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ClashMob Elite of the Week: Jarod Williams

Our latest ClashMob Elite member is Epic Gamer Jarod Williams, who is active on our Infinity Blade forums as well as the Infinity Blade Facebook Page.  We’ve asked him to dive into his favorite equipment and tips for fellow ClashMob players below:

ClashMob Elite of the Week Jarod WilliamsGameCenter ID:  Cynicalone
Name:  Jarod Williams
Level:  2471
Favorite Weapon:  Cleaver and Nova Grinder
Favorite Weapon Class:  Heavy and Dual
Favorite Gem:  XP +125%
What tips do you have for other Infinity Blade players?:  Don’t be afraid to start New Game+.  You will lose your weapons, equipment and gems but you will be able to build a far more powerful character.  And once you are in the New Game+ the most important thing I can say is that you need to know when to move on to the next New Game+.  If you reach a point where you are not mastering 5 items at a time it is time to move on.

Also, check out the Infinity Blade forums where great players like Silversabeast have written great guides on how to play the game.

Jarod’s Siris:

ClashMob Elite of the Week Jarod's Siris














Want to be the next featured ClashMob player?  Send us YOUR Siris on our Facebook page or with the hashtag #MySiris on Twitter and we may contact you next!

    • Onlylvl101


    • Random

      Whats that armor you have? And your using Torren’s Legay, right?

    • Random

      And helmet?

    • Henry highland

      The armor is hunters mail it’s got good speed on it 9 speed I think.