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Gears Weekend: Happy Anniversary Gears of War 3!

Gears of War 3 Delta SquadThis #GearsWeekend we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of the release of Gears of War 3. A special guest will be making a return and we’ll also have a special anniversary edition weapon skin for you to use!

The “Brothers to the End” Playlist also makes a return. This is one of our most popular playlists, Team Deathmatch with two teams of two. Grab a buddy and team up for some intense 2v2 fragging!

Creepy Crawlie Horde Event

For Horde fans: Are you afraid of the dark? Of that thing that lives under your bed?  This weekend, the normal lineup in Horde has been replaced by a contingent of the creepiest crawlies the Locust have to offer: Tickers, Corpsers, Wretches, Bloodmounts, and even Reavers, with their squiggly legs all akimbo.  Watch the skies for their approach, but don’t forget to look down at your feet, or that Serapede will be crawling over your grave.

AThrashball Dronelso, in honor of Gears of War 3, we will have 3x XP!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback about our “Brothers to the End” and “Creepy Crawlie” events in the comments or this weekend on twitter using the #GearsWeekend hashtags. Knowing which #GearsWeekend events you like will help us improve them and bring back your favorites!

The event ribbon was first earned the weekend of 1/26/2012, so if you didn’t earn it then, be sure to get it now!

    • https://www.facebook.com/xRiskbreaker Cesar Betancur


    • https://twitter.com/iJLee209 Joey Lee

      Awww yeah! Definitly something I’ve been expecting for a while now!

    • https://www.facebook.com/theydeservetodie666 Абрахам Лопез Телло


    • https://www.facebook.com/hotgeekcity Patrick Rivers

      Is it because there’s been no official announced “events” that I have failed to get my achievement for playing in gears events? Or is it because I never downloaded “Fenix Rising” (I have all opther dlcs)? I’ve been stuck at 29/30 events, and I’ve played at least once every weekend for a YEAR. I’ve been stuck @ 29 for months now. I hate to be a stupid, geeky fanboy but I want my damn 70 point achievement I’ve been working over a YEAR for! Lol. Hoping that as this is officially announced, if I do a Round of Brothers till the End with my gf this weekend, or some creepy crawlie horde (we’re horde machines. Lol) That I will FINALLY get my achievement. You can email me if there’s something I’m missing here @ matthardymustdie@hotmail.com. Thanx!

      • https://twitter.com/broncoburns My name is Judge.

        There’s a finite number of unique IDs they can use for each special event. They’re on their way back through them now. Notice it says ” The event ribbon was first earned the weekend of 1/26/2012, so if you didn’t earn it then, be sure to get it now!” This means that this weekend’s event uses the same unique ID as the one that originally ran on the weekend of 1/26/2012. So you’ll have to keep playing til you get one you haven’t gotten before.

      • Phlegethon

        Patrick, you don’t even have to play the event to get the ribbon usually. Playing a game on the event weekend is normally enough.
        It might be because you didn’t buy FR, I don’t know any other reason why it wouldn’t count.
        It’s worth getting if you need any persuasion.

    • https://www.facebook.com/alisio.sandoval Alisio Sandoval

      finally wat hord really needs

    • Rburden

      When does it start?

      • https://jasonlewis.me/ Jason Lewis

        Yeah Epic, when does this start? I see BTTE is up now, so has the 3x XP started too? And is it going to run for 3 weeks as well like every other event? How about updating your Event Calender? That thing is a piece of junk at the moment.

        • MiloSuperSpesh

          more to the point when does it end ? 😉

    • https://www.facebook.com/jimenezdragon Elias Jimenez

      genial genial genial 😀 haber si hacen mas eventos como estos 😀

    • https://www.facebook.com/jose.santillanluna Jose Santillan Luna

      muy bien y pues a celebrar jeje

    • https://twitter.com/CHAINS4W Connor (CHAINS4W) H.

      YES BTTE


      this is the best you guys could do for the aniversary.??????
      shake my damn head

    • https://www.facebook.com/bobe.almanza Bobe Almanza

      Excelente esperemos el Drone sea permanente y que vengan más cosas por el aniversario.!

    • https://www.facebook.com/ArtNull Arthur Null

      damnit :( i wish i had live i wanna play creepy crawly horde again i love that crap

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001321133215 Tom Bjork


    • reaper

      Thank you so much epic for turning on the event early. just got my war support onyx and ACH. And the skins are awsome wish i could keep the lancer one its insain. And horde is just wow and way to much fun.

    • https://twitter.com/LinkSmash LinkSmash

      I <3 BTTE! And 3x XP?! That's starting Friday yeah?! SOLD! Can't wait to see what anniversary skin you guys have in the works!!

    • angel del futuro


    • Arthas


    • Antonio

      Maybe one day you translate for spanish people…..:

    • https://www.facebook.com/japrice3 Jason Anthony Price

      Glad Brothers to the end is coming back and I love when you guys fool around with horde mode settings. Can’t wait for Creepy Crawly Mode

    • stelth10

      No DLC….????????????……how about fixing the servers again then?

    • Hidefmike

      Ok, 3X EXP is good and all, but what else do you have planned for those of us who shelled out big bucks for this game and the season pass? When do we get some new maps? Hopefully you didn’t forget about Gears 3 fans when you announced Judgement…….

    • djmariooo

      i think this is the best event that epic ever made great job guys………

    • stelth10

      how about releasing all the bete stuff?

    • kullall

      do we get keep the wepon skin and the trashball drone and the two new game mode or are they for a limited time

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003923904681 Michael Jones

      haven’t played in awhile so heck yeah I’ll be playing this weekend

    • SteelOak

      people should play Gears of War 1 with instead ! Come play Raven Down it’s still fun 😀

    • https://www.facebook.com/djowelldjaguar.kanak Djowell Djaguar Kanak

      Creepy Crawlie très très très intéressant !!! je sens que ca va me plaire un regret hélas pas de nouvelles armes ou de nouveaux personnages un jour peut être

    • Josh

      Is it me or does Griffin look different in the picture above?

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Johanson/608852510 Robert Johanson

      Are you kidding me? I wanna play NORMAL horde, not this shit.
      Why dont you give us a choice? So people that DOESNT wanna play this shit, still can play the game like normal.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Johanson/608852510 Robert Johanson

      Why dont you give us a choice to play event or like normal?
      I dont wanna play it like this, i wanna play it the normal way.

    • juan

      This is fukken awesome can we keep btte plz epic and the skins to

    • Hashpapi

      Man, the basic idea is good and all, but in Germany during the weekend, horde was business as usual and now on a tuesday all of a sudden it’s there and it’s basically impossible to play a chill round of horde on split screen with my friend because that creeper event’s difficulty is unreal for 2 players…

      Can’t we just choose whether to play that stuff or not?

      • Hashpapi

        plus we didn’t get an event ribbon at all…

        • https://twitter.com/ihotnatured hot natured

          you may already have it.

    • Bru

      It he creepy crawlie hordes are just utter shite. So repetitive and boring

      • MiloSuperSpesh

        wow you went full retard man
        never go full retard..
        hardcore/insane creepy crawl horde is awesome..
        then again are you using all easy mutators ? kinda ruins everything…

        • https://www.facebook.com/aaron.hoadley.50 Aaron Hoadley

          NO. game industries kinda ruin everything.

    • Miguel Angel

      Hey guys i just played horde mode alone and i got very scared of that i didnt know about this but i like it !!!!!!!!! that was the best experience from horde mode!!!!!!
      i love this game!!!!

    • NiTriC ANiMaL

      seriously bring back normal horde no one wants to play this shit…. every game i get into everyone bitches and just leaves….real fun… put the old horde back in

      • https://www.facebook.com/aaron.hoadley.50 Aaron Hoadley

        Agreed, to bad they dont give two shits what the “real” gears fans want

    • xMPMx

      oorales!!! experiencia por 3, se la rifaron!!

    • imac

      This is by far the worst idea ever concocted. Which dumb ass in Epic Games thought it would be a good idea to replace the horde I love with repetitive bullshit. I busted my ass 8 hours at work all I wanted to do was kick ass on horde and I come home to this. I have had more fun playing with toxic acid than playing with this brainchild of some sick individual. If this event ever happens again any game released by Epic games that I own will be destroyed immediatley. Dom, Kim and the Carmine brothers just rolled in their fucking grave.

    • Liz Junkers

      When does it end??? I just want to play regular Horde mode!

    • Re-Up Epic Re-Tardedness

      Bullshit gameplay.. buncha “Ammo Sponges” with legs… should of just took the MONEY SYSTEM OFF. I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS EVENT to END.

    • https://www.facebook.com/alex.ishmiatov Oleg Kurpatov

      Yeah 3x Xp nice. Horde fully shit. Bring back old mode or give right to choose.

    • https://twitter.com/DoaFan Dead or Alive Fan

      Fuck yeah, normal hordes are awesome but this event at least for me is fucking awesome, didn’t played this past Monday but yesterday totally did a mess, gonna play again today.

    • BairdPoop

      I had more fun playing the 12 days of Gearsmas Event compared to this Epic Piece of shit event. Wow 3xp Geez, I’d rather take a discount off Fortification Repairs. With That I Totally Raped Everyone on Horde with the Hammer of Dawn CS for $700 [full repair] per wave….an EAZY trip to 100. Now that’s how to give back to the community epic.

    • https://www.facebook.com/takoda.black.7 Takoda Black

      Nice job on the skins. My favorite is the “How Home” skin. That skin should have been one of the unlockable skins for GOW3.

    • Paul

      Holy shit people I don’t see you coming up with ideas for the anniversary. Seriously where’s your ideas huh, stop bitching and just enjoy the game it’s something new and different so for all those who are bitching Fuck you.

    • Paul

      Also epic make Adam phenix an available character in an upcoming dlc

    • nohope4all

      i have to agree with grim ruga. this is the best u could do for a year aniversary and 3xp come on should of been more :(

    • MeegdenburgT

      EPIC Dont listen to the`s people.. keep doing what you are doing best, making the best challenge for Horde ever!! 3x hard mutator insane mode get it going F.E.U!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/ivanrifarap.Gaa Ivan Paredes Hernandez

      como com sigo armas deepic ajala imeagregen XxDRMxIMERTEIIxX

    • Brian

      Really really hate this creepy crawly thing. It’s sucked all the fun out of horde for myself and my friend. We pretty much don’t want to play, and will have to find a better game. When making changes like this, at least give us a chance to turn it off. C’mon bro…


      you dont want to play it because you cant ha! class game gears have done good with this, whats the point in choice anyways you all end up failing 99 percent of the time and back out, pretty pointless, #getagrip #onlyagame #TEAMGEARS!

    • Bonker82

      We need KOTGnasher in Playlist. Just gnashin’!
      This Event doesnt make fun, cause people leave public horde after 2 or 3 waves -it’s to boring and to irritating fighting tickers and serapedes.

    • yyahsi

      when will this event finsih???when we can back to normal??

    • oswin

      i just want back to normal horde…………please!

    • migue

      very good

    • migue

      very good

    • LewisHarvey01

      Can I have the code please this is for DOM

    • marcogerra

      I like to meet the dumb azz that came up with this idea..

    • Jonathan Rizo

      You forgot to mention the time frame for this event…-.-

    • https://twitter.com/ihotnatured hot natured

      Just want NEW but NOT old events repeating to get my four event ribbons missing (26/30). I used to be pissed off when I was about to get the “Again” achievement 50G (I was 97 green 100% LEGIT) and to get the Socialite missing like 2 or 3 and unfortunately I got RESET >:( NOW i just want like 5x XP, TDM ONLY GNASHERS (35 lifes) and fucking NEW event ribbons!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      i want to play regular horde….
      take off this damn mode already!

    • https://www.facebook.com/angel.vazquez.581730 Angel Vazquez

      i played the new horde mode online with only 3 more players we made it to wave 40 of course wit the rockets silverback but we failed it gets really really hard berserkers, rivers, corpsers just too much but really fun

    • https://www.facebook.com/luisalberto.arcecardozo Albert Louis DeadWalker

      you guys listen to much to the people back to the basics is what gears of war needs

    • https://twitter.com/MarcusPheonix scott mostyn

      I dont mind what they do. Just keep em coming. Hopefully i can get the last 23 before it stops

    • pyshotic gnome

      really enjoying horde leave the mutaters off and play it on insane great challenge

    • trakra

      Is this stupid mode over yet? The first screen I seen today was all tickers so I just shut it off.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003923904681 Michael Jones

      wow….must say if this weekend was an indication of what I’ve been missing not playing the last month, I haven’t missed anything. Waited over 30 minutes trying to get into a Horde and Beast game…never did. Was playing some KOTH, was going ok until someone and their “friend” decided to chase me around. They would take me down and then beat me to death, over and over and over again, got real old real quick. All in all looks like I haven’t missed anything, just another bad weekend in a really bad year.

    • Shep

      Well, I was waiting for an XP event, where I can play horde, but this Creepy Crawlie thing totally ruined it for me….

    • daniel liberio


    • Mickey123

      When is it going to change??

    • Mike

      Why can we not have options on witch hord to play I like them both!!!

    • Mike

      I love gears of war pall of them!!!