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KittenSave, 2012

By Jessica Agee

The employees of Epic Games have often shown that they have huge hearts and a willingness to assist in times of need, and this week was no exception.

Terry and KittenEngine QA lead Aaron Jones had just begun his first week of vacation when he and his girlfriend came across a small lump of fur curled into a ball at the end of a driveway. As he approached, he realized it was a tiny black and white kitten.

With the heat in North Carolina reaching the middle to high nineties easily, they knew it would only be a matter of time until the kitten wouldn’t be able to withstand the environment. Even though he is very allergic to cats, Aaron picked up the little kitten and put her into a box to try and see if he could find anyone able to help take care of her.

KittenA Facebook post with a picture later, and Epic Games employees were on high alert. KittenSave 2012 was in full swing. The first step came when level designer Thomas Browett offered to take her to the vet, which showed that the kitten would have died in a matter of hours if not brought in for care.

The vet believes the kitten was abandoned after the symptoms of its cerebellar hypoplasia became obvious due to its tendency to fall over when walking/running.

Calls for a foster and an adopter were met by Engine Tester Terry Gilland who assumed full responsibility of the tiny kitten, now named Sofia. Thanks to three days worth of intense interest and care by a large chunk of Epic employees, the tiny ball of fur who could barely breathe is now bounding around attacking everything in sight. She’ll make a fine addition to Delta Squad once she’s fully recovered!

This isn’t the first time someone from the Epic staff has found and rescued a kitten. Last year, Sr. Facilities Manager Tal Woods heard meowing and followed it to the roof drain spillway at Epic Headquarters. He tried coaxing the kitten out with tuna and milk, but he wouldn’t budge.  His meow was so loud people two floors down could hear him. Principal Artist Shane Caudle was finally able to coax the kitten out and Sr. Executive Assistant Sarah Asby stepped in and adopted him.

As you can see, “LEEROY JENKINS” (on the right) is doing just fine and loves hanging out with Sarah’s other cat, “Luna.”

    • https://twitter.com/peba12 Peter

      Great story, i´m glad ppl help animals. I have a cat and i love animals.