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Gamers Get Hands on with Gears of War: Judgment

Fans playing Gears of War Judgment at Eurogamer Expo in LondonMembers from the gaming community will be visiting us at Epic Headquarters next week to playtest Gears of War: Judgment for three days. We are looking to them for feedback on the game and the dev team, as well as members of the QA team, will join them each day for design meetings after the playtests.

The group consists of itsOCELOT, SkyzYn, Brittality, nsan3predator, CaptnBarbosa, arCtyC, nexy, NinjaPucca, GoldGloveTV and hastr0.

They will be arriving on Monday evening and given a tour of the studio. Bright and early Tuesday morning, they will come in for their first Judgment playtest. We are really looking forward to having them play and hearing what they think.

We’ll be posting updates during the week so be sure to follow @GearsofWar on Twitter!

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      Congrats on who is going down to visit Epic Games very very jealous… Well deserved

    • doctor gloop

      Well played sirs, well played. Get GoW back in MLG! Can’t wait to hear arCtyC’s commentary on it. That man made my skills go from 0 to hero.

    • Hory

      I don’t want to sound like an ass, but what Goldglove can say about the game? I mean, the others actually analyze the game and it’s flaws and what they would change in the game and how can affect the game mechanics. Goldglove just bitch about how the Kantus is unbeatable. And I watch Goldy’s videos.

      • Fumblez

        Then think of GoldGlove as the average gamer weighing in, instead of the “1337 pr0s” group. And since he seems to have one of the biggest channels for Gears, it makes sense from a business standpoint to invite him: he’s likely to get most of the details out to gamers, convincing them to buy GoW:J. :)

        Plus, I’ve seen him analyze Gears at times. He just doesn’t do it every episode.

        • TaRGeT

          its not that goldy is an average play he tries to do competitive gaming

    • EXTREME184

      Goldlove? Really? He plays it as a hobby rather than as a passion.

    • You RE-UP Re-TARD

      MP or “modded” Player. ONE SHOT Gnahser kills. Burst Fire Lancer take downs. ETC. Since the conception of the “modded controller” That alone has brought MULTIPLAYER into an ALL TIME DISGRACE. The sick beauty about that is.. Game companies can NEVER Catch the ones who’s using modified controllers.

    • Re-Up Re-Cycled RE-TARDED

      Yeah I don’t blame those MOD-Players. Gears 3 is so broken..with the “Ammo Sponging bad guys”, Money System..etc. Horde for example has just turned into one big GREED FEST.

    • Hoff Hoff Poff

      With Cliff B leaving. Gears is now literally DEAD.

    • josh

      Im sure epic wants feedback from competitive and non competitive be happy for Goldglove no need to hate.

    • Boltoklicious

      Here’ you go as in gameplay issues: Bullet Sponging, Ammo Cheaping, and Slow moving Characters.

    • Weslays

      There is about two people that actually make sense to be going to test the game, great job epic you really out did yourselves this time.

    • https://twitter.com/ElyMastergold Ely Mastergold

      I know arCtiC is gonna do a great job epic games need some feedback really quick

    • https://twitter.com/LinkSmash LinkSmash

      Wish I was invited!!! :)

      • MikukeyuShirubi

        im not trying to be mean but we dont need no more causal gammers fuckin up gears of war judgment even more…

    • https://www.facebook.com/gcouvreyjacobs Gavin Couvrey-Jacobs

      Thanks for asking Kaleb(Arctyc), hope I got his name right, to help you guys look over the game and playtest. I really do trust him as a gamer and gears player(he knows his stuff! Listen to his input.) Thanks GCJRocky562

      • Ghostofdelta2

        Kevin, not Kaleb.

    • dowhatican

      3 days isn’t enough to find problems that people will be complaining about for months…At least they’re trying I guess.

    • chris

      Of topic i know but thats what you get for banning me from the gears forums for being honest abut the retro :)
      How about a gears 3 KOTH event with gears 2 rules. Execution rules, hill doesn’t move and cant’t respawn when you’r team control the hill so much more tactical than current gears 3 KOTH

    • EPIC sucks.

      Who cares? Judgment is going to be made for casual gamers regardless of what competitive gamers say. If gears 3 is any indication, this game will be catered to weekend warriors and tryhards will suffer yet again. I refuse to buy this game for retail price, if I get it at all. Fanboys have fun playing this mindless non-competitive garbage. Simply put EPIC only cares about money. Gears as we knew it, is dead. Enjoy your six post release title updates since they can never get it right, and straight lying about dedicated servers.

      • MikukeyuShirubi

        Thank you my friend i thought i was the only one that can see that Judgement gonna suck

    • Banned

      EPIC so sensitive. I can’t post any real opinions anywhere. I can see why everybody on the forums “loves” your game.

    • tr;gvtrnjbvgt

      they need to keep it the same as where the gnasher is ur secondary weapon not a pistol come ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tr;gvtrnjbvgt

      they changed the game so much they need to keep it traditional