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New Extended Gameplay Gears of War: Judgment Videos

You’ve been asking for more information about Gears of War: Judgment and today we are going to deliver! We are releasing four new extended gameplay videos and  two podcasts with Epic Games Lead Level Designer, Jim Brown.

This first video is Gears of War Judgment’s Free For All mode and the map is the fast paced “Street.”

Next up, we explore the “Mansion” area of the Judgment campaign

We take a look at OverRun’s “Junkyard” map.

Last but not least, we step back into the campaign and “Museum.”

Don’t forget to look for volumes 10 and 11 of the Epic Games Podcast, coming soon!

    • Getmovedto

      Wow! haha, epic games you’ve destroyed gears. Nice one.

      • https://www.facebook.com/JamesBaxterSE James Baxter

        Looks far too fast for my liking, I don’t care what anyone says, that first video reminded me of a certain other first-person shooter straight away.

      • Donald LeBlanc

        its people can fly doing this one, or whatever their name is

        • tom

          no, people can fly are doing the campaig. Epic are still doing multiplayer. Jesus, do you even follow gears news? this is old stuff!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003244527579 Guilherme Michel

      Great job epic. im little afraid because the creative designers left Epic Games so.. Make me Proud guys.

      • https://twitter.com/AR_ASSAULT Promethean Knight

        i wouldn’t worry about Rod and Cliff. Im glad they are gone good guys but not the right guys for gears

        • Sever

          Ahm……Cliff MADE Gears. He’s the Man behind it, and Rod was his man for the whole management thing. I think they made a proper job, cause we all got and love GoW! At the end, they looked a bit tired of Gears, so it’s alright to give it a try with PCF. But you should NEVER EVER call Cliff & Rod the wrong guys for Gears hahahaaa

    • The Evil wan

      It sucks a bit you can not go down! For the rest it looks really cool!

    • Brandon

      Campaign looks good…but other than that, the multiplayer doesn’t seem very ‘Gears’ like. I’m getting this game for the campaign, but that’s about it.

    • Super Pug

      WOW congrats epic games you totaly destroyed gears.
      Whats the point with the gay granade throwing and the other shit!
      Its way too fast for a gears!

      Please kill yourself bitches


      This game looks terrible.


      • https://www.facebook.com/brett.grimble Brett Grimble

        This about sums it up

        • GOW FAILS

          Ty for agreeing with me. I wish epic would only listen, if not they will truly ruin this game, and all the gears lovers will be completely turned away from this.

          • https://www.facebook.com/brett.grimble Brett Grimble

            with enough upvotes on this comment hopefully they will see. I’ve played generic TPS multiplayer games like they seem to be making but always came back to gears because its features made it unique and lasting

          • https://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Collins/1361035090 Adam Collins

            You are handicapped retarded… All the numbers you think judgment is going to fail is only on the game mode FREE FOR ALL…. Just stop your stupid ranting

            • https://www.facebook.com/brett.grimble Brett Grimble

              No need to call people names dude, jesus. Even so if its only for Free For All it still doesn’t make sense to me, why include the mode at all if you are taking out a lot of what makes gears unique? So leaving the #1 on that list out because its FFA all the other points are still valid.

          • BalllFro

            don’t think there is downing on free for all cause someone could just be waiting to take the kill, but yeah i agree and almost everything you said. i just hope the changes are only in this mode they keep everything else from the previous games in a playlist

          • king of the grubs

            Speak for yourself, I’m not turned away at all it looks great to me and I’m a gears lover. How about you just say “I will be turned away from this” that makes more sense than you speaking for the gears community.

      • https://twitter.com/GoingHaywired Jared Hayward

        The Gnasher is a pickup and there are no downs because it is FFA. Duh. And the nades are quickfire because they are weaker.

      • judgementnotsobad

        GNASHER IS A STARTER WEAPON look the ffa gameplay at 05:06

      • https://www.facebook.com/muerete Andrez Rocha Herrera

        you are actually all the reason, a lot of the GOW player will hate this game.. and WTF, how the f*cking lancer got to damn f*cking power vs the gnasher on the free for all?, i mean gnasher=f*cking shotgun.
        I play GOW since 3 years and i love it, but really, this “judgment” sucks…

        • https://www.facebook.com/brett.grimble Brett Grimble

          I’ve read what you posted several times, I cannot make heads or tails of what you are saying..

          • GnasherPuristsGoEatADick

            He’s saying the Gnasher should automatically beat every other weapon in the game every single time. You know, like it should be.

            After all, if all of the weapons actually have a chance to win, some people might use something other than the Gnasher once in a while, and we can’t have that.

            All other weapons are just for decoration. You are only allowed to use the Gnasher in Gears of War.

            • https://www.facebook.com/brett.grimble Brett Grimble

              play gears 3 dood all guns are used so whatever your saying really doesn’t apply.

            • https://twitter.com/akbogert Adam Bogert

              Someone’s sarcasm detector is broken :p

      • Toastland

        Wow, dude get your facts straight and use your brain before complaining like a douch.

        #1 Downs are gone in FFA Because THERE IS NO1 in that game mode that will be able 2 revive you!

        #2 You cant complain about nades when you haven’t tried them out, and also Epic / the test gamers have said they have nerfed it so it is not near as good as it used 2 be.

        #3 The Blind fire cross hair is NOT there 2 help noobs, it is there 2 make ppl stop complaining about players eating bullets when they actually just missing the target.

        #4 This is 1 game mode, you can’t be sure that it will stay like this through out all game modes – also quit talking you knew the whole gears community, cuz you obviously dont.

      • doctor gloop

        I played the game FFA at PAX West and talked with Quin Del Hoyo personally about some of these things that you mentioned because I felt the same way and after playing it here’s a couple conclusions.

        1. The new control scheme including quick toss is awesome! It’s way more efficient and super fast, and you can’t wall tag anymore so fucktard campers can’t hide out anymore. Don’t knock till you try it.

        2. About downs, I expressed the same concern to Quin saying it was part of what makes Gears truly special and he told me not fret, wait till actually playing the normal game types. They’re only showcasing FFA and Overrun since they’re new, and this is a feature specific to them.

        3. If you’re a veteran player like I think you are, then you won’t even notice. I’m a blue 21 in Gears 3 and I’ve always used elbow aiming for blind firing. Your instincts take over and you won’t even notice, at least not for FFA. I do agree with you though for sniping, I could see this being a crutch, but I don’t consider it something so bad I would not buy the game. Doing that means your stuck with Black Ops 2 and Halo 4…fuck that nonsense!

        4. Gnasher is a pickup for the demos they’ve showcased, Quin would neither confirm, nor deny whether or not gnashers will be a starting weapon, which I am willing to believe is a good sign.

        5. Check out ArcticZyn’s commentary on youtube about overrun. I think he’s one of the most respected and worth commentators on the game and he couldn’t stop praising overrun. All in all I think you’d be a retard not to get this game, at least if xbox is your main gaming system.

      • Legacy

        1a.) Would you really want downs in FFA where people could easily steal your kills?
        2.) One of the biggest complaints about Gears over the years is having to switch to grenades in order to throw them, so you’re wrong.
        3.) Casual Gamers are the majority of people play video games, so not catering to the casuals would be a dumb business decision, besides I like the idea of knowing where my shots are going!
        4.) The gnasher isnt a pickup weapon PAY ATTENTION! and THINK before you post NEGATIVITY!

      • locust killa

        I’m a gears player and I’m pre-ordering the game. you should speak for yourself and not the other players.

      • Kingpin

        1) You can’t have downs in a FFA match because there is no one to pick you up and you will be even more pissed off if someone steals your kill.
        2) Quick throwing nades is better than switching, gears players always complained about switching from the gun to the nade which is why they added QT to the game.
        3) the blind fire I agree with you on this. Although I don’t think its catering to noobs, but every game is going to have things in it you don’t like. Show me a game that is perfect.
        4) If you pay attention to the game you can see the gnasher is not a pick-up weapon. The guy that was playing just never picked it for his main weapon until 5:45 of the video.
        So don’t trash a game because of one mode the campaign and multiplayer might be killer, but you will never know cause you didn’t buy cause of FFA. Personally I am a die hard gears fan and I think the game is great, I will be pre-ordering. I like FFA I can’t wait to play it.

        • strebe

          I agree with all of this, except that the game will automatically be good, just because it is a gears game.

          • Kingpin

            Exactly, they need to stop judging when they haven’t even played it yet.

      • Nathan

        #1 Please pay attention to the video before ranting about what you don’t like about a game that hasn’t come out yet. You can clearly see at 4:05 as the player is selecting his loadout that the Gnasher is a starter weapon.
        #2 What would be the point of downs in a play type where you have no teammates to pick you up? Downs will be in the rest of the game in team based formats, just not in FFA.
        #3 You will adjust to quick throwing grenades eventually. No excuses, play like a champion.
        #4 Having blind fire cross hairs won’t make noobs capable of beating very skilled players. Saying that you are worried about it tells us your skill level. Elevate your game and quit complaining.
        #5 You can’t say that Epic doesn’t listen to the players when they invite the top pros and the top youtube commentators to North Carolina for a playtest for a week like they did this summer. These are the people with valid opinions toward the game. Do them and us a favor and don’t buy the game so we won’t have to put up with your complaining for the next year.
        #6 GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

      • XBLA

        Looks Terrible? get those eyes examined.

      • Tony

        Haha Nobheads like this guy always end up buying the game anyways no matter what changes. You guys just talk shit.

        #1 Downs are still in the game
        Quick throw grenades will cause problems? Like what? I honestly cant
        think of one. If anything it cant be any worse than tagging frags to
        walls. Also in other game modes you will start with smokes.
        #3 Blind fire cross hairs.. Dont rate them either. I geuss they had to be added though. Too many people call bullshit on this game when they are actually just missing.
        #4 Dude.. Stop being an idiot. lol

      • Raven

        Lol at the gnasher troll
        *ALL CAPS RAGE! *

    • Petes

      Absolutely dog shit MP. Ive been fooled in the past by the multiplayer that looks good and turns out shit. But this doesn’t even look remotely good or gears like. Campaigns always seem to be good though.

    • Dystopia

      I like the quick throw grenades and the 3 shot headshot weapon, brings in some skill, the shotgun seems more like a gears 1 thing, which is amazing, I’m actually kind of impressed, Gears 1 was the only good gears, hope this changes that.

    • Sh1r0n

      ONLINE is Gnasher please!!!
      Campaign, horde and OverRun looks cool!!

    • Guitarist

      I definitely agree. Bring back downs, blind firing is supposed to be BLIND firing. But my number 1 is downs

    • https://www.facebook.com/ShadowRailly Raul Andres Rujano Bautista

      no down on MP? seriously!? wtf epic!!!! just NO!

      • king of the grubs

        there are downs on MP, just not FFA

    • https://twitter.com/jetztorm360 Jetz

      Grenades ok i don care, but the gnasher like a power gun? come on gnasher is GEARS¡ and the worst of all the Sawed off shooting two or three shoots without reloading. you gotta be kidding.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Collins/1361035090 Adam Collins

      You all are retarded… There are no downs because of the game type FFA!

      • BSR

        The level stupidity on that point in particular is appalling.

    • https://twitter.com/EV0L0NE GEARS FREAK

      it’s all look great and I like the changes that they have made. The mechanics look fast pace and fluid. The only problem I have is the permanent on screen reticle. Please remove it. But other then that great job Epic Games & PCF :)

    • daniel

      Yep what they said. I have all 3gears games and that’s it. I love gears, now u fd it up honestly don’t know if I’m gonna buy this. why change the way the weapons are all u had to do was add a dope story line and maybe get sum new skins for guns and sum new executions.maps . but no overthinking kills.

    • JudmentSmellsLikeShit

      And this is why Cliff leave Epic Games. AT LEAST , GNASHER MUST BE STARTER WEAPON

    • BSR

      Am I only one looking forward to playing FFA?

      • ell

        no i am..people way over reacting lol

        • BSR

          And how.

    • Donald LeBlanc
    • Dazed

      First of all because any stats making conclusions:

      1. Downs- They still seems to be in the game as you can see in the campaign. I don’t know they they did in free for all, that might just be that playlist

      2. Fast paced- I don’t think they game is that fast passed at the first video. I’ve seen other multiplayer videos, and none of them are that fast.

      3. I doubt the Gnasher is a pick up weapon. If anything the Sawed-off would be.

      You guys are so quick to just to things and call this terrible right from the get go without even thinking about it fully. Yes, quick throw grenades do seem to explode quicker, but again I only saw that in the free for all mode. So everyone calm the fuck down and think before you post.

      • Gears Fan Since E-Day

        1. There are also downs in OverRun. There are no downs in FFA because that wouldn’t make any sense (who is going to pick you up?).

        2. I think once people get more accustomed to the game it will slow down. In the video, people are running around hipfiring like crazy. In a game with good players, people will take cover and take it a little slower I think.

        3. It’s not. He starts with the Gnasher at 5:58.

        I agree, people in this forum are nuts. You don’t have to like the changes that they made, but if you’re saying stuff like “they ruined Gears” and “kill yourselves” then you probably need to calm down.

        • i OwN u95

          they do their are only few things tht are bad like i dont like throwing grenades and them sticking to people and i dont like how they took away the bolt action rifle and replaced it with this new sniper thing and hip fire is accurate as fuck

          • Isaiah

            the longshot is still in the game

    • Dominic

      Why is everyone hating?
      The game looks great.
      And of course there are no downs in FFA……
      Try playing the game before saying it sucks…

      Great Job Epic! 😀

      • MikukeyuShirubi

        cause your a scrub thats why the game looks good to you

        • Phill Holt

          Someone’s a scrub at the English language.

          • Eurpapi

            Someone’s a scrub at typing.

          • MikukeyuShirubi

            just like yo momma when i shoved it up her ass…

            • https://twitter.com/WileeDarklight Drew Edgar

              Well… Someone’s obviously 12…

            • MikukeyuShirubi

              im pretty sure u suck balls at any gears of war

            • https://twitter.com/WileeDarklight Drew Edgar

              I’ll take that as evidence, thank you.

    • MikukeyuShirubi

      i told yall this game multiplayer gonna suck it gonna get worse when it comes out

    • dwd

      to early to judge, however i dont think there getting rid of downs. only ffs without downs

    • Gears God

      i agree i was excited to buy the game, i even pre ordered it already, but after what i just saw am going back to the store to cancel my order this is a buch of shit.
      they change so much shit its not even gears any more, for this to make even half of sense they will have to make a new DLC for gears 3 and even that wont help because people get rest and shit. I am soooooooo disappointed i think am going to by the new black ops, sad real sad.

      • Miffed Monkey1

        “for this to make even half of sense they will have to make a new DLC for
        gears 3 and even that wont help because people get rest and shit.”

        I assume that you’re talking about the campaign here, and the thing you have to realize is that this is a prequel to the other three games. This is supposed to take place two weeks (or two months, can’t remember) after E-Day.

        • Gears God

          i know but look at all the new weapons in it, that dont make sense the sawed off with 2 shots and in gears 3 just one this ne sniper hybrid gun the way the nades are used everything…..its call attention to details ya feel me i mean they change the whole controller set up, pre quel or not some this are not surpose to change, if it was going to be a new gears after the queen died sure but not before cause this game post to be setting the stage for the rest tat were already made.
          I dont know man am just saying if they did all this shit they will have to make a new DLC and upgrade pack for the Gears 3 to make sense with judgement.

    • https://twitter.com/akbogert Adam Bogert

      Quite a bit of hate going on here in the comments (though that’s typical for comments sections, isn’t it?). My .02 (and before you TL;DR me, don’t bother. Just move along if you don’t have time or patience):

      Though I played through the first two games, I only really “got” Gears on the third game, and quickly became obsessed with it. I’m not quite so hardcore as a lot of people might hope to say they are, but I played a few hours a day almost every day for about eight months, so I figure that’s enough to establish me as a fan of the game.

      Based on this footage, I’m actually pretty excited about the game. BUT. As I was watching (particularly the FFA video), I actually thought to myself “gee, these changes are great for me, but I think a lot of long-time Gears fans are going to be pissed off.” Two things in particular struck me: the grenades, and the feel. The grenades being available and easy to throw seemed silly until I considered that they had a far smaller radius and were thus much harder to actually get a kill with. So the balance made it okay for me. Moreover some people are going to complain that you don’t have to actually select the grenade as your weapon, but that’s old news and welcome news to me; I don’t think the difficulty of throwing a grenade should be considered a pillar of anyone’s franchise. Moreover, it’s FFA. Say what you will about pacing but consider that even at that fast pace with grenades and easy kills and no downs, it took almost 15 minutes. I’d like to get more than one FFA round done in a half-hour, something that’d be impossible if this operated in typical Gears fashion.

      The real issue is that this doesn’t “feel” like Gears. And by that I mean there’s an intangible weightiness to the past games, where everything feels heavy and visceral, and hitting cover seems important, and everything just weighs a bit more. But this gameplay looked incredibly fluid and light (and that’s not just FFA; that last campaign video seemed pretty twitch as well). On the one hand, bullet sponge enemies for the sake of difficulty is pretty dumb. On the other hand, it’s what Gears players expect. I think it will make for more satisfying shooter gameplay but not necessarily more satisfying Gears gameplay. That is to say, it becomes more accessible but it’s possible that the cost of that access is more generic flow.

      The salient point is that it’s too soon to make the kinds of calls people are. I heard enough people call Gears 3 crap and say Gears 2 (or 1) was so much better, so the naysayers aren’t new to Judgment. Given that it’s a PCF game and not an Epic game, we have to assume there will be some differences, but whether or not those are Gears-breaking differences remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the story should get most fans to pick up a copy, and OverRun looks sweet regardless. Still looking forward to Judgment, and I’m glad for a glimpse at what it offers.

    • UnFaZeD

      Ok! there are downs in the game on other game types just not FFA. its just this game type that you dont start with the gnasher all the time..im pretty sure the weapons rotate when you die or something like that (dont quote me on that) to me the game seems as fast as gears 3. people jumping the gun already saying its shit blah blah blah quite simply fuck off. how can you say its awful when its not even out yet. i see someone was called a ‘scrub’ for liking the look of the game well i guess im a scrub to even though ive played gears since 2006.

    • Eurpapi

      That free for all reminded me of a very slow paced unreal tournament game. All the rifles with near insta kills just blindfiring around corners without skill. The sniper was almost comical, with that many shots it seems like an OP pistol.

    • WhiTeY

      The game is looking good and overrun looks awesome BUT 2 things seriously need to change..

      1) What the hell is up with using a shield with two handed weapon? that was the whole thing with shield you had to decide when was the time to sacrifice your primary weapon for some cover, but now the shield is going to be the main thing everyone is after as you can just run around with a shotgun or sniper and have perma cover. I think it should go back to secondary weapon only with shield.

      2) The perma crosshair needs to be taken off, i think that is just stupid you should only have the crosshair when actually aiming.

      Other than that the game is looking good, and just a side note i’m 50/50 with the instant frags, i don’t really think it’s fair or a good idea to be able to use frags without equipping them.

    • Cesar Corona

      ok this game does not really look good First off: the new Boss monster is a weird skinny dude riding a new Reaver, the only main boss is and should be RAAM;
      2nd the weapons look bad First in GOW3 they have the sawed off as one shot now its two shot the perfect noob weapon
      3rd:aiming recticles while blind firing? really thats just terrible
      4th: WHY is everyweapon a two or more shot!? thats stupid they ruined the Digger,the sniper and most important: THE GRENADES, multiplayer is gonna turn down hill very fast

      • Kingpin

        This was before E-Day RAAM came after that. so it does make sense to have a different Boss for this game. as far as the grenades are concerned I’m guessing you don’t play other shooters because they all have quick throw what makes gears any different.

    • Jared Morales

      This looks like a very expensive prequel add on to “Gears 3.” Looks like I’ll be going with Sony and Nintendo titles next year.

    • ITs Exploit

      LISTEN! The only reason there is no downs FFA because its a 1 MAN TEAM. And the pickups is only for FFA, they are not gonna change the multiplayer like that when it has been the same for 3 GoW Games, we havent got to seen TDM or other gametypes, JUST WAIT. TRUST ME + ive seen a Gnasher as starting weapon at 5:06 so yeah, just wait to we get the TDM Gameplay or whatever, there only showing these types because they are new accept for Campaign

      • king of the grubs

        Exactly, someone the understands what is going on, your all complaining about nothing and you haven’t seen any other modes. Your all saying your not gonna buy the game because of a multiplayer mode that you won’t like even though you haven’t played the game yet. don’t talk until seeing the whole game then make your decision.

    • Sir Biggumz

      Personally , i dont care what anyone says, this game looks AWESOME! Roll on March 19th!!!

    • GOW4EVER

      Hey guys don’t do that!!! This game will be GREAT as you can see even in the FFA you can spawn with gnasher and there is down in the camping video!!!In the Overrun there is a kind of down, too!!!I think this game will be nice.The game needed the changes and i think we can trust in The People Can Fly they don’t want to do a piece of ….!!!

    • || BA || ALVARO

      It’s true that a lot of change for noobs to play more easy happened since GOW 3 with the sawed-off and retro. and here with the cross. But still Gears its the better game ever, the real problem wasn’t the new weapons, or easy throw granades and the cross, the real problem of Gears is the conection, lag is what it’s looks like someones kill us with the sawed-off from 10 miles, or the fact of some people looks like eat bullets, and everything that is wrong in gears is cuz the connection. So pleas Epic fix that

    • bobbypants

      love all the gears games, this is gonna be a great one too- been playing since the start- everything looks perfect, and is like a more polished version of the polished version of gow3 the only thing that i dont really like is the blind fire cross hares- dont think it is really needed. 😀

    • Cog soldier

      The rager is awesome can’t wait to play this game

    • BlaBlah

      Am I the only one wondering if there’s a basic Team Deathmatch game type? I feel as though Overrun’s arcade style of game play is only meant for fun. I want a completely fair and neutral TDM match where people won’t use the type of character I was using or whether I was locust or cog as an excuse for losing.

    • https://www.facebook.com/everett.hood.7 Everett Hood


      • Gears God

        am sure the people who like camping will enjoy that. oh and you can use the sheld with the gnasher as well

    • katja

      crosshair even if u dont aim?? -that sucks!!!!!

    • https://twitter.com/CHAINS4W Connor (CHAINS4W) H.

      So I have no doubt this game will be amazing. But no two weapon start out? Even in regular game modes? Im not sure how much I will like that.

    • katja

      crosshair even if you dont aim?? -that’s bullshit!! and dont delete this again @epic!

    • Miffed Monkey1

      After watching a bit of the Free For All mode and the OverRun mode, I don’t see any Gears-breaking differences. Yeah, the grenade is quick-throw now, but eh. I can live with that. I don’t really care about blindfire either, because unless you were a poor shot in the first games, you could generally aim pretty well without the reticule. So what if they add it in? It still looks less accurate than aimed fire.

      The movement still looks about like it did in Gears 3. Speedier than 1 and 2, but still heavy. At this very moment, my biggest concern is that Sniper Rifle that the Marksman had in the OverRun vid. It’s not a Longshot, but it’s still a head popper, and with that many rounds, the REALLY good snipers online can likely wipe out an entire team (provided all are in view) if he has that weapon. I won’t feel so bad if it’s a weapon only available for a few specific modes, but competitive team vs team matches don’t seem like the place for that rifle. The single-shot reload action that the Longshot provided helped keep the game paced and also helped non-snipers keep wary.

      I did notice an ‘Instant Respawn’ option in the FFA video. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I thought it would kill Halo 4, but after playing that, Instant Respawns aren’t necessarily bad. They just quicken the game up a bit. I’m sure if you do stupid things like kill yourself (or a teammate, if possible) you’ll be penalized with wait-time. And some modes (likely objective based like KotH) probably don’t implement this feature.

      All in all, I really don’t see what all of the fuss is about considering this game is made by People Can Fly. They seem to be doing a great job so far.

    • SSgt Rain

      I don’t know changes, especially big changes bring a lot of great stuff to the table, but they also bring bad habits that noobs love to over abuse, in my opinion lets just see what happens.

    • Cog soldier

      everyone should stop judging the game just from this. I played so many demos before i bought a game and thought it was going to be shit, but turns out I was wrong it was a great game. So just because your seeing short videos of the game doesn’t mean its not good you would just be robbing yourself of a great game just cause you don’t like a few things from a 10 min video. If your really set on not getting the game just from these videos be my guest, but once you see how great it is then it will be too late cause you spent your money on some other game.

    • https://twitter.com/bonker82 bonker

      Play Gears1 and look at this.. -Crosshair always on?? No, I don’t like FFA and Overrun, sorry.

    • https://www.facebook.com/corey.mathery Corey Xboxallday Mathery

      Take something thats made you millions of a 3 game franchise, then completely change the mechanics. I mean seriously jumping off buildings in GEARS, you know I don’t mind a little change, but when you got something that not only works great, but a system everyone loves then change it, you should be shot. And to all the people that are saying we are over reacting, you are not a true gears fan.

    • reece

      they destroyed gears , the sniper… the grenades…. the that hammer burst looks like it has a shooting lock… the class system …. the retro AGAIN …. wtf is with the blind fire , its blind fire for a reason . all together i gather that the broke the shit out one of my favorite games good job fucking idiots im 16 and can make a better layout for a gears game -.- Gears 2 was the best , AKA a old gears fan , not this new shit

      • locust killa

        they brought back the old hammerburst from gear 1 that’s why its like that.

    • Mike Böller

      This Game is Gayer than AIDS! People can Fly ass fucked the whole Gears
      of War franchise. Cum on Gears of War: Judgment. Cliffy B. got eye
      cancer after he played this for few minutes and left Epic Game Studios.

    • Toastland

      SOOOOOO much complains, geez. I just want 2 break this negative spiral by saying – Great work Epic, the game looks amazing! I just can’t wait untill I get my hands on it, really looking forward 2 this and Keep up the good work!

      • locust killa

        Finally a positive look on the game, well said

    • BiG_Bank_J

      Maps look wayyy to big!

    • Cog soldier

      Can someone explain to me why quick throw grenades is such a bad thing for gears, but is acceptable for halo, call of duty, and all other shooters

    • https://twitter.com/Sam_Fletcher_ Samuel Fletcher


    • https://twitter.com/Sam_Fletcher_ Samuel Fletcher


    • Protienreem

      I think FFA should have downs and executions

    • https://www.facebook.com/ChokingSmoke Matt Charlton

      Other than the fact it looks like it should have been Gears 3 DLC, this game looks great IMO. The ledge transitioning looks a tad iffy, but I’m sure that this isn’t the final build of the game. As for the people keep saying that “Gears is being destroyed” or “This isn’t gears” then do yourselves a favor and don’t get it, nobody is forcing you to get this game. Plus after reading countless times that Gears 1 was the best and only true gears, nothing is stopping you from going back to that. Anyways the game looks fun nice job Epic and PCF.

    • W3STNIL3D

      Gears of War 1 was arguable the most revolutionary and personally my favorite game of all time. Epic studios, you have completely taken away everything that made Gears so amazing. Gears 2 was the worst game I have probably ever played and 3 wasn’t the biggest improvement either. what happened to WARZONE AND EXECUTION? all these ridiculous game types are unnecessary. For the sake of whats left of gears’ good name I know there’s nothing you can do about 4 following the footsteps of 3 but please please please go back to the gears 1 roots in the future games. I and so many others would like to play the game we all cherished with once again.

    • Mark

      Keep DBNO in Gears of war judgement – Sign the Petition https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/keep-dbno-in-gears-of-war-judgement.html

    • Mooshoo

      No DBNO! The ability to Fire your rifles while holding boom shield! It’s all those bullshit changes! Gears 3 is Just fine. thanks to all the cry babies gears judgement will be a Depressing game. I’m not buying! …..

    • NWA

      This is just my personal view on game. I think it’s going to suck. It’s going to be the worst Gear’s of war ever. The developers are catering to the new players while the Veterans stand and watch a great series get ruined. I saw a video today saying you took out downs in every game mode? This is Gear’s of war, Not call of duty. Your taking away everything that makes Gear’s of war a good and unique game. No downs, Cross hairs from hip firing, quick toss nades? If this is released the Veterans will leave and when the noobs get tired of the game you’ll have no one playing. Think about what I just said before you release a crap game and kill the series.

    • Vaughn

      Me thinks they should atleast change the Weapon placement for Overrun a Lil’ bit.

      I mean, the Weapons when put on Cole-Grenadiers back look unsatisfying. They

      should put the Lancer as the starter instead of the Booshka-Gnasher. Make it the

      original GoW way instead of this. I know i’m complaining for nothing but I just don’t

      like the looks of it, anyone else feel the same? Just look at their backs, UUU-GLY!

    • Gears =(

      This game looks terrible.


    • NEVERDIE iLukaz

      no quiten las ejecuciones y dejen los locust para multijugador por favor dejenlo como el gears 3

    • Rain

      This may not end up being an awful game, but it sure as hell looks like it is going to end up an awful Gears of War game.

      You guys think that removing downs is going to speed up gameplay, really? The fear of dying without being able to self-revive or be picked up by a teammate is going to make for some really, really slow gameplay.

      Taking out spawning with a primary rifle and then a shotgun, complete staples of the Gears of War series that allowed for tons of gameplay styles and apart of what made Gears totally unique.

      Removal of DBNO affects executions, the gametype Execution, Warzone, curbstomping, and a multitude of other gametypes.

      Like what is this game? It isn’t Gears of War, it isn’t going to sell well, just look at pre-order numbers compared to Gears 3, so what is this? So experimentation on our behalf that isn’t going to do well, and then you are going to try and wow us back when the next generation of systems come back? This is a waste of time on everyone’s behalf.

    • Chuy Pancho

      PLEASE dont remove the locust of MP, they are the essence of gears of war, you are doing the things very wrong to the real fans of Gears, Are you doing a new halo? or Call of Duty? this is not gears anymore!!!!! PLEASE FIX THAT!!


      Can’t wait to kick arse bring it on

    • Travis

      Looking good Epic!
      I’m not even done with Gears 3 yet!
      Oh, and “GOW FAILS”?
      Eat a Dick

    • Gears player

      Comming from a real gears fan thank u epic for ruining gears of judgment by taking out down but not out ,changing the button layouts that were fine the way they were and also taking locust out of multiplayer which made gears of war what it was in the first place and doing all the other things your doing to destroy this game and attract a bigger fan base for profit and nothing else not for the gamers only caring about yourselfs and that’s it, I know if cliffy b was there he wouldn’t let this happen he said it himself so thank u for not listening to the true gamers and only following your own opinions but go ahead and turn into EA a bunch of lifeless blood sucking money hungry vampires cause that’s the path your heading down

    • iRoN GRuBkiLLeR

      Epic Games have ruined the game hope and change what the shield with a Gnasher and there executions locust in multiplayer and several things mas.y the Gnasher is the most used weapon not want to do like halo or call of duty. If you do buy the game so all halo 4

    • Morry

      they are trying to cater for the COD and Halo fan base but it wont work it looks to fast as gears was always a slow paced game this will fail look at gears 3 now no one plays it and it full of kids with modded pads the game modes look shit more like horde and TDM I wont buy it they have ripped the heart out of the game

    • Samantha

      I have played Gears 3 for the past straight year, while I also have been playing Halo since I was 13. The reason I like gears so much is because of the DBNO feature. I know change is good however I saw a lot of negative changes to halo after 343 released 4. The faster paced game and the Cod like play kind of took away from that Halo 3 experience we all know and love. I hope by changes the controls (which evidently you can set yours back to default settings) the DBNO idea and some other things it doesn’t destroy the individuality of the game. I love gears because its a third person shooter and because its different from what I am used to playing. I hope they arent trying to make gears similar to a cod style of play like 343 did to halo.