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Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday

At Epic, we have a fun monthly tradition known as Epic Friday, which gives employees a break from ongoing tasks and provides a platform for us to work on pet projects. One day each month, we’re encouraged to be creative and productive solely within the context of “making cool stuff” that benefits our games and technology development process.

Epic Games Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall recently set out to refine his manual drawing skills. While Warren is both highly technical and artistic, he felt the need to revisit the basics and learn more about perspective.

“Gotta grind those fundamentals,” he said. Voicing how making perspective grids by hand can be frustrating, he continued, “The programmer in me wanted to do something cooler. Enter Epic Friday!”

Warren describes the app he developed, Carapace, as “a simple program that lets you place vanishing points around an image placeholder to flesh out the shell of your drawing. Shell, carapace… Get it?”

Carapace enables users to place up to nine vanishing points or as few as one. One-, two and three-point perspective grids are possible along with some extras to accommodate any weird angles in a scene.

Here’s a video of Warren setting up a simple three-point grid:

• Once the grid is in place, click CTRL+C and to place the grid on the clipboard.
• Paste it into Photoshop and use it as a guide!

“Carapace can also determine the perspective of existing images,” said Warren. “Say you have a piece of concept art that you want to paint over or add something to it. If you can’t work out the perspective, you can use this program to load the image and lay down trace lines. With two trace lines on the screen, hitting a hot key will place a vanishing point at the intersection spot. This saves you trying to figure out where to place the vanishing points by clicking and dragging and guessing.”

See it in action again here:

Today, we’re very pleased to share Warren’s clever app with the community.

Download Carapace here for free!

* Requires .NET 4.0        

Have questions or feedback? Check out this thread on the Epic Games Forum.

    • https://dark-acre.com/ Jack Nilssen

      This is awesome, thank you very much!

    • https://www.facebook.com/eddie.hernandez.9655 Eddie Hernandez

      omg Warren Marshall Thanks!!! this is great!

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      Thanks Warren !!! your Thanks Warren !!! your are an awesome person 😀 !are an awesome person 😀 !

    • https://twitter.com/shawncolloton Shawn Colloton

      What a great concept. My days of fighting the perspective grid are over.

    • https://www.facebook.com/cavandermeulen Chris Vander Meulen

      Amazing! Thanks!

    • CWS

      Wow, very useful! Thanks!! A Mac version of this awesome tool would be great…

    • Joris Dijkhuis

      Great app! Here’s hoping Warren’s gonna develop it for Mac too (A)

    • Isja Katzmann

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    • Kuros

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      • t

        Shouldn’t have gotten a mac, then.

        • Eddy Least

          Parallels desktop 😉

        • disqus_FgVW6iVGEU

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        • https://wheretheliliesgrowcomic.com/ ApocalypticRain

          why get a pc when you can partition for both?

      • Sergey

        I did something like this tool for Photoshop, it works both on Mac and on Windows, feel free to try:

        • matto_art

          Very cool Sergey. Nice Mac alternative. I use a PC but a lot of my friends use Mac and can’t use Carapace. Nice work!!

    • Ravah

      This is a very helpful tool man, God bless you :)

    • https://www.facebook.com/joel.massgard.1 Joel Mässgård

      Sweet stuff! Thanks Warren!

    • Michael Zock

      Nice! Hope Adobe and the like will license it to include it as a plugin in future versions.

    • Michael Link

      This is going to help my work immensely. I work in comics as well as 3D models. Thanks so much, Warren! =)

    • blented

      Once you find the F1 key for help this is fantastic :)

    • https://twitter.com/vulgrin Dave

      Man, why isn’t this in Photoshop already?

    • Mehmet Ozen

      Mac version oks :)

    • 15

      Nice tool guys! This will help me a LOT since i always end up screwing the perspective xP

    • Ambiguity

      Can’t get it to work in XP, I have .NET 4.0 installed too :

      • Chella

        I have the same problem. Sigh.

    • https://twitter.com/Mynta Mynta Duhamel

      Thank you very much for creating this resource and then for releasing it for publis use. I’m sure it will save this artist in particular many hours of productivity. :)

    • Wilko

      This Tool should def be ported to Mac. Extremely practical App! Thx a bunch Warren.

    • kaz

      would love this! on my mac :(

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    • blue_monkey

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    • https://twitter.com/jinchoung jin choung

      fantastic tool! it seems like it wouldn’t be a far stretch from this to being able to create mesh planes to facilitate photogrammetric reconstruction. y’know… if you run out of things to do for another epic friday… :) but thanks much!

    • Alec Chalmers

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    • JP

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    • https://twitter.com/sulamoon Ursula Dorada

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      Couple of friends asking, does it work on a MAC? Is it possible to do a browser version so it becomes plataform-free?

    • ActionRPG

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    • jw

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    • Andrew

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    • angelize

      In the first video you are moving vanishing points 1 and 2 together how is this done? Is it possible to lock any two vanishing points together like that?

      • Rahll

        He’s actually hitting the H key, which aligns the perspective points horizontally to the cursor’s location.

        • angelize

          Thanks. :)

    • Arun

      Can I import an image into your app and then match my Perspective lines accordingly ??? Mac version would be a great help Warren . Thanks a lot for sharing… it is some thing that i wanted for a long time. :)

      • Arun

        Never mind I did check the PC version and it has the image option (Trace) to it. THanks Warren..

    • Kiwi

      Please for Mac! I would pay for it 😉

    • Ki

      Thank you very much!

    • Mazlow

      Its unanimous – MAC needs some epic love. Thanks Warren.

    • https://www.facebook.com/nikos.koutsis Nikos Koutsis

      Hi there, I’m a cartoonist, doing comics and this is an extremely helpful tool. BUT. I’m working on a Mac!! No PC. P.L.E.A.S.E. could you make a Mac version???

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    • https://www.facebook.com/andreyulianto.saputra Andre Yulianto Saputra

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    • Whitney


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    • Marshal Uhls

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    • DPS

      This is a pretty handy tool – thanks for sharing. A cool feature would be the ability to insert ‘helper’ points, for CP and others that you may want to reuse. Also having a giant cross centred on the principle point for setting out purposes would be great.

    • HumanBeeing

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