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Epic Games Podcast 12: Jim Brown Talks About Judgment

In episode 12 of the Epic Games Podcast, @Raczilla talks with Epic Games Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown about some of the differences between Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment and how they came to be.

    • Stewart MacLean

      judgeing by the response’s i have seen..DBNO is not some small piece of the puzzle…people are pissed

      • https://twitter.com/Sam_Fletcher_ Samuel Fletcher

        small piece, No. THE WHOLE ENTIRE GAME, ALL PUSHES, ALL STRATS are based of that “small feature” I feel sick. Everything is aimed at casuals.

    • SpeaksTheTruth

      Judgment is gonna suck and it’s the truth. Gears of War was such an amazing game. It started getting ruined when Gears 2 released and they did 50 title updates and then Gears 3 they introduced to casual queers.

      • SirMannii

        Well said! Gears 1 > Any other Gears

    • Necros

      Wow, you say you listen to the fans? Sounds more like you are all sitting there with your heads up your butts.

    • neil

      you’re destroying the game I love…

    • https://twitter.com/Bizkitdoh Bizkitdoh

      So, nothing new to see here.

    • https://twitter.com/Sam_Fletcher_ Samuel Fletcher

      What a god damn woeful response “better put my flame suit on”
      Dont joke about it, DBNO is a serious issue and everyone is pissed, you just ingored the whole community. You ask us to give feedback, yet every time we give it its either ignored or given the response “new players didnt get good initial feedback” Im sick of every game being aimed at casuals that will buy the game , play for a few weeks then leave. AGAIN, we will be stcuk with a dead, dead, terrible, slow, rifle, camping game.


      RIP GOW

      • Wally H

        Well said.

    • https://twitter.com/CHAINS4W Connor (CHAINS4W) H.

      I’l take a gnasher over a frag anyday.

    • joe

      Lame, I can’t believe I waited all week for this. I think it all boils down to Political correctness, no MP executions, no locusts, really lame. Goodbye GOW!

    • Th3 ZomBiifieD

      It’s unfortunate you guys at Epic only seem to be cashing in on the Gears Of War name with this latest iteration to the franchise…

      Every new feature just looks to be making this game as accessible as possible while removing most depth to Tactics and Strategy in Multiplayer.

      I’ll admit i thought Gears 3 was as bad as it could get without changing what fundamentally “is Gears Of War” but then you guys surprise me by stripping the identity of Gears, and removing most prominent features that set you apart from other gaming franchises

      I don’t really see how anyone can hold any sort of pride in the fact that they adored this franchise “as i and many others have” when you guys decide to strictly direct this series toward a casual demographic.

      I respect your company far to much to “flame or insult any particular Developer decisions, or to ever wish you any less than your utmost success…

      But with a heavy heart i will halve to withdraw my faith of a game that has lost it’s identity in the shuffle of many competing shooters. Perhaps i may seem melodramatic to some but i am far to emotionally invested in Gears Of War to let it go without grasping for anything i can to keep my hopes alive.

      Thanks for the memories Epic Games! Good Luck on your future prospects.

    • Joe
    • https://www.facebook.com/joe.a.blount Joe Alex Blount

      *Nobody* wants cog vs cog! don’t pretend you’ve done it to make players ‘identify with the characters more’, you’ve done it to entice CoD and Halo players and you f*cking know it!

      • mikepro88

        That line literally made me sick.
        “Identify with the characters more”
        Thats my last straw….I’m done with GOW, hope judgment doesnt sell for crap and they go out of business.

        • mikepro88

          That whole podcast was them literally shoveling crap and throwing it at the fans listening to it.

    • Ken Kauluwehi

      This game looks more and more like a COD game re-skinned as GOW. The load out.. total COD, the maps look COD, jumping from 2nd to the bottom Halo, COD. Line of sight and maze type maps COD… No execution??? They have been the push since GOW 1… we got more and more executions to play with when we play execution yet the game type is no longer in the game?

      The only thing I still see that is GOW is the cover system.

      I’m really not looking forward to Call of Duty Judgement.

    • epic suck

      Why would any 1 need a cog pistol with 26 bullets drop the pistol and let ppl carry two primary weapons

      Who did you get this feed back from about not liking to be locusts COD kids

      COG v COG You have ripped every thing they made your game unique out to try and attract a cod crowd domination how original there or some of us who hate cod which is why we play gears the more you destroy your game to attract new players the more you will loose you original fans

      The only reason execution failed on gears 3 was because you ruined it with 3 rounds and the stupid man up rule on gears 2 execution was the most played game type

      TDM or team spawn trap is pathetic game type and should never of been added

      • aardeday000

        What gears judgment truly needs is two kinds of multiplayer (like the forces of nature addition) one for new GoWJ, and old style.

    • https://twitter.com/AR_ASSAULT Promethean Knight

      Jim Im still going to buy the game As long as horde is still there. The loadouts suck period. I want my lancer gnasher play from the beginning.

    • https://twitter.com/TheSociety1 Robert

      woah, no dbno? one hell of a change. well ive been from gears 1 all the way up to here. Change and adapt. i will still play gears. no matter what.

    • Keith


    • Keith

      If you’re gonna make it COGvsCOG.. should’ve made a game based on the Pendulum Wars.. COG vs UIR..


    • https://twitter.com/viewingthehue Levi

      Wow This podcast seems to be opposite of a large majority of posts on the forums.
      I will not buy now that it is confirmed.
      Sorry Epic this isn’t Gears of War

    • Oxenpoxen

      Hey, Mr. Brown, I was wondering if you or anyone else at Epic are noticing the crushing amount of negative feedback concerning the changes you are making. I mean, just look at these comments. At the time of this writing, by my count, there is one comment that is not angry or sorrowful at what you have done. Change can be good, but in moderation. You truly are destroying everything about Gears of War that made fans fall in love with it in the first place. I hope you realize that all of the casual fans you hope to bring in by mutilating the game in this way will never support your game for even a year after release like we do. Your longtime fans that give your game life are leaving in droves, and your new audience isn’t going to sustain this game for more than a few measly months. And after Judgment, then what? Hardcore fans will have said their goodbyes to the franchise, and the casual players will be distracted by other, and by this point, better, shooters. So good luck Epic. I truly hope you understand the extent to which you are destroying everything that made Gears of War unique. Enjoy your new fans, they won’t be around for long. And neither will we.

    • F*** Y EPIC

      What about going prone cod kids love that maybe add a few bushes in corners of maps battle field players love to hide in bushes

      How many kills is the kill streak for a brumak or silver back ?????

    • Jackalhead

      I just want beast mode. At this point I gave up on all the other multiplayer. Overrun looks cool, but it is seriously lacking in the amount of creatures you can play as. They can’t add more creatures to overrun cause that would mess up the balance of it all. This is why I’m just hoping they include a new and improved version of beast mode so we can play cooperatively (not just competitively in overrun) and have a ton of monsters to choose from.

    • Marcus M

      EPIC you god dam cash cows

    • https://www.facebook.com/PapiChuloJessie Jessie Pozos

      RIP Gears. Had a good run! It’s time to put my hat down and move on…

    • https://www.facebook.com/keslew Keston Lewis

      i love gears of war i play 1, 2 & 3 … but the new features look great … just one problem the abilities … the screen looks a bit crowded wen abilities are active, plz fix it

    • Joe Cooper

      This may end up being a “good” game, but it will no longer be Gears of War. RIP GOW

    • Andrew

      This is just sad. What is left of the GOW community is telling these guys what they want in judgment and are just being ignored. All the hardcore fans will end up leaving and so will the new players that will play it for a month and then go back to cod.

    • Joey

      This game will no longer require skill. Maybe i’ll get this for my 8 year old cousin.

    • Marco

      Everyone knows that epic is trying to make judgment as close to cod as possible so more people buy their game.The game will be dead within a few months and I will not be buying this game.

    • Lich

      Are we wounded? (YES!)
      Are we angry? (YES!!)
      Are we ready to fight this time? (Errrr—maybe not :) )

    • Kenny H

      The only reason I stuck with gears was because i could still run with a lancer and gnasher. If i cant have that in judgment then im not buying.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ian.paumgardhen Ian Paumgardhen

      It’s a 25 minute podcast and it’s barely audible on my system, but I see from the comments it has been confirmed that DBNO is, well, out, and there won’t be anymore COG vs. Locust MP?

      Let me preface by saying I’m not one of the naysayers. I loved Gears 3. I loved the books. I was fine with the sawed-off and retro. It added play variety. I have been loyal to you since Unreal Tournament GOTY edition, the first shooter game I ever enjoyed. I even loved every glorious minute of Bulletstorm.

      But this… this is insane. You can’t take away the fundamentals of Gears and still call it Gears. No COG vs. Locust, no DBNO, no standard loadout choices… It’s illogical. I pay a lot of attention to the feedback you receive. I check the comments of every post here and pay attention to how players are reacting.

      No one wanted this. No one in the comments here is happy about these changes. So, what are you doing? Why would you do this? This is my first negative comment on any of your posts, Epic. I don’t want to cancel my pre-order for Judgment, I really don’t.

      So you’ve got about three months until E-Day… That’s three months to correct the wrongs that you’ve wrought.

    • https://twitter.com/bootyINSANOFLEX Gregory Strouse

      I would really like to see how these pieces form together. It’s just making me nervous that we are only a couple months out (until release day), and we haven’t seen any team-based gameplay modes. I’m sure this game is fine, but it seems that we are getting further and further away from what made gears, gears.

    • josh

      Cog v Cog? Really? This is gears of war. If you guys wanted to do this for the multiplayer, didn’t the campaign be based on the pendulum wars. Now it doesn’t even feel like gears anymore. First you take away DBNO, now its cog on cog.

    • AUniversalParadox

      Thanks EPIC, you ruined the only shooter I like.

    • lolwelp

      lol I’ll just wait until it comes out used I guess for cheaper. DBNO taken out is ridiculous

    • Dave Unscarred

      is good to change, but to IMITATE is a very different thing, just look at the facts present in Judgment…Crosshair on all weapons (HALO), the Bolo granade are now sticky (HALO), off the hip granade trows (HALO), no DBNO, more sniper rifles, Breechshot, Markza (riffle fest COD Style), Bullshit loadout system and if this whole new idea of Red vs Blue team HALO/COD yet again) fast pace gameplay (COD), guys lets face it we just got our self a new hybrid of HALO and COD GAME! again this so…heartbreaking, Halo of Duty: Judgment.

    • Dave Unscarred

      next announcement will have Zombies in MP or better yet Horde Mode if their any Horde mode in Halo of Duty: Judgment.

    • Dave Unscarred

      I can wait to hear stories of 6 year old kids singing songs as their mothers yell in the back ‘go do your homework’ and the kid reply wait mom i’m playing Call of duty, i mean Gears of War Judgment, then the mother enters the room and ask the kid what’s the difference with these games they are all the same and the kid says well mom in Gears you can chainsaw people lol

    • Grant

      This sounds absolutely horrible. Im canceling my pre order asap

    • Josh
    • Brad

      The next thing we are going to see is rewards for getting kills or points. Go ahead Epic, just line your butt right up there with the COD franchise. You already went this far, whats one more step???

    • Kody JJ

      Damn Epic, you better fix your shit! People, your fans are not happy.

    • Noble 5oldier

      i actually can’t believe you guys, why are you making this game so easy in multiplayer. How could you get rid of executions?? they are a key part of the gears today. You say you hear from the community, but thats from campaign players, listen to your good multiplayers out there, people who spend a lot of time gears 1/2/3. These players are less likely to sign up to forums as they are busy playing your actual game and not asking for bullshit changes, like getting rid of wall bouncing? changing grenades? FFA???? wtf, if you want to play FFA you do a private king of the hill match, everyone knows that. Seriously EPIC!! SORT THIS OUT, YOU GUYS MAKE ME WANT TO CRY

    • Noble 5oldier

      representing around 50 of my friends on xbox live, who play gears through and through, 5 of them being the top hundred in gears 2 (guardian), and 2 being top in gears 3 (TDM), we all believe that your taking us for a run, ruining our favorite game, making it so easy!! All i can say is, fuck you! you guys clearly don’t play multiplayer, do what you want with your campaign, you made an amazing game (1+2) then 3 was good but easier……DONT FIX IT IF IT AINT BROKE!! Give this game to VALVE they would do us proud,

    • domo225

      but why did y’all put permanent crosshairs on the screen shame. and no DBNO wtf thats just akward you muhfuckers are ridiculous smh.

    • Jon

      I’m willing to keep an open mind since I’ve played Gears since the beginning. But honestly, these changes (especially doing away with executions and DBNO) are making it hard to do so. Gears, to me and a lot of fans, means executing a buddy or two in MP and making them relive it the next day.

      • Guest

        When Gears 2 came out everyone was starting to wonder if the whole thing was a big fluke; if Epic themselves didn’t quite know what made Gears 1 the success it was. Well it seems pretty clear that PCF have not one sweet clue what Gears is about. I have sunk many many hundreds of hours into this franchise. In fact it has almost exclusively been my MP game/franchise since Gears 1. That said, not only is this the first Gears I will not wait in line for at midnight, it may very well be the first Gears game I do not buy at all.

        It’s pretty telling that in an effort to recapture the popularity of the first game that Epic/PCF are drifting farther and farther away from the core of what made the first game great. Who knows – Judgement could be a good, even great game, but it most certainly is not going to be a “Gears game”.

        We play Gears because it’s something different and that is not just “FPS vs 3rd person shooter”. It is a more deliberate, more tactical game and now Epic and PCF are dumbing it down to the COD level for the unwashed masses. If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I would freaking play Call of Duty…

        Thanks for the memories Epic but I am checking out on this one.



    • Thomas Moorhouse

      This is just horrible.

    • Thomas Moorhouse

      I understand you want to bring more people into judgement from other games, but your going to lose tons of die hard gears fans. DBNO is a big part of the game.

    • https://twitter.com/DickNastyuk Terry

      I can understand DBNO not being in FFA or Domination because of either keeping the pace fast and not wasting time with the execution animation which would make re spawn instant , but I would like the option to play modes Like Execution, and also no locusts, its gears not Halo

    • https://twitter.com/DickNastyuk Terry

      Raam, Skorge , Savage Kantus , Golden Hunter , Myrrah , Cyclops , all better characters than any cog , why do you think everyone was asking for Skorge back ,

    • https://twitter.com/DickNastyuk Terry

      the one change that I and many others would like would remove quick its made ranked extinct in the uk because of the fear of full teams and i know you brought stranded in but why would you have ranked and team battle were if you were in a full team it automatically put you in a game mode against other full parties as the full teams have no real competition against 5 randoms and everyone just complains about full teams

    • Team Sell

      Just listened to this podcast and I’m encouraged by the changes and looking forward to playing it. I’m enjoying all of these you killed the game guys speaking out. You should be more willing to see how the game is before calling it dead and bad. Don’t you think the game would be more fun if more people could play and be good at it. Currently you have 10% great players, 20% good players 20% average players and 50% frustrated bad players. If I was the 50% bad player I’d try to find another game to play. This is what epic wants to change. There will still be great players but the gap between the good player and the bad player will be much smaller. Meaning people will play longer and have more fun. I’m a good player at Gears 3 and am not scared of changes for the next game and can’t wait to get into it.

      • aardeday000

        People don’t like change, the want to crush all of the new players with spawning overpower gnasher and lancer combo. That’s why nobody new tries to master gears MP. I don’t really see any point in making the exact same MP as gears 1.

    • https://www.facebook.com/joshua.ledesma.75 Joshua Ledesma


    • diarz

      RIP GOW

    • diarz

      halo of cod

    • broker

      8 bullet gnasher? That means 2-4 kills? lol. i dont give a fuck about granades and i don’t care about overrun bring the locust back to all mp modes. Nice job Epic lol

    • b75329

      the idea is to improve what is weak. Give us new characters (locusts too). make executions quicker so they are usable, darken the maps so it’s more like the beloved gears 1, bring back the gnasher’s original sound from gears 1 too. These are things we want, not getting rid of stuff!!!! You stripped the game to the point where it feels like other crappy games now. we are used to frag tags, we are used to executing the final man out, we are into what we had, we just wanted things added and few things lost brought back. I’m super bummed…

    • Chris Reed

      One of my favorite reasons to play Gears is to play as a Locust. In fact, when me and my friends get together for our weekly “system link” Gears night, I absolutely refuse to play as a COG! I was starting to think this game wasn’t going to be so bad with some of the new updates, then you drop these no Execution and no Locusts in multiplayer bombs. Those two things are deal breakers for me. I’ll rent this steaming pile from gamefly, beat the campaign and send it back. Gears of war is dead, LONG LIVE THE LOCUSTS!!!

    • GoWJ Blows

      I was just getting used to having no DBNO and then I figure out that there’s no Locust… what has happened to Gears? This game required skill, now it doesn’t…

    • spaceslag

      these changes are not only unnecessary but damaging! i have loads of friends who play gears, everyone of them like myself are filled with disappointment and anger. it’s almost shocking you guys would remove the very things that made this game what it is. no dbno, execution, frag tagging, NO LOCUSTS!!! i don’t know who’s telling you what, but most of my friends identify with locusts, removing them from multi is just absolutely unacceptable!

      i agree with the others, it seems frighteningly close to halo and cod in many ways, makes one question. my advice would be to have a serious rethink, push the release date, take the time to get it right, your fans will still be here; but by all means DO NOT release this game as is! canceling my pre-order as we speak, i’ll be sure to share this podcast with every gow supporter/fan i know!

    • https://www.facebook.com/lander.cepeda Lander Cepeda

      if you remove the locust is like is like eating a sandwitch with just the bread

      • https://www.facebook.com/joshua.ledesma.75 Joshua Ledesma

        I so feel you on that,this game is realy going to suck balls,i play gears cause i get tierd of halo and call of duty, now its going to be all the same

    • https://www.facebook.com/lander.cepeda Lander Cepeda

      how are we suppost to know who to kill if everyone is cog

    • https://www.facebook.com/adam.m.sunderman Adam Martin Sunderman

      There was not even one response where I was like “oh hey, that is a good idea”… they literally have destroyed everything that made Gears Gears. I already own Halo and it does casual better than you ever will. Do what you’re good at, not this.

      • https://www.facebook.com/adam.m.sunderman Adam Martin Sunderman

        Also if they wanted multiplayer to be more accessible to new people by not having locust as playable characters they should have pulled an America’s Army and had it so that you see yourself as a COG but enemy players see you as a locust. That way you always play as COG and are always fighting locust.

    • Oo so Toxic

      how have you been taking feedback. Look at all the retarded shit you have done. Takin our feedback my ass

    • Oo so Toxic

      the whole time you can tell he is pulling things out of his ass to try and make these changes seem good.

    • MasterNobodii

      i am enraged at this change, KEEP LOCUST!
      i have all the games and all the dlc *-* and NOW the locust are gone? i mean wtf first no skorge in Gears 3, and NOW no locust!? AND you introduced NEW locust!!! you can’t Just do that to your dedicated fans this is BS! KEEP THE LOCUST!!!!
      GT: Master Nobodii
      For The Queen!!

    • MasterNobodii

      *repetetive* i cannot Politely express my rage and how upset i am about this, i pre-ordered the game, and I AM TAKING IT BACK BECAUSE OF THIS FUCK YOU EPIC

    • Morry

      They have lost the plot totally listen to us Gears 1 Gears 1 listen Gears1 Gears 1

    • Forever Savage

      I love the “barrier to entry” do they forget that every one of us that is a good player had to go through that barrier ourselves? why should we change the game entirely AND take away one of the game modes (execution) that me, and most other “tryhards” play… ON EVERY SINGLE GEARS!

      • Forever Savage

        in addition, am I the only one that thinks their puzzle sucks?

    • Morry

      Has this guy ever played gears I must be missing something he’s ripping the heart out of it ! RIP GOW

    • eviangowlover

      I was just as pissed as everyone else about this game i felt like i was being trolololed by epic and ppl can fly with all the crazy changes they were making and dont get me wrong here it might very well turn out to be the biggest gaming disappointment of my life…but after listening to this i do feel better about judgment. Just turn off all the hate you have for all the changes they have made to our favorite game for 25 mins and really listen to what hes saying about why the changes were made. We havnt played it yet lets give it one more chance i will i love gears too much to give up on it

    • Sp00kz

      How do these knobheads even fucking think that new players will make them the money??? It’s the old vets who love the game because it’s Gears. Who cares about the noobs? If they don’t like it because you have to “kill them twice” then the should play CoD. And executions are not widely used! My left ass cheek they aren’t! Fuck you turds at Epic. You dug your own grave.


      Congrats! You managed to fuck up the unfuckable…


      Congrats! you managed to fuck up the unfuckable!! well done!!

    • Daniel patlan

      im done with this crap. this is ridiculous. gears of war 3 was and is an amazing game. Im going to give this game a go but im pretty sure im going to break it when I play my first game because I love to be locust especially the savage theron. overall this game looks and plays like shit. I saw a video where baird holding a boom shield shooting a lancer. WTF is that. excuse my language. im not confirming my hate until I play it.

    • Nisugerkameldase

      Quizkampen anyone..?

    • Ryno

      F**k yo puzzle epic!

    • ChoKeller

      Your all trashing a game you guys haven’t even played yet. give it a chance. So DBNO is not in multiplayer how does that hurt the game? Honestly ask yourself how is that a bad move? They need to change up the game to keep it new. I don’t agree with all the changes being made like no third weapon slot anymore. If you miss Gears 1 so much go play it.

    • Frank

      This is my first time posting on any kind of forum, but I feel the need to do it. Gears of War 3 is my favorite game of all time, but these changes are making a game that is not Gears. If they wanted to use these changes, Epic should have made a new game, not just cash in on the Gears name. It is obvious they are just using the Gears of War name to entice old Gears players back, and have these new COD changes to entice new, casual players. It’s a little dissapointing they would sacrifice Gears to make a little more money (becuase maybe they will have more game sales, but also low DLC sales since once a new COD dlc launches after Judgmnet releases, all the casual COD players will forget all about Judgment). I thought Epic was proud of its loyal fanbase, and didn’t care for the large, unloyal one COD has. I like Halo and COD, do not get me wrong, but Gears was my favorite for what made Gears Gears. I will not be getting Judgment, or maybe buy it used.

    • IceLion

      When Gears 2 came out everyone was starting to wonder if the whole thing was a big fluke; if Epic themselves didn’t quite know what made Gears 1 the success it was. Well it seems pretty clear that PCF have not one sweet clue what Gears is about. I have sunk many many hundreds of hours into this franchise. In fact it has almost exclusively been my MP game/franchise since Gears 1. That said, not only is this the first Gears I will not wait in line for at midnight, it may very well be the first Gears game I do not buy at all.

      It’s pretty telling that in an effort to recapture the popularity of the first game that Epic/PCF are drifting farther and farther away from the core of what made the first game great. Who knows – Judgement could be a good, even great game, but it most certainly is not going to be a “Gears game”.

      We play Gears because it’s something different and that is not just “FPS vs 3rd person shooter”. It is a more deliberate, more tactical game and now Epic and PCF are dumbing it down to the COD level for the unwashed masses. If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I would freaking play Call of Duty.

      Thanks for the memories Epic but I am checking out on this one.



    • Luke Parker

      The more i listened the worse it got, gears 3 failed so there trying to attract players from CoD, no DBNO or multiplayer locust? This game dosnt deserve to be called Gears of War. RIP

    • SirMannii

      Just make a Gears of War 2. You have tried three times to do that now, but still you fail to actually do it.

    • Arod43

      Are you kidding me, you change them so they notice the other team…what happens when you see another guy the same as you…oh hes an enemy….what if everyones the same who the hells gonna know whos who…unless there glowing red which gets rid of any hiding whats so ever. im so sick of this….gow was the only reason i had an xbox. your maps are terrible too….fucking cod players gave you feedback on why they didnt like the game….well about the gears vets! just change the name to while you at it…..try cod im sure it’ll fit perfect with these changes.

    • Cockhead

      Jim, I know we’ve made mistakes in our life, but this is no way to make us repent for our sins.

    • Cgv333

      I cannot believe what I have heard in this podcast. This is incredible. This seriously is not a Gears of War game. The majority of game modes are gone? DBNO is gone? Executions are gone? Cog vs Cog? Custom classes? He said executions were not used that much in gears 3? Are you high? Every game I play I do at least 5 executions. You are not listening to your community. You are blatantly ignoring us. CoD is a cancer and it has definitely spread to Gears of War: Judgement. This is just a really gory third person Call of Duty game. What do we want to see? NONE OF EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAID IN THIS PODCAST. I am going to buy this game play it for a week and get achievements. Then get my money back. I am ashamed epic games

    • LowcustZA

      Even more out of touch with ppl that actually play the game and leave feedback and comments but as youve proven in the past you really couldnt be bothered and just carry on messing up this once great franchise,great going 😉 keep up the shit work

    • paul

      This is bull gow judgement is gonna be worser than number 1 u cant move and there are no locusts as multip
      layer i guess i wont be getting this crap then.

    • paul

      Also wtf are they doin next they will call it halo and switch the gnasher for the sawed off

    • Droe

      To be honest epic I love yu ever since I was introduced to gears it was scary but awsome and I loved it I was right by yur side even yu wer In war with cod fans but now yur pulling this stunt yu made me cry taking locust out was one thing and font get me wrong I was majorly pissed now I found out about DBNO yu would not believehow mad I was and right now yu lost a fan until yu stop trying to be like cod and go back to the classics on how it should have been I’m not going to buy gears of war judgement .

    • DubzIsBoss


    • aardeday000

      I think that everyone is taking this too hard. The only reason you can’t bring yourself to like judgment is because you’re comparing it to GoW3. This is very different and you may find that you all like it better. Also, didn’t you all ask for this? everybody said that Gears 3 MP was terrible.

      I’m a gears of war fan since GoW2. The reason I like Judgment is that it is a game that is bringing in new ideas and giving gears a fresh face. So don’t think of it as ruining gears. Think of it as an entirely new game. Completely different, would you like it better than other genres?

      Lastly, people are concerned about getting new people to gears (like how I came). This isn’t that bad because gears needs the people in Gamestop looking around to buy a copy. A game just for the fans wouldn’t bring in enough cash, so they’re trying to find a median. That’s why gears isn’t a first person shooter.

      But we still can’t judge a game that well until it even comes out in two months. If you are being so stubborn, Epic shouldn’t try to reach you should they?

    • john

      Holy Fuck you guys fucked up

    • Screw you Epic

      Seriously considering canceling my pre-order with the removal of locusts from MP and getting rid of beast mode. You call the 8 measly locusts that we can play as in Overrun as an ‘evolution’ of beast mode? Bullshit. Getting rid of beast mode OR getting rid of locusts from MP might be tolerable, but not BOTH. Fuckin morons ruined the series.

    • Tommy

      Great and I thought that Epic was the only Dev that didn’t do this sort
      of shit by going ahead and diliberatly ruining their game regardless of what your fans are
      saying. Their are so many fucking great game series that are just being
      ruined now.

    • Tommy

      +no fucking locust how often does someone chooses a character because they can relate to them…never. The locust were awsome and I played locust alot more than cog

    • https://www.facebook.com/jon.rice.963 Jon Rice

      I’m so pumped for this game it’s untrue?
      But im very disappointed in hearing there are no locust in the judgment multiplayer?
      Please dont spoil the gears we all love to play?

    • Sam

      You have destroyed what makes Gears of War unique. I will not be buying it. This is the end of Gears for me.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/damnDrone damnDrone

      you should really keep the locusts in the game, along with DBNO! as for people stealing downed kills, why not just award the kill to the player who got the down in the first place?

    • el uli


    • Valve-BetterLateThenCrap

      I didn’t even play GOW that much, however, personally I think this is sad. I really do pity these people who make these games. That’s why we should love indie games more-They still have their balls and care about core fans. These guys just whore themselves out, its bull to believe any other reason they make these changes is for money. They don’t care about you, they care about selling their product. Sad every game wants to be MW and its so stale now, people only play it because few developers know how to make a good game. Only Valve gets my respect. Epic games is a sell out. period. Hope it fails.

    • Guest

      Dbno & being able too execute a downed player is what instantly hooked me too gears , honestly taking that out along with the locust is a crazy move, you guys should make a playlist that includes dbno & executions that shit is fun, Epic games please don’t fuck up one of the greatest franchises of all time.

    • https://twitter.com/JaySinfield Galvernised

      Epic games ! Can still be Epic

    • KeVin

      Now we ALL know the ‘REAL’ reasons why Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Fergusson & Mike Capps left Epic…

    • gearsjunkie


    • https://twitter.com/BrianJoncas Brian J

      Jim actually says that ”during internal test, guys playing did not notice the change of cog . vs .cog….” |- -|
      So interesting to hear Epic employee says out loud to us that they listen to feedback
      Then turn back to their computer, and program everything to piss off gears fan and try to bring newb
      The Judgment here are the sales figures…. abyssimal compare to previous Gears…
      That’s it for screwing with the real fans!

    • Jo

      When explaining why there’s no more Locust in MP I wish the guy actually gave more reasons instead of just talking about them… Especially if the says that they all stand for that decision.

    • Gow VET

      this game is dead
      good job

    • Deep Bearcat

      COG vs. COG is garbage. “Overrun is the BEST WAY to play Locust!” … no, fucktard: it’s the only way to play Locust in Judgment. Also, how is that small-ass character roster “more variety”? Do you even listen to yourself outloud?

    • Bones