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Gears of War Jeeps

Epic Gamer and Gears fan Brandy recently sent us a tweet with a picture of her and her father-in-law Rick’s Gears of War Jeeps. We thought they were fantastic and wanted to see more, so I got in touch with Brandy for more pictures and an interview.

Rick’s Jeep is a 1947 Willy’s CJ2A and Brandy’s is a 2006 Wrangler X.

Flak: How long have you two been playing Gears of War?

Brandy: I have been playing Gears of War since just before Gears of War 2 came out. My friends were extremely excited for Gears of War 2, they suggested that I go out and buy Gears of War and run through the campaign with one of them before Gears of War 2. I went on my merry way to the store and ever since then I have been hooked on Gears. When my husband, Chris, would play Gears (especially Horde) and step away from his Xbox for 5 minutes max he would find his dad, Rick, playing for him.

For the Gears of War 3 launch I decided that I “needed” the console; so Chris and I bought the console, retro lancer and the Epic Edition. On Rick’s birthday we bought him Gears 1&2, we also gave him my old console since I’d bought the Gears console. Chris’ brother, Tom bought him Gears of War 3.

F: Do you play together?

B: Indeed we do. Horde is by far our favorite thing to play and we usually try to get through 1-50 once before we have to call it quits. Chris’ mother, Tammy has also become a ravenous fan (she rarely plays anything else) and she also decided that they needed the console as well.

All four of us now play Gears of War 3, Rick and Tammy are also planning on picking up Gears of War: Judgment on launch night just so that we can take both of the Jeeps out.

F: What made you decide to make the Jeeps?

B: I had originally wanted to get the crimson omen on my Jeep before Gears of War 3 launched; I have the Oregon rain to thank for that not happening. I was also trying to come up with the best way to do it, I thought about having my work make a stencil for someone to custom paint it but Tom said that it would be difficult with the image I had provided.

He suggested using vinyl instead which is infinitely cheaper and if I didn’t like the way it turned out we could always take it off and try again. It ended up being perfect. That weekend I drove the Jeep to Rick and Tammy’s, they loved it.

In between the Gears launch and me getting the omen on my Jeep, Rick had bought his Jeep. He wanted to get the omen on his Jeep as well. Little did I know that he would one up me by getting Delta Squad put on in addition to the crimson omen.

F: How long did it take to make them?

B: Tammy, Chris, Tom and I all work for the same company: PVS In-Store Graphics (www.pvsinstore.com). If it weren’t for our work’s love of creative people, sweet machines, cool owners and plethora of materials it probably wouldn’t have been possible. The crimson omen on my Jeep is printed and was then cut out. Doing it this way definitely didn’t take as long and it’s easy to apply.

When Tom made the one for his dad he created the file in Illustrator. He had to cut down some of the complexity of it to cut it out of vinyl on one of our machines at work (the I-Cut); this was also fairly easy to apply. Making it look exactly how it does in the actual image would have been painstaking with vinyl and would have required Tom to layer it. For Rick’s Jeep, Tom has also made custom COG emblem floor mats and COG emblem vinyl to replace the stars that are on it currently. The crimson omen took around 45 minutes with file prep and the floor mats around an hour with file prep. I have two ideas for my Jeep and Tom is helping me make it happen. We are also trying to figure out a way to make a vinyl Vixen Gnasher for the back of Tammy’s pickup but it’s been hard finding a good image of it.

F: Do you ever get any comments on them?

B: We do. A lot of people point and stare, while others think it is cool but have no idea what it stands for. Rick has gotten Gears of War yelled at him while driving his Jeep. One of our friends at our local GameStop, Andrew, has also shown it to fellow Gears lovers and of course they liked it.

Brandy also told us that Rick is still working on his Jeep, and once he is finished he’ll be taking it to car shows in their area.

Thank you for the interview Brandy!

    • https://twitter.com/killnthedrama Nicholas

      Now those look awesome

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      i would love to go driving in that jeep best jeep i ever seen

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      you have to put this stuff in the market!! i know id buy :)

      • gunner byrd

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      the only thing i dint like about this is the retro that shit is for pussy’s

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        Somebody’s mad about the retro. Deal with it instead of being a crybaby.

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        whats a wrong chump you cant handle the retro is it to strong for you little girl

    • kei

      nice car

    • gunner byrd

      Brandy should put a decal across her window that says “it’s a Gears thing…you wouldn’t understand”. That’d be a pretty funny play on the Jeep mentality.

    • Mastrer86

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    • Marie Antionette

      Love ’em both. Freak people out by having someone in the back of the jeep dressed in Onyx Guard cosplay (now available) with the replica Lancer. I think it would have a “War of the Worlds” radio program effect. You know what I mean?

    • Wes

      I like your jeep, this is mine. Getting out of shop this weekend.