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Gears Weekend: Happy Thanksgibbing

Gears of War 3 Thankgibbing Cluckshot EventThis #Gearsweekend we’ll be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with a “Thanksgibbing” event. Shotguns will be replaced with a modified Boomshot known as the “Cluckshot.” Boomshot pick-ups will also be replaced. The “Thanksgibbing” playlist may well be the noisiest we’ve ever had.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgibbing! The playlist is now live!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jozeconzeta Joze Ramírez

      Reinforcements are coming!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670131673 David Pickles

      is that for horde as well ?
      is there a xp mulitplier ?

      • iFlak

        Yes, there should still be 3x XP

    • jordan

      Thanksgibbing sucks TAKE IT DOWN!!!

    • Marco

      Thanksgibbing suck! Raven Down 24/7 rules!


      True Gnashers only is very much needed…no pistol…just gnashers!

    • vaka

      Porque va tan mal mal la conexión en España ? Hemos pagado mucho dinero en mapas y etc es de vergüenza

    • Gnashers Are Boring

      Dont like it, dont play it. Quit whining. The constant Gnasher playlists are dumb anyway.

    • https://twitter.com/JaredBot Jared Sherman

      what’s the point for events when we’re not awarded ribbons anymore? I HAVE ONE MORE TO GET! Will there ever be one event that gives me a ribbon for playing?

      • LordWood

        If your talking about the events medal, they changed how it works and gave everyone 29 out of 30. All you have to do is go play a quick match of team death match in versus and you get the events medal and achievement. I just did it last night.

        • https://twitter.com/JaredBot Jared Sherman

          Thanks for the tip man but I tried that lastnight and today and still no event ribbon for me. I got on the one day and they gave me the 29 out of 30 but I’m not sure when I can actually get the last 30.

    • https://www.facebook.com/choyce80 Christopher Norman Choyce

      thank you for the events EPIC! Thanksgibbing is FUN. And all you suckers complaining……DON’T PLAY THEN…. unless you want me to bust you up with my cluckshot


      Over 5 months waiting a NEW EVENT to get my SOCIALITE … and NOTHING … come on guys … just give this away for everyone.. puta really NEW event.

      • https://twitter.com/JaredBot Jared Sherman

        That’s what I’m saying man and I would have had it a year ago if the reset glitch never got me!

    • katja

      clockshot is funny^^

    • 7H3 P41N

      why yall complainin. It´s just a damn game

    • confused

      is there a requirement to be able to play? i log in to gow3 and there is nothing on the calendar and in-game is all still the same.

    • Papetey

      How long is thanksgibbling gonna last?

    • creid8

      So I can’t get recognition for the event unless I buy the DLC? I got to 29/30 without it, and I’ve been stuck like that for a while.

    • kevinvannatter

      How could anyone still be playing Gears 3 at this point? Epic abandoned the game. It’s total bullshit. They made the greatest shooter ever and then abandoned it.