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Gears Weekend: Triple Threat

Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLCThis #GearsWeekend is called “Triple Threat,” with 3v3 Guardian. 2x XP is also still in effect. The ribbon for this event was originally given from 12/9/2011 to 12/12/2011, so if you missed it then, be sure to get it now!

Give us your feedback about our “Triple Threat” event in the comments below, or this weekend on twitter using the #GearsWeekend hashtags.  More #GearsWeekend events will be coming up so be sure to keep watching!

    • Shaolinmonk06

      let us keep the skins please epic!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

      how about some new horde stuff before judgement hmmm ?

    • Guest

      How about giving us maps that dont suck, why would u bring back bullet marsh wtf that map sucks u should bring all the maps back like ruins, courtyard, security, all of them, why should we pay for skins hell you made us buy Bulletstorm so we can get the BETA, come on give back to the community, Wheres Scorge at also, how can u not put him in this game he was awesome in GOW 2,Now ive been a loyal Gears player since 06 and have played wit the the best like He aint make it,n chickn sauce and we are all wondering when is the next dlc, this is nothin but BS EPIC, MAN UP AND GIVE US MORE MAPS TO BUY…. PLUS  the game isnt even out for a year and already ur fucking relasing a half ass gear game aka Judgement, thats stupid are u guys that hard up on ideas for game if so thats sad, what about the Bulletstorm community, that was a freakin awesome game KILL WITH SKILL, come on who does that,it was genius. But back to GOW 3 Please give us more maps and not shitty maps where all people do is hide wit the sawed off. thank u epic my gt is xoNASTYox get back at me community i will listen because we know epic wont they rather give us xp points to compete against call of duty.
                                                                                           thank u 

      • Decisionspersecond

        retarded. ass. comment. you hardly give much credit with your bitch pants on.

        • Matt22705

          ur an ass Decisionspersecond like u dont want new maps and more stuff

      • Kingdomoracle

        BulletStorm??? Really??? That game blows like the giant robot in Spaceballs!!!! Trust me I had it twice for Beta codes….and no it didn’t take skill! It was a gears wannabe and just sucked period! Gears literally changed the shooting experience we were use to wether it was 1st person or 3rd….gears came in and gave us character movements and cover systems no other game had to offer and it still is in a league of its own in this area….but thanks to poor programing gears is the best worst game online ever! Shit I’ve even seen several people play the campaign locally and see bullshit that is uncomprehensible!!! Love gears Hate the bullshit….As for maps and weapon skins yea they should give us the custom skins they put out for events…..maps they usually are released on what was played the most…..i mean why listen to the communtiy oh yea and epic be fucking us over who went out of there way to get exclusive character skins!

        • Lowly Assassin

          agreed gears has a brilliant heritage change the face of Shooters with the as far as i care and am aware teh birth of the tactical shooter, where it relies heavily on tactics, which lots of people seem to be miss understanding

      • ReflectoTR

         If you learned to read you would see why there is no more DLC. Last I saw they weren’t making anymore since Judgement comes out next year. They said if there is a high enough demand for it they might make new DLC. And also Skorge was a bitch compared to RAAM.

      • BUTT3R NUG63T

         hey there:)) just go take a walk and calm ur nips… gears of war 3 is what EPIC makes it. i personally love epic and can say that some of the map choices for gears 3 were a bit off, but im not gonna cause some hissy fit over it. relax and play some gears. go chainsaw some grubs and be happy. be grateful for gears, dont curse its name… oh, and if i ever see you on gears of war judgment after the comment you posted… i will make you soo pissed off with games that youll throw ur tv out the window and we’ll never have to deal with a little bitch like you again… EPIC RULES!!! GEARS RULES!!!….. chainsaw battles anyone? 😉

      • Luigim60

        HOLY FUCK. LOL HOW DRUNK ARE YOU?? What are you even saying..

    • Gemjam2006

      Bring back the BOGOF on horde upgrades 😉 xxx

    • EpicFail

      How about multiple events in a week? What’s wrong with helping those that didn’t have this game back in November (or in my case, wasn’t even in the States) by doing more than 1 freaking event per week??

      7 Events in 7 Days or something like that. Give those that’s just starting out a kick with progress towards the Socialite Achievement. Then again, “PeteNub” won’t do anything to help out gamers. And don’t tell me that those that will just “play the game for fun” wouldn’t look forward to multiple events in a week. 

      Hell, it’s hard to actually get the “weekly event” on time anymore. If it’s not some sort of convention or something stupid that prevents him from actually activating the new event. Can’t take all that much time to press a few buttons and changing the Event ID# can it?

      I find it appalling that a development studio like EPIC who spend millions over several years on a video game have delegated this function to one incompetent buffoon who apparently doesn’t own a calendar. 

    • https://twitter.com/vrmillion vermis

      suena genial espero si valga la pena saber de ke va este rollo :d #GearsWeekend

    • aldop

      I love triple threat. very competitive and entertaining.also bring back big head mode.

      • Tom Martin

        Finally , an actual answer to the question this post actually asks.  Thanks for actually giving your opinion on the game type and not standing up on a box and bitching about everything else.  I agree, Triple Threat is a an absolute blast.

    • Muddin142

      why cant you guys be more creative with the dlc!! you give us bullshit characters and some of the maps suck. put some work into it and make it worth our time and money.

    • Lowly Assassin

      Yea love you team epic, you seem to listen to most of my ideas its just a real shame im in work all day today:( damn i picked a bad weekend for it>
      now if only we could ghet the burst retro to try out that fired 3 or 5 shot bursts like hte gorgon used too in an attempt to reduce coil and see how the community liked it, don’t care for the XP personally as i seem to be creeping ever closer to those horrible gold wings, I would have loved onyx or even blue wings ut oh well ,looks like im set to get gold wings this weekend. £v£ guardian XD
      anybody need an extra hand at 3v3 guardian add me up GT Lowly Assassin

    • TyloSaurusRex

      all you guys that are complaining, if you’d read the books, you’d know they’re giving us character from the book. i don’t see anything wrong with where the game is going. the story line, graphics, and game play have come a long way since Gears 1.  and you’re really bitching about the maps? the MAPS!! why don’t you go play a different game if you’re so displeased with the direction the game is taking? and quite honestly, i’m really excited about gears of war: judgement. i just wish you guys would make something with Ashpo Fields or something like that. anyways, i think you guys are doing an amazing job with the game and keep it up. 

    • Luigim60


    • Luigim60


    • Guest

      lol chikn sauce and he aint make it are from the anywhere near being the best..btw.just cuz ur in top 100 dont mean u the best. it just means u have no life and play gears 24/7…believe me,ive played them on gears 1 i played with and against them,and they usually were at the bottom of the list..not to impressive…and give epic a break..if u complaining this much about the game you need to get a hobby..go play gears 2 if u want those maps back so bad..

    • Jtsfr8

      I hope you guy’s still do gears events for those who are still  playing and those who are just starting to play this AWESOME game that you have continued to create 😀

    • Lowly Assassin

      Love this playlist for the 16 second raven down round be and 2 stranded done against a team of 3(and we beeat the 3-0 2 games in a row before they dropped out), shows teams/clans don’t mean jack if you have tactics seeing as this is a tactical shooter>
      this is a great game i have no complaints about the game, all weapons seem as effective as each other so no one seems to have an advantage for selecting a certain starting weapon.

      i was slightly shocked that this event was Lancer and Gnasher starting weapons with the other 3 as pickups, but if it makes the playing field even then im all for it, especially as the lancer is the correct weapon (IMO) for being a guardian

    • Afafdsf

      gow 3 is COD in 3rd person. GOW was all about shot gun and face to face combat but in gears 3 its all about active lancers and rapid fire hammer. if u go out in open or try to wall bounce people will down in 2 seconds with hammer. weapons have too much damage in GOW 3. GOW 2 hammer and lancer were fine but in 3 its just insane no one even play that game anymore because they know people only use rapid fire with hammer. i hope u guys do something about these rapid fire hammer and active overpowered lancer in judgement and also blood drive sucks balls in GOW 3.

      • Codeman051

         Gears has NEVER been just about the gnasher. The Lancer is on the cover of every single Gears game. I’ve read so many comments just like yours from people who whine and moan because the only weapon they like is the gnasher and they rage at anyone who uses something else. If you can’t use cover and teamwork well enough to get close to your opponent, learn to use another weapon. The gnasher is not the only weapon in Gears.

        • Jake

          if its on the cover that does not mean u should only use that weapon and abuse it and talking about team work if other team only use lancer and hammer then i say fuck that team work.

    • Ramonsmith1217

      We need more dlc maps, there have been sooo many threads on the forums demanding them. why can’t we just get one last map pack with like 7 maps and new/more creative events? This game is barely a going to be a year old and its gonna fade out already? Smh…

    • u suck

      how bout free skins mother fuckers

    • u suck

      i agree guest



    • Eliasyamani

      come on epic put more dlc on gears 3 or im returnng gears 3 already a new game you guys are stupid look how much people going to leave gears 3 we want more dlc and if you want good things about judgment put the released date back to october 2013

    • LordWood

       Did anoyone else get a ribbon called “Judgement” instead of the ribbon “Brothers to the End” that actually was given on Dec 9th to Dec 12th?????

    • MvC2, GoW3, &nothing else

      Rather than just bitch and complain about what you have done, let us focus on what you can do:
      1. Fix the event calendar, keep it updated. Let laptop users know how long events are up for (Triple Threat, x2 EXP, etc.)
      2. Some free maps perhaps? Judgment doesn’t come out until what, March? Canals, Fuel Depot, Subway and a few good maps from Gears 2. The concept of DLC is flawed and sucks, what happened to getting everything a game had to offer simply by buying the game? A real atrocious example of DLC backlash is MvC3, announcing DLC before the game even came out. Not cool. &remember, any press is good press, but just get the common man to like Epic for “being cool &offering free DLC!” from time to time, I know &understand you are a business but when you boast being one of the best shooters for the 360, you also have to deliver. Think of it as a future investment perhaps? EPIC isn’t going away anytime soon &I know you could always use a bigger fan base.!
      3. Have a 33-50% sale of Raam’s shadow. Might as well do so to squeeze a few more sales out of that, no?
      4. OPTIONAL: Gnasher buff to 20 rounds? Retro damage reduction (13-17%) at long ranges.

      That’s all I got. Oh and why not have Guardian for the standard playlists? Forces of Nature hype has died down, if you’re not going to have a sale in the future, sales will stay constant. Let those who cannot/will not buy it have the oppurtunity for a fresh version of CTL. I don’t think you’ll lose any/alotof revenue, but that’s just me.

    • TGM

      Hope there came a event without that overpowered GNASHER (No Players running the full match only with it ) A DREAM?

    • Eatadick

      How about some server based games as promised….. This host shit is stupid!