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“We Met Playing Gears of War”

Recently Epic Gamer Megan, aka zombiecupcake on Reddit, posted a photo of herself and her hubby cutting their wedding cake… with a Retro Lancer! The picture got very popular and caught the attention of one of our testers, Max Bruckner. Max got in touch with Megan and told her we’d like to do a story about her wedding. She agreed to an interview and sent along some amazing photos. The couple even had their engagement photos taken with the Retro Lancer!

Flak: When did you two meet?

Zombiecupcake: We met in winter of 2006. Well, met online that is. We played Gears together regularly for months before Jeremiah, in an endearingly creepster move, found me on Myspace. We were both dating other people when we first met, but we were great friends. Eventually we were both single at the same time and decided to meet! We mapped out an approximate “middle ground” and met smack dab in the middle of our respective homes- Winchester, VA. He even stayed up late the night before to program an app that would text me cute little messages all through our little vacation. I was so super nervous but he was totally cool. We went to see Where the Wild Things Are and went to this amazing tourist trap called Dinosaur Land. Naturally, we had brought along an Xbox so that we could play Gears too!

F: How long have you each been playing Gears of War?

Z: We both got the first game within the first month of its release and the following two were bought on the release dates. We’re huge nerds about our love of the game and credit it for giving us the avenue to meet. A girl in Pennsylvania doesn’t often get the chance to talk to a boy in a farming town in North Carolina, so our love of in shotgunning others in the face in game was essential.

F: Could you tell us a little about the engagement?

Z: The day that Gears of War 3 came out, Jeremiah had the day off. I didn’t and I was anxiously staring at the clock all day during work. Jeremiah agreed to wait to open anything until I got home, but that didn’t stop him from sending me pictures of the boxes all day. As soon as I got home we started opening everything up! First the Retro Lancer, which is freaking amazing (and now hanging on our wall). Next, I opened up the (seemingly sealed) epic edition box! We pulled everything out; examining the statue, the book, the flag and all the little extras before finally grabbing the game. I popped it open to find another extra- an engagement ring! Jeremiah asked, I said yes; we rejoiced, we killed Locust!

When a friend offered to do the whole engagement shoot thing for us, we couldn’t say no. We wanted to do something that really said “us,” so of course Gears came to mind. We live in a town that is revitalizing an abandoned steel mill, so we had some prime photo locations! Lots of rusty beams and gears to stand next to, and with two Retro Lancers… well, you can imagine how confused some of our family members were.

F: And the wedding?

Z: Before we sent out our Save the Dates with us holding our retrolancer, we wanted to make sure we could answer all the questions we got from family members. We set up a little website with a FAQ, explaining what the retrolancer was. For those unaware of how Jeremiah and I met, we had an artist draw up a little comic! She also drew our invitations, all with little comic renditions of us. They were super cute, and truly helpful for making a geeky and slightly unusual thing into something less threatening. Despite our weird introduction to the wedding portion of our lives, I don’t think our family really expected us to use a retrolancer to cut our cake. Maybe the Minecraft ring box, video games next to the dance floor and comic character seating chart tipped them off, but there were still a lot of surprised laughs. Related note, cake is more delicious when eaten off your retrolancer.

F: Who is the better player?

Z: I vow that I am the better Gears player, but concede that Jeremiah is the better all around gamer. He apparently has admitted the truth with others, but still won’t admit it to me!

F: What are each of your favorite weapons?

Z: Jeremiah’s favors the torque bow and my favorite is the sniper.

Thank you Megan and Jeremiah for sharing your awesome story with us!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Darkness225 Kory Stokes

      That is the most awsome way for a wedding. A GOW wedding

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Burbs-Rupert/1222625072 Burbs Rupert

      That is awesome!

    • https://twitter.com/TAO_Devil TAO Devil

      Congrats you two! It’s great to see other couples meeting because of Gears!

    • Fluke106

      Great story, congradulations to the both of you. May you find happiness together for the rest of your days and If you Megan or Jeremiah, add me Fluke106 and get ready for judgement :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/Faticus910 Dylan Faticus Grubb

      Congratulations you two! Hope you both have a wonderful life together, you know, Killing locust (Or COG!) and winning like bosses! For the Horde!

    • https://twitter.com/teknomusik Chris Pittillo

      Awesome guys, congrats!

    • FlexyandIknowIt

      Great story and absolutely loved the pictures!

    • MLGoku

      Yo that is so amazing and awesome i wish i could find a soulmate doing something that i love

    • Royce

      Very cool – Congrats

    • https://twitter.com/PboroPrincess Sarah Rego

      i also met my bf on gears :-)

    • https://twitter.com/RonBlatto Ron Blatto

      Very awesome story.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Gorilaman Jose Venancio Morais Amaral

      Ur pics are awesome I wish ur merrege a great n happy commune
      Fellow gears play Garilaman56

    • griff8901

      Very beautiful (both the bride and the wedding) will follow those footsteps at some point (although I think the other half may demand on either GOW cake or at least GOW wedding topper 😀 )

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535592027 Zhen Tastik

      My husband and I met playing Gears, too!!!!

    • Greg

      Amaizing, not to be a copy cat but i also plan on cutting my cake with my retro, me and my girl are huge GOW fans, an I hope you guys have a great marriage:)

    • Nan’s Nappies

      I love it! I am a 55 year old grandma and LOVE Gears of War. We just went through 3 on insane. Quite a difference from when he introduced me to playing the first one on casual. I was HORRIBLE! I had never played a game like that. We also play Halo. For Christmas, he gave me my own headset and X-Box so we don’t have to play split screen any longer. Currently, we are playing Battlefield 3. As I sat looking at my pink toenails, sparkly flip flops, and mini skirt skort, last night, I asked my husband if he thought any other women played these games. Today he found your blog!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jeanine.schantz Jeanine Schantz

      Being the mother of this beautiful bride I can attest to how amazing her Gears based wedding was. I myself am not a gamer and was a bit puzzled during wedding prep for her big day. When her save the dates went out many older family members questioned what kind of wedding this would be. Megan’s stepdad was kept in the dark about a few things taking place and was a little perplexed at the video game monitors set up at the reception. Imagine people’s surprised looks when the lancer came out to cut the cake! All that aside not a one person left her venue disappointed! Old and young were taught to play Gears by the end of the night! I would like to thank Epic on behalf of my daughter for creating the game that led to my daughter finding her sole mate and love of her life! Megan and Jerimiah have to be the happiest Gear Heads on the plant right now!

    • Charlie Rogue

      My boyfriend and I met playing Gears! Were friends first and then did the real life meet thing, and ended up living in the same state. Once that happened we really got to know eachother and now live in the same town. Some of my best friends I made online playing Gears. I always joke about how I am going to write a disertation about how Gears saved my life (or at least the social aspect got me through a rough divorce)… I might do it sometime….

    • https://www.facebook.com/jessica.nebrich Jessica Nebrich

      I think it’s awesome that there are other couples out there that can share the same type story as myself and my husband!! We also met playing Gears, back when the first one first came out, been playing ever since, he moved from AZ to TX to be with me some odd years later. We married just this past March. We both wore our COG tags during the wedding, and had a 360 cake with pink and black controllers. :) The cake itself said “achievement unlocked, love at first kill” LOL As a surprise my hubbs had my COG tags engraved with my full married name and wedding date!! See this proves video games can bring people together. If it wasn’t for Gears I prob would have NEVER met Johnny and for that I and truly grateful. Thanks EPIC!

    • B2tE Fuentes

      Great stuff !!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/karen.wood.522 Karen Wood

      Theres hope for me yet.

    • HeatsProductions

      We love playing Gears!

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      Love how you cut the cake with the retro thats great !!!!!congrats…..COG forever!!!!

    • Skadiddlezz

      Im happy to see that Gears brings others together like my husband and I

    • mike

      that is bad ass wish my wife played gears lol

    • Bex Foster

      Cutting a wedding cake with a retro lancer…..that is AWESOME! Lol. I’m not married (yet) but, me and my partner found each other through a gaming forum for the Sony PSP back in 2006. We met for the first time at the end of the year and within months I’d left my old life behind and moved and as it happens, bought Gears of War for the 360 I’d recently bought. Not for me though as it ‘wasn’t my type of game’ but, she wanted it. Now, we’ve played all three together in co-op as well as various other games 😀 but, GoW was the first game we played together to the end!

    • marcellos

      thats awsome how they met on gow thats my favorite game of all time i hope thats how i meet a girl but i got 1 question are you going to get gears of war judement

    • xinkui956


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