming, That is your OWN fucking fault.
        Gears 2 had so many glitches one of the opposing team could sit Outside of the maps area and kill the other team automaticly winning due to cheating. I’ve only seen that happen ONCE on Gears 3 and that was due to one of my team getting stuck in a wall on Depths. I was crouched right beside him.
        Face the Facts, It has nothing to do with the guns, it’s your skill vs theirs.
        Obviously You suck.

        • JDog7291

          After reading most of these posts, yours is the only one I agree with.

          It seems to me like most people are bitching about this and that because when they get killed by the shotguns or the rifles they don’t like, they instantly assume its the gun/game/lag/some other bullshit. It’s like they think they’re the best player in the game and refuse to acknowledge that actually they aren’t, and have to blame something other than themselves. I’m saying all of this because occasionally I’m the same, but I don’t bitch about it and abuse others for being better at certain things than me, I try to improve at what I’m shit at.

          Some guns are annoying, but if you’re getting so wound up about it doesn’t it make it more satisfying when you pop the bastard next time?

      • Furbatz

        Contradiction. It’s not “Lancers of War” either, you’re bitching about the Gnashers and boasting the Lancer? You’re an idiot, no one ever used Lancers in Gears 1, the weapon was useless, unless it was GB—but that was only to keep a distance, even then all I saw was primarily Shotguns. I agree with Chris, you’re cancer; you’re the type of GoW player that makes all the decent people want to quit for Call of Duty. I get shot by machine guns LESS on CoD. That’s sad.

      • Jerome Allen

        Gears of War is known for the Gnasher you fucking idiot. Get the fuck out of here you little bitch.

      • Person

         you’re just hating because you suck and get killed by gnasher users like me-don’t hate an gears bitch

      • Mitchel

        you stupid fuck tart… get bent by a kantus and raped by a mauler, its the least you deserve for even posting here, you CoD fan bitch….

      • TOXIC R3VoLv3R

        LMAO hardcore gears player?? the gnasher is gears of war even back in gears 1 learn to wall bounce and practice with it to become a decent player, the retro is overpowered ask the majority of top gears 3 players, no skill in spraying with the retro lancer at all : ( a true vet will use lancer, gnasher combo, even the hammerburst can be modded. –REV–

      • ICEMAN

        I have fadded away from gears of war because of that reason. It’s a shot gun game. COD is where real skill is measured.

      • paul craft

          Yo EPIC!!!

        Please reconsider!!

        Team Deathmatch  
        -1 vs 1      
        -2 vs 2 (brothers to the end)      
        -3 vs 3      
        -4 vs 4      
        -5 vs 5

        This would make your already stunning game an al around work of art!

        This needs to happen; please don’t get rid of Brothers-to-the-End


      • Staceymccormic

        lol, sounds like someones been killed one to many times with a gnasher

      • TGM


    • Jusgo84

      So what now there’s no wingman in standard now?! If so, that blows donkey doodoo

    • chris

      all sound very fun and balanced. a gnasher only playlist would be nice, or at least bring it up more often on gears weekends. the new old school and mercenary playlists sound great, but i think keeping the zeta playlist where you guys made random weapon spawns and damage mods always made for a nice change of pace. 

    • Jaymoe_2006

      A yall should left  We’re are stranded alone and take off mercenary let us choose what we want to play if we want to play stranded tdm we can go to it same way with stranded koth, I dont like to play koth thank you

    • Scott_zalewski2004

      Execution rules for team deathmatch n guardian modes because too many players steal kills n its not counting for are weapon medals when they do that. U should bring mansion,subway,river,ruins,fuel depot,court yard,and tyro station back in gears of war 3 for the final dlc map pack. The one game type I think u should keep on their is torque bow tag because that’s my favorite event of all time.

      • kyle

         replace tyro station with fuel station, security and avalanche

    • Marcobla94

      Guardian on private game

      • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

        The only problem with this is people can easily boost the “I’ve Got This” Achievement. I realize you can boost private achievements on every other DLC, but this is about the only achievement that actually takes skill to get online. My friend and I have Ivory and it’s much more fun to have it when we are part of a smaller portion of people who have it.

    • Jaymoe_2006

      yall should make the lancer clip shorter and less powered… yall have an 8 sec clip now thats just wrong

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/U35YGFYQKKILS4N775IXCUQRWA Lewis C. Garcia

      fuck that….

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/U35YGFYQKKILS4N775IXCUQRWA Lewis C. Garcia

      Fuck it….Lets see a chainsaw only playlist!! On raven down.

    • Djcavs023

      Rober you are an idiot. I’ve been playing since launch and I am a hardcore gears player and I love the gnasher. the fact that you complain about shotguns and use the most broke weapon in the game is pathetic

    • Matt A

      Epic, u need to bring back ANNEX from gears 2

      • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

        Annex from Gears 2 and 1 is the same as Gears 3 King of the Hill. King of the Hill was different in Gears 2 because that was just 1 hill and one team could control it and as long as that team controlled it, that team couldn’t respawn until the hill was broken.

    • https://twitter.com/JHuttonBrown James Hutton-Brown

      Will the 1v1 Guardian be coming back? Didn’t get on the Xbox much while it was on but the one or two games I played were sick.

    • YodaRyan

      Meh im starting to get annoyed with the Gnasher’s power and its range. the sawed off is ok but give it 2 shots because its a double barreled shotgun.


      yes gnasher only hate sawdoff 

    • Ritchieaspinall

      Forces of Nature should only have Forces of Nature maps because it is taking me forever to get the achievement for winning on every map and i play it all the time, i get a Forces of Nature map like every 15-20 games and its reallt annoying

    • LeeB

      Honestly, I would love Stay Frosty as a permanent playlist.  Good for getting those hammer kills, plus its quite the mix up from usual gameplay.  Maybe increase the spawn protection though because spawn camping ends up happening A LOT.  
      Another idea, make a scrambled playlist.  So basically, when you go into this mode, different event-based gametypes are cycled.  It would always keep people on their feet and would be refreshing to have a new gametype each match.  Overall, I like how you guys consolidated it.  Good job!

    • CaRSuLs

      Combine Execution and Warzone again, warzone is dead without the combination. It is the only way to bring back warzone

      • BasedGear

        Warzone’s dead for a reason bro

        • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

          I agree

    • The Wraith91

      What’s the point of a fuckin gnasher only playlist if everyone uses a bloody gnasher anyway :S

    • Fire_faris

      Guardian 5 vs 5 but all player is leaders who die change to normal player and the game will finish if all leaders dead and other player

    • https://twitter.com/Mr_GAGA47 Chris GAGA Anderson

      you should get rid of that stupid retro lancer because its killing your game soo badly.  like honestly i sometimes go play gears 2 because its more balanced then gears 3

    • Krypt1983

      Can u fuck this game up anymore

      • Natesmp40


    • Joe drago

      Gears 3 multiplayer blows. I own every gears game their is and none of them have a dedicated server. God forbid epic games to run a dedicated server for the game. I hoped people can fly studios does way better than epic games with judgement. Also, get rid of the damm retro lancer. Peres an idea. Make ur next game like gears 1 and u will get ur die hard fans back

      • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

         hi people can fly are only doing campign epic games are doing the multiplayer online.

    • Dyingjester

      Finally! Dont have to deal with the pussies whine bout weapons being unfair, epic you have made gow a better game.

    • Chrristian21

      How about you update your servers that’s the only thing that makes this game suck ass

    • Mhayes6

      How about beast mode dlc playlist?

    • Nunshock

      GUARDIAN IS THE BEST MODE!!! :) , do something with KOTH, maybe a KOTH just gansher, cuz people is just camping with his rapid mode and hammerburst, thats sucks!!! really..but guardia, TDM, and execution are realley great

    • Delariva_felix

      you guys need to make a public playlist for Horde and Beast mode

    • Chrristian21

      lower the power on the retro you have a bunch of fags just walking around spraying the retro, and u can’t wall bounce for shit in gears 3 the servers are way to shitty if u try to wall bounce u start twitching or get stuck on something

      • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

         1 there is no servers, 2nd shut the fuck up get some balls and shoot the prick stop bitching about it.

      • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

         but on a funny note id love to go back on my snes because there dedicated servers is well better then gears3 1 lmfao.

    • Stottyy

      gnasher is still broken though so………..

    • Jeff 014

      Man this game is to messed up and I stopped playing. Gears 1 took the most skill because you needed a good strafe and movement to be good. If you did not have that you got destroyed. Lancers were strong enough in Gears 1. If you played Gears since the beggining like I have. If you played good teams on a Raven Down, War Machine or Gridlock you would get lots of lancering. And you had to think before lancering because there was no stopping power. Now since Gears 2 and now in 3 made the hammerburst ridiculous because people abuse modded controllers and not to mention you can use a mod with the retro and it’s crazy powerful. Gears 3 all you need to do is have a full team of 5 that will watch your flanks and just abuse the rifles all game. And not to mention people eat 2 to 3 shots just to die with the gnasher. And there are plenty of YouTube videos that show people eating point blank boomshot rockets to face and not die. That’s why I stopped playing Gears like I use to and I moved on to other games. Let’s hope they make the Gears Judgment hit detection good if not I will just play the game for te story.


      Will there be a modification to the Horde and Beast modes. I hate playing the same old boards because most of the players don’t have the map packs… Does anyone else agree???

      • Felixaag

        100% agree with this

      • https://twitter.com/dudescript Joshua Thomas

         Agree – Epic, if you can’t do it right now, pls implement it when possible.

    • Natesmp40

      The fact that you got rid of Wingman mande me turn off the god damn game.. The only reason yall are messing with the playlist is because your trying to get more people to buy the DLC, you dickheads

    • Hunterbeta

      how about putting back in “Lightning Round” matches again? those were fun and fast paced. either you won by sitting a 60 sec clock or able to kill the other team and vice versa

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/GXB7N7WLGVF2HCFCAGRXANDJQU Austin

      They could fix all this controversy over people using the shotguns too much and crap if they just made the hammerburst and lancer more powerful. I don’t see anyone hugging cover because they don’t want to get pick off by someone at a distance unless they know someone has the long shot or another power weapon and that’s bull. It’s supposed to be a cover based game and all I see is people running around like Master Chief with shotguns because the shotguns do what shotguns really do but the rifles are all nerfed except the retro. This isn’t freaking Halo why is it a run and gun game in versus? I also think they should take out the damage bonuses for perfect reloads, I mean really, you’ve already been rewarded with a half second reload time for God’s sake. If they really want an extra bonus it should be increased accuracy or increased clip capacity, not power.
      Also a playlist that is only starter weapons would be awesome, heck I already have a name for it: Skirmish. Oh and it should have all the game types INCLUDING guardian.

      • https://twitter.com/IPreferToWin The Man Child

        No faggot, it’s Gears of War. You can go camp behind a wall for 10 minutes in Call of Duty.

      • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

        Hammerburst is SO overpowered now and the Lancer is super balanced aside from the stopping power that it and the other guns have

    • Flyz_1

      Don’t care about which weapon kills me
      I just wish they would fix the rubber banding and sponging in this game

    • Scooter620

      When are you gonna make a forces of nature beast and horde mode?

    • Gahhoo

      yay shotguns

    • Bullseye75

      why did you take away brothers and leave wingman. now you make everyone who wanted to play brothers play wingman and it takes forever to get a match

    • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

      well epic if i wanted to fucking play gears 2 or 1 id put the fucking disc in shit epic grow some balls bitches make something with the game for fuck sake. epic your the pit bottom of the games divsion your low rent  im guessing you’d fuck your fuck your for cash to keep the littler hardon you have of a comapny. EPIC GMES 100% LET DOWN. I GIVE JUDGEMENT WITH IN 2-3 MONTH TO GO TITS UP.

    • Luis_vodka

      Everything´s fine, i don´t complain about retrolancers or sawedoffs, I play with gnasher and all weapons, but PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO THOSE PEOPLE WITH RAPIDFIRE. You don´t need skills to buy one of those shits that fuck the game.

    • Xbox4dork

      Gears of War 3 is officially ass now

    • Kentuxx

      If you don’t like the idea of an old school playlist, then don’t play it. Simple as that.  The job of a developer is to try to please all of their fans, by adding in playlist like this they do that. You have to be mentally retarded to argue that by epic adding a playlist that you don’t like so don’t play will affect your playing of the game

    • Shaolinmonk06

      why would you remove brothers to the end????

    • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

      but what do i care 5 more onyx medals and game is done :) then as they say in wwe never again.

    • Jmjolley

      Bring Back Brothers in Arms. Why is it everytime you come up with something good you just cant leave it alone?

    • https://twitter.com/paulb3151 paul buckley

      so tell me epic why did you cancel zexal sorry you renamed it judgement and is there going ot be kinect in it like zexal.

    • Tony

      Yeah we all love this game when things like this happens… 

    • team sell

      The updated playlists look awesome. I think you were thoughtful and strategic about where you located your game types. People can now see the mercenary playlists better. People that want to play old school, wingman & CTL will find them no problem.

    • Kingdomoracle

      WoW there are a lot of people posting, ranting and raving about nonsense! People like ya’ll make me laugh when I read these posts or when I get hate mail on live. People who play just about any game online anymore are the biggest babies ever, they cry about everything. Ex I joined a Alpha execution (on trenches) where there was a full team vs 1 guy and 3 bots. So as I spawn I go grab flame grenades and run down to digger area cause that’s where this guy was solo against all 4 of them. I throw a flame grenade and killed a guy and he sends me a message saying “you bitch ass motherfucker, you gotta use flame grenades to get a kill? You suck etc” yea I didn’t reply to that nonsense, but my point is this….you can’t use any gun without people crying about anymore! Like WTF am I to do? Stare you to death? Like really! Ok yes the retro is way to strong, the sawed off to powerful outside of melee range as it’s description says it shouldn’t be. But all guns require different tactics and skills to use. I’ve been playing gears since part one and till this day I always use lancer and gnasher period, any weapon on map is fair game to me I can use them all. The only thing that really pisses me off is modded/rapid fire controllers….cause I got skills and I can battle with the best of them. I don’t care what kind of tactics you use Wall bouncing, Rapid Fire, Camping ass niggas can all get it KiNgDoM OrAcLe

      • -_-

        So fucking true

    • Rburden

      Seriously,  why bother wasting your time changing the playlist when we are stuck in matches with horrible mexico connections and controller / diamond mods.  Also dude,  we are still waiting for a patch to fix the the locked medals / freezes and resets.  I am so sick of the game and paranoid that I am going to loose my score again if I do not back up.  Fix your broken game before you start pedaling new ones at us.

    • https://pulse.yahoo.com/_7CC7JAPDZPMNKPHDDHIRCU4UEQ DavidP

      once again epic caters for versus matches and gives beast and horde the middle finger

      way to go guys n gals…

      • https://twitter.com/dudescript Joshua Thomas

        Harsh but kinda true. Online Horde in Gears 2 had join in progress and DLC playlist and Gears 3 does not. That will always be mind-boggling.

    • Freemsic2

      Here’s a tip make sawed off and retro lancers quick match only weapons.

    • https://twitter.com/dudescript Joshua Thomas

      Horde/Beast Fans:

      Quinn’s tweets today explain co-op modes can’t be updated as easily as Versus. I think that’s new information/confirmation:



      I’d love a DLC Horde playlist but it sounds like it requires a Title Update. That’s more complicated (and costly) and I’m not sure Epic has any plans for another TU. It’s very disappointing but thanks to Quinn for commenting on this.

    • https://twitter.com/Seliphas James D Turnage

      Hah! All of these comments are too funny…Enjoy the game for what it is and what its got. All the weapons are good and fun to use :)

    • Asdfasdf

      Guys just stop bitchin and enjoy the game, if u dont, then dont play it

    • https://www.facebook.com/Nygiants91 vI Giants80 Iv

      @db786c4e7c5a8708d135e47e00090a00:disqus wtf are you talking about?? im a hardcore gear player who has been playin since gears 1 and honestly i love the Gnasher….It takes skill to use the Gnasher, something you obviously dont have, thats y you gotta resort to using the retro to kill people from far away because you lack the skill and balls to go head to head with someone using the shotty. i dont only use the gnasher i use all the weapons but I AM MOST SKILLED with the gnasher..so before you talk shit about other players how about you get your game up and you stop bitching.
      p.s if you feel some type of way heres my gmertagg you can 1v1 me anyday i will glady bust your ass with my “SHOTGUN” or Lancer

      vI Giants80 Iv – request me

    • Tia

      Well… reading this thread was 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

      • Xxfullcl1pxx

        being a person who played crazy amounts of gears 1 i will let my  thoughts out.  lansers were used in gears 1 but mostly just to keep someone from charging directly. anything close was  gnashers and the  battles were  epic. there was a skill level in gears 1. i was top 10 in the world in execution. and you knew the good players you would have trouble with in the lobby before the game. i knew when i had to change my tactics against someone who was  a monster wall bouncer.  gears 3  looks great feels good playing it untill.  your constantly dealing with bums hiding in cover  waiting till you get close then popping up with a retro or sawed off  and  downing or exploding you in a quick burst,   the game is now a camping game more then anything.   in gears 1  people were constantly on the move  you would have kickass quick shotgun battles and its either one you got destroyed  or you achieved  destruction  either way it was fun.  now its  retarded.  your skill level doesnt matter when facing a retro or sawed off. anyone who says it takes any form of skill to use them is  clueless!  if i forced myself to use them weapons  as my loadout i would never die if i play like the bums that play this game now. i stopped playing it  because unlike 89% of the xbox live community no one has pride in playing games and being good anymore. its all youtube glitches   and camping noobs that want to have some fake ass k/d ratios because they sit in one spot and wait for someone to run into there guns.. someone said the sawed off takes skill  lol i find that the funniest thing i have ever heard.  when i play team death match and show my friends the proof. i spawn with sawed off  and get 4 kills if not more  4 shots.  am i skilled maybe a little bit on movement but thats gnasher training  not the fact that  all i got to do is bob and weave and blast and your dead.  oh then i get to reload that sawed off because theres 3 of them bums using the same gun because they suck  so now i get  4 more kills  so lets see  at least 8 kills per spawn on team death match with a sawed off . i should be considered a god! but no i consider myself a bum for using a   gun thats built for noonbs who have no talent.  and the retro come on now  recoil hahaha.,  yeah the gun has recoil oif your shooting at someone across the map. no one but retards even try that, they wait till your close  and bury you instantly at close range theres really no escape for someone camping with a retro.  i could go  20 and 0 every game with a retro sawed off load. just find a good part of the map wait  till someone shows up  retro them down. anyone gets close wall bounce sawed off.  UNSTOPABLE!!  but i have pride in gaming so i just stopped playing this poorly  thought out multiplayer filled with noobs thanks epic for the build up and failure which is gears 3

    • Already Dead

      Look all I really want is a playlist without the sawed off. There is no need to take away stopping power too.

    • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

      I like these new playlists, but it bothers me that “Brother’s ‘Til the End” isn’t a playlist anymore. My friend and I love that playlist. Almost literally ALL we play until we get the poor sport kids that come along. Bringing that back would please me. The best part about the old school playlist is the lack of stopping power. It’s much more fun to play when I don’t get slowed down in a charge against a retro, lancer, and the occasional (overpowered) Hammerburst. P.S: Make it an actual BURST in Judgment, it was so much better to play with in Gears 1. 

    • https://twitter.com/DomRoy2 Dom Roy

      Not to spam the feed, but bring back some OG Gears 1 maps in Judgment. “Process” holds a special place in my heart! 

    • Kussface

      Love everything about it! Keep up the great gaming experience. Bring it on crybabies 😉

    • Dagifotmyn



    • Lunarshadow246

      Its funny how many people are posting about why they dislike this or dislike that. Honestly guys its a fun game. Sure I may not favor the Gnasher but this games since its original development was to be a 3rd person tactial action shooter. If I’m distracting someone with lancer fire or the hammerburst it’ll give my teammate the ability to flank. I’m probably going to be called a noob but I love the original lancer and the Gears 1 hammerburst. The original lancer because I can give suppressive fire with a good amount of ammo & if actived a good amount of damage. If you try to bum rush me & I don’t switch guns quick enough I could do dodges & make you run into my chainsaw. The Gears 1 Hammerburst was godlike seeing as how many rounds it burst fired. The Gears 3 Hammerburst was made for range; Retro was for short range and it kicks major ass but in long range its practically trash because by the time you 1 shot it a few times you’ll be down by either a lancer or hammerburst. As for the shotguns there made for close range; use a Gnasher gives good amount of ammo and very effective mid to close range. The sawed off is a gambled shot. If you get close enough and angle it correctly you can get an instant. Hell I’ve double killed with the sawed off. Every other gun in the game completely varies on its abilities depending on the persons skill with that weapon. This games not Halo or Call of Duty. Its made for fast passed action & tactics; call me a noob or fag or whatever I don’t care. Its the internet and I probably won’t even come back to look at this post.

    • Moshed

      People bitching about the retro/hammerburst/sawed-off actually taking skill are just hilarious. Online/LAN tourneys & even GameBattles (99% of the time) are all Lancer/Gnasher only. Because thats where the hardcore gamers are & they’re the guns that require *MORE* skill to use.

    • Talonbourne

      Kind of out of place, but I feel that since everyone on the comments thread is sending requests for playlists, I might as well throw out some. I’ve had two ideas I thought would be sick. Make a playlist utilizing the pinata and instagib melee mutators from horde. It could run off of the wingman rules and whoever’s team get the most points wins. Have around 5 coins fall out of a player when they die and these coins can be taken by ANYONE who is in range (except the other person on their team). The only weapons you’d have are the retro and hammerburst with no ammo, so the players would be forced to melee, and the pistol from the raven down 24/7 event. It would make the game feel stealthy having to be within melee range and with the pistol it would give a little bit of tension at the beginning of a match, OR it could just be a total brawl with retro charges and instakill melee attacks. It sounds fun in concept and I’d love to see it in action. At least I’m not asking for a gnasher only playlist haha. You guys could do 3x exp. so it’s more appealing to people who only play TDM. OR you can just try out my other idea with Comet KOTH. That’d be sick. Hopefully someone in epic reads this because i’m not familiar with the community aspects of the site, but I have plenty of ideas that’d be fun to try out.

      But to be more relevant, guardian and CTL should swap places because guardian is a special variant of CTL. CTL feels more standard than guardian anyways.

    • Casey

      Bring back brothers to the end@#$!@#%$%$%@#%

    • Furbatz

      All I know is I need people to play with that actually try—my friends
      are great, but incompetent in the game, nowadays all you do is get
      lancered and camped by scared little chode-having fairy boys. My GT is
      Plushiez, add me, foos. 

    • https://profile.yahoo.com/PAEENU4LK67LSAZSLLUGU5SRPU TWILLY

      Good!!! Now maybe we can have the original game list.  I want what was purchased Day1! No changes, that includes all the stopping power and the crybaby SOS! If you don’t like it take your !@# to Old School with your old #$#()$( #$#~~~~!!!!!!

    • Darkra36

      The true skill in this game is to do the necesary to win, no matter wich weapons you use, its all about thinking just a moment, if you look somone with a retro, you don’t go with your gnasher at a close range because you know that your posibilities are low againts this rifle… in other words, it’s all about don’t be stupid and think, that with one weapon you can kill everyone in every circumstances. just play the fucking game if you like it… if you don’t… well you can go fuck yoursellf

    • HolyDragonFireX

      Most of the people commenting here are just embarrasing.. Shit.. You shitheads know what versatility is? You know anything about tacts? There are always ways to beat the Gnasher-only player, there are always ways to get around that Sawed-Off, same goes for any weapon in the game. See, the problem here is that you are so lazy you won’t even learn how to do it! It’s much easier going on forums whining about it, telling people to eat dicks or whatever you find comforting. 
      Take every ad/disadvantage of the weapons in game and learn from it. 
      Players with the Sawed-Off will stay behind cover, rush out and blow your brains out, or whatever they feel works best, and it will work… On you. Most importantly you are dead, but you won’t learn from that recent situation so you’ll do the same thing again. Stop bitching about it and learn how to play Gears of War 3. 

      By the way, EPIC, I like the idea here, AND, hopefully the class set-up in Judgement will teach these morons a lesson, Teamwork.


      • Anonymous

         Well said.

    • Sonny208

      Too much offensive comments brothers..its a game take it easy…. form example i just pchoose weapons depending on map…. big maps…hammer/gnasher lancer/gnasher, and little maps sawed off and retro….at the end MVP, and 15 kills 8 deaths….thats what matters…you win round… u make some nemsis wich is pretty nice and thats it. WIN and HAVE FUN. if you just play gnasher and got beat by some weapon , get better….i think the creatos of gears made a very clever job with the balance on weapoms, distance/power/speed of charge….so get better and stop bithchinng and if theres so much hate add ur gamer tag…go make a aprivate match and kill each otherand thats it…let it die…stop bitching around. 

    • Neph

      Looks good to me. I’ll miss Brothers to the End but it was a niche playlist to say the least. Glad that Mercenaries is here to stay.

    • Person

       Bring Back Submission!!!!!!

    • Rr

      We lost Brothers To The End? Any chance of getting that back?

    • Daanyoooo

      I’m part of the small percent that plays only “Horde & Beast” matches. I am awful at vs. matches and I’m not going to blame it on any particular weapon being more powerful than others. I just don’t have the skill that others do. But I would be nice if, like in TDM etc., you can join a game in progress in the Horde/Beast games without having to have friends already in a game. Or simply making it so you don’t need a full team to start a game. So that wait times can be count down.

    • https://twitter.com/mMAzuLMm13 mM AzuL Mm

      the retro sucks asssssss dude skill players use the lancer and gnasher great job for the playlist 

    • https://twitter.com/mMAzuLMm13 mM AzuL Mm

      the retro sucks asssss the skill players use lancer and gnasher great job on the playlist thanks

    • EPICmanO

      WOW… Epic came, conquered and made the changes, and now people are still fucking complaining… I dunno why anyone stated BTTE was a good playlist, when clearly its shit… FIRST this was out as an event type, then by popular demand it came out as a direct playlist, but guess what did anyone bother to play this after…NO, nor did I as it was wingman with a different title all over again (I guess why people want it back is because it can be boosted online with bots raising ones K/D I noticed this with other crappy lonely playlists like ALPHA and ZETA). This should only be an event type only, not an actual playlist which is why im glad its gone.

      Secondly I think that EPIC can squeeze in 2-3 extra events for weekends in the FoN list, making the onyx easier for people to get… now that its a shorter form, it can be considered… other than that it looks good well done EPIC :-)))))


    • Wantadude94

      One thing that you guys really need to do is make DLC Horde and Beast playlist. Its kind of annoying trying to get the achievement you guys put out for Horde and Beast when you never get the chance to play them unless it is a private match.

    • Mrk847981

      epic games if you are reading your forums you see that people want bots in horde mode and beast mode please make a patch for that 

    • Morrisj89

      Im just sad to lose brothers to the end i thought it was a great playtype also triple threat i think the 1v1 one was good aswell if nit wasnt guardian 

    • LePerfide

      For the Old School, it would be great to give the choice of playing either Execution or KOTH. I don’t like KOTH but I love execution with theses rules. In fact, I think you guys should make every game type available with only gnashers and lancers, because seriously, any mode with retro and sawed-off noobs and also modded hammerbursts is very annoying to play.

    • https://twitter.com/Dav4life111 David Diaz

      Wow, Roberttfrederickftb is a very retarded person.. even his opinion seems out of the usual bias. 

      I really love the Gnashers Only Playlist. 

      It’s amazing because you’re helping people enjoy the game that were out of touch with the old school. I love the fact that you guys take time to please everyone instead of just leaving it a puzzle. I play’d wingman and these two guys were killing everyone with sawed-off and retros. They were vulger and taking alot of shit. Really there is no way to take em out with a normal lancer or gnasher. 

      My idea of a great playlist for the people to have what they all want would be.. 

      Gnasher Only. ( For all the people who want to enjoy the game and feel the excitement they’ve lost when now playing gears 3. Look, people still p;lay gears 1 and 2 because of that feeling that’s now lost. I find myself looking and rejoicing when gnashers are here. ) 

      Thank you guys so much! I really love the old school and have appreciation unlike these saw-off and retro idiots here who would rather suck a dick and feel superior to one’s who would murder them. 

      It’s like using a sword you’ve been entrusted with by your king. Just to be shot with a rocket launcher.. supplied by your king.  

    • MARIO7882


    • Zach

      face it everyone hates every gun there is. everyone hates the players that use sawed offs and it makes them look like bitches when they miss and instantly run. and when players use retro everyone complains because all that player does is retro. if someone kills you with a hammerburst then “they’re using turbo” if you get killed by a lancer then that player just actives constantly. and i don’t know how many times i’ve heard (and i myself) have complained about how you can gnash people point blank and nothing happens but when there’s a staircase between you and them they can down or kill you with 1 shot. and at the end of it all it’s the player not the gun. if your gonna use sawed  off then expect to get shit from everyone and no the retro doesn’t require skill if it did then why is it that bots are so great with it. most of the time i killed killed by a bot it’s from a retro. saying that the retro takes skill is saying that your worse than a bot.

    • Dytex31

      yeah where the hell is brothers to end at bring it back

    • Gears of war2222

      GO TO  GEARS OF WAR 2 !! 4EVER

    • Dingle

      Bring back brothers to the end!!! I’ll even say please!!!

    • Mypillo

      Shotty Snipes should be a permanent playlist. 

    • Eddy90723

       1 vs 1 guardian single round!

    • B Carmine29

      I dont understand what happened to the gears community. Everyone used to get along so well. Now everyone argues over silly stuff like weapons. All this hostility is ridiculous.

    • Ryanj


    • https://twitter.com/iscariotval juan carlos simon

      ? because the new playlists, takes my points instead of adding them all at the end of a game? For example: the game ends and charges at the end 9000 and 7900 and only joined before you looked for more playlists. ? thing happens Oneself

    • Wicked

      Bring back Brothers to the end. One person was searching in Player’s Choice. AT LEAST 200 play BTTE.

    • pdcraft1

      Yo EPIC!!!!!

      This is what should have happened…please reconsider!

      Forces of Nature:

      Old School
             -Execution (4 man)       -King of the Hill (4 man)

      Capture the LeaderWingman


      Team Deathmatch       -1 vs 1       -2 vs 2 (brothers to the end)       -3 vs 3       -4 vs 4       -5 vs 5Mercenary
             -Team Deathmatch (No parties)       -King of the Hill (No parties)

      WarzoneExecutionGuardianKOTHTeam Deathmatch No DLCPlayer’s Choice

      I have been a hardcore fan since gears 1 and I have purchased every bit of DLC as well as hardware/merchandise they have made, so please hear me out!

       I hope they add Brother to the End back in because that was my favorite playlist.  Brothers is the one last thing I love about gears and if they take that away from me i will not be playing gears anymore.


    • paul craft

      Yo EPIC!!!

      Please reconsider!!

      Team Deathmatch  
      -1 vs 1      
      -2 vs 2 (brothers to the end)      
      -3 vs 3      
      -4 vs 4      
      -5 vs 5

      This would make your already stunning game an al around work of art!.

      This needs to happen; please don’t get rid of Brothers-to-the-End


    • Betonchitoz

      YOu see EPICGAmes or W.E, we wont like the shits ur doing so please give us some real GOW…

    • PlayerMaker069

      I never knew that the Gears of War community was so ill mannered. Sad to see people who like Gears of war fight and make themselves look like savage monkeys all because of the new weapons that Epic installed in the game. Gears wasn’t based on using shotguns only. If it was meant for that then why put Lancers or Hammerburst? When something is not going a persons way or change is being made it is normal for a person to retaliate, but come on quit fighting over stupid weapons, and which requires “more skill”. Playing games doesn’t require “skill”. Don’t treat it like if its a career or talent. Games are based to pass time and enjoyment. Please look at yourselves and see how you all are embarrassing yourselves. If you don’t like a certain thing in a game then simply stop playing it and move on! Gears 4 life!!!!! = ] 

      • Takezo

        You are right , mate.There  are not better players , there are more time SPENDING  playing a GAME  . Sure that they write : GOW3 level 54 blue , in the Curriculum Vitae .
        Anyway , I thing we need some new , old , remake or whatever new maps for diversity and more fun. And I feel a little strange after paying new dlc and find that they take it away to play for free , and the one I payed is empty. I can´t get Flamas skin cause I didn´t play the beta ( I don´t want it , is just an example ) but they can play Guardian instead . I,m glad for them , but what about my money .

    • TGM


    • TGM


    • iTz R34LiTYz

      So I counted and it’s 173 gnasher likes  vs 28 retro cancer fans. Excluding my opinion.
      I’ve been playing since Gears of war 1 where only the host used the lancer with pre-active scrub bullets cuz he had the best connection xD. Seriously if you cannot wallbounce with a gnasher how do you consider yourself skilled? Holy shit you must be a complete twat. Here’s my second thought;  Will the sawed off noobgun be removed from Gears of War Judgement? Else I won’t even bother buying it. (Looking for gnasher / power weapon wingman partner. GT = iTz R34LiTYz)

    • random123

      do these new playlist names count as events?

    • Nope

      Ditch wingman. Bring back brothers to the end or go back to 2v2. The new Wingman is not fun. At all.

      That was the last decent gametype and you removed it.

    • Boyz2men1994

      Why get rid of brothers to the end that was the greatest i mean 2 v 2 come on that was the most exciting playlist

    • Jason

      Under Old School & Mercenary it says Quick match & private match. There is no choice between execution & koth for Old SChool as well as no choice for tdm or koth under mercenary. You need to add a Horde DLC Quickmatch in the playlist. I haven’t bought the season pass because of this. Why should I buy it if I’m not going to be able to play horde on the new maps? Yea I know I can play private match but seriously when u are wanting to play horde – how many of my friends are online from there how many are playing and then how many have the dlc…obviously thats why there’s the achievement for hosting a private horde match but I’m not 15 yrs old so achievements mean dick – achievements, avatars & weapon skins are retarded.

    • Leftcoast2607

      Why is my comment not posting?

    • Ibullrg

      come back  BROTHERS TO THE END list…… NOW NOW NOW


      they a need a gnasher only and a couple of maps to be added to the gears of war 3 gnasher only maps on forces of nature and brothers to the end with gnashers only that ill be koo 

    • Mrpresident75

      I think the guys at epic should bring back some  maps from gears 2. Like courtyard, river and all of the dark corners maps.

    • https://twitter.com/GuyBey0ndC00L eDDie

      I would just luv to see gears 3 character sponging and rubber banding go away. I have 60mb D / 8mb U I no LAG. The sponging is unbearable at times. Where the title update or remove Fenix Rising till fix than release it FREE FOR ALL when it done.

    • Gears Lover

      This is rediculous. I bought gears 3 when it came out. Bought every dlc without season pass (i think the season pass for anything is pointless but besides that) I love the hell out of this game. but I am very frustrated that even now we dont have the dlc in horde. I get maybe one or two dlc maps a MONTH on horde. And thats only because it randomized it. I’m sick of playing hotel or overpass. How is anyone supposed to climb the leaderboards without having 4 friends join your party. This is pretty sad. even gears 2 had dlc maps on horde!

    • Mayhemzx Aka iLukey

      One shot one kills bring that back it the best playlist like gow3 but i am more than gears1 player one of the best