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Epic Games at Dragon*Con 2012: Recap!

Gears of War Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2012If you were at Dragon*Con this year you know it was hard to miss the Epic Gamer presence everywhere!  We had several awesome panels in the new video game track, directed by the President of Epic Games, Mike Capps and his wife Julianne.

The first Epic panel took place on Friday and featured the upcoming mobile game Infinity Blade Dungeons.  Writer Brandon Sanderson and Lead Designer at Impossible Studios, Ian Frazier were the panelists.  Attendees had the opportunity to check out the teaser trailer and ask questions about the Infinity Blade universe.

Mike Capps and Billy Bramer Fortnite Panel at Dragon*Con 2012On Saturday fans of the upcoming game Fortnite were treated to a sneak peek at the game courtesy of Gameplay Programmer Billy Bramer and Mike Capps.  Everyone in the audience was wearing their Durrrburger hats and one lucky fan received a golden ticket for early access to the game!

We really felt the Gears love on Sunday during the Gears of War Judgment panel.  Epic Gamers filled every seat in our panel to see exclusive footage from Gears of War Judgment and learn more about the new modes: OverRun and Free-For-All!  There was also a large group of amazing COG and Locust cosplayers alike in attendance.  Both Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown and Mike Capps had lots of great Gears info to share and even hinted at some Easter Eggs from Gears 3 that have still not been found!Gears of War Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2012

Mike Capps, Jim Brown, Preston Thorne, Ian Frazier, Natalie Brickell, Billy Bramer Meet Epic Games Panel DragonConWrapping things up on Monday was the “Meet Epic Games” panel that included Technical Support Manager Preston Thorne, Marketing Assistant Natalie Brickell, Ian Frazier, Billy Bramer, Mike Capps and Jim Brown.  The panelists shared their stories about the history, culture, and growth of Epic as a company followed by some great questions from those in attendance.

There were even more great video game panels at Dragon*Con this year including “Getting into the Games Industry”,  “Reaching the Fans” and “Creating Characters in Video Games” to name a few.  Other developers like Bioware, Gearbox, Riot Games, and more had a presence and talked about their upcoming titles.  Be sure to mark your calendars for Labor Day next year so you can join us!

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      I am desperately looking for costumes for my son it would be much appreciated if u could give me the direction to go with . Its for his 4th birthday party and I want poeple to dress up and just take a few pictures with him. But the problem is he knows just about everything who’s gun is who’s and the outfit they wear. So its not like I could trick him.